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I'm planning to run a quick session of confirmation.
Target is to complete before month end, or at least at much as we can before month end as I'm headed to a long vacation starting August.

If you've not played with me before, do click on my profile to check out the expectations of the game.

Since we're planning to start immediately, so I'm going to leave recruitment open for 24 hours before picking.

Priority will be given to newcomers. Rest will be lottery

Sovereign Court

Yarr, Pirate Rob here, I always love me a good confirmation and especially love fast PBPs. I am not new.

Otto Boulderspine is an old retired Dwarf pirate, who's joined the Pathfinder Society because getting old while doing something interesting beats being bored to death.

Also not new
Would like to join with Sylph Magus or Kitsune Sorcerer.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I've played Pathfinder for a while, but I've never played Society, and a quick in-and-out Confirmation sounds like a good way to get my feet wet. I have read and run The Confirmation before, but as it's replayable I don't think that's going to be a problem. ;) I'll need to build a character, but I wanted to express my interest - I'll be back with an alias soon. If you don't hear back by the time you were planning on closing recruitment, go on without me and best wishes. :)

Scarab Sages

Cwethan here (not new) with a fresh off the (pirate) ship bard.

Liberty's Edge

Pretty new to PFS but I can post frequently because I waste a lot of time at work. I'd like to play this tengu inquisitor.

Liberty's Edge

Putting in my hat. I'm not new.

Am (planning on) playing this character live tonight, but will be done in 14 hours. But I also have a stable of other 1st level creations.

...and I've never been GMed by a time traveler before. Heh heh.

Id like to apply with either a 1st level druid or brawler. Not new though

The Exchange

As corresponded from the previous thread, Level 1 Unchained Rogue/Knives Master/Scout, ready for play.

If I am to be excepted what is the next step, I have my Pathfinder ID#, and Character I believed to be PFS legal, only await GM approval.

As I mentioned this is my 1st time playing PBP, so any prerequisite would be of great help. Thx in advance.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm back with Mathilde, a dwarf geokineticist for consideration. I still need to buy her equipment, but I will be finished by the time the game starts.

I have a Kitsune Bard and a Nagaji Fighter [would prefer to play my bard since he only needs 1 XP to level]

I'm new, but I'm very interested. Never done a PbP before, and I'm eager to get my feet wet.

I have an human arcanist and a tiefling abyssal bloodrager ready tog go, but I can prepare whatever the party needs.

Liberty's Edge

Based on my screening, we have 5 players new to PBP or PFS!

Rennaivx , Obaekwon , Ganryo , ShadeKyubi , impureascetic

That leaves us with one remaining last spot for the last 5. Keeping true to my word.
In order of posting: 1d5 ⇒ 2 -> Helikon.

Will get the game up and running in just a bit!

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