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About GM Upaynao

Hi there! If you are looking at this it is because you are weighing on whether or not you want to join one of my games. The list I have here is by no means exhaustive; expect changes if something catches my eye.

Your tagline

It should accurately reflect your character’s stats. My first PbP GM offered us a link to a google sheet where he put the basic format of what he thought was necessary. Change it as you like, but your tagline should show me your saves, AC,ongoing magical effects, weird things I should be aware of. Here's a link if you need one!

Your post rate

I expect you to post at least once a day and to endeavor to keep things moving. I expect to be the slowest poster in any of our games, please do not crush my expectations! ;)
Should something arise in your day to day life, SEND ME A MESSAGE. It can be as long or as brief as you want, but the more I know, the more I will act in accordance with your wishes while keeping the game going.

What to post?
I expect people to be able to post more than just die rolls with little to no roleplay. I’m here for the freeform theatrics as well as the game aspect. Without one or the other running games is of little to no interest to me. Get in the game! I also expect that while you may have colorful characters they won’t go against the code of conduct that is posted in the guide to pathfinder society organized play (PFSOP). In short “don’t be a jerk” sums it up.

OMG I forgot stuff (mistakes)

Mistakes happen. If I have not resolved the action in which the mistake was made, amend your action either by editing it or posting an addendum. Otherwise, unless this is a life or death situation, let it go.

GM Mistakes

When I got into PFS I came back from my first session thinking “I learned so much today”. That still happens, albeit not as much as it used to. But I still expect that I will come across rule interactions that will throw me for a loop. If I make a mistake, either send me a PM or post something in discussion. That being said, it follows the same rules as your mistakes. If the action I ruled incorrectly upon has been acted upon by others and I’ve since resolved the actions stemming from that, I will just roll with it unless it will seriously compromise your chances of success.

Combat stuff
Make it obvious in some way shape or form what buffs you have active and what your AC is. Initiative is a little funky in PbP, but it’s fairly easy to understand. I will roll initiative for everyone and initiative will be posted in this format

Current Initiative wrote:

Bold may act:
Round 6

Aryn Extra turn
Vanya 27 dmg
Pree 23 dmg Extra turn
Shungur 6 dmg
Air Elemental 33 dmg

If you are bolded, you may take your turn and post, no matter where you are in initiative. After either 24 hours or everyone bolded has posted (whichever comes first), I will resolve actions in the posted initiative order. So in the case above, if Shungur cast a buff spell on Aryn and Aryn attacked, Aryn would only receive the benefits of the spell on her next turn. Of course, you can delay to whenever you want in this order. If you miss out on the action, you have a 24 hour grace period where you can take your turn and your previous turn. After that you are considered to have spent your turn doing nothing. This applies for every turn you have missed. So if you are 48 hours behind, you will still get a turn’s worth of back-actions but that’s it. Nto that this only applies if you don’t contact me with specifics (if you tell me that your character will attack, or buff, or summon creatures, I will attempt to do these things to the best of my ability. I dislike playing for players, but I am willing to help out; because sometimes life happens.

Situational things:

When confronted with percentile misses, high is always good for the person who has to overcome it. So if you have a 20% miss chance, roll 21 and above.
If you need to save against something, I may or may not roll for you depending on the situation. When you are done reading all this and still want to play in my game, you should write down in the last column if you prefer fish tacos to beef tacos, and if you have a kickass recipe.

Is that it?

Probably not. This will change as we go along, so feel free to check up on it.

Some final words

I’ve been GMing for a little while now and I try to treat people on the other side of the screen as I would like to be treated: fairly with an eye to the rules and an eye to what makes sense. We’re in this to be challenged and have fun. I will strive towards making both of those things happen. See you in game!