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What class does the Battle Dancer archetype belong to? What abilities does it replace?

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Hello everyone, this is my first ever post on the Paizo website so I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I have just recently got my ultimate Wilderness book in the mail and have been browsing though it the past couple of days. I have came across the Rageshaper Shifter archetype and found the flavor very interesting. I started to Imagine how awesome it is that I can very briefly enlarge myself and gain a ton of strength to beat my foes over the head with, but then as I took a closely look some of the the wording and abilities confused me.

1. Devastating Form allows you to increase your size by 3 categories by level 20 but doesn't list if you get any stat bonus like most size increasing abilities/feats/spell, to me this sounds weird since I can be like 42 feet tall but only have the strength score an medium size PC. I know you get reach and a increase to damage but you also take size penalties to AC/ATK/Dex. Does this ability increase your STR/CON for being that size?

2. Is Invulnerable Defense suppose to scale with level? as written you give up Defensive Instinct/Chimeric Form/Greater Chimeric Form for (+2AC/DR-)? giving up three powerful abilities for a small AC/DR bonus seems weird.

I really like the Flavor of the Rageshaper,but as written giving up all abilities tied to shifter aspects/Defensive Instinct for a rage like ability without other rage base abilities (like Rage Powers)/ an ability to "APPEAR" Bigger/ and a weaker AC bonus doesn't sound like a far trade.