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Full Name

Latheas Dartan


Init +9;AC 22/17Tch/15FF;HP 51/51, F8/R10/W7. Acr15/Fly12/Arc12/Dun11/Nat12/Pl14/Rel9/Per12/Spll15

About Latheas Dartan

Latheas Dartan is the son of a prominent Korvosan merchant. His father, already with 3 sons, shipped Latheas off to the Pathfinder Grand Lodge in Absalom at the age of 14 so that his son might learn to make himself useful. Latheas, being a boy of 14, largely resisted and took years learning what he could have mastered in months had he applied himself. It was his bad attitude, not his lack of skill, that held him back.

Latheas is still begrudgingly in the Pathfinder Society for he has few other options and lacks the initiative to do find other, less dangerous work.

Latheas still harbors a deep anger at this father that is still evident in his misdirected anger towards his male elders and authority figures.

Despite his occasional bad attitude, Latheas has managed to put most of the past 4 years of Pathfinder training to good use, succeeding in *all* his missions despite the poor overall success rate for most Pathfinders.

Latheas will never be a leader, or even a good follower, but will usually hold up his part of any party.

* * *

Latheas, now 22, stands only 5'9" with the black hair of this father, the brown eyes of his mother. He wears light armor of good quality and his most prominent weapon is his longbow, which he calls "Thrum". A cloak, quiver, and empty wayfinder highlight is other possessions of note.