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If you are reading this profile, you are most probably going to play a PbP Scenario with I, Batpony, as your General Manager.

About me/expectations in my game: I've been playing/started RPG and Pathfinder since July 2016 and am continuously learning, so bear with me on the rules and let me know if I've missed out anything, or made some errors. I'm fairly familiar majority of the rules, but still make mistakes, so do point out any errors I have made! I enjoy a good discussion on clarification and do my best to ensure it does not take away from the gaming experience.

Ask a lot of questions! As through your questions and feedback helps me understand what the party needs for gameplay experience and I'll try to adjust as well.

Combat will be run on initiative "blocks" as oppose to order, and actions shall be resolved in order of post for convenience. Due to this, sometimes some retconning may be required. It is preferred that you post an alternative action where it may be applicable.

eg. If Red Monster is down before my turn, Instead I shall move and attack Blue Monster.

With regards to dice rolls for combat, I prefer that you include any non static modifiers in the following format for ease of identification.
I define static modifiers as those that do not chance regardless of your attack: i.e. weapon focus, weapon finesse, weapon training.

(dice=Weapon, attack modifiers) followed by (dice=Dmg type)

eg. (dice= +2 Flaming longbow, PBS, PS, DA, Bless) followed by (dice= P/Magic + d6 flaming)

Due to the nature of PBP, to keep the game fresh, It's my GMing style to sometimes push the game forward when the party has done enough per scenario, have received enough information to move one, or feel the group is not going to add anything new to the current situation. With that said though, I'll also accept past interactions/retcon if you need to make any.

Post Rate Policy: In general, the pace of my games are slightly faster than the average PBP game but will accommodate base on players. At minimum I expect players to post once a day. I typically check my games and provide updates twice during the day in 12 hours intervals, targeting at least one long & one short update.

The best type of post are descriptive enough that I can understand what you are doing mechanically and what your next course of action is.

Obviously, real life takes precedence over hobbies such as this, and sometimes you or I may not be able to meet this goal. As such I have a few rules that I use during scenarios that I run. I give a 24 hour window for players to either take their actions in combat, or to weigh in on a conversation. Once I post that it is your turn, or make a post that elicits a response or decision, after 24 hours without a post I'll put that player on delay until they return. In their absence, I may roll AoOs on that players behalf (using the basic statistics posted in their stat block) however without nk an explicit message saying "Hey, I'll be out for a couple days, have my character take actions X, Y, and Z under conditions A, B, and C," I will not bot characters. If a week passes with no posts, there is a very good chance you will be dropped, and receive a chronicle that reflects the level of completion you attained (possibly a 0/0/0). I will generally be much more lenient regarding these policies for people who normally show regular posting habits. If I disappear for a day or so due to illness, I'll do my best to let everyone know what's up, and I hope you can do the same. Obviously in the event of a serious illness, we'll understand. In fact I'd be rather concerned if you were on your way to the hospital and the first thing that went through your mind was 'oh crap... I haven't posted yet today!'

What I roll and what you roll:

Passive perception checks :
Creatures sneaking on you or otherwise not noticeable normally shall be rolled by me.
For things that are somewhat noticeable, eg. a sign, a flower you should be aware of with a knowledge roll, or a dead body to identify cause of death..etc will be included in a spoiler tag with the DC posted on it.

Active perception checks:
I expect my players to on their feet! Searching for traps, well hidden objects, sense motive to see if anyone is trying to hide/bluff you..etc
should be rolled by the players. And please make it clear when you roll what you are searching for. If you do not roll, I will assume you did not do it.

Initiative is always rolled by me. AoOs I'll generally allow the players to roll whenever it gets around to their turn (some retconning may be required) Do post AoO's in advance if you think they will happen.

Player Etiquette:
- Please avoid any form of swearing in my games. I'd like to keep it family friendly, I have an 11 year old who wants in!
- I enjoy reading role-play as oppose to just play, do your best to role play the situation out as oppose to use OOC discussions. I shall also from time to time give bonuses to rolls if the roleplay is fantastic.