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(Invitation only)

Discussion and hammering-out post for a wacky little idea I've had...

I've played through the vast majority of regular PFS scenarios at this point, with just a handful prior to Season 8 I still need to play. I've also known the mild frustration of experiencing them in completely non-chronological order, or playing part of an arc only to never get a chance to pick up the other parts in the series. And of course, there's the slight bummer of the innate lack of continuity in PFS, where you wind up adventuring with, and playing, different characters week to week and the chance to build any sort of contiguous narrative is like a wild and elusive wildebeest. Or something.

It'd be really neat to experience, say, one or two seasons of PFS 'in order', with the same characters, working through the story organically. But that's definitely impossible in Classic, given how many I've played.

Core, on the other hand, is still fairly new territory to me.

So the premise is this: a group of 6-7 dedicated players, each playing the same characters through as much of set arc as we can get through (maybe a focus on season 4? Open to opinions). We'd rotate out GM duties, and we'd have essentially the same party for the entire "campaign," short of whoever was 'absent' that scenario in order to GM it.

Things we'd really need for this to work:
-Commitment, obviously. Both as players and when it's your turn to GM. If someone drops out mid-scenario, it's not as easy to find replacement CORE players as it is for classic, and of course, if someone does drop out permanently, that makes the whole 'PFS campaign' thing somewhat less workable (though if we start with a group of 7, we can at least weather some attrition). I know that life certainly does happen, and someone might need to skip a scenario or two here and there, but ideally everyone would be with this for the long haul.
-Willingness to GM when it's your turn, i.e., once every six or seven scenarios. If you want to run a multipart you could potentially get your "GMing duties" for quite some time taken care of in one fell swoop.
-Coordination - approaching this to some extent as a teamwork exercise. A certain amount of willingness to contribute towards group costs for needed resurrections, etc, and a certain amount of planning out build ideas together, so that we really mesh as a team of badass specialist Pathfinder Field Agents who leave no man behind!
-A badass guitar solo? I dunno?

Thoughts? Concerns? Badass guitar solos?

Male Human IT Specialist: 8, Gamer: 5

Sounds fun. Would need to map out a "playlist" well... and figure out dealing with player characters untimely demises.


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A super, super tentative proposed playlist. It's got all the non-special scenarios from Season 4, but I had to pad it with a few others to get a character from level 1 to 11.

Color me interested! PFS may be the best way to facilitate my DM training, too. :)

And I really like the idea of a Society Special Task force. That could be interesting

Also, I've played almost none of season 4. Is there some theme to it?

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Season four was "The Year of the Risen Rune" - there's about five scenarios that explicitly tie into the Runelords, and some various smaller tie-ins throughout. You could also make a case for it being kind of the year of Zarta Dralneen and the Blakros family-- there's four scenarios in Season 4 that explicitly tie into the Blakroses or Dralneen, and I added in some of the non-Season 4 ones like Hellknight's Feast, or Voice in the Void, due to their Blakros tie ins. So basically, while there are a number of scenarios on my "proposed list" that are stand alones and aren't too tightly themed, about half of those scenarios should have some fairly clear continuity between them. Think maybe sort of a TV serial thing where yeah, there's standalone episodes, but every other episode we throw a bone to one of the major 'plots', etc.

(On my proposed list, there's some color coding. Black is standalone, red ties into Aspis stuff, blue ties into Zarta Dralneen and/or the Blakroses, green is a short three-part arc that sets up some season 5 stuff, and purple is the "Runelord" mini-arc as it were.)

I'm not wedded insanely tightly to this schedule or anything, so obviously as I find more suckers people interested, we can adjust as needed. :P

And yeah, PFS isn't bad training for GMing, really. You have a super clear rules framework to work from and don't need to hassle with XP or encounter design or story stuff, since it's all there for you.

I'll start putting out some feelers towards other interested people. Glad you both think it could be cool!

I'm all about a Runelord-themed set of adventures (at least in part). Varaisia's awesome (as are the cultures it houses). So I'm down if that's the direction we go.

