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or alternatively, twist the stats around a little and turn the template into a Theme and then have your players make characters normally using the special "Theme"

Ravingdork wrote:

Otherwise, I could take the construct type, a host of disparate abilities, tell the GM that my mutant form looks entirely like a mundane dog, and get a +10 bonus to disguise checks to prance around town looking like a dog?

That doesn't sit well with me.

I mean, those Institute Synths don't sit well with anybody really. :P

So tell me if this is correct for a form, and if not, why it is wrong

Assembly Ooze-Morph Form (Based off Assembly Ooze, Spell Level 1)

Medium Humanoid
Movement: Swim 20 ft.
Special Abilities
Ability 1: Assemble (Ex)
Ability 2: Disassemble (Ex)

As far as i can see it's legal i think?

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Yakman wrote:
Paladrone wrote:
Yakman wrote:

Yes. You can run it that way. And there's no textual support for how I would run the Planes... but that's not as cool.

If the Drift is just gobbling up stuff and nobody cares, then what's the point?

But if it's gobbling up stuff, and that stuff matters? And it's visibly undermining the supernal world? That's AWESOME. The great palaces of the angels and devils are falling into ruin. The demons are wild beasts in a shrinking cage... etc. etc.

But then you get questions about why none of the Gods seem to have a problem with the Drift. Like, if using the Drift was causing some kind of universal collapse, you'd expect the various Gods and Demons and their worshippers to be doing everything in their not inconsiderable power to suppress the usage of Drift drives.
that's an interesting conundrum. like the Gap. and the Drift itself. lots of unexplained things in Starfinder. ;-)

Well the reason why is that in the grand scheme of things this is just another drop in the bucket. The outer planes have dealt with the constant erosion of existence for aeons now. The Maelstrom is constantly eating away at them and recycling that soul energy back into new souls, and they are constantly shoving more souls into the plane to make up for lost space. So really they have so much experience dealing with this i doubt it even pops up on their radar short of the occasional accident where someone notable gets yanked into the drift for a bit.

friendly reminder that the 1st level spell doesn't allow you to copy any PC racial traits specifically. So your Six-armed form doesn't work i don't think.

Honestly, the way shields are currently balanced (+1 AC for an Armor Upgrade Slot) is pretty much made to specifically avoid nonsense like a skittermander with 6 shields becoming an unhittable juggernaut.

Back on the topic though, an idea i came up with today is that the Drift is what caused the gap. Dead Suns showed that it can take a bite out of any plane when someone jumps and in PF the Plane of Time is a thing referenced in multiple places.

If one of the original Drift jumps took a bite out of the Plane of Time, who is to say that taking that bite wouldn't redact the entire affected space of time out of history? After that point time just had to continue going from where it was with that bit missing from existence, hence the "gap" in time.

Metaphysician wrote:
My own ruling would be, no, you absolutely cannot do any of the above, because once you've used up that engineering kit to make a Custom Rig, its not an engineering kit anymore.

You could rule this as a GM, but it would be a houserule given that it reverts to being the kit it was before, only now it is installed into an augment slot.

Custom Rig wrote:
If you create a new custom rig, your old one functions as a normal toolkit of whatever type you made it from and can no longer be used with your mechanic tricks.

(the type being "Mazecore'd Engineering Kit + Gun hybrid")

Now, you can make an argument that by reverting to it's prior state it would have to be removed as an augment, but currently that is a grey area so it could really go in any direction.

Ravingdork wrote:

Yeah, not much use as anything other than a one round debuff against shapechangers.

Still, I'm more concerned with how personal shapechanging works. It's still not clear to me how many options one gets, and where they are pulled from.

If you mean for abilities, you get the same number as an Expert of a CR based on the spell level would get (so check the table in AA1 for that.)

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Xenocrat wrote:
What is the level range on the polymorph spells and their duration?

1-6, with each level granting access to more possible abilities and wider arrays of creature types. You can have 4 forms to choose from per spell level and it lasts for 1 minute per caster level.

Ravingdork wrote:
This thread is meant to act as a discussion of those rules, specifically what your initial impressions are, whether you think there is room for abuse, how you might plan to use it, what some of the optimal PC choices are, etc.

