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Rules question: How does drawing weapons work in PF2e? Not sure I've seen a reference to it in the ruleset.

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Camber's player here. For this campaign, I'm imagining a human cleric of some kind. Not sure yet who the deity will be; whether it's tied to the major powers with Abadar or Shelyn, or focusing on getting people through tough transitions, and being a cleric of Alseta.

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Sebecloki wrote:
I think a lot of pbp activity has moved to Discord servers.

Would that be expecting real-time play of a few hours at a time?

Hello! I'm still quite new to PFS2e (and PF2 in general), and I'm thinking of making a second character. I haven't yet used any of my starting 80 points, and I'm thinking of creating a Sarkorian Tiefling for the game, but I'm not yet sure how helpful that would be within PFS or not. Has anyone had any experience with a tiefling in PFS, and what's it like?

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One of my PF1 characters is not a priest, but grew up in a Razmiri orphanage, and so takes on a number of Razmirian characteristics. She has a mask and robe but never wears them.

Admittedly, her full story was that she was born as promised to Sivanah, and she was quickly pulled out of the standard grind when she was discovered by a Sivanah faithful who was masquerading as a Razmiran priest, so she ended up being trained as a sleeper agent for Razmir or maybe Sivanah or maybe both, but that pretty much never pops up.

So there's definitely ways to use Razmir without pushing deep into the conversion and more difficult aspects of Razmiran, but it's important to think about how you'd want to approach it.

So awesome to hear your work, Aaron!

I've got to share this piece by Ezio Bosso. I feel like it'll work for a twisted romance. It is called...

You are mine!

The Ronyon wrote:

Melodious spell should cover up what you are doing,so all that's left is to make you appear harmless on a battlefield.

I think a Leshy can appear as plant, but can they act without breaking the illusion?

You could do both.

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Hi Dark Mistress!

Yeah, I only now just got back in the past month, too.

So way back in D&D2e days, I came up with my own campaign world. New deities, new races.

The war god was also the god of the night sky, and his chosen people were nocturnal hunters whose eyes glowed like stars. So, it had both combat and astrology in his portfolio, but I kind of left it at that.

Then recently (again) I heard Dan Bull's Far Cry Primal Rap.

Suddenly I saw this war god as also the god of time. The cycle of change, destruction, the volcano that buries the city and replenishes the farmland. It's dancing the world away. Now I'm reenergized. A god that is both prophet and destroyer. His home palace is a place of endless battle, dates and places plucked from history, where travel between battles becomes possible, because it's all part of the same great eternal battle.

I'm going to start writing up this world once the ORC gets finalized. Get everything functioning in PF2e. I'm feeling my muse return after years. It's beautiful.

Wait, there's a cannibal tribe called the Kuru? Kuru is, IRL, a prion disease that causes "laughing sickness" that spread through cannibalism in PNG (although even then it's not "people hunting people to eat" but via a ritual meal to honor their deceased). So even the name is a bit too on the nose.

Anyway, if there's a Tian-Sing colony there, then I totally want something done like Legend of the Tsunami Warrior which has some of the best over-the-top fantasy involving aquatic action anywhere.

The High Seas would be a great place for something like Armada from China Miéville's book The Scar and uncharted islands only reachable by luck.

Hints about the Eye of Abendego would be needed, as would a discussion of storms in general, both above and below the surface.

A whirlpool leading to a dry section of seabed. Intelligent reefs. Go wild.

I'm always fascinated at how Ragathiel has "revenge" in his portfolio, since as a LG being, we're used to calling that "justice."

Wait, Iomedae fell? Three characters ascended?

I've missed a lot, what was all this in?

For me it's Katapesh. The chance to have all the insane wheeling and dealing you want just spells to me.

And I think because of all the marketing and attention the Varisian cities got, I just kind of want to stay away from them.

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General campaign idea: The PCs cross paths with the Bottle of the Bound at the beginning of the campaign, and watch as it ends up in the hands of an evil wizard who frees all the creatures within it, which spread to the far reaches of Golarion.

The campaign is the party rushing around the world tracking down and resealing all the creatures in the bottle (and possibly adding a few more besides).

Yeah, I could imagine parts of Quantium looking like this.

Whether or not it's inhabited and with what, it's up to the GM.

