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I still need to decide on the character I'll be using for this. Likely will be a fresh level 1 spellcaster, leaning towards Sorceror at the moment.

That's fine, was just curious. An FYI: I'll be out of town until the evening of the 11th, but feel free to kick off without me. I'm more than happy to make a dramatic entrance.

I just got my books so I'll start browsing.

Were you running this as PFS or no? And the estimated start date was what again?

Hope everything is ok Redelia and welcome back in whatever capacity you are able and willing.

No worries, thanks for the consideration and enjoy the game!

If low tier happens then I'd be happy to bring either Mae the Grippli druid or Dale the know it all alchemist (mindchemist).

miteke wrote:
miteke wrote:

I have a couple of openings for a core run of Fangwood Keep. If you are interested, let me know here.

We currently have a bard, monk, and paladin and I'm looking for 2 players at 3-4th level. We will be starting in a week or so though I will probably get the ball rolling with intro stuff before then.

I'm shocked I haven't gotten any takers yet. Still looking for a couple of players.

Ya my one core character is currently in a game. 4th level fighter. If you are still looking when he's done then I'll be happy to come along!

GM PaleDim wrote:
Massee wrote:

I'd love to get in on some more Core action if Shattered Shield isn't starting for a bit as my beloved Ironshanks is currently escorting a snoring man in his bed clothes.

If it is starting soon then please consider him for your future core meatshield needs.

I have no idea how quickly the space will fill. What's your ETA there?

Half way through at most, so a couple/three weeks anyhow. Thanks for the thought.

I'd love to get in on some more Core action if Shattered Shield isn't starting for a bit as my beloved Ironshanks is currently escorting a snoring man in his bed clothes.

If it is starting soon then please consider him for your future core meatshield needs.

I've played the rogue in the follow up to this so I'd be good with player her again since I'm familiar.

I will be making an Ulfen of some sort... something either barbarian, ranger or druid. Good outdoors. Fresh level 1.

What tier are you looking for? I'd be up for creating a fresh level one character idea that would tie into the tapestry storyline.

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Can we keep this thread as recruitment?

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That's a bummer. My condolences to any and all who knew him here, and of course his family.

Here we go!

Yup, for discussing things. With myself.

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Spending 2PP for a cure serious potion is a very nice 'oh s#$!' fall back that could keep your character from paying for a raise dead, or at least keep your party from doing fooling things trying to save your can.

That being said, I have it on some characters but not the majority. I will however be remedying that sooner than later for the ones that are front liners or can't cast reliable heals themselves. What do people spend their PP on for non casters anyhow?


*edit: Random keyboard smashing post works!

After further reviewing timelines and characters, I must regretfully withdraw from this awesome opportunity.

This will be an amazing string of games. I can't complement EMGM enough on the Mwangi Experience. Enjoy the run guys.

EvilMinion wrote:

I'm already hoping to use Dale for the reunion tour, he would not be available for this if so!

So another sir or ma'am might work better if that gets off the ground. =)

Ah ok wasn't sure if that was going to fly. Then consider a level 3 melee slayer or a level 3 or 4 grippli druid with giant slug companion... Sounds like the slayer may ruffle less fancy feathers.

How could I NOT be interested? Is this starting from scratch or?

I fail at reading. Dale would certainly be interested, or another fine Sir or Ma'am.

If no one else is bringing a bard I may try out Bash rebuilt as a Thundercaller! Two Dwarven fighters at the same time just blur into the same character.

What do we have for characters? I have a variety that I could bring, a skills mindchemist that's level 3, or perhaps a range of level 2s. Let me know where we are lacking.

Not new, but if you need an experienced player to fill things out then I'll happily oblige. Can bring a few different options for lvl 2s.

Who doesn't like pie-rats? Arrrrggh!

Dawn: If you would rather play Meredith in this I can swap Frank in here and Kembe into the other game. Its up to you.

Or I can just make a fresh level 1 guy if we're all level 1s. Or I can keep Kembe to help provide some extra help with his level 2 ness.

Ok I've reviewed my options... Mort the melee slayer, he'll be 6xp so level 3. If we need some melee muscle, but he'll be a bit high.

Dale the Sage: Alchemist(Mindchemist) Bomber/skill monkey. Level 3. Probably not super useful with so many magus's, etc.

Kembe: 3XP Monk. Melee build of some sort.

Something fresh and new.

Oh! I need to review who I signed up where for. Guess I'll bring someone else here. I have a fresh 3xp character that was a Monk that I could continue as such, unless another idea strikes me. I've never been able to get into monk's for some reason.

Howdy! So what do we have for classes so far... ranger, two magus's. What else? I was leaning towards Frankie, lvl 2 Unchained Rogue. But I have some other options if we need something different.

I gave him a nudge in a private message.

I just read through the warpriest for the first time. Damn, great looking class for those that want to be that martial heavy holy warrior/cleric type. They even get to keep some level of channel energy, but not to the level that I want to put it to use. They do mark a great substitute for a paladin though if you don't like being tied down by that whole 'ethical' issue of a code. But you still get the self healing with fervor, or touch to heal.

