FAWTL Wrath of the Righteous

Game Master Jess Door

Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path, run with heroically good characters, where right makes might.

Status: ...and here we...GO!

Current Characters

Queen Ileosa Arabasti
Sovereign Court Jess Door

Female Human Level 4 Bard
(4,295 posts)
Shadow Lodge Orthos

N/A Entropic Axiomite Doodler 1/Author 5/Talespinner 7/Ad-Lib Artist 2/Worldbuilder 5
(22,391 posts)
Lion Blade
Cassander Astrianis

Male Aasimar (Angel-blooded) Cleric 1 {HP 5/10}

played by Celestial Healer (74 posts)
Queen Ileosa Arabasti
Jess Door GM

played by Jess Door (277 posts)
Villamar Koth
The Red Penitent

Male Human (Kellid) Monk 1 [ HP: 14/14 | AC:15 | T:14 | FF:14 ] (Grappled - AC:13, T:12, FF:13)

played by Lamontius (75 posts)
Bloodfire Sorcerer
Tasnim Attar

Female Half-orc Inquisitor 1 (HP 11/11) (AC15/11T/14FF)

played by Scintillae (35 posts)
Trézsia Dozsa

Female Human (Ustalav) Paladin 1 {Init +0 Perception +0}
HP 12/13

played by Treppa (78 posts)
Vitalia Cardona

Female Human Fighter 1

played by The Eldritch Mr. Shiny (7 posts)
Cheliaxian Rogue
Xion Isadora Delonauth

Female Changeling Oracle 1 [HP: 7/9] [AC: 17 | T: 11 | FF: 16] [SR: 7]

played by Orthos (76 posts)