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Shifter Rageshaper Archetype


Hello everyone, this is my first ever post on the Paizo website so I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I have just recently got my ultimate Wilderness book in the mail and have been browsing though it the past couple of days. I have came across the Rageshaper Shifter archetype and found the flavor very interesting. I started to Imagine how awesome it is that I can very briefly enlarge myself and gain a ton of strength to beat my foes over the head with, but then as I took a closely look some of the the wording and abilities confused me.

1. Devastating Form allows you to increase your size by 3 categories by level 20 but doesn't list if you get any stat bonus like most size increasing abilities/feats/spell, to me this sounds weird since I can be like 42 feet tall but only have the strength score an medium size PC. I know you get reach and a increase to damage but you also take size penalties to AC/ATK/Dex. Does this ability increase your STR/CON for being that size?

2. Is Invulnerable Defense suppose to scale with level? as written you give up Defensive Instinct/Chimeric Form/Greater Chimeric Form for (+2AC/DR-)? giving up three powerful abilities for a small AC/DR bonus seems weird.

I really like the Flavor of the Rageshaper,but as written giving up all abilities tied to shifter aspects/Defensive Instinct for a rage like ability without other rage base abilities (like Rage Powers)/ an ability to "APPEAR" Bigger/ and a weaker AC bonus doesn't sound like a far trade.

Welcome to the madhouse. Hope you enjoy your stay. Some good news to start with, you're in the right subforum, so no worries there.

1. Does the ability say it functions as a certain spell, like Beast Shape, Monstrous Physique, or other similar Transmutation effects? If so, you'd use those rules to determine your size benefits. I believe there may also be generic size rules as well, but I forget where they're located. If you can find them, you'd probably default to those if there's no overriding text based on the effect you're emulating (if any).

2. I'd ask for the full text on this one, but I believe there is a rule that says we can't post Paizo content that's recently released until a certain amount of time passes. I think it's 1-2 months (which is usually the time it takes before I actually start seeing rules texts from newly published material), so on this front I can't properly help you. All I can say is that I would prepare for the worst, and say that they don't scale if there is no text suggesting that it does. (After all, most effects that scale usually have text stating how it scales, if there is a limit, and so on.)

Another important thing to consider is that not all archetypes are created equal, or to have equal trades. Some archetypes are going to be better than the base class for what you're looking for in a character, some are going to be worse. Some might even be outright horrible, but the fact of the matter is that it should be rare for an archetype to be better than the base class; most commonly, they should be sidegrades, and sometimes they'll be worse to compensate for not sticking to the old school choice like everybody else normally does.

The size increase don't come with any bonuses besides the ones that size naturally has.
Bonus to CMB and CMD, penalty to AC and attack rolls and the penalty to stealth.

No it doesn't scale. the things they say they trade for aren't always what it's traded for. Like one archetypes says "you lose this power, this replaces this power" it's because it's removal is part of the balance of the rest of the abilities.

This archetype is quite bad as a player archetype, but it could make for a good boss fight archetype.

It should also increase the size of your damage dice, unless something states otherwise.

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