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Rynjin wrote:

Is there any Eberron equivalent to the Azlanti? Ancient, "perfect" race of humans? Feel like that might fit my character image and forming backstory better than Dragonborn.

Was thinking he fought in the Last War, which what I can tell was mostly human/demi-human-centric.


the giants are one of the oldest races, they were dealt a crippling blow civilization-wise and they're now mostly like typical giants.

the dragons are the next oldest, i think.

kalashtar predated most regular humans, so i think that might be your closest thing to a best bet.

the golindaar (goblinoid races, et al) are older than humans as well. but they have devolved from continent-spanning empire to tribal nation.

Hmmm. I was actually considering playing a Kalashtar already, so that could be neat. One of my first PF characters was a Kalashtar Psion, but I never got to play him.

in the more recent (2000 years or so) history of eberron, humans came to Khorvaire by way of what would become the Lhazaar Principalities, led by Lhazaar to the continent from the continent of Sarlona, from which the Kalashtar and Inspired rose.

this human plague swept across the continent in the void of power left by the daelkyr decimating the goblinoid kingdoms.

history (quick read)

Christmas is now done, my free time has increased once again and now I aim to get some of these projects that have been set aside done!
For my character I am definitely going Halfling Malefactor 14/Luckbringer 14/Fortune Spurned Template. With this alone I am a walking calamity :)
But for the last 13 levels, I just cant justify taking Cleric or Hexcrafter Magus despite how much fun a Luck/Madness domain or Cursestriking would be. I think I would be WAY to squishy to have to be in melee range without a significant defensive class like the Aegis or maybe a monk to keep me alive that close to the foes.
Ill have to start building him up then decide on if I can get away with it. A Luck (Curse)/Madness cleric would be real fun to combo with this guy :)

@Fury of the Tempest. You know what would be cool? If you and I were opposites but 2 sides of the same coin. You have been blessed with extremely good luck, or are the paragon of good luck (however you have it), but for every act of good luck you have, it had to have been stolen from somewhere else...
As for me, I am utterly cursed. Every event around me has the worst possible outcome, every object i touch has its luck cursed out of it, every creature near me is subject to calamity. But every bit of bad luck I have, another creature somewhere else gets a sliver of good luck.
You see the connection between us? (although we wouldnt know about the connection in character) And if ever the two of us met, well, it would be as if reality itself was rent as the two opposing factors clashed and fed eachother XD


Time to start building!

@Gobo Horde: Cursed Razor discipline seems perfect for your character. Warder is probably the best defensive initiator class, you can pick up Cursed Razor through a trait or through martial tradition. If you already got hp/bab from another class then harbinger or especially Ravenlord might be a better option. Ravenloird does wonders for action economy (also defensively). And a raven as bringer of ill tidings is very fitting.



Discipline: Cursed Razor (Stance)
Level: 8
Prerequisites: 3 Cursed Razor maneuvers
Initiation Action: 1 swift action
Range: 30 feet
Area: 30 foot emanation centered on you
Duration: Stance
This cursed aura steals benefience from your
enemies and gifts it to your allies. You supernaturally
sense magic around you and can twist it to your
advantage. While you maintain this stance, you
automatically know which spells, powers, or magical
effects are active upon any individual you see within
30 feet.
In addition, at the beginning of reach round, you
may select a power, psi-like ability, spell, or spell-like
ability affecting a hostile creature within 30 ft. Make
a dispel check (1d20 + your initiator level) against the
effect (DC 11 + the effect’s caster or manifester level).
If you succeed, the effect is suppressed for a number
of rounds equal to your initiation modifir, and one
of your allies within 30 feet gains the benefi of that
effect for the same duration.

So I just found a perfect spell to use as a racial At Will SLA :)
I stand toe to toe with the mighty dragon and as it looks down upon the tiny halfling in front of it (with a tear in its eye), the Dragon is overcome with an overwhelming sense of pity for the cursed, miserable creature...

Its just like Sanctuary except worse in every way :( (1 lvl higher, allows spell resistance, gives the enemy a moral bonus, and is mind effecting). I might have to just use Sanctuary and use this spells fluff.

@Oyzar. Looks neat. I actually have no experience with Path of War, so I probably wont be using that for this build :(
Learning 2 new classes and using a third for the first time is probably enough for me XD
I think that I can go with malefactor/luckbringer/cleric (3/4 bab, d8 hp, medium armor) and jam enough defense into it to survive :( So that is what I am going to attempt to do ^-^

Edit: If anyone wants to follow along as I build up my character, here is Lucky Lil Bill as I am converting him from an 8th lvl Malefactor into this monstrosity :)

Also, Race modifications:

Cursed Halfling

Standard Racial Traits

Ability Score Racial Traits: Bill is an exceptionally strong willed and charasmatic halfling but his small stature makes him weaker then other races. He gains +2 Dexterity, Constitution and Intelligence, +4 Wisdom and Charisma, and –2 Strength.
Size: Halflings are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to their CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.
Base Speed (Fleet of Foot): Halflings have a base speed of 30 feet.
Languages: Halflings begin play speaking Common and Halfling. Halflings with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, and Goblin. See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.
Defense Racial Traits

Fearless: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear.
Unlucky Halfling: These halflings take a –1 penalty on saving throws but also gain a +1 racial bonus to the caster level and save DC of all curse spells and spell-like abilities. In addition, such halflings can use ill omen as a spell-like ability once per day.
Unnatural Bill is unnerving to normal animals, and trains himself to defend against the inevitable attacks from such creatures. Bill takes a –4 penalty on all Charisma-based skill checks to affect creatures of the animal type, and receives a +4 dodge bonus to AC against animals. Animals' starting attitude towards Bill is one step worse than normal.
Feat and Skill Racial Traits

