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Game Master Khelreddin

Looking for players for a run of Treacherous Waves. I played this at PaizoCon (with GM Lamplighter, Hmm, and Feral, among others) and had a great time, thought I'd open it up here for PbP.

This is for PbP Gameday VI, so gameplay won't start until August 25th.

Yes please :)

Character TBA

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I'd love to grab a spot, as well. Character TBA.

I'd like to play but I only have low tier chars to pick from.

Me too! I can play either tier.

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interested....character TBD

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If the timing lines up.... yes please.

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Excellent, nice to have such interest so quickly! It looks like our definite players will be:

Amazing Red

Oddler - I'd like to get my table makeup sorted out, so we can pick characters and be ready when Gameday VI gets started. When you say 'If the timing lines up', how soon could you commit to playing?

As for tier, if JAFO only has low-tier characters available, that's fine by me. Can the rest of you play low tier for this scenario?

actually I found one that's high that I could play too.. so i'm good either way - whatever people would prefer to play, I'm fine.

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i might have a high tier toon free....he's at least lvl 5...might be 6 when hes done current game....cant remember

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I have Oddler in another (Goblins) PbP - but its in the final encounter so it should work out - hell be level 3.

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Low tier looks best to me. I have a level three arcanist and a level three brawler, both free.

I also have a level six sorcerer free.

For what it's worth, I generally enjoy lower tier games more, especially in the 3-7 range.

Sounds like Oddler will be our sixth, given that there's several weeks for that last encounter to work itself out. I'll keep nightdeath as a backup in case anyone has to bow out.

With that we can consider recruitment done and move on over to the discussion thread.

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