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You have died and the gods have decided for one reason or another to give you another chance. This chance is to start anew as you are with a special ability in a mystical world of monsters and adventure.

It is an Isekai game, a reference to a situation in which characters find themselves transported to an alternate dimension or universe.

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That sounds pretty good Einar.

Lets see, with your new life you need to pick a character class, and you will gain 1d8 more hp, and 6 + Int modifier for additional skill points based on your previous life. Level 1, human, so you get a floating +2 to an ability score of your choice. 2 traits. Background skills and feat tax adjustments are acceptable.

Also you will need to determine your luck. My guess would be 10, but that can change on giving us a couple instances of your life including luck. I would go with a 7 in Charisma.

Everyone starts with one special ability. It can be anything: an ability, an item, or even a being.
Suggestions: to be able to cast lightning 3/day, a legendary sword, fast healing 3, a famliar, a belt of mighty health, to be able to cast cure serious wounds 3/day.
*The more powerful the ability the higher chance that you will gain a curse with it or it will be more quirky.

My bad, I forgot the luck score. 10 is probably accurate, stuff just tends to go in spurts for me.

What are the restrictions on character classes? Is that 1d8 hp and 6 + int on top of the classes die?

Hmm, I think I need to figure out the concept before I use my genie wish.

Here's some advice: If a Goddess offers you a choice between a mundane magical item and a legendary magical item: take the legendary! You'll thank me later!

Hawksw0rd wrote:

My bad, I forgot the luck score. 10 is probably accurate, stuff just tends to go in spurts for me.

What are the restrictions on character classes? Is that 1d8 hp and 6 + int on top of the classes die?

Hmm, I think I need to figure out the concept before I use my genie wish.

Not very many restrictions, I would prefer it to be Pathfinder and not occult. The 1d8 hp and 6 + int, is on top of the class's die.

Have room for another another submission? This looks interesting.

I took a quiz I found on the internet to determine what my RL stats are...

Came back as
STR 11
Dex 10
Con 9
Int 15
Wis 13
Chr 16

I would say that is pretty accurate. I think my Charisma is a little high here, so maybe drop it down to a 13 or 14 if necessary, but otherwise pretty much right in the range of what I would say for myself.

For luck, I would probably say middle of the road. A 10 would do fine. I have never been particularly lucky or unlucky.

My name is Brian, I was born in Kansas City Missouri and live in Texas now. I was always a smart and gifted child, but as per the stereotype I did not get involved in much physical activity. I played T-Ball, but never advanced to coach pitch. I learned taekwondo, but never advanced past yellow belt. The list goes on.

I was one of those cool nerds in high school. I had friends in just about every clique except for the jocks. But I had friends that were cheerleaders, so there was that. I am an amiable person that is more likely to listen to your concerns and hug it out, but I also like giving advice and get great pleasure when that advice is taken and all turns out well.

Now in my adult life, I work in a call center, providing coaching and guidance to frontline agents. I Like to help them find that aha moment and realize that this job can be more than just a paycheck, it can give them professional growth and turn into a career.

If I were to die today driving home the following items would be in my possession:


1 leather wallet with no cash but:
-Credit card
-Debit Card
-AAA membership card
-car insurance paperwork
-health insurance card
-medical prescription insurance card
-photo id driver's license
-discount savings card for the movie theater
-Costco membership card

1 set of keys with a Bluetooth tile finding device on the chain and a fob pronouncing that I am a member of Ravenclaw house.

1 iPhone 6s in an otter box case with approximately 80% charge, so about 1-3 hours of continuous use depending on usage or about 2 days of standby.

1 USB cord for charging said iPhone

1 pair of Bluetooth headphones synced to said iPhone

1 laptop backpack containing:
1 work laptop with 100% battery, so about 4 - 8 hours of continuous use depending on usage or probably 7 days of standby. Can be used to recharge iPhone.

1 pair leather boots (it's raining here today, maybe that's what causes my death, car accident due to road conditions)
1 pair dress slacks

1 pair dress socks

1 leather belt

1 long-sleeve dress shirt

1 dress tie (it's tie Tuesday)

1 12-year-old 14K white gold wedding band size 10 (approximate retail value in USD $600 new)

1 pair of prescription glasses (extremely impaired eyesight without them)

1 set of underwear

That is as extensive as it gets. :)

Going to leave it there to get preapproved the same way Hawksw0rd did before I start building out actual PF character stats

Hmm, I'm thinking unchained rogue with the roof runner archetype, with the duelist prestige class later on. Focusing on sword play and out of party skills.

HP: 1d8 ⇒ 2 so my HP would be 12 with 8 extra skills atop rogue's 8 + 2 if I am doing everything correctly.

I think for my special thing I'll take a tidepool dragon as a familiar. That, or some type of dimensional step using shadows.

Sounds great Narib the Grey, bring it on!

Yup Hawksword. Good ideas you will have some more time to think of it until your character is fully fleshed out.

Do you want me to jump into discussion or finish sorting things out?

Also, I was wondering your policy on weapons? I'd like, if it doesn't break immersion, to pick up a set of wakashis.

