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Azlanti vs Appendix 1

Starfinder General Discussion

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The Aeon Guard & Aeon Guard Specialist from the Alien Archive (pages 6-7) cannot be created using the rules from Appendix 1 (pages 126-158), as their attribute modifiers exceed what they would get from any array.

Longtime Golarion players will know why this is so. However, players new to Pathfinder /Starfinder likely will not.

Azlanti should have been written up as either a subtype or as a special ability explaining that Azlanti characters receive a +1 bonus to all six racial ability scores.

Of course, that would lead to players wanting to be Azlanti.

Starfinder Superscriber

Could you clarify a bit here (just a synopsis)?

My group has used some of the rules/crunch from PF for a while but we basically ignored the setting as we play a sort of hybrid of 3.5/PF (none of us wanted to buy a bunch of new books).

I'm guessing from context and what I vaguely remember reading that the Azlanti are some sort of human supremacist empire that used eugenics and strict societal norms to breed/train "superior" humans. But I'd like to be sure of that before I start treating them as Nazis in my games.

I think its more that the monsters in the Alien Archive aren't all made to exactly mirror whats in the back of the book. They've been hand designed.

pithica42 wrote:
I'm guessing from context and what I vaguely remember reading that the Azlanti are some sort of human supremacist empire that used eugenics and strict societal norms to breed/train "superior" humans. But I'd like to be sure of that before I start treating them as Nazis in my games.

Not eugenics, they were uplifted and modified by the Aboleths. Not quite Nazis (they aren't murderous) however they are extraordinarily gifted as a race (+2 in all stats, a Bonus Feat, and a bonus skill point at every level) and haughty to the point of enslaving any non-humans in their empire. Not quite full nazis but very "look down their nose" and dismissive of anyone who isn't human, with potent enough magic to back up their arrogance.

Starfinder Superscriber

Thanks for the clarification. I'm coming in to the flavor text of the pact worlds pretty green so that helps a lot.

Liberty's Edge

Actually, they don't violate the Ability distribution rules at all (the CR 3's AC is a problem, but that's a rules error of a different sort).

The Ability Arrays only specify the highest three stats, after assigning those you get to do the following (and I quote):

Alien Archive, p. 128 wrote:
After assigning these top three scores, you can set the NPC's remaining ability score modifiers as you see fit, usually equal to or less than the lowest listed modifier.

The Azlanti very precisely follow that guideline. They're explicitly on the high end (likely due to the aforementioned high stats thing), but well within the guidelines. No need for special rules.

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From p. 127 of the Alien Archive.

Alien Archive wrote:


When creating an NPC, you are free to enact whatever changes you need to in order to make your creation work the way you intend. For example, an array might tell you to select two special abilities, but you know you need four—or only one. Go ahead and make the change! If you want your combatant NPC to have a really high AC but not many Hit Points, you can increase its AC by 1 and use the expert array’s HP. This doesn’t make the statistics wrong; rather, it helps the statistics match your concept. Creating NPCs is fundamentally a creative process, so while these steps are useful to keep the NPC’s capabilities from going too far astray for its CR, don’t treat them as hard restrictions.

I think it's pretty unlikely that anything in the book "cannot be created using the rules in Appendix 1" given what that Appendix tells us about those rules.

Also, sure, pure blooded Azlanti have better ability bonuses than ordinary humans. However, just because they exist doesn't mean your required to allow players to play them. Even aside from that the only existing Azlanti are from the evil empire, you only should play as Azlanti PCs in a game intended to support higher level starting play.

So yeah, you pick an Azlanti for your race, and you effectively get +10 starting ability points. This should only happen if other players can pick other races that are equivalently powerful.

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