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BylethEisner wrote:

According to Pathfinder Lost Omens Impossible lands page 251,

"Quantium is a city made to eclipse all others. Imagine a city of circular plot, 15 miles in diameter and encircled by a wide "c"-shaped road."

This makes Quantium bigger than Absalom?

Not in population, but in area, probably. I imagine Quantium has lots of open space and plazas and gardens and manifolds and

I'm positive the are kaiju in the Eye of Abendego, too.

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I'm not familiar with kaiju as a specific monster of Golarion, but in the field of giant monsters that level cities, there's the Spawn of Rovagug. The Tarrasque and Ulunat and more certainly fit the bill.

Yeah, elixir as oil is what I'm thinking, too, although I also think of Mansa Musa and Mali's gold mines as another analog to be explored in Thuvia. Definitely could be the way one city state operates.

Thanks for the opportunity to apply, and congrats to the assembled team! Have fun!

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Edward the Necromancer wrote:

It is very heavily implied, if not outright confirmed, that Pharasma is a/the only survivor from the previous incarnation of the Universe. Which means she was here from the VERY BEGINNING! While calling her the mother of the Universe would (probably) be wrong, Pharasma could be considered the midwife of the universe. She watched the Universe be born, and will watch it die. Then either one of her minions will become the midwife for the next Universe, or Pharasma will watch/help/etc the next universe be born.

Interestingly, there's a rumor that Zon-Kuthon might have always been Dou-Bral, that ZK was also from the previous universe, and arranged for something in the new universe to be his vessel for his reincarnation. A larva, if you will. Given some of the oddities of the timeline regarding Dou-Bral and Shelyn, I have come to like this theory.

And yet, given what is found in the Dark Tapestry, the DT does seem infinitely older. But it can't be older than the Prime Material plane, which is much younger than the universe, can it?

I can't say I have a true favorite deity, as I have a lot more fun twisting around the meanings of each one.

One of my favorite present PFS characters is an Inquisitor of Razmir (actually Sivanah).

I've been looking throughout the SRD and I haven't been able to find answers for these questions. I'm sure I'm just missing them, but I'm not assuming I just know the answers from 1e.

How is Initiative calculated?

If you're Trained in a skill, is it a +2 or +3 bonus?

What are all the effects from being Small?

Is the proficiency bonus for skills +2 or +3 when you're Trained? I'm getting conflicting info on that.

Wonderful! I'll build a character and submit it.

I'm thinking of making a halfling rogue who's a member of the Cerulean Society and a stevedore/sailor/low-level smuggler of the docks.

So that's 11 submissions so far.

Does anyone want a quick connection? I could imagine that Fortunino was supposed to meet up with someone who just happens to be another PC after his escape to Magnimar.

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The other thing I keep thinking about is how Garund, despite being like Africa, doesn't have a Sahel, thanks to the Barrier Wall. And I can't help but think that Thuvia could easily borrow from Sudan-Sahelian architecture and have buildings like the Grand Mosque of Djenne or the Library of Timbuktu as places to travel to.

You'd also be able to place a Mansa Musa style analog in the country, what with its single-resource riches.

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I bet it's something like Holt-as-ken, where Holt = hold or high, as = preposition denoting connection, and ken = people, so Holtasken = Hold's Kin.

Hi, as a total newbie here, I'm not familiar with What's it about, and why are all the PFS2e games registered over there?

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I feel like the basic theology behind PF and similar systems makes actual heresy very difficult to be possible. It's nearly all turned into apostasy and the embracing of a new patron deity.

(I always considered this an interesting break with the game's roots from people with Christian mindsets; you pretty much need a theological setup like Christianity or Islam for heresy to even be possible, and the genre assumptions of polytheism and possible direct communing with the deity preclude the existence of it.

"Hey, Sarenrae, is assassination in your name okay?"

"Nope. Please stop."

"Welp, that settles that.")

ETA: But here's what I can envision:

"Hey, Sarenrae, is assassination in your name okay?"

"Nope. Please stop."

"But we're doing it for you! Here, have another infidel!"

"I said no!"

"We mean it all to help!"

"You know what? No. Just stop. No more of my light. I can't let you do this."

"Aw! But we really love you! We promise, only the finest sacrifices in your name!"

"I don't want your sacrifices! Please, just stop this nonsense and I'll forgive you."