Naturally Psionic: Bill receives Wild Talent as a bonus feat at 1st level. If Bill takes levels in a psionic class, he instead gains the Psionic Talent feat.
Magical Racial Traits

Cursed Protection:Bill adds +1 to the caster level of any abjuration spells he casts. Bill also gains the following spell-like abilities (the caster level is equal to the user's character level):

At Will-Sanctuary, Inevitable Strike
1/day—faerie fire, Ill Omen, obscure object, sanctuary
Offense Racial Traits

Weapon Familiarity: Halflings are proficient with slings and treat any weapon with the word “halfling” in its name as a martial weapon.
Senses Racial Traits

Blindsense 30ft: Using nonvisual senses such as acute hearing, Bill can notice things that he cannot see. Bill usually does not need to make Perception checks to pinpoint the location of a creature within 30 feet, provided he has line of effect to that creature. A creature that Bill cannot see still has total concealment against him, and Bill still has the normal miss chance when attacking creatures that have concealment. Visibility still affects the movement of Bill normally. Bill is still denied His Dexterity bonus to AC against attacks from creatures that he cannot see.
Keen Senses: Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.


Race Breakdown


Type: Humanoid (halfling) 0 RP
Size: Small 0 RP
Base Speed: Slow –1 RP (Replaced with Fleet of Foot)
Ability Scores: Advanced (–2 Str, +4 Cha) 4 RP
Languages Standard 0 RP
Advanced Wis: 4 RP
Fearless: 1 RP
Lucky, lesser: 2 RP (Replaced with Unlucky Halfling)
Unnatural: 2 RP
Skill bonus (Acrobatics): 2 RP (Replaced with Fleet of Foot)
Skill bonus (Climb): 2 RP (Replaced with Fleet of Foot)
Skill bonus (Perception): 2 RP
Static Feat (Wild Talent): 2 RP
Enclave Protector: 2 RP
SLA at will (Inevitable Strike): 2 RP
SLA at will (Miserable Pity): 2 RP (Actually Sanctuary)
Weapon familiarity: 1 RP
Blindsense 30ft: 3 RP

Total: 30 RP

Bill is an Advanced Halfing (Advanced stats, extra feat) who is exceptionally cursed. This curse has left Bill extremely wary of his surroundings (Blindsense) and causes animals to naturally shun him (Unnatural) and others to feel immense pity for him. Yet the curse has a few benefits (SLAs, Enclave) such as random lucky strikes, or innate protection from divinations.

There :)
I hope that this is sufficient for my explanations of my changes to the Halfling (RP wise) for Bill, the Cursed Halfling.

I have been struck with inspiration!

The devil and his possible motivations weren't meshing with what I saw the setting as, so I'm gonna drop the idea.

Instead, I'm drafting up a Desert Giant pyro/aerokineticist warpriest of
Focusing on twin scimitars (because of Desert Giants' scimitar training, they're light weapons) and fire damage from pyro, along with some utility from aero.
Warpriest gives me a higher damage dice for my scimitars, and some spells and abilities that should help.


Dual wielding scimitars makes me think of crit fishing, which again makes me think of taking at least 3 levels of stalker in order to roll twice for every attack and to crit on 14+ (57,75% crit chance for every attack, but I'm sure there are ways to increase that further, needs a massive hit bonus for 14 to actually hit enemies' AC though). I'm not sure what the best way to take advantage of crit fishing is, but outflank + paired opportunists(maybe with ravenlord?) + either pack flanking or golden commander's stance strike me as a cool use, basically giving you an exploding number of attacks as long as you continue to roll well. Of course this could be taken even further with seize the opportunity(the path of war expanded feat) + cleave tree, allowing you to dance around the battlefield through an endless string of 5/10 foot steps between each attack (sadly you then need to be dwarf in order to qualify for cleave through/giant killer though). It would be much more like a dervish dance than anyone who has actually used the feat. It could also be paired with a bunch of arms, maybe from templates, but more likely from synthesist. That's probably not what you are going for at all, but you did ask for my thoughts :p. I haven't actually read through the kineticist at all so no idea what that does for you...

Whoops, Saranrae seems to have been cut out of that post.
Was planning on having him follow her, to get the Good blessing, Quicken Blessing, and therefore swift action Summon Monster V (probably for a celestial Emperor Cobra).

Not really sure about pretty much everything you just said, as I am not very familiar with Path of War, 3rd party, or teamwork feats for that matter.
If you could give me a quick run-down of what you're actually talking about and how it works, I'd be glad to give it a shot.

What I do know, however, is that I think I want to go Dex-based for this, as the Desert Giant fluff has them at much more agile than normal Giants, and would make a great story.
I also plan on staying away from synthesist, as the ability score replacement may be more harmful than what I gain is helpful.

Kineticist, at first, was mainly for the flavor of mastering the elements, though I now know it's a great ranged option.
The many bonus feats I'll have, both from Warpriest and the "one every level" will make going far down both paths, ranged and melee, possible.

Scimitar has 18-20 threat range, that improves to 15-20 with improved critical or keen. Stalker has the two following abilities (you need to be 3rd level to grab both, that'll also give you acess to combat precognition through the feat extra stalker art. It's not relevant for this discussion, but it's very good):


Critical Edge (Ex) The stalker's deadly efficiency in combat allows him to increase the critical threat range of any weapon he wields by +1. This bonus is applied after abilities such Improved Critical or the keen weapon property and cannot be doubled.