I originally wanted this cleric to be more martial and really take advantage of shield other and channel to spread out the damage and clean it up nicely with channels. I guess I can still do that somewhat. Pallies really shine on that front though with the swift action lay hands on self and shield other on their high damage or healing friend.

Long story short: should I get this cleric a bit more melee mustard to go with his channeling or? I guess I can ponder that all afternoon.

Karmic Knight wrote:
Ill bring Saritirnen my lvl2 elven oracle along then. He's run with Frankie before and knows that kid is trouble. Will give me a chance to flesh out his character some more as well. I havent given him much love.

I'm actually leaning AWAY from Frankie to the cleric. I've been playing UC rogues a lot lately and I need something different. Bring your rogue!

Great thanks for the info. So we could roll with a level 2 from the start and qualify for the whole module was my biggest concern... which is no longer a concern!

As far as characters, I will stick to the same character throughout, so that kicks Mort to the curb. That leaves Frankie the rogue (I'm getting a bit burnt out on rogues at present...) and I have Hanlin the 3xp druid/shapeless mass. I've been doing some serious mulling over a channel focused cleric (he was going to be core, but no worries there) that I could turn Hanlin into. He'd seem to fit well with dealing with demons and stuff as I had made him with alignment channel vs evil outsiders. He would be a more mental sided cleric with aspirations of the new Planar Faction.

Hola! Its looking like Frankie will be my best choice at this point, level 2 UC Rogue. My other option would be Mort, Level 2 Slayer but he's committed as the recipient of HMM's Dragon's game Chronicle so I don't think he'd be allowed as that game is ongoing.

Larry: Are you planning on doing the whole series? And what are the required levels for the other parts if so?

GM Dennis wrote:
OG3 wrote:
GM Dennis wrote:

A clerk from the Grand Lodge opens the door and walks in, the weary look on his face clearly indicating that this is but one of many stops he's made this day in completing his task.

"Listen up, you lot! There was a bit of a...mixup in the records department, and we seem to have misplaced the list of new agents. Who in here has not done their confirmation mission yet? C'mon, speak up, I have 8 more bars to get to before the end of business today."

Looking for players new to PbP and/or PFS to play the evergreen #5-08 The Confirmation. This is a great introduction to PFS, and makes for a fun PbP scenario as well. Interested? Sign up here.

Hi, not new to either but have some brand new characters that would like to do their confirmation if that's ok.
Feel free to put your name down. I'm going to give priority to new players, but you'll be first in line if I'm looking for someone to round out the table.

It really is a super great first adventure. The boons are helpful, the purchasable loot list is good, and its well rounded and fun.

VARANOG is mine!

I know I'm a buzzkill on this, but I'll be out of town Halloween weekend, not home until the Monday most likely :( But I'm ready to go then!

Is anyone else going to be able to find magic traps? Is it something we should really have available? The reason I ask is I'm pondering taking an archetype that trades it away so I'd like input. If traps a big part of this AP please warn me Red!

Multiclassing is the devil Bobby!

Chad: Cool looking feat, I may be interested in getting that at some point, but not at level 1. Rogues like that nice surprise round!

Morvena: As far as which you choose, doesn't matter to me, whichever you prefer! I really know basically nothing about a spiritualist.

Oh I was under the impression they weren't normally always available. (I also don't have one yet...) Either way, changing from a Halfling will help make the character a bit different so I don't lose interest in Frankie 1.0.

I won't be play Frankie exactly, but a character in a similar thought. Considering I don't have access to one in PFS, I'm going with a Kitsune, likely either Unchained Rogue or Slayer focusing on more roguey talents.

So I guess depending on what everyone else does I can add in other skills or abilities. But he'll be a bluffing and disguising fiend. Neither character build will be 'tanky', but both I plan on being mostly melee with decent ranged with a good dex.

URogue has the bonus of getting Dex>Damage, more sneak attack and free trapfinding. Slayer gains access to trapfinding, more hp, BAB, base fort.

I'll be playing Frankie, or a pretty close facsimile there of. Charismatic unchained rogue.

Another question: Are we still able to do the level 2 rebuild? Just in case there's something we don't like. I'm a really big fan of that PFS option!

How many players are you shooting for?

What if your racial stat adjustment drops your stat below 10?
What's 3pp?
And average starting wealth based on your class I assume?

Huh I've never read through the rules in Ultimate Combat for organizations and all that. Should be interesting to do this in game. Building your own organization!

*Waggles fingers excitedly*

Thaddeus Treeskipper wrote:

Tad holds his holy symbol up and prays. A wave of positive energy from him rolls over the undead.


DC 13 will save to halve damage, channel resistance does not apply. They're all in range.

He then grins back a Dru.

Good I was hoping I wouldn't have to use any holy waters :)

Dale cringes ever so slightly as the wave of holy energy flows through him. Those bags of bones aren't going to like that...

I've got the book all downloaded, now I just need to find the time to read read read!

Ya I've got no real idea what I'm going to play until I see the rule book and the options. Whatever I do play will likely be more of a character than something optimal, I think.

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