For other players, so you have a group you're thinking of reaching out to? I dont have anyoneone specific in mind, but I do have a group who set out to do this very thing that just failed (after 2 scenarios; the DM opted out). There may be a person or two interested from that crew, though I can't vouch for them (as players, DM's, or people with the commitment necessary to see this thing through). But it may be a start if you don't have anyone else in mind.

Hey Eben! Thanks for the invite, Dien. I'm definitely tempted, but I am a bit out of the PFS loop. Is Core PFS literally just the core rulebook for everything? Classes, feats, equipment, etc?

It sounds interesting, and I'll definitely have more free time starting next weekend (I'm a teacher and next week is our last week). I don't want to slow things down once school starts back up, though. What sort of time commitment are you looking for? With running and participating in a campaign already, and all of the time I spend with Ashes (if you haven't tried it, check it out! It's a card game kind of like Magic or Destiny, but better, IMO) I'm not sure I can do it justice.

Hey! Mbauers! Good to see ya. Yep. Core is just that. Core rule book only. It's a fun challenge, but not everyone has an appreciation for it.

The question of expectation is a goo one.

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You can see from this overview of season 4 that the majority of the scenarios take place in Varisia, Eben. :) Could be the 'Year of Varisia' I guess!

Mbauers-- yeah, sorry, my bad. Core is definitely a vast paring down of options compared to regular PFS/Pathfinder in general, but hey, challenges are fun, right? :P

Core does make Chronicle Sheets sort of "more important," because those Chronicle Sheets are the only way you can get access to various equipments, heh. I.e., it's still "unlocked" for you if it's on a chronicle, even if it's not a core item.

I could always even run Bonekeep for these poor, Core characters.... ;) ;) (I can't actually, Bonekeep has a specific timed element that renders it not legal for PBP play, heh.)

I've put out some feelers to some various peeps, we'll see if anyone other than Mbauers potentially bites.

Regarding commitment: I'd hope for people who could (usually) manage the once per day thing, with fudge room on weekends or the like. I wouldn't be too worried about keeping up any sort of rocket pace though, and I'd also be open to like, breaks of a week or two between scenarios-- sometimes you just need recharge points or short hiatuses in long campaigns, which is more or less what this would be, except with more built-in points where a break is convenient.

Also, if a given GM was needing to go a little slower and didn't feel like managing the 1/day thing, they could set their own pace as long as we didn't slow to a stop, etc. And with a pool of 7 GMs, we could theoretically arrange it around people's schedules-- i.e., you could save your GMing for summer, if you wanted, mbauers!

(What do you teach btw?)

Looking at the Scenario list, the only conflict I have is Mists of Mwangi, which I have played in Core. Otherwise, it's good. :)

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Ah, well, it can be swapped out-- I threw it in there just because it's the first Blakros scenario, but it's hardly a necessity.

Grand Lodge

I'm definitely interested! I've only done a handful of PFS scenarios in Core, so I wouldn't be against what you propose. My only concern is that Year of the Risen Rune is not easy. Basing an entire campaign around it will definitely make things harder than you might otherwise expect. I'm especially concerned about certain scenarios in particular, which I can talk more about via PM for spoiler's sake.

In the meantime, I'll starting thinking what Mr or Mrs Core -23 will be like. :D

I am interested! Thanks for the invite! (Was playing Godsmouth Heresy today, which I GMed for dien, haha)

One thing I will note is that I am organizing PFS at a local convention next weekend (May 25th - May 28th, 2017) so starting up in between that time frame may be possible but I will be pretty much unavailable all next weekend.