Murderous Insight (Su) The stalker designates his combat senses towards ending the lives of his opponents and gains momentary flashes of insight in how to best accomplish this. By spending one point of ki as a swift action, the stalker makes an attack and rolls twice for that attack and uses the better of the two results due to the stalker's precognitive abilities. This art has a duration of 1 + the stalker's Wisdom modifier in rounds.

That's basically the whole idea. The rest is just "flavor as you like". Outflank + Paired Opportunists + Pack flanking are all paizo teamwork feats, but you can just as easily use other critical feats.

Isn't Saranrae a Golarion goddess?

Hmm. Interesting.
And you need three levels of stalker for that? Not sure I wanna drop three levels off of either warpriest (loses 5th level spells- Plane Shift among them) or kineticist (just not a good idea to cut off the kineticist's class feature progression), so while the idea might be there, not sure I want to do it.
Will have to look into it.

I'd prefer to stay away from teamwork feats, as that requires either a dip into inquisitor (which I don't want) or other people to take teamwork feats for me.

And yeah, why? He said we could be from anywhere, and I'll likely choose Garund's endless deserts.

Anywhere in D&D, when I asked about Golarion I got negative a few pages back.

3 levels of stalker along with practiced initiator would put your initiator level at 10, which would grant access to 5th level maneuvers.

I'll write the backstory up as if he were from Golarion, as that's the setting I know the most about, and say he worships Saranrae.
If he wants me to change it to some other place and god, that'll be fine.

After reading stalker, I think I can sacrifice the three levels on the kineticist side.

Would you be willing to explain maneuvers to me?
Or is there a place that can explain everything to me, as I'm not real sure how they actually work.

Maneuvers are like spells, sorta.

But instead of uses per day, you have uses per encounter.

And each "initiator" class has a way to get those back within the same encounter (like taking a standard or full-round action, it'll explain in the class).

Maneuvers go from levels 1 to 9, like spells, and you generally gain access to maneuvers of a level at the same time a mage would gain access to spells of the same level (such as 3rd level spells/maneuvers at 5th or 6th level, usually).

Maneuvers are divided into disciplines (like magic is divided into schools) such as Scarlet Throne or Iron Tortoise. Each discipline requires certain types of weapons, noted in their description.

Each class has access to some (but not all) disciplines, and archetypes can change that as well to alter the flavor of the class.

Whew! I finally got through the entirety of the Luckbringer class, the Malefactor and the Cleric... Im spent!
At least Ive figured out most of my options, im just sitting at using 5 feats for extra improbable and 3 cleric domains :/
Ill get him paired down soon ^-^

If your just looking for crit fishing, I am finding that the Luckbringer class has a lot of potential for lots of re-rolls, and later, great crit abilities.
At lvl 1, you get Fatespinner and the ability to re-roll 1 attack each round for free (as a free action), up to 3+lvl times.

A luckbringer can cause a reroll of one attack roll, combat maneuver check, or skill check that occurs within 100 ft. of her. She must be aware of this action to use this ability. She may declare the use of this ability after the original result is known. The character spends 1 moment of chance from her pool to force a reroll of the original d20 roll.

Then, if you go to lvl 3, you can get tons of re-rolls! You can basically double roll all attacks and saves for as many rounds as you have Charisma.
Fool's Luck:
A luckbringer exudes luck and confidence. For one round after she activates this ability, as an immediate action, the luckbringer is entitled to two rolls instead of one for every attack roll, check, or saving throw, she makes, keeping the higher roll. She may use this ability a number of times per day equal to her Charisma bonus (minimum +1). If a luckbringer spends a moment of chance to fatespin an attack roll, combat maneuver check, or skill check during a round when this ability is active, she rerolls with two dice instead of one taking the highest roll.

If you activate the 2 abilities together then 1 attack would get 4 rolls to try and get a crit!

bigrig107 wrote:
or other people to take teamwork feats for me.

*Looks sideways at my 5+ teamwork feat character then looks away*

Yeah, might be an issue. No idea where you might get any feats.

Gobo Horde wrote:


If your just looking for crit fishing, I am finding that the Luckbringer class has a lot of potential for lots of re-rolls, and later, great crit abilities.

You forgot the Critical Lucky ability, which for the same cost as one of those abilities, lets you get Critical Focus, or at level 11, any critical feat.

Through to be honest, critical feats don't actually look that amazing...

@Tenro: Except for broken blade, Solar Wind and Tempest gale very few maneuvers actually require any weapons and that can be overcome by picking up Weapon Group Adaptation.

On thing worth noting about dipping into an initiator class is that half your other levels count as "initiator levels" (read caster level), which also grant higher level maneuvers. So if you pick your first iniatior level at level 5 you get access to 2nd level maneuvers. Practiced initiator is basically magical knack, giving you +2 initiator level (which gives you access to the next level up).

Maneuvers are divided into stances, strikes, counters and boosts. Strikes are basically some form of attack with an effect tacked on, sometimes emulating feats (for example cleave or mythic vital strike), sometimes something else entirely, for example it could daze an enemy. Imho strikes are the least powerful aspect of the martial classes. Boosts are usually a swift action to increase offense or defense or maneuverability, they can be pretty good. Counters are immeadiate actions that usually can negate something offensive against the character. They offer something that isn't really available in paizo material, giving martials the ability to counter spells, block attacks to allies and more. Finally stances are kinda like styles, except they can be taken outside of combat and often offer way greater bonuses. The third level stances are usually worth dipping a level from a martial class alone and the higher level stances can offer even greater bonuses. For example the third level Thrashing Dragon Stance "Battle Dragon's Stance" removes the twf penalty, gives +4 initiative and +1d6 + your choice of wisdom/intelligence/charisma extra damage on attacks.