"Hey, Ahriman/Nurgal here. I see you want Sarenrae's forgiveness. I bet she just doesn't understand just how much you love her, just how many you're willing to kill for her. Keep going. She's sure to see your devotion one day. I'll support your efforts."

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Fair enough (and yeah, no evil assassins with Sarenrae's blessing).

But I still feel like Roman/Vandal Africa is an idea source that is untapped here.

Dotting, and showing interest in starting a brand new character for PFS2e.

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I'm just now getting back into the game after five years, so I'm not familiar with all the 1e -> 2e changes that have been made. However, I keep thinking about the North Africa analog and have a few thoughts about it.

Liek ending the Cult of the Dawnflower. It makes sense why it would be done, but when I saw that it sits too close to Islamic fundamentalism, I just thought, why not make it closer to Christian fundamentalism, like the Donatists in North Africa in the 5th century?

Quick history lesson: North Africa became part of the Roman Empire, was converted to Christianity, but then had to deal with Christianity being official then forbidden back and forth a couple times. So, if you were a Christian in Africa, you'd regularly be told to stop it and give up your holy books, before being able to pick it all back up again with the next Emperor.

This caused a problem. The Nicene Christians wanted those who surrendered their books to be allowed back in as priests. But the Donatists said that the priesthood had to remain pure, and so anyone who did turn over their books could no longer be priests. No forgiveness offered.

The Donatists were eventually declared a heresy, but they remained a major problem in the area, St. Augustine tried to mediate. There were a number of hardline sects in North Africa, like the Circumcellions. They were huge in the martyrdom theme, and it led a number of them to hang out at crossroads and ambush Roman legions with clubs in the hope that they would be killed by them.

The thing is, this hardline view became a common thread throughout North Africa. It became the way to maintain one's identity when dealing with wave after wave of invaders.

Then the Western Empire collapsed. A number of Christian Roman-Berber states arose, then the Germanic Vandals invaded from Iberia and established their own kingdom. One of the big issues this caused was that the Roman Empire had Nicene Christianity, but the Vandals were Arian Christians, so they went around getting rid of the "old" Christian ways, replacing them with "new" Christian ways, then the Byzantines came in and ended the Vandals and brought Nicene Christianity back. Then the Arabs came in and established Islam. There was a LOT of conversion.

It didn't end there. The Adoptionist sect in Iberia was heavily influenced by Donatist thinking. Although Islam in the Maghreb and Iberia was tolerant of other faiths (with payment of a special tax), the Almohads rose up out of Morocco and forced everyone to convert again in the 11-12th centuries.

We see some of this fundamentalist attitude in response to competing faiths in Garund with Rahadoum. But if we see this as a legacy of the Osirian conquering of Thuvia, then breaking free, then Aroden becoming big, then dying, there could also be a group hiding out in the wilderness trying to hold to an unforgiving version of Sarenrae, which of course is resoundly rejected by her and her church.

Which is where Ahriman can come in to reestablish the connection for the Cult. Someone needs to become the patron god for them right?

Now, 2e has no god with the Sun and Trickery domains, and Ahriman has Darkness and Trickery. But hey, rechristen them as a group waiting for the dawn that has not yet come, a Cult of Twilight as it were, and you've got a group who can honestly be evil, think they're good, focus on a deeply strict expectation of their followers, and can operate as ambushers, trying to spill blood (others and their own) in the name of their cause.

GM Nowruz wrote:
Hey, I can GM HEROES for HIGHDELVE for you guys. Another 4 Level 1-2 applications will be accepted on a First come first served basis. Just post here.

I'm up for it! Got a bunch of possible characters. What does the party need?

Michael Sayre wrote:
keftiu wrote:

[...] a group called the Invisible Blades as part of a character background, with them mentioned as potentially being behind a “devastating magical accident” in Quantium. This group isn’t mentioned again, in that book or any other that I’ve seen from either edition, from the searching I’ve been able to do. Who are they? What do they do?

Those are the kind of questions the last person to talk about the Invisible Blades was asking right before they disappeared.

Ah, so now they're what I like to call very invisible!

I'm considering a background of a fugitive of experimentation from Nidal, built as a Dual Cursed Dark Tapestry Oracle. So although his powers are associated with Zon-Kuthon, he does not worship him and is trying to distance himself from that legacy.