There are a few season 4's I've played in CORE (so far). They are:

  • #4-03: The Golemworks Incident (Levels 5-9)
  • #4-05: The Sanos Abduction (Levels 3-7)
  • #4-06: The Green Market (Levels 5-9)
  • #4-07: Severing Ties (Levels 1-5)
  • #4-15: The Cyphermage Dilemma (Levels 1-5)
  • #4-19: The Night March of Kalkamedes (Levels 1-5)

Of others on the proposed play list, I have played:

  • #0-05: Mists of Mwangi (Levels 1-5)
  • #1-35: Voice in the Void (Levels 1-7)
  • #2-11: The Penumbral Accords (Levels 1-5)

A lot of those are at the beginning of the list, so it probably would be me putting in a lot of my GM time early on and pretty much on anything I've played, which honestly I don't mind that much.

As far as characters go... I'm pretty open. Although I am curious if we are going to have a "we're good" vibe to our party or "we're skirting the evil line." I've been thinking of a necromancer of some kind, but not too hard about it.

As well, I will say that it'll probably be a Gnome. I have 10 CORE characters right now... all are Gnomes. I call it "GnomeCore," but I might break it if we have an equally exciting party idea for a home group vibe. Maybe all one race, or all short people, or something. I also could make an...

#7-13: Captive in Crystal:
Oread... heh heh heh. ;)

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I'm certainly not wedded to season 4 per se-- I think of it mentally as being sort of one of the more strongly 'themed' scenarios, for a campaign. There are a few scenarios I can think of that are tough in it, yes, but I think that's potentially the case for any attempt to do a 'whole season' type thing. (Unless maybe you did all season 0, I dunno.) So, sure, we could just choose to avoid the scenarios that are likely to be TPKish in core.... BUT THAT IS THE PATH OF WEAKNESS!!!!!

(Nah, I don't actually mind excising a few.) But if you have a suggestion for a different season, Upaynao, or a different theme-- IDK, I don't feel Year of the Demon would necessarily be any easier?-- I'm completely open to suggestions.

I was going to say 'oh spoil away' but then again Eben did admit he hasn't played much of S4 in regular. I'll PM ya.

Andrew, is there a season you've played less of in core? it sounds like you may have more Core play than most of us. I appreciate you being willing to suck up a lot of the early GMing, but ideally we'd find something you could play more freely as well.

eta: I don't think we'd start THAT soon-- I'm finishing up GMing a PFS scenario atm-- we could easily push it back til after that convention, anyway.

I have no problem with gnomes. :P Gnome away. I don't know if our characters need to be that tightly sorted/themed-- by coordination I just mostly mean things like, being willing to take teamwork feats, or respecting the base idea of people having existing roles in the group so that everyone doesn't make skill monkeys, etc. I.e., the basic level of coordination you'd get for a 'campaign'.

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Hey Andrew, I belatedly noticed your listing of games played on your profile, that's handy. It looks like season 5 is maybe more open for you?

I'm just as cool with a Year of the Demon-esque campaign, unless anyone else has misgivings about it (or even about specific scenarios with season 5) or has played a lot of it in Core already.

We could also just mix-match-pick scenarios from multiple seasons to try and follow a certain arc or theme, maybe if people had a wishlist of stuff they wanted? Be that 'specific scenarios' or 'I want dungeon crawls/I want social stuff', to make sure there's something for everyone at some point. (Heeere I go making this complex, haha.)

I'm still hoping for about two more people to say yes, so I'll send out some more PMs later today.

I could do Season 5, too. I actually have a character pretty spot-on for it, actually. :)

Actually, I've played more Season 5 than I have 4. (By 2) ;) I'd be fine with either though.

But if you worry about too much GMing on my end, we could switch out some of those Blakros for other scenarios(the three listed in my post above). That actually would help out more I think, and then I could just GM the Season 4's I've done and plan on not playing any more Season 4's locally. XD

I actually like that plan but don't want to ruin others' Blakros fun if it's required for the badass guitar solo. ;)

Ok, this is sounding doable. I'll start reading up on Core. For example, when I make a Core character (as I have none), would it be my PFS number and then Core-1 or something?

So, as far as something timed like Bonekeep goes. Maybe we could do something like that via Skype/Discord/Roll 20? That could be kinda cool.