@Fury of the Tempest: Outflank + Paired Opportunist + Pack Flanking is a really sweet reward for crit fishing if you have an animal companion. Basically every critical results in an extra attack for both you and your companions.

I'm basically done with my character mechanically except for a couple feats.

Fatespin looks to be somewhat annoying in PBP. Generally combat is done in chunks with a lot of actions in each post (especially at high level), being able to step in at any point in a chain of actions and alter it would be annoying for the person affected (generally the GM). Though I guess that's the case for most immediate actions...

One thing that I forgot to say about initiators/path of war in general is that is a lot of material. The maneuvers are basically equivalent to a whole spell system. So if you don't feel you have the time/energy to figure out a whole system, it might not be the best idea to go down this path. this link explains more detailed about the system.

Tenro wrote:

Maneuvers are like spells, sorta.

But instead of uses per day, you have uses per encounter.

In addition, maneuvers can be reset during the encounter.

I kind of use Hero Lab with the Path of War files installed, so the system did most of the stuff for me when I made a Path of War character. *Coughs* XD


I kind of want to work on a second idea, just for fun... I just... need an idea that I can really grasp. Making tristalts can be surprisingly hard when you're trying to be sure every bit fits together both thematically and mechanically. XD

If youre going to dip levels for access to higher maneuvers, remember most things above 2nd level require that you have one or more maneuvers of lower level from that same discipline.

oyzar wrote:
@Tenro: Except for broken blade, Solar Wind and Tempest gale very few maneuvers actually require any weapons and that can be overcome by picking up Weapon Group Adaptation.

Yeah i was just covering the basics

Christaph Chirlot wrote:
Tenro wrote:

Maneuvers are like spells, sorta.

But instead of uses per day, you have uses per encounter.

In addition, maneuvers can be reset during the encounter.

Covered that in the very next line

I'm gonna withdraw my submission. Making a tristalt character was fun, but I think I'm probably biting off more than I can chew for my first PbP game. >.>

Hmm, I have discovered the Martial Training line of feats, and it seems that actually gives me what I want from Thrashing Dragon without sacrificing levels in warpriest or kineticist/monk.

Desert Giant/monk (unchained)1/aero/pyrokineticist 12/warpriest 13?

Gives me 5th level warpriest spells, Wisdom to AC, an extra attack in my routine with Crusader's Flurry, some utility talents (including constant flight) from kineticist, and some maneuvers from Thrashing Dragon, the one focused on two-weapon fighting.

Now, on d20pfsrd, the 1st level maneuvers are detailed, but the higher level ones are not.
Is there a consistent action type (standard, move, swift) that each type of maneuver (strike, boost, stance) requires?

Edit: never mind, I saw where they were detailed (under the chart).

oyzar wrote:
@Fury of the Tempest: Outflank + Paired Opportunist + Pack Flanking is a really sweet reward for crit fishing if you have an animal companion. Basically every critical results in an extra attack for both you and your companions.

Well, the thing is I don't have Outflank. The Warlord's Tactical Flanker ability replaces the default bonus with a bonus equal to my Charisma. So, Outflank is rather reduntant.

I AM hoping to pick up Seize the Moment which basically has the same effect. I hope I don't need Improved Critical through, as the Fortune Blessed Augmented Criticals basically gives me Improved Critical for everyone.

I'm still abusing Paired Opportunist to hell and back through. Improved Feint Partner gives my AC a AoO whenever I feint. Weapon Trick for the Shield gives me a Shield Bash AoO for me whenever I feint, and Paired Opportunist triggers on both, giving us both 2 AoO's. Then of course, Maelstorm Shield for a free-trip attempt and Greater Trip for that AoO on trip...

Only thing I'm really missing is Twinned Feint to Feint two people at once and trigger 4 AoO's at once! I really hope when we go Mythic my AC will be allowed to pick up Mythic Feats... gonna need Mythic Combat Reflexes!

@bigrig: That wouldn't give you the crit stuff though, which was the reason I suggested stalker in the first place, though of course you can benefit from the manouvers without the crit stuff. One level of stalker might be cheaper than 3 feats and give you much greater benefit though (one stalker art, Ki, deadly strike as well as 6 maneuvers and a stance of up to 4th level (5th with the trait)). Combat precognition might be better than any of the crit stuff though.

@Tempest: If you look at it another way outflank is the same as seize the moment for you, except it provides a bonus if your charisma gets drained and it has much easier prerequisites.

Tenro wrote:

Yeah i was just covering the basics

Christaph Chirlot wrote:
Tenro wrote:

Maneuvers are like spells, sorta.

But instead of uses per day, you have uses per encounter.

In addition, maneuvers can be reset during the encounter.
Covered that in the very next line

Yeah, I missed that, my bad.

Oh, wait a second.
I've been operating under the impression that i was 13th level.
It's actually 14th!

That gives me enough levels to do desert giant/stalker 3, kineticist 11/monk 1, warpriest 13.

So I can get the monk level in, still have 5th level warpriest spells, and get the stalker stuff as well as everything I want from kineticist.

oyzar wrote:
@Tempest: If you look at it another way outflank is the same as seize the moment for you, except it provides a bonus if your charisma gets drained and it has much easier prerequisites.

