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Everyone, if you've got me as a player for a Gameday slot, please remove me. Work has gotten too far in the way for me to contribute meaningfully. Everyone, enjoy your games, and I apologize.

Going up in level, for the most part, makes you better at combat, but helps much less in other ways. For example, it makes for a really bad way to represent the power of a scheming palace eunuch or a beloved village priestess or the king's aged tutor. Heck, I know people who find combat distasteful and never play D&D/PF because they aren't interested in the combat. Leveling doesn't look fun, either, in that case. I heard it once described as, "If you take out the trash enough, you'll become better at taking out the trash."

Furthermore, people grow old and pass on. What use is a general's battle prowess at the age of 90 on his deathbed? Eventually, people's faculties decline, and it becomes far more important to ensure the next generation has the tools to continue your work than to keep amassing them for yourself. Better to have been Fezziwig than Scrooge in the end, eh?

avr wrote:
Bladelock wrote:
All the Arcanist archetypes. They simply use too many arcane exploits for what they offer in return.
Blood Arcanist is a viable option, so are Twilight Sage, Brown-fur Transmuter & Harrow Student. Maybe Occultist. Blade Adept is a bad idea IMO but people can be seduced by the style over the substance, I agree with you there. That's near half the archetypes being useful which is about typical.

How would you feel about a Blade Adept as a choice for an Eldritch Knight?

You can try contemporary composers for the Victorian Era feel, like Michael Balfe or the ever-popular Franz Liszt is a great way to find good background music for many different scenes while remaining sufficiently unobtrusive. Johann Strauss, Tchaikovsky... There's a ton of good artists from the time period, and there's a whole bunch of different moods available.

For more modern-steampunk sounds, here is a playlist that can get you started (with an Abney Park instrumental, so bonus).

ETA: Ooh! Prokofiev! That's who you should look for.

All I know is that by the time I realized Cosmic Captive was recruiting, everything was already taken.

...I just want to mention that I've become increasingly interested in Urgathoa as someone for the local populace to worship. As a deity of disease and undeath, nope, that's not popular. As a deity of gluttony and the dead, we're getting somewhere.

As a deity of bounty, celebration, ancestors, reminiscing, and the cycle of life, heck yeah.

bugleyman wrote:
supervillan wrote:

Here's what I'd prefer, in priority order.

1. We don't need rules bloat. New scenarios and new APs are more important to keep the campaign running.

Amen. But there is the argument that PFS is a better sales tool if it showcases new mechanics.

supervillan wrote:
2. If new mechanics are published, get the editing right first time. Make the decisions about what's good for the campaign when material is first added to Additional Resources.

The thing is, I'm not sure this is possible. The more published mechanics pile up, the less viable it becomes to foresee all the possible interactions.

The real question, then, becomes how important are new mechanics in generating future sales?

Both of the above issues are mitigated by slowing the rate of introduction of new mechanics to the game. Fewer rules, less bloat, fewer unforeseen consequences.

However, does that generate new sales at the same rate? Most likely not. Time and again, customers have come back for the new options, the updated action economy (remember when swift actions didn't exist?), the different methods of character customization.

But what makes new rules so attractive? Why am I more interested in playing the neat new vigilante than, say, playing a neat new Holomog battle maiden? Probably because now I can do something I couldn't do before. Maybe because I see some quirk I can sneak past my GM. Maybe because now I can manufacture some of my own power creep.

If there's some way to make people interested in new content that doesn't translate as new options, then the inevitable bloat wouldn't have to occur. But that might not be a successful long-term business plan. We play because we like tinkering with the mechanics. If we didn't, we can write instead (and yeah, I do).

Related question: Are there any prestige classes that, on original blush, were only okay, but later class/archetype options improved the possibility of them?

Example: I'm looking into using bloodrager/blade adept arcanist to qualify for an Eldritch Knight. There are more synergies that can be had than with the traditional fighter/wizard combo.

The Magaambyan Arcanist is a solid different path to take a wizard.

Others like the Horizon Walker or Pathfinder Chronicler offer more by their ability to allow for unique multiclass options. (I'm presently playing a character with a goal of going Inquisitor/Skald/PFC right now).