Grand Lodge

I figured since season 4 features the Desimeres, it might be interesting to have part of that story featured. I also changed the order on some things based on my experience either running or playing them. What do you guys think?

I love this idea. Thank you for throwing me an invite. I am fully on board with this. My only conflict is that I am is with another group that is trying a similar concept (also in CORE). We are doing mostly seasons 5 and 6. The organizer also wants to do Eyes of the Ten in an attempt to get these characters to 14. All that said, I love this idea. I only have two core characters, so I am pretty open. More importantly, I am not gnome-intolerant.

If there are too many conflict for scenarios, there are also evergreens , modules and what not. I recently picked up Daughters of Fury. That covers 4 to 6. Not certain how fast we are looking to level as opposed to enjoying one another's company. School gets out for me in about three weeks. There will be some other teachery things, but like mbauers, plenty of free time coming up.

I have played 6-05: Slave Ships of Absalom, and 6-11: Slave Master's Mirror is also on our list (however, that is quite some time down the road, and I should have a GM star to use for a replay by then if need be).

In core, I have a cleric who will eventually go Mystic Thurge and a half orc paladin, eventual dragon disciple. Up for playing anything, preferring non-divine.

I'm leaning towards Bard, Fighter, or Barbarian for what that's worth.

I was thinking ranger, rogue or (control) wizard.

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Vaguely leaning towards paladin here, but I also have no objections to playing a cleric.


Okay, so since TriShadow's done a lot of season 5, I suggest we stick with season 4...ish, with some excising per Upaynao's suggestions. I'm gonna strip out a few of the ones Andrew/others have played (like Mists, Voice in the Void, Penumbral Accords), since they're not season 4 anyway. I'll take a looksee at other scenarios that could go there, gimme a bit to get a new proposal up based off Upaynao's.

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Okay, swapped out a lot of the low-level stuff Andrew had played, currently I have something that looks like this.

Also, it sounds like we have seven of us! Yay. Unless I'm miscounting. Dien, OneLung, Eben, mbauers, Upaynao, Andrew, Trishadow. Woot.

The updated list looks great! When are we looking to start? I wouldn't mind incorporating a backstory with someone if possible.

I have 3 concepts for Season 4. :)

A Mordent Spire elf on assignment with the Grand Lodge. Either a fighter/rogue or a wizard/eldritch knight.

A Shoanti demon-hunter, a ritualistic warrior who seeks out evil outsiders. Ranger switch-hitter using mostly spears to hunt stuff.

A half-orc Druid, I'm still tinkering with the concept of this one, but I've yet to actually get to play a martially-inclined, wildshaping druid. And I really dig that idea.

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Those all sound good to me, Eben! Wildshaping-focused druids can still tear stuff up pretty well in core, which is nice.

I was wondering if anyone was going to do any rogue or rogue dips. Core rogue is kinda painful once one has gotten used to archaelogist bard, unchained rogues, etc... but given that it IS core, rogue sort of gets some of their 'real estate' returned to them- i.e., nobody else can do magical traps really, unlike in regular PFS. So that's a thought.

I think they're all neat concepts. :)

As for when we'll start: I suggest we yammer about builds, etc., until Andrew's done with his convention (the 28th)? Try and start the 29th.

Since this was my bright idea, I'm willing to take the initial GM bullet as it were. :P Once we make sure that the scenario listing works for everyone. Of course, there may still be a scenario or two or three people have played, but that's the times someone can GM, etc.

I'm also totally down to link backstories, etc, where feasible. I don't really have a 'theme' in mind for the group-- I tend overall to skew good in my character concepts, but I like neutrals too and I like them able to work with "evilish" PCs short of the evilish PC being an outright team-screwing jerk. Which doesn't seem likely here. ;)

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Currently leaning towards a half-orc paladin of Shelyn, frontlining and smacking things.

Maybe if once people get their ideas down they list their concepts in order of what they'd most like to play?