Considering I have +7 Charisma, that would be a lot of Charisma draining needed. Still, you do have a point in that it would be easier for others to pick up Outflank...

I'm gonna have to pull out. I've lost my train of thought, and I have no experience of high level play, so I wouldn't be comfortable. I wish you all the best, and maybe I'll adapt my idea to another campaign.

Gyrfalcon here. I'm having fun reading everyone's ideas.

Still chugging along happily on my character (whose alias I'm posting from). Clara is a gnome from the City of Greyhawk, traveling the planes in search of new/rare ingredients and reagents in her noble quest to rediscover the recipe for the Ultimate Fizzy Pop--originally perfected by her great-great-great-great-granddaddy Umbilicus...and tragically lost in a conflict with the Gnomelord of Blemu, when he was in possession of the hand of Vecna.

She's definitely an Alchemist (saboteur) 14 / Zealot 14 (whose zeal is of course her passionate quest to unlock the mysteries of the universe through the lens of fizzypop).

Her 3rd class is probably Wilder (in which case I'll mostly choose powers that enhance knowledge...and will likely use many of the Wilder PP to fuel her Zealot powers).

My alternate option would be Cleric (of Garl Glittergold) + Battle Templar PrC, which gives

Mechanically, she's stealthy (and can hide in plain sight), a bomber and a sniper (who can enhance bombs with maneuvers). Offensively, she’ll often combine bombs with maneuvers (and can switch to a bow or melee weapon when needed). She'll have lots of Wilder PP, many of which I expect to go to augmenting maneuvers and fueling her Zealot martyrdom ability (which lets her take on up to 140 hp of damage that would’ve affected one of her allies / round...and then either take it herself or reduce it down to as little as 1 hp, spending 1 PP in exchange for 5 hp) she'll be able to play a protective role as well (and of course has a bunch of utility from alchemy & psionics).

Most importantly though, I think she'll be a lot of fun to play. (I'm a bit concerned about her ability to keep up with folks with monster levels or templates...but I think it'll all work out.)

I've just got to come up with Breldna's background paragraph and she'll be all set. :)

As a protective champ you are not going to be struggling for the same kind of spotlight as the rest of us Gyrfalcon. You'll be the one saving the rest of our's butts, while the others struggle to take out the enemies ;).

@GM: Would orc bloodline allow me to pick up Amplified Rage? Is it possible to have more than one familiar? Can I take the wildblooded bloodline brutal through eldritch heritage? For example a tumor familiar and one through arcane bloodline. Sorry for adding more questions to the queue, when you already have a bunch to catch up to after vacation...

Yeah, while Arc does have an introduction, I need to work out his background and fluff in more detail now I have his crunch locked down tight.

I'll throw my hat in, working on a Merfolk pali/monk/witch dedicated to archea who fights, and quite frankly does everything, in the nude. a bit of a gimmick, yes, but I think I can make a bit of a real go with it. Obviously, I'll be purchasing a permanent fins to feet spell.

Hey, I'm thinking about backup weapons when bombs run out or aren't needed, and am considering a returning thrown weapon. I know of one way to get to reuse the same thrown weapon for iterative attacks: the returning throw feat + a returning weapon. That could work for me but is there another way? I seem to remember a belt that does the same thing?

Blinkback Belt. I very very much suggest you get that instead.

That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

I would like to propose this suggestion to assist feat taxes and nonsensical pre-reqs.

I think that we already have enough power and feats in this game to deal with those feat taxes.

Removing all of those feats messes with the game balance, like it or not, and we are already snapping the game in half anyway.

Some intentionally. Some're trying to avoid that. XD I've got about half of my next idea done.

Doubling (or increasing by 1/3 or somewhere in between for classes with Bonus Feats) the amount of Feats everyone gets has much the same effect.

Edit: This comment was completely and utterly redundant XD
I am tired so going to bed, my reading comprehension should return in the morning!!!

All right, my idea is mostly done! With this image as my theme, the character is a problem-solver-for-hire in Sigil, boasting that they are the most talented psychic in the entire city.

This might be true. They're a Mesmerist/Occultist/Psychic, specializing in illusions and branching out as necessary. Rather than trying to create a super-character who is equally amazing in every conceivable role, I decided to focus on the theme instead. XD Now to really build them...

Yeah, not really feeling the Path of War stuff.
It uses a lot of swift actions, and I'm still not very familiar with it, as I don't get many chances to use it.

I think I'm heading back to the drawing board with those three stalker levels.

Appreciate the advice, however!

Clarabibulus Flingflopsparkfizz wrote:
That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Another alternative is Richochet Throw. Not sure how much a feat (or 3) is worth though. Blinkback belt is only 12000 if grafted onto an existing physical belt.

Monkeygod wrote:
I would like to propose this suggestion to assist feat taxes and nonsensical pre-reqs.

On the one hand, I do love these feat tax eliminations, and I do love making Weapon Finesse, Combat Expertise and Power Attack the default option. It just makes sense to me.

On the other hand... we do have a lot of bonus feats already, so I can see where people are coming from for not needing them.

Personally? I would much prefer this to be allowed. Even with the bonus feats, I have quite a few feats wasted on feat-taxes, and it really bugs me. Not just mechanically, but fluff wise as well. I'm an experienced fighter. Why shouldn't I know how to sacrifice accuracy for damage already? Not to mention Two-Weapon Fighting... oh man. Don't get me started on Two-Weapon Fighting Feat Taxes!

