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Liberty's Edge

Feralissimo - A couple of updates: Terrill is now a 4th level inquisitor, and I'm in GMT-8, same as you. And Oladon is a 9th level commoner, I think you've got it wrong on the spreadsheet.

My mistake. I'll fix it now.

Grand Lodge


-Algar Lysandris, Human Oracle Level 9
-Al Suresh Khalida Human Magus Level 6

Timezone: GMT+1 (i post multiple times during my "day time")

Sovereign Court

I loled at Feral's humor.
Super Flexible? that's going to come out wrong no matter what.

Ok, my Lore Warden's regular group got started again, but luckily my level 2 Inquisitor finished yesterday.

There's an outside chance I could have a level 4 wizard free by start time. If so, I'd play that him if it would help fill out a table.

So for now I'd like to play:

Talwin Bernhold
Inquisitor 2

Grand Lodge

I changed my inquisitor's name to Belroar Bloodlet and race to Half-orc.

The player formerly known as Elden Groundquarry.

Also, not a slacker

You also have me at GMT-8, I am actually GMT-6.

Grand Lodge

My earlier post is correct, DM.

Level 2 witch.

Us Eastern time zone.

Scarab Sages

If it doesn't matter for the group making, I prefer to play with my lvl 5 cleric (instead of my lvl 3 (cleric1/inquisitor2) but I'm ok with playing either

Deane Beman - Inquisitor 9

I won't get to apply GM credit in time…my Inquisitor will enter the Diamond Siege at Level 8 assuming he survives his current scenario and finishes in time. His fate is in the capable hands of GM Tektite, although in the interest of full disclosure I feel inclined to mention that my Inquisitor is currently on fire.


Alternate available characters:

Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 3
Bard (Archaeologist) 1/Ranger (Urban Ranger) 2
Fighter (Lore Warden) 3
Witch 5
Paladin 2

GMT -6, US Central.

The Exchange

out of curiosity is there still space for level one characters or is it too late to sign up?

We have a couple seats left.

What time zone are you in, what kind of level 1 will you be bringing, and will you be able to keep up?

Dark Archive

GMT -5
The character I am posting as
Without a doubt =)

I've got you jotted down.

Dark Archive

thank you

Prospective tables are up in the linked Sign Up sheet at the top of this page. Individual DMs will be getting their threads up in the next day or two and I'll link them at the top as well for easy access.

It looks like we've got the following spread:

1-2 x2
3-4 x1
5-6 x1
7-8 x1

As of now there's exactly one seat left. If you're interested, speak up soon! Unless you already spoke up and I missed you, in which case you should speak up again. =P

And the last spot's been filled.

If you'd like to play and you're not already on the list, say something here and I'll put you on the waitlist. If folks haven't checked in by the time the intro phase is over, I'll be looking for replacements.

The Exchange

Ello chums. I'm the last person and I'll be playing the lv 7 pregen wizard. I'm quite the wizard enthusiast and I know how to use their magic effectively. Excited to get started!

Grand Lodge

Great, you better stay out of trouble cause we shall be deep in fighting

Sovereign Court

Got it. I'm in Amazing Red's table.

Red's at work currently but he'll be home and have his thread up in an hour or so.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Dotting. Let's go kill some demons!

All of the gameplay threads are up now.

Get checking in folks!

Shadow Lodge

Interested, plz put me on the waiting list.
Fighter/Rogue lvl 2 or pregen.

If you need a GM for the wait listed people (and we get enough of them), you could probably twist my arm into GMing for them.

Sorry - I forgot to check in on this.

I have a Level 1 Sorcerer available, or I could play a pre-gen. I know I'm already signed up for Wise Fox's table.


I will be travelling this weekend and will not be able to post Friday or Saturday nights. If that gets things off to an irreparable start, I can back out.

We're good on GMs EndlessForms but I appreciate the offer. I've already got a backup waiting in the wings.

Thanks for the heads up Signboy. I really do appreciate it. That's the kind of thoughtful communication that the PBP community needs to grow.

I've contacted someone from the waitlist to take your place but you're definitely welcome to sign up again next time I run something.

Thus far 2-3 people still haven't checked in. If they don't check in by the starting date, I'll be replacing them with names on the waitlist. If you missed sign ups during the past couple weeks and you wanted to play, speak up now. There's still a decent chance you could get in.

The event is going to be organized as such:

This 'campaign' will function as the hub for event-wide communication.
The gameplay thread will be where event-wide narrative happens and the DMs report table successes. You don't necessarily need to follow this thread since important stuff will be copy/pasted into the individual gameplay threads anyway. This discussion thread will be for DM discussion. Lastly, the recruitment thread is where you should do cross-table coordinating.

If you'd like to dot this campaign for easier tracking you're welcome to post in the gameplay thread but I ask that you delete your tracking post immediately afterward (the thread will stick around in your campaigns page even after you delete the post).

well i have a level 1 sorc and a level 1 wizard free and am on US EST. ideally i'd like to run it at a much higher tier, but i don't know that the opportunity will present itself by the time i have a higher level char.

let me know if there's still a slot.

Thanks for the interest but currently all the tables are full and all players have checked in. I'll add you to the waitlist. If something comes up and someone drops out, I'll let you know.

Oh man. I just learned that I won't be travelling this weekend after all.

Oh well, DM Feral - if you could waitlist me on the off-chance that enough people drop out for whatever reason, I'd appreciate it.

Will do.

Silver Crusade

Hey all. I was thinking it'd be neat to have a live chat of everyone from all the tables going on throughout this event... so if you're interested, slide on over to http://chat.dmtools.org/, enter your nickname, and then type '/join Siege'.

Thanks for participating and I hope everyone had a good time.

If you have any feedback, feel free to post it here or on the PFS forums. =P

Grand Lodge

It was fun.

Thanks to all the GMs for hosting and putting up with us!

The Exchange

Thanks again to all involved, it was a blast (though I certainly had some questions about the module design at times... haha.)

Liberty's Edge

Thanks for your efforts Feral...this was flawlessly organized and a whole lot of fun!

Grand Lodge

That was awesome, Feral. I thought we were done for several times there!

Thanks to you and all the GMs for putting this on for us!

I've put a thread in the PFS forum. Feel free to join in over there. =)

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