For myself:

1. Half-orc pally, reach weapon, smackin' things and being pretty
2. Cleric, focused on pure casting and buffing
3. Wizzzzard of some sort. That's really specific I know. But a geeky knowledges sort anyway.

I have always enjoyed my sneaky guys. Happy to throwdown a rogue. So, here are my preferences:

1. Rogue [DEX]~ skills/face
1a. Rogue [STR]~ combat/intimidate
2. Ranger ~ archer [possible Arcane Archer] outsider-type enemies
3. Wizard ~ control/buff

As for race, probably human or elf (maybe a half orc rogue)

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I've always been a thematic fan of rogues. Though I always try and give mine darkvision racially, cuz otherwise scouting gets silly, lol.

I've got potential names and backgrounds for my concepts now! The rest of you slackers should hurry up. ;)

I typically like support, casters, buffers, healers, and control... anything but damage. However, I do have a few characters in mind.

1. Sorcerer - Transmutation focused buffer/debuffer that isn't afraid to use Dimension Door on the melee later on. Thinking Destined bloodline so will have spontaneous Freedom of Movement (- Which many know is an incredible spell). I tried to make this character before, but by the nature of PFS and so many not willing to cooperate with the buffs it wasn't very fun so I rebuilt him. Enlarge Person is tons of fun to cast... in the right party.

2. Rogue - I don't have a rogue in Core yet so throwing that in the mix. Would probably be going for Feint.

3. Cleric? - I have a couple idea I'm throwing around for this. I keep meaning to make a Cleric who has the Protection domain (keep looking at Abadar) so that he doesn't have to buy a Cloak of Resistance.

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Niice, I dig the sorc idea. I dig them all really, but the sorcerer sounds fun and if I did my paladin she'd certainly like to be enlarged.

In preference order, and I know I already said them but I just spent time making up backstories, haha:

1. Shaya, an LG half-orc paladin of Shelyn from Averaka, the aforementioned smacking of things with a glaive, some face skills, and probably Dazzling Display just cuz

2. Thurgood, an LG dwarf engineer, I mean, cleric of Torag, who's sort of in that young idealist stage where everything can be fixed if people would just be rational and listen to him (generalized cleric buffs/heals/some utility earth stuff but don't except channels cuz yeah dwarves)

3. Morrow, a N half-elf wizard with a general hodgepodge of spells, knowledge skills, probably gonna put in feats to use rays in combat, an excitable academic and scholar who loves history.

@ GM Andrew, I second Dien's thought on your sorc. As my favored character is a big combat brute, I’d be all about coordinating to make awesome use of Enlarge Person. >:D
Sounds like between a potential big bruiser pally and a big bruiser druid, there's no lack of targets for that spell.

Ooh oooh! My thoughts, in order:

Klodax "Klo" Thunderstep: Shadde-Quah fisherman, birthmarked chosen of Gozreh, and northern Lost Coast guide for the Society. Human martial-bent wild-shaping druid with the Weather Domain. A massive man-child of inexorable strength and inexhaustible stamina. He’s our lovable, dim-witted, (un)gentle giant of the group (I’m hoping).Dien, you’ll definitely recognize this guy (though he’s been tweaked in a few ways). :D
This is my favored concept by a long-shot.

Name TBD: Skoan-Quah demon-hunter who uses ritualistic weapons and techniques to seek out and destroy evil outsiders that infest his people’s land. A spear-wielding human ranger who works as a semi-scout and skirmisher (switch-hitting style using Quick-draw and shortspears predominantly).

Alenthyn: mordent spire elf historian, adventurer, and relic-hunter; part of the long-standing agreement between the elves the spire and the Grand Lodge. Either a Fighter > Wizard > Eldritch Knight or a Fighter/Rogue, depending on what the group needs. His concept works either way.

Well, it looks like we have some heavy hitting combat, so I will lean toward DEX rogue. Though if I go half orc, I would not mind being the more practical, less moral-compass driven sibling to Dien's pally. (twins would be a lot of fun).