So whilst it would require recalculation of power levels. I still vote for it to be implimented. Not just for a power increase, but because it simply makes SENSE fluff wise. An experienced fighter should know how to trade accuracy for damage or defence. Someone using a light, quick weapon likely knows how to use it in order to manipulate the enemy. A two-weapon fighter wouldn't need to invest into training again and again once they managed to get a handle of it.

Deft Maneuvers & Powerful Maneuvers... okay, that makes a little less sense, but from a crunch perceptive. Means that people are more likely to use the more obsecure abilities suck as Disarm or Overun if their packaged with Trip & Bull-Rush respectively.

Catching up as my week-long cold wanes enough for me to get conscious again.

Rynjin wrote:

Is there any Eberron equivalent to the Azlanti? Ancient, "perfect" race of humans? Feel like that might fit my character image and forming backstory better than Dragonborn.

Was thinking he fought in the Last War, which what I can tell was mostly human/demi-human-centric.

Tenro wrote:

kalashtar predated most regular humans, so i think that might be your closest thing to a best bet.

Kalashtar did not predate humans. They had to have humans around in order to bond with them. They were just on Sarlona and hadn't moved to Khorvaire yet.

They aren't ancient, but if you are looking for an enhanced race of humans, you might look to the inspired. They are humans bred to be perfect bodies for modern quori to possess in Sarlona. Every once in a while the bonding goes wrong and the human mind is dominant, with the quori locked inside.

Aaaaaaand here's my second submission.

"You're looking for the dancer? She's usually up in the Market Ward somewhere, putting on a show. Bit barmy, that one, even if she is a planewalker - she could make as much jink as she wanted if she performed somewhere like the City of Brass, but she seems happy enough slumming it with normal cagers. Bit of advice for you: Don't get grabby, no matter how pretty you think she is. She's no jinkskirt, and the last berk who tried that wound up going for a deep dip." - A resident of the Lower Ward, when asked for directions to Mariel.



Calling Mariel "confident" doesn't even begin to describe her personality. She claims to be the most powerful psychic in all of Sigil, and this might actually be true - if it's not, then she's pretty close. Over the years, she's built up a reputation as a troubleshooter, a Planewalker, a performer, and all-in-all someone who can generally get the job done. However, unlike cutters who rely solely on stabbing problems, Mariel prefers to use wit, charm, and her near-endless reserves of psychic magic to solve problems.

Broadly speaking, Mariel's powers can be broken down into three general categories.

As a [Mesmerist], she controls powers of enchantment and illusion, as well as a certain amount of restoration and the ability to open up passages in walls. More usefully, however, she can implant tricks in the minds of her allies to protect them and make them more effective - or stare at targets to make them generally less capable.

As an [Occultist], Mariel uses a variety of psychic tools that she's invested power into, and they're capable of producing a wide variety of effects, featuring one school of magic for each implement she has.

Finally, as a [Psychic], Mariel has everything from teleportation and plane shifting (outside of Sigil, naturally) to quite literally making people's heads explode. She usually holds off on that, though, because exploding heads are so... final. Unless she decides to reincarnate someone subject to it, anyway.

Nobody's entirely sure where all of this power comes from - some people who've had the... experience... of hiring her are under the impression that she does it because she thinks she can and the universe isn't brave enough to tell her she can't. Whatever the truth may be, it's undeniable that she has more magical power than most people would believe, and she's capable of using it to great effect.

While Mariel will boldly proclaim her own competence to anyone who asks - and even people that don't - she sees her magic as just one of her many talents... and it's not even the one she likes the most. At heart, Mariel considers herself to be a performer - she's particularly talented at singing and dancing, and consistently gives performances impressive enough to be talked about even outside of Sigil. Indeed, by most measures, her worst performances are better than most performers can even dream about, and her best are genuinely awe-inspiring. On top of that, she has a keen eye for the real value of items, and she's charming enough to talk almost anyone into doing things her way.

Of course, by definition, you can't be famous without attracting a great deal of attention - and this is an area where Mariel has put her genius-level intellect to use. Mariel is staunchly and emphatically neutral in her dealings with the city's factions, refusing offers of membership and attempts to lift her beyond the position she's established for herself. Somewhat to the surprise of others, she's quite happy being a performer, and she mostly gets involved in problem-solving because she thinks it's fun.

Race Points:
Human: 10 RP
Advanced Charisma: 4 RP (In addition to her inborn intelligence, Mariel is naturally charismatic and charming.)
Fast Healing: 6 RP (Mariel's psychic power is so strong that it constantly reverses damage to her body and pushes her back towards peak condition.)