Ready whenever. Available characters:

Traceni Skrit, Nature Oracle 1/Fey-Serpentine Sorcerer 1 (3xp)
Cazithiel, Cleric 1 (speed and maneuverability focus, 2xp)
Balgrym One Hand, Infernal Bloodrager 1 (will take levels of Arcanist, 1xp)
Tanniralirul, Unchained Rogue 1 (1xp)

Of course! But a good race is simply a part of the good build that can't be retrained later.

I've played Mists of Mwangi with a Level 1 character before, and can get a new Level 1 through it, and the rest I haven't played. Would that work?

ETA: Ooh, wait, I've had another 1st level character complete Halls of the Flesh Eaters, too.

It was a sure sign that the rules for aasimars/tieflings were a problem, since so many people were creating so many characters just to stuff them through the door. Novelty would dictate there would be some, but the level was just insane.

Hubaris wrote:
You still have the Bloodline Spells, it just replaces the specific ones.
PRD wrote:
These bonus spells replace the bloodline spells gained by the sorcerer's bloodline.

It doesn't call them bloodline spells, so it remains questionable whether they are or not.

It's a +12 to the check with a base speed of 65. Once he gets it to 70, it's +16.

(I've got a PFS cleric with a base speed of 40', the expeditious retreat spell, and the Run feat, so yes, I've done the math on that before.)

That's a pity. Given that the spell is already only circumstantially granted, it seems awfully sad to make it a lower power spell anyway.

Also, a Bloodline Familiar delaying your bloodline spells won't help, because you don't get bloodline spells.

I ran into a similar problem because I thought there might be some cool synergy between the wishcraft spells and the trait Unseen But Not Undone. If you can cast a bloodline spell as a Still Spell once per day, and you don't need a verbal component either (and you never need cheap material components), then someone can wish for something and it just happens, no physical action on your part. But it's not a bloodline spell. Sorry.

So I'm looking over the Wishcrafter archetype, which has the following power:

PRD wrote:
Expanded Wishcraft: At 3rd level and every 2 levels thereafter, the wishcrafter grows more adept at altering reality to fit the whims of others. She may add an additional spell selected from the sorcerer/wizard spell list to her list of spells known. This spell must be one level lower than the highest-level spell she can cast. A wishcrafter can only use these spells in conjunction with her wishbound arcana ability. For example, if she used this ability to learn cat's grace, she can only cast it when another creature wishes for it, and can't cast it on herself because it is a targeted spell. She cannot use these spells to craft or recharge magic items. These bonus spells replace the bloodline spells gained by the sorcerer's bloodline.

Now, the problem I see is that at third level, a sorcerer can still only cast level 1 spells. Normally, a 3rd level sorcerer receives a level 1 spell at 3rd, 2 at 5th, and so on.

As written, the sorcerer receives a level 0 spell at 3rd, 1 at 5th, and so on, and it can only be cast in conjunction with people wishing. Is that correct?

The Usual Suspect wrote:
Wrong John Silver wrote:

If it's more of a constant "sawing logs" kind of snore, it's probably not sleep apnea. Apnea snoring is more quiet moments interspersed with snoring explosions.

Does she work a late shift and that's why she's in bed at 3am? I know that personally, I snore more if I go to bed late. If it's not a question of shift work (in which case, I'd assume she's waking later and still getting around 6-8 hours sleep a night), I'd see what can be done to help her get to sleep earlier. That might help prevent snoring.

It changes in tone and tempo every few minutes, and she wakes her self up when she can't breath. Pretty sure it's Apnia.

No she doesn't work night shift. She just likes to sit and read while watching all the late night talk shows; gets sucked into a book, then realizes its 3 AM. She works part time afternoons and evenings though, so she doesn't have to be up at 5 AM, like I do.

Yup, sounds like apnea. Although I do still recommend an earlier bedtime. As a fellow night owl, I know it sucks, but hey, health is health.

Aha! No wonder I had never heard of them.

GM Granta wrote:
The thieves' guild vanity costs 4 prestige points.

Where is this found? What the vanity is, where the prestige point cost is, and, heck, what the definition of a vanity is?

Waitlisted anyway. All my characters are CL 1-2 anyway.

Hi, I'm just crawling out from under my rock right now from work.

What's going on regarding Cosmic Captive?