Name TBD: "Ninja" from Tien Xia. Specializing in disguise, subterfuge and misdirection. Just not certain how to get her the dark vision just yet as I am still undecided on race.

Curren Batiste: Pipe smoking ranger with a bow and quarter staff. happy to share his prayers to Cayden with whomever is near.

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Siblings or twins COULD be fun. :D

Shaya blather for TriShadow, or anyone really:
So my very loose motif with Shaya is a sort-of-Wonder-Woman trope-- "going to man's world" to bring her ideals, kind of, except in this case, it's the non-half-orc world outside of Averaka. (I don't know if you've played the regular PFS scenario that deals with Averaka. If not, it's basically the only true half-orc settlement on Golarion where they're considered 'normal' and full citizens, etc (well aside from being a horrible place like Kaer Maga or something). Like, if you want to have a half-orc who just had two half-orc parents rather than being the whole "child of rape" trope, you can do that in Averaka, where they are trying to build their own civilization free of outside prejudices, etc.) So my notion is just that Shaya grew up there, is a big believer in the positive elements of that culture, and is like, hey, no worries, I'll go be a Pathfinder! And then is probably running into some harder realities of life as she encounters the more stereotypical reactions to half-orcs, etc.

Anyway, if you wanted to be her more world-wise, jaded, cynical sibling, I'd have no problem with that! Open to whatever.

I'll go ahead and thinkcraft the sorcerer idea since people seem to like it, and it was my first choice anyway.

Jikan Osoi: Jikan is a gnomish sorcerer who originates from Uringen, the strange magical town in the River Kingdoms where half the town mysteriously disappears at irregular intervals... but always comes back. He lived in town as a clock maker, using his powers of Transmutation magic to augment his clocks. Around his shop, he also had various knick knacks of peculiar items as he also had interest in the mysterious and magical. Even though Uringen was mysterious and intrigued him his whole life, he recognized that the town's days could be numbered.

A group of Pathfinders came to town one day, and he was intrigued by the strange powers and weird magics they posessed. When he got in contact with the Pathfinder Lodge in Gristmill so conveniently located on the edge of the Embeth forest, he was recruited quickly by the Dark Archives as he found his interests matched their own. He hopes to expand his magical capabitilies through Pathfinder training and missions, hoping to eventually master the magics of time and space which ran so rampant in his home town.

Jikan is a skeptical, cautious gnome whose own gnomish tendencies are his downfall. He likes to remain cool and calculating, but sometimes oversteps his own set boundaries that come from his fey heritage.

Anyone thinking of working the Lost Coast into their background? I'd love to tie backgrounds with someone, if possible. :)

Do faction journal cards apply in Core? I need to think things through--yall have some good concepts!

Faction cards totally apply in Core. ;)

Just a note (lots of people make this mistake), you can only take traits from the Web Enhancement (Under Free Pathfinder Roleplaying Game PDFs -> Character Traits). Another note though... because it's allowed, the Additional Traits feat is allowed from that same document.

Animal companions are limited to those in the Core book... can't use Bestiary 1 for them. It's listed somewhere on the Core forums but I'll withhold from finding it unless someone really wants to question it. ;)

Shapeshifting, Wild Shape, Planar Binding/Ally, and Polymorph spells can use Bestiary 1, though. And Summons obviously have to use stats from the book, but of course are restricted to their summon list like normal.

For online resources, I typically use the actual Paizo PRD to build Core characters since it's very easy to view just the Core stuff there.

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I'm digging Jikan!

Andrew's got the Core clarifications down well *tips hat*. Also if you're like me and a lazy person who uses Hero Lab, Hero Lab has an option in character configuration to just select 'Core' options. Though as always with HL, one should doublecheck that the things it is saying are Core are really Core, ha.

This is where I'm headed with Klodax.