Would something like that work for everyone?

Dotting! I think I'll build fresh, just gotta figure out my mood. Likely a spellcaster/support role.

The timeline resource is great! Thank you!

If people are interested, one character I've had fun with in the past that I could easily dust off for use at first level is the cauldron witch Nevinia (and her familiar Tzerny).

But, that's just one possibility. I'll research the area and time and see if some other idea becomes stronger for me.

breithauptclan wrote:

For weapons you are looking at simple weapons and deity weapons. And a Starknife isn't terrible. You will want to get a Returning rune on it at some point, but you can't do that at level 1. You might also carry a crossbow of some variety if you feel like using ranged attacks at low levels. By mid levels you are probably going to want to be using spells primarily instead of weapons.

Thank you! I've updated the sheet with those details, so I should have something (relatively) complete. Thank you for your help!

I'm interested! I'm also back after a multiyear hiatus, and would welcome the chance to play again!

Thank you, I will! I've still got all my 1e characters here, so I'm good!

Hello! I'm an old player, but I haven't played for the past five years. So, I'm starting again with Pathfinder, and I figure a PFS2e character would be the right way to do it.

So I've been reading PFSRD, Archives of Nethys, etc., and I'm trying to build a support-role gnome cleric.

Would someone be able to look at what I've got and let me know what's right and what's wrong? The character is here.

I know I still need equipment at the very least, but I'm not sure what I'm able to use properly.

Thanks in advance!

I'm just starting up again after a LONG hiatus, and so I've got a fresh level 1 PF2e character (that I'm sure needs cleanup).

I'm interested! However, I'm completely new to 2e (and haven't played in 5 years) and although I've been reading the ruleset and creating a first character, I'm sure I'm missing plenty.

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I've just returned from a 5 year hiatus, but PBP is still the best solution for me.

Between work and family, I can't reasonably expect to block out hours at a time to talk with others online. But posts? No problem, I can be called away in the middle of the action and resume when I get back in a few minutes. Easy.

And I'm going to be called away.

Everyone, if you've got me as a player for a Gameday slot, please remove me. Work has gotten too far in the way for me to contribute meaningfully. Everyone, enjoy your games, and I apologize.

Going up in level, for the most part, makes you better at combat, but helps much less in other ways. For example, it makes for a really bad way to represent the power of a scheming palace eunuch or a beloved village priestess or the king's aged tutor. Heck, I know people who find combat distasteful and never play D&D/PF because they aren't interested in the combat. Leveling doesn't look fun, either, in that case. I heard it once described as, "If you take out the trash enough, you'll become better at taking out the trash."

Furthermore, people grow old and pass on. What use is a general's battle prowess at the age of 90 on his deathbed? Eventually, people's faculties decline, and it becomes far more important to ensure the next generation has the tools to continue your work than to keep amassing them for yourself. Better to have been Fezziwig than Scrooge in the end, eh?

avr wrote:
Bladelock wrote:
All the Arcanist archetypes. They simply use too many arcane exploits for what they offer in return.
Blood Arcanist is a viable option, so are Twilight Sage, Brown-fur Transmuter & Harrow Student. Maybe Occultist. Blade Adept is a bad idea IMO but people can be seduced by the style over the substance, I agree with you there. That's near half the archetypes being useful which is about typical.

How would you feel about a Blade Adept as a choice for an Eldritch Knight?

You can try contemporary composers for the Victorian Era feel, like Michael Balfe or the ever-popular Franz Liszt is a great way to find good background music for many different scenes while remaining sufficiently unobtrusive. Johann Strauss, Tchaikovsky... There's a ton of good artists from the time period, and there's a whole bunch of different moods available.

For more modern-steampunk sounds, here is a playlist that can get you started (with an Abney Park instrumental, so bonus).

ETA: Ooh! Prokofiev! That's who you should look for.

All I know is that by the time I realized Cosmic Captive was recruiting, everything was already taken.

...I just want to mention that I've become increasingly interested in Urgathoa as someone for the local populace to worship. As a deity of disease and undeath, nope, that's not popular. As a deity of gluttony and the dead, we're getting somewhere.

As a deity of bounty, celebration, ancestors, reminiscing, and the cycle of life, heck yeah.

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