Total: 20 RP

Female human mesmerist 14/occultist 14/psychic 14/tristalt 14
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +10; Senses aura sight, low-light vision; Perception +21
AC 30, touch 19, flat-footed 25 (+6 armor, +4 deflection, +4 Dex, +1 dodge, +5 natural)
hp 168 (14d8+56); fast healing 1
Fort +16, Ref +17, Will +23
Speed 30 ft.
Ranged energy ray +14 touch (7d6)
Special Attacks bold stares (allure[OA], psychic inception[OA], sapped magic[OA]), hypnotic stare (-3), manifold tricks (4 tricks), mental potency (+2), mesmerist tricks 15/day (compel alactrity, faked death, false flanker, fearsome guise, mask misery, meek facade, mesmeric mirror, spectral smoke), painful stare (+7 or +4d6), phrenic amplifications (overpowering mind[OA], relentless casting[OA], synaptic shock[OA], will of the dead[OA]), phrenic pool (15 points),
Implement Schools
. . Abjuration (Amulet, 8 points) Resonant—warding talisman; Focus—mind barrier
. . Divination (Headband, 4 points) Resonant—third eye; Focus—sudden insight
. . Enchantment (Necklace, 8 points) Resonant—glorious presence; Focus—cloud mind
. . Evocation (Gloves, 0 points) Resonant—intense focus; Focus—energy ray
. . Illusion (Ring, 0 points) Resonant—distortion; Focus—minor figment
. . Transmutation (Belt, 3 points) Resonant—physical enhancement; Focus—legacy weapon
Psychic Spell-Like Abilities (CL 14th; concentration +23)
. . 1/day—detect thoughts (DC 19), telepathic bond
Mesmerist Spells Known (CL 14th; concentration +24)
. . 5th (3/day)—mirage arcana (DC 24), passwall, possession[OA] (DC 23)
. . 4th (6/day)—dimension door, freedom of movement, greater invisibility, restoration
. . 3rd (6/day)—dispel magic, displacement, invisibility sphere, see invisibility, terrible remorse[UM] (DC 22)
. . 2nd (7/day)—enthrall (DC 21), glitterdust (DC 20), invisibility, mirror image, lesser restoration, silence (DC 21)
. . 1st (7/day)—color spray (DC 20), disguise self, innocence[APG], obscuring mist, silent image (DC 20), vanish[APG] (DC 20)
. . 0 (at will)—bleed (DC 18), dancing lights, detect poison, detect psychic significance[OA], flare (DC 18), light
Occultist Spells Known (CL 14th; concentration +23)
. . 5th (3/day)—greater command (DC 23), greater dispel magic, fabricate, false vision, remote viewing[OA], wall of force
. . 4th (5/day)—break enchantment, curse of disgust[UM] (DC 22), ice storm, illusory wall (DC 22), mind probe[OA] (DC 21), mirror transport[ACG]
. . 3rd (6/day)—fireball (DC 20), haste, magic circle against evil, major image (DC 21), pierce disguise[ACG], suggestion (DC 21)
. . 2nd (7/day)—arcane lock, calm emotions (DC 20), ghost whip[OA], knock, misdirection, see invisibility
. . 1st (7/day)—charm person (DC 19), decrepit disguise[OA] (DC 19), feather fall, hold portal, identify, shocking grasp
. . 0 (at will)—daze (DC 18), ghost sound (DC 18), mending, resistance, sift[APG], spark[APG] (DC 17)
Psychic Spells Known (CL 14th; concentration +23)
. . 7th (4/day)—ethereal jaunt, greater teleport
. . 6th (6/day)—mind thrust VI[OA] (DC 23), subjective reality, transformation
. . 5th (7/day)—explode head[OA], plane shift (DC 22), reincarnate, retrocognition[OA]
. . 4th (7/day)—ancestral memory[ISWG], condensed ether[OA], mental barrier III[OA], out of sight (DC 22), synaptic scramble[OA] (DC 22)
. . 3rd (8/day)—catatonia[OA], contact other plane, dream shield, purge spirit[OA] (DC 20), synesthesia[OA] (DC 21)
. . 2nd (8/day)—enshroud thoughts[OA], false life, ghost whip[OA], hypercognition[OA], inflict pain[OA] (DC 20), paranoia[OA] (DC 20)
. . 1st (8/day)—burst of adrenaline[OA], burst of insight[OA], charge object[OA], decrepit disguise[OA] (DC 19), deja vu[OA], telempathic projection[OA] (DC 19)
. . 0 (at will)—arcane mark, detect magic, know direction, lullaby (DC 18), mage hand, message, prestidigitation, read magic, stabilize
. . Psychic Discipline Rebirth
Str 12, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 25, Wis 14, Cha 26
Base Atk +10; CMB +11; CMD 30
Feats Combat Casting, Dodge, Eschew Materials, Extra Mental Focus[OA], Improved Initiative, Improved Natural Armor, Improved Natural Armor, Maximize Spell, Open Minded, Quicken Spell, Sensuous Charm, Spell Focus (enchantment), Spell Focus (illusion), Spell Penetration, Toughness
Traits focused mind, reactionary
Skills Acrobatics +18, Appraise +24, Bluff +38, Climb +2, Diplomacy +31, Disable Device +19, Disguise +25, Escape Artist +17, Fly +8, Heal +3, Intimidate +25, Knowledge (arcana) +21, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +21, Knowledge (engineering) +21, Knowledge (history) +21, Knowledge (local) +21, Knowledge (nobility) +21, Knowledge (planes) +21, Knowledge (religion) +21, Linguistics +24, Perception +21, Perform (dance) +29, Perform (sing) +29, Sense Motive +19, Sleight of Hand +17, Spellcraft +20, Stealth +21, Survival +9, Use Magic Device +36
Languages Aboleth, Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Common, Daemonic, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnome, Halfling, Ignan, Infernal, Necril, Negative Energy Manipulation, Positive Energy Manipulation, Sylvan, Terran, Undercommon
SQ binding circles, consummate liar +7, detect thoughts, glib lie (DC 29), implements 6, magic circles, magic item skill, mental focus (23/day), object reading, outside contact (2 names, information), past-life memories, physical regression, resurgence, shift focus, telepathic bond, touch treatment 11/day (Greater, Break Enchantment)
Combat Gear wand of cure light wounds; Other Gear amulet of natural armor +3, bag of holding iii, belt of mighty constitution +4, bracers of armor +6, headband of mental prowess +4 (Int, Cha), ring of protection +4, ring of sustenance, masterwork thieves' tools, 47,250 gp
Special Abilities