Klo's story, rough and WIP:
Klodax, aka Klo, was born and raised among the Shadde-Quah people, but he was different from day one. He was born with an auspicious birthmark on his head and face; it whispered of great things to come. But from a very young age, the people of his small village began to realize he was incredibly simple-minded and socially awkward, as well. The signs had been wrong. Praise and excitement gave way to ridicule and cruelty. Klo became an outsider in his own village.

Luckily, he was also massive for his size, even from a young age. He began working the waters at a younger age than most of his peers, and he was a natural fisherman. His already-big frame gained incredible strength and stamina, and he began to learn the ways of reading waves and weather. This is when he learned that he heard more than others, too. In addition to being able to predict weather, he could hear the whispers on the wind. Usually this gift would be a cause for celebration, but it went overlooked in the simple-minded, uncommunicative Klo. Because of his size and stamina, a 11-winters-old Klo also became a regular pack-mule for another of the village’s ways of making money—as guides for people crossing over or around the Calphiac Mountains. Mostly this consisted of people traveling to or from the Mieri forest, and one such traveler was an elven Pathfinder who took notice of Klo. The mysterious elf saw something unique in the Shoanti boy and cultivated a relationship, telling him of the wonderful, exotic ways, places, and people beyond his homeland.

Wanderlust set in, and an outsider boy who grows to become a man tends to seek something more in life. As much as he loved the waters and waves of his youth, the wind whispered that there was more out there for Klo. When the day of becoming a Shoanti man came and went with no invitation to gain his tattoos, Klo had had enough. He gathered what few belongings he had and set out to find Absolom … the home of the Pathfinders. He would find his own waters in life; he would find his own path.

The build & his role:
he'll be high strength, good dex / Con, Strong Wisdom, but absolutely tanked Int and Charisma. Feats will be melee stuff: Toughness and Endurance (picking up PA, Natural Spell, Diehard down the line). Skills (the few he'll have) will be along the lines of Survival, Perception, Sense Motive, etc. So don't expect him to be hitting knowledge checks, or contributing much to social encounters beyond "That guy lies!" His decent casting stat and Weather Domain will hopefully give him some casting flexibility: maybe some area effect debuffs or damage effects in addition to the usual self-buffs.

I'd love to hear any questions, thoughts, or comments. :)

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I'm looking forward to playing with Klo again! :D Even if he's a slightly-changed Klo. I also look forward to him tearing the crap out of things with his claws, haha.

Okay, so if we have everyone playing their current 'first choice' our party compo looks something like this:

1- Dien with a frontliner paladin using a reach weapon, some face skills
2- Eben with Klo as a wild-shape focused melee druid, wise but not so good with the words
3- TS as a dex-y sneaky-rogue, possible sibling tie in!
4- Andrew with the magical transmuting clockwork gnome! Buff city, fun stuff.

Onelung, mbauers, and Upaynao, are y'all leanin' towards anything yet?

I'm considering bard, barbarian, fighter, monk in that order. I have a few concepts I'm kicking around, but I need to think some more and check out the CRB to get some concrete ideas.


The Exchange

My Game Tracker If using PFS Tracker, search Upaynao 43451 // My signup sheet

Gonna need to find a way to tag this thread so I can see updates!

Anyway, I'm not sure. I was toying with a sort of battle cleric, but Holy Vindicator is APG. I've done druid, wizard, fighter and ranger. And I'm not interested in the monk or rogue. So I'm left with:


I'm gonna have to percolate on that and on the character's personality. I'm open to advice.

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I'm a dumbass, I forgot you all can't dot the campaign, since I see it in my campaigns. Let me put up a dot-holder as it were.

eta: Gameplay thread open to be dotted

Dien, can you post the link to the Scenario list on the campaign tab or something? I'm finding it harder and harder to find it in this thread. :/

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Done, should now be visible at the top.

*steeples fingers* Eeeeeeexcellent!

Thanks, Dien. :)

So we have 33 Senarios and 7 player-DMs. Do we want to have people go ahead and mark which ones they'd like to DM? Given that I've played only a few, I don't have a preference.

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