If it's more of a constant "sawing logs" kind of snore, it's probably not sleep apnea. Apnea snoring is more quiet moments interspersed with snoring explosions.

Does she work a late shift and that's why she's in bed at 3am? I know that personally, I snore more if I go to bed late. If it's not a question of shift work (in which case, I'd assume she's waking later and still getting around 6-8 hours sleep a night), I'd see what can be done to help her get to sleep earlier. That might help prevent snoring.

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Reminds me of my TORG days. Where else can you get a devout mad cyberhacker, an ancient Egyptian priestess, a medieval paladin, and Dr. Helsing join forces?

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If you've ever rifled for something in your backpack or tried some intricate hands-on skill (maybe not miniature painting, but most others, and definitely lockpicking), you'll notice you rely more on touch to find and manipulate things than on sight. Heck, I type more on touch than sight, too.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
A game set in the Aperture Science laboratories just when GLaDOS is starting to take over, but using the Paranoia RPG ruleset.

Oh, I would play that in a heartbeat!

I don't know, sounds like a merry Christmas feast to me.

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On the other hand, my gnome prankster bard received a lot of askance gazes from the rest of the party when he explained that he always traveled with a chicken.

Then, he helped save the party by bargaining their lives for the chicken.

The Zyphus-worshipping debuffer would be pretty sweet, not going to lie. But I think I'm a sucker for PC decent folk who worships evil gods.

Purple Overkill wrote:
3) That´s what happens if you sit down using Excel to figure out your build, start shifting around elements and forget that they have to be legit choices at the level you place them. I always give the advice that character build should be made from the ground up, on a level-by-level basis.

Incidentally, this is also why I despise the stat block system for displaying a character. Great for seeing basic combat info, utterly terrible for demonstrating how a character is built up from first level.

DrDeth wrote:
Actually it appears they hated every non-human race but elves.

And ogres Irda. So beautiful. Even better than elves. But no one can be better than elves. Except Irda, which are the best.

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A number of tables are here. On each one, one PC's items are all carefully placed and sorted. No, the PCs are no longer carrying their things.

Each table also has a note, saying simply "Thank You."

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Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
I don't understand why he charged, I can understanding initiating but not charging.

For that sweet, sweet +2 attack, of course!

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Admittedly, now I kind of want to try a PC that dump-stats Constitution and see how far I can take it in PFS.

Just, y'know, without charging orcs.

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I'm curious about what spells the wizard did have.

I remember GMing for a party with a first level wizard in Living Greyhawk. The character was killed outright in the first round of combat. I felt really bad about it, until I looked at everything postmortem.

* There was a party of orcs on the other side of an earthwork. Both parties knew of each other's presence, but neither were attacking each other at first.
* The wizard was the first to charge over the earthwork to attack the orcs.
* He had not yet cast anything to protect himself.
* He was also an elf who had dump-statted Constitution.

Once I saw all that together, I no longer felt bad at one-shotting him.

The big difference was that in 1e and 2e, although the DM was fully expected to make things up as they went along, the rules were still relatively heavy. Compared to 3e, not so much, but there were rolls and tables and encounters and methods and and and...

I could still point to even crunchier systems back then, like Rolemaster, where you could barely stand up without consulting three tables, and the fetishism for charts upon charts back in the 80s was something to behold. The more details, the more complicated, the better.

But then the 90s started showcasing rules-light systems, and TSR seriously ran out of steam, and then there was the whole Storyteller thing (combat was shunned because the system did everything nicely except combat).

You kind of needed 1e, 2e, 3e, and 4e in order to find 5e (which, incidentally, I've never played or read as of yet).

And I'll just stop rambling now.

The other problem was that there was/is a certain kind of player who absolutely wants to play a meddlesome kleptomaniac who is too fast and oblivious to ever be caught. Kender enabled that big time.

And, well, with tinker gnomes and gully dwarves there were just too many "silly" races in early Krynn.

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Well, everything 2e was still better than the Dragonlance Adventures hardcover from late 1e.

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Yes, I remember once one player had to bring a 1st level bard to an adventure while the rest of us were 4th-5th level. However, we met some sonic-based monster, and the bard started countersinging for us and stayed back while we attacked. The player worried she felt so useless, but we explained, oh no, she saved all of us by staying back and singing.