Abjuration (Amulet) Abjuration implements are objects associated with protection and wards.
Allure (Su) Hypnotic stare penalty applies on initiative checks and Perception checks..
Aura Sight (Su) Read the aura of creatures around you, as aura sight.
Binding Circles (DC 32 to spot/disarm, DC 24) (Su) Spend 1 point of focus to create binding circle.
Blinding Pattern (7 rounds, DC 24) (Sp) 1 focus: Target creature in 30 feet is paralyzed (Will neg).
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defensive.
Consummate Liar +7 Counts as Combat Expertise for some feats.
Danger Sight +7 (Sp) 1 focus, imm act: Insight bonus to AC or save.
Detect Thoughts (Sp) Cast detect thoughts, or expend 1st or higher spell slot to do so.
Divination (Headband) Implements of the divination school grant powers related to foresight and remote viewing.
Enchantment (Necklace) Enchantment implements allow the occultist to befuddle the mind and charm his foes.
Energy Shield (70 damage) (Sp) 1 focus, swift action: Summon energy shield absorbs acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage.
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Evocation (Gloves) Implements focused on evocation grant the ability to create and direct energy to protect and to destroy.
Fast Healing 1 (Ex) Heal damage every round unless you are killed.
Focused Mind +2 to Concentration checks
Glib Lie (DC 29) (Su) You are protected from truth-telling magic; CL check to compel truth or detect your lies.
Hypnotic Stare (-3, 30 feet) (Su) As swift action, target creature takes penalty on Will saves.
Illusion (Ring) Illusion implements allow the occultist to distort the senses and cloak creatures from sight.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.
Magic Circles (Su) 1 minute and 1 focus to create magic circle of your choosing (but not opp. your alignment).
Maximize Spell All variable effects of a spell are maximized. +3 Levels.
Mental Focus (23/day) (Su) You have a pool of points that activate your focus powers.
Mental Potency (+2) (Ex) Increase HD limit and total HD of enchantment or illusion spells by 1.
Mesmerist Tricks (240 feet, 15/day) (Su) Implant hypnotic bond with allies. granting edge vs. foes.
Mind Eye (14 minutes) (Sp) 1 focus: Create magical eye that scouts for you.
Mind Over Gravity (14 minutes) (Sp) 1 focus: Gain 60-ft fly speed w/perfect maneuverability.
Mirage (14 5-ft. squares, DC 24) (Sp) 1 focus: cloak an area in illusion, as major image.
Mnemonic Esoterica (Ex) By reaching into the recesses of your past lives, you gain knowledge beyond that of most psychics. Select a single additional spellcasting class. Once per day when you prepare your spells, you can add one spell from this class's spell list to your spell list.
Object Reading (Su) Examine an object for 1 minute to learn properties, history, and about last user.
Open Minded You are naturally able to reroute your memory, mind, and skill expertise.
Outside Contact (2 names, information) (Su) Learn true name of an outsider, and summon it for information or service.
Overpowering Mind (Ex) 2/4 pool: increase Will save DC of linked mind-affecting spell by +1/+2.
Painful Stare (+7 or +4d6) (Su) 1/round, target of hyp. stare takes extra damage from attack.
Past-Life Memories (Ex) You add a bonus equal to half your psychic level (minimum 1) to all Knowledge checks and can attempt all Knowledge skill checks untrained.
Phrenic Pool (15/day) (Su) Pool of points you can use to modify psychic spells as they're cast.
Physical Regression (140 minutes, 1/day) (Sp) As std act, spend 2 phrenic pool to be affected by polymorph.
Psychic Inception (Su) Hypnotic stare can affect creatures that are mindless or immune to mind-affecting effects.
Quicken Spell Cast a spell as a swift action. +4 Levels.
Rebirth Your mind is forged from the most powerful memories of a multitude of lifetimes. You have fragmentary knowledge of your prior lives and can leverage the experience gained during these lifetimes into raw psychic power. Phrenic Pool Ability: Charisma.
Relentless Casting (Su) 1 pool: roll twice and take better result to overcome SR for linked spell.
Resurgence (3d8+14 hp) (Su) If reduced to 0 or lower hit points, spend 2 phrenic pool to regain hit points.
Ring of sustenance Immune to hunger and thirst, and only sleep two hours a night.
Sapped Magic (Su) Hypnotic starer penalty applies to DCs of spells and spell-like abilities, and SR.
Shift Focus (Abjuration [Amulet], 20 focus) (Su) Shift focus from one implement to another, but lose 1 point.
Spell Focus (Enchantment) Spells from one school of magic have +1 to their save DC.
Spell Focus (Illusion) Spells from one school of magic have +1 to their save DC.
Telekinetic Mastery (14 rounds) (Sp) 1 focus: Gain telekinetic power, as telekinesis.
Telepathic Bond (Sp) Cast telepathic bond, or expend 4th or higher spell slot to do so.
Touch Treatment (Greater, Break Enchantment, 11/day) (Su) Remove certain conditions from creature touched.
Transmutation (Belt) Transmutation implements can alter the properties of both objects and creatures.
Will of the Dead (Su) 2 pool: overcome undead creature's immunity to mind-affecting effects for linked spell.

... Yeah I think I'll need to do that as well once I have my fluff sorted out. Making characters is SOOOO much fun.

Wow Rednal, you keep churning these out in record time. Most of us have enough trouble finishing up one character. I still have some ways to go on the fluff of my character.

I do hope Divinitus will return to us, it's been two days past he said he would, though it is still holidays. His history makes me worried that we haven't heard anything at all though and he also haven't posted in his kingmaker game...

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