After reading the spell i spent some time going through and reading through races for fun traits to steal. A few that I think are pretty strong or interesting are:

  • Orc's Conditioned trait (granting a +1 to a stat which circumvent's the restriction on racial bonuses, plus a bonus to any skill of your choice)
  • SRO's Robotic trait (a bunch of immunities and also the fun fluff of becoming a robot without needing access to the Construct type)
  • Elebrian's Intellectual Knack and Find Weakness (a bonus to attacks and the ability to take 20 on Knowledge checks respectively)
  • Contemplative's Psychic Senses and Applied Knowledge (using Knowledge on a Save and Darkvision + Blindsense)

And these are only by dipping into the playable races. I can't wait to see what kind of things GM's are gonna let players snag by imitating monsters.

Ultimately this spell is strong but also very flavorful and it limits itself to just a small handful of forms. Which i think is pretty good because it allows you to make fun stuff without the GM having to worry about approving 50 million different forms.

well the difference is that Mystic doesn't actually gain their power from the gods. They just usually also worship gods with matching portfolios.

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Xoshak4545 wrote:
also the penetrating weapon quality + the other two...any one have any thoughts?

In the SF discord we had a discussion about this exact question. I believe the general consensus was that in the absence of some clarification by the Devs or a GM houserule, you follow mathematical order of operations. So that would be reducing the hardness by half, THEN reducing the halved hardness by the Penetrating amount. As for how this interacts with Adamantine weapons, i am not sure.

I'd be inclined to let your ulrikka duster adamantine sword cut through anything reduced below 30 by the fusion, but that's just my interpretation.

Well obviously any method of doing it is gonna require you to talk to the GM first. The one i outlined is merely one that works without any additional work on the GM's part (I know several who are fine with doing weird and fun things so long as it doesn't take them more work to do).

Edit: Harold. lol. That's definitely a new mispelling of my name.

HammerJack wrote:
Without house rules to the contrary, you can't maze core cybernetics with anything.

Funny you should mention that because if you Maze-core a gun with an engineering toolkit then have your friend implant it into your arm as a custom rig, you kind of can have a maze-cored cybernetic in a roundabout fashion.

Friendly reminder that having more guns than hands does not preclude you from firing all of said guns! With a simple addition of the computer upgrade for the suit of power armor you can have your robuddy firing the spare gun for you!

Ravingdork wrote:
Garrett Larghi wrote:
Hazrond wrote:
If you *can* make a Maze-Core using power armor then could you combine a melee weapon with the breakdown property with a suit of Celerity rigging to have a suit of armor that can break down so small you can store inside your prosthetic arm
So cool! Did not think about that!

Wouldn't you still need to deal with the item's high bulk value?

Breaking ti down into little pieces doesn't make it lighter if you are still carrying all the pieces.

That's why i said Celerity Rigging specifically, it only has a bulk of 5 by default, so 6 total as a Maze Core.

If you *can* make a Maze-Core using power armor then could you combine a melee weapon with the breakdown property with a suit of Celerity rigging to have a suit of armor that can break down so small you can store inside your prosthetic arm

leinathan, i think Murob said she was targeting the one that had slipped past the web, not the one already entangled. Or at least it appears she intended as such.

i would suggest not letting him go in alone, cause while he puts on a good show for you guys he is still very much hurt from the Devilfish fight and could go down pretty quick if he is unlucky lol

Sorry but I’m gonna be a bit sporadic for the next few days, I am on vacation

I’m on vacation currently, sorry, so I’ll be a bit sporadic these few days

yeah, Varisian is partially comprised of Giant in-universe so i chose a language that had shared linguistic roots with Dutch (the language that represents Giant)

i had been using german because of shared linguistic roots, but if you want me to swap i don't mind too much, we'd just have to retcon the earlier two bits he spoke in it

i don't wanna shut off comms, i wanna do that thing i was talking about earlier so we can know where the pirates are

Can i access their comms or cut the drift jump from this engineering console without hacking? Also does his login count for a "security key or password" for the +5 bonus to hacking?