As for frustratingly weak, there was one multiclassing monstrosity who was a Monk 1/Wizard 1/Ranger 1, specifically for the saves, who would then spend the first few rounds of combat casting self-buffs for extra protection. Then, out came the net to entangle an opponent. Of course, by then, we had already dispatched most of the enemy and were essentially mopping up by then.

I don't think he was even proficient in the net.

2e sourcebooks are amazing with a rules-light system, as long as you toss the power levels as scripted out the window and wing it to whatever's prettier.

Sometimes, I miss 2e D&D, but then I crack open the books and recognize the problem. A lot of stuff there is so flavorful and interesting, but trying to balance it all? Doesn't work very well.

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Sissyl wrote:
I call BS. Trying to get trolls and abrasive people to leave is time and effort wasted. Not to mention, it makes for a poor environment for everyone. The trolls thrive on abuse, the abrasive ones don't care. Again, what are we supposed to do about them? What do you claim we can do? HOW do we create that environment they don't like, preferably without making the boards a cesspit ourselves?

You ban them. No arguments. No engagement, just a simple reminder that the owner of the website makes the rules and can kick anyone they don't like at any time.

Are there many Pathfinder Chroniclers?

Totally agree about original Talisman. Admittedly, I and my friends all called it "Uncle Wiggly for adults," but we sure did have fun with it.

For the OP, I recommend Over The Edge. It's rules light, has freeform character generation, and can embody most things you're looking for.

I honestly prefer Chill Touch over Shocking Grasp. At low levels, it'll do damage over more rounds instead of needing to be recast again and again, saving you spells. The Strength damage, although small and inconsistent, is just an add-on. Furthermore, the damage type is negative energy, not electricity, so there are fewer creatures that have immunity and some effects that can be stacked on it. I once had it on a Bones Oracle with the Bleeding Wounds revelation. Our fighting style against animals and the like was, "Chill touch, then run and hide until it bleeds out."

As for its use against undead, the spell remains viable at high levels because a CR 20 undead is just as susceptible to it as a CR 1 undead, and its power by caster level never tops out. Most undead rely more on being immune to mind-affecting spells than on high Will scores, anyway.

I've got a female half-orc sorcerer and a nonbinary wayang rogue in PFS, if that counts.

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I suppose the difference is between descriptions of a character, and attempts to fool players as to what the character actually is. Even then, there are two ways to go about it. The PC can be a shifty type, trying to hide who they actually are from everyone. That's okay. Alternately, the player might enjoy trying to fool the other players at the table. That's less cooperative (and the shifty character played by the shifty player is still plenty possible).

Admittedly, if I'm playing a neutral cleric of an evil deity, I'm not going to run around saying, "I worship Norgorber!" or whoever in public. But I'm also going to be honest with my fellow players about my character and expect the interactions to develop without OOC information tainting things.

Other times, saying what you are by race and class can give the wrong impression, anyway. I've got a cleric, for example, who's a speedy elf with a rapier and high acrobatics and low charisma. Saying I'm a swarthy, skinny elf in light armor wielding a rapier will tell people more about my character's capabilities than saying I'm an elf cleric.

137) He forgot to update his out-of-office message.

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Urgathoa and Ghlaunder undoubtedly enjoy each other's company.

Incidentally, I found a headcanon that would make Urgathoa considerably more popular as a deity. On Cinco de Mayo, I caught a performance of Astrid Hadad, as both a curator of the history of Mexican culture and an incredible cabaret act. In particular, her performance of Viene la Muerte/Los Agachados (Here Comes Death/The Crouching) shows the enjoyable dichotomy of death and gluttonous celebration quite well. Note the quick costume change at the 4:42 mark. In the great concept of "let us celebrate today, for tomorrow we are dead" combined with reverence of ancestors for guidance makes this a particularly compelling combination.

"Our past is horrific. Our present is chaotic. Fortunately, there is no future." - Astrid Hadad

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Note: my protein is now SCP-3966.

Also, you absolutely can join! Joining the site can be done here. Be sure to read the Guide for Newbies; it tells you how to join, and is a generally good thing to know. The site tries to maintain quality control on submissions, and the SCP format is tricky to get down, sometimes.

(I'll also point out these three objects of mine as the most Pathfinder-like, but really much of my other works are even better, I think.)

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