Finish sorting things out first. You will just need to find the wakashis or make them yourself. You do get to bring all your meta knowledge into the game! ;P

Hawksw0rd here, I've got everything except weapons and armor sorted out. So I believe I'm ready to go, and if I've been in this world longer, I can adjust my armor and weaponry.

Here is the character sheet as it stands.

Nairb the Grey wrote:

I took a quiz I found on the internet to determine what my RL stats are...

intrigued, so I took the quiz, too:


That's probably almost correct! Although 17 sounds pretty high...

If I were to apply and join the game, I'd probably be an Alchemist Construct Rider, because of my PhD in aerospace engineering :)

Ellioti make it so!

If we have you three come in together I would want to talk about a few things before getting you into the game like: do you want to say you have been in the new world a longer than the others, thrown in, or start from the town of beginnings?

I would prefer to bring you in either thrown in or start from the town of beginnings... once that is decided I will have each of you post in the discussion thread to get a prompt/spoiler from me before entering the gameplay. I will also introduce you into gameplay at that point.

I'm fine just being thrown in and awakening near the party, though I'm okay with whatever works best for you Wolf.

I'm out, sorry

It looks like Narib the Grey is out for now...
Einar "The Slasher" check in the discussion thread and look for my spoiler.

2d10 + 6 + 2d8 + 13 ⇒ (3, 3) + 6 + (4, 7) + 13 = 36

Lvl 3 shogun samurai
Hp with favored class bonus 39

Base stat block with the +2 to 2 stats from youthful drought


Cmb:7 cmd:17 bab:3

Names John I'm 29 years old. I have worked most my life as a caregiver or med aide. I do manual labor on the side what ever tends to come my way. I now take care of my granny and live on some of my family's property. Takes a bit of understanding and patience to do but it's a nice change of pace being someplace as nice as the property.

I'm a heavyset guy who doesn't get sick very often and when I do it's never very long. I use to lift weights regularly up until last month when I moved. Now it's just pushups situps and wall sits. I took a few college classes but couldn't decide on what to do. Wish I would have stuck with I bvb though at least to finish an AA. Being big makes me somewhat clumsy running into things or people. I also have a lazy eye and split vision.

I tend to be quick on the uptake but slow to seize the bull by the horns. So a lack of motivation in a lot of things. But when I do start something I usually stick with it. I do some gaming but love to read. I get along with most people and I think most people like me even though I probably a bit wierd.

Sovereign Court

My name is Tom, i'm 56 years old. My 10 second elevator introduction speech is, "I am an amalgamation of conflicting extremes with an eclectic range of experience." Condensing my life into a couple of paragraphs will be hard so I will instead do it in a sort of resume stye by subjects.

Born in Miami, FL on Apr 30, 1963. Moved to a small town about 50 miles from Buffalo in NY when I was three, moved back to South FL during third grade. Have lived for short periods in GA, KY, & NC. I have been in every state in the US except Hawaii. I have also been to Mexico, Canada, El Salvador, and most of the Bahamas. I used to speak German, but I get no practice so most of my vocabulary has gone, although I understand the grammar still.

Educationally, I have a BA in Economics, an MA in Political Science, and I'm currently working on my JD (I'm a 2L at the moment). I have always excelled at school (National Merit Scholar, 1350 SAT (pre-1986, so equal to a 1450 for later tests), 164 LSAT, 166/168 GRE verbal/math, graduated summa cum laude for my undergrad, etc.). I am a voracious reader, I read between 80-100 books a year, about 60/40 nonfiction/fiction. Before I went back to school in 2015 to get my degrees, I had already accumulated 203 college credits in a multitude of fields (and still didn't even have an AA, try that, lol).

Physically, I played football in high school and continued playing Kansas rules flag for about 20 years after. I was in the SCA for a few years in the 1980s. I started fighting steel in Adria in 2000, and have been doing that until I broke my leg seven years ago. I gained a lot of weight after that (evidently if you stop all your physical activity, but keep eating food, you gain weight, lol). I got all the way up to 240 lbs. (I'm 5'11"). Finally, I got sick of not being able to fight steel anymore and at the end of last year got a personal trainer and started the arduous task of getting back in shape. I'm down to 215 now and started fighting again. I have made my own armor for Adria and have won several tournaments during my time in that group.

Professionally, I have extensive experience in inventory management. I also, have worked as a tech for Bellsouth and AT&T. I am currently an inspector for a company that inspects and surveys jobs for AT&T and their construction contractors. I was in the US Army from 1983-1989. I have also been involved in politics, I ran for Broward County School Board in 1990, and served as an assistant campaign manager for an independent FL gubernatorial candidate twice in the 1990s.

Personally, I have a daughter (20) and a grandson (8). I grew up in a sort of big family, four younger sisters. My biggest tragedy was my second oldest sister passed away unexpectedly last year. She went to the doctor for a bad cold, was sent to the hospital for pneumonia, while there they found out she had advanced leukemia, and she passed away just three weeks later. That event has really put life into perspective for me since.

Well, that's my story. If you need anything else, just ask.

Sovereign Court

Just noticed a typo, my daughter is 30, not 20...

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