Sorry for being awol the last few days, I’ve been getting dragged into free landscaping every day since last Thursday

Now as for the Taking 10 bit, that’s actually really commonly confused with taking 20. Taking 10 can be done when Danger is involved, it just requires time

That said I’m just trying to clear that up, I’ll go roll this time since it’s no big deal

I could fly one if you like

Edit: I originally had this in the post but thought it better to post here

Hazrond wrote:
We aren’t using comms at all, but they are right? Could I use Computers or Engineering to use their comm signals to locate their positions relative to us and use that to give us an edge by sneaking around where they aren’t at? Like what cops do with cell phones

I’m good to go

well, the thing is that, from the way you describe it, you kind of have it flipped. You see outdoors at night is the one place where Low-light shines over Darkvision normally.

Because while darkvision has a set limit (60 ft usually, and no further than that maximum) to the Low-Light users its clear as day thanks to moonlight.

This is why i was kind of disappointed. Because i had hoped our party would be able to exploit the limits of their darkvision for sneaking purposes.

fair enough, didn't mean to make you upset :(

is it a new moon or something? Usually on a normal night Low-light is supposed to be able to see the same as in the day, so just curious why it seems darker than usual

Korvan might want to offer to trade spots with Jin, or else come along as well, given his protectiveness of Maldor

If he takes Jin's place or stays tho, that leaves someone free to Science Officer while Zen does the Engineering

If the cores life support systems are small enough to fit in a chassis the size of Cross, then if they were mining some heavy elements like lead we could probably rig their life support with some low-tech EMP shielding by fabbing them a shell to wrap around their life support system, couldn’t we?

Googling it, aluminum would work as well for a faraday cage to create some low-tech EMP shielding. It’s not feasible for the entire ship but we could protect the Cores themselves easily enough

but is it, like, normal? or something weird?

A... wire fence? what?

Edit: I am so baffled currently, this is causing some crazy chronal dissonance in my head. Are wire fences actually a thing?

A bard is nice for a street performer, but a magician? Go for a Mesmerist.

They are literally based off stage magicians and hypnotists, their abilities lend themselves PERFECTLY to appearing to be simple parlor tricks.

To boot they don't use any somatic components so no penalty for that either when using Conceal Spell.

dangit, didn't catch that error in the formatting till just after edit time was up

Don’t have to be meek about it, the party can be a little too pragmatic sometimes.

If you think we should save the family then make your case, you might win some bleeding hearts over :)

Hey I have a suggestion. Do you guys mind if I buy the stuff for a signal jammer with some party money?

For 900 creds we could throw the pirates communications completely offline, which could help with a plan I had for dealing with them.

Just so we know, what KIND of guns are they?

the part about us being "the principled sort, should be empathetic to the plight of us miserable cores" lol

Wow cross, I can’t tell if that is a sarcastic jab or a legitimate statement.

As for cargo, I’m thinking it’s better to carry goods ins instead ople. So either the guns or the food. Whichever

sounds good to me, i think we just need to convince Amaryst IC

Definitely remember that you’ve always got two faces. One for the outside world, and one for yourself. Consider how your character thinks about this fact pretty heavily.

Are they cocky? Is it all too easy to pull the wool over these hapless humans eyes?
Are they paranoid? Always looking over their shoulder, worried when someone might see through their act?
How do they treat friends? Are they allowed to be “in” on the secret? Is it kept even from them?
Do they perhaps hide for a specific reason? Have they made an enemy of someone powerful? Did their first lover react poorly to the truth?

Putting some thought into the two-faced aspect of it more than the “Fox” aspect of it is really important I think to having an interesting kitsune character.

Just so you know, you don’t actually have Cyrune’s location. I don’t even have it. We would have to go to the embassy to get ahold of it (and the things needed to get to it).

Jin is buying 310 credits of UPBs and then is later gonna craft 308 of it into two 1st level Spell Chips. We'll see later on what spells the Psychics put into each when that fluff event happens.

Wasn't a cestus, was a Thunderstrike gauntlet. A sonic weapon. I planned to keep it.

As for the pulsecaster, I could part with it, but having a nonlethal backup is always nice.

Sorry for being a bit slow this week, im in a bit of a slump and i can't really think of anything offhand Jin would actually want to buy.

most of the party seemed interested in the biotech facility it seemed (for various reasons)

okay so for the paths we have available i can see two main ones.

>Head to Cyrune and hide out till things calm down, which could give us time to compose ourselves and possibly lead to getting work there

>Head to Castrovel and hunt for information relating to this secret military op and who funded it

alternatively, we could also possibly veer off of the existing story paths and latch onto a different nearby hook, if we so desire.

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