I need a new character for Way of the Wicked.


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So at the end of book 2 of Way of the Wicked my character died fighting somebody we shouldn't have been fighting in the first place. (The GM baited us into fighting him in exchange for a mythic tier.) Obviously, I need a new character. I'd like to get some advice before I make another bad decision.

Now one of the problems is that the story doesn't appeal that much to me. As a GM I love a great villain. As a player in this campaign it's a bit harder because so far we weren't playing great villains. We were playing henchmen. There's not much motivation beyond revenge on the world and the Big Bad Good Guys aren't enough motivation for me. I suppose the motivation should be that they're trying to stop us but they don't feel like good antagonists to me.

The party is made up of a Ranger, Sorcerer and Summoner. There's also an Alchemist cohort as support.

I think an Oracle with the Battle mystery would fit the party pretty good. Reach Oracle would be pretty effective and if I go for human I would get a pretty good favored class bonus. It's a build that would be fun to play in combat.

Now I tend to start building from a roleplaying concept. I don't have a concept for my Oracle. I do have two other concepts but I've yet to figure out what kind of build I should make for them.

The first is an Elf who has escaped the saltmines and where he has been imprisoned for most of his life. He's out to get revenge on everyone in the world. This one seems motivated to me, but he doesn't sound like a team player.

The second is a scholar who believes that every deity is a tyrant. (When a mortal dies its soul travels to the great beyond to be mind whiped, serve a deity and eventually become a powerful outsider who fights on behalf of his deity against powerful outsiders of other deities, thereby losing his freedom.) The people of Talingarde don't like his theories so he just decided to join the church of Asmodeus for his own safety.

I'm allowed to use Spheres of Power but it seems a bit broken if you know what you're doing. I've already played a Shifter possessed by an Erinyes, but that build and character was a bit bland and not very effective.

Epic fantasy purchase method for ability scores. 1 campaign trait, 1 special training trait and 1 other trait. 1 mythic tier. Wealth by level (10). 2 extra skill points/level.

Edit: I had a third concept of a Pei Zin Practitioner with the Life mystery. He was granted his power by Mitra but he hates it since he never asked for it. He decides to follow Asmodeus instead. This seems to fit well with my second concept.

Book 3 is all about assaulting the holiest place in Talingarde and genociding Mitra's most important and powerful followers. Doesn't sound like that's of interest to you, though. Book 4 is where you start to break free of Thorn's rule and chart your own path.

What happens next:
At the end of book 5, you get to kill Thorn himself.

As for what character you should play, the only way to answer that is to learn more about the system and know what you personally find fun, since that question is unrelated to WotW. I think your scholar idea is much more interesting than your salt mine escapee. When I played WotW, I did exactly as you did with your 3rd concept, a life oracle ex-Mitran priest who decided to follow Asmodeus instead.

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Maybe I should make the reach oracle instead then. It would be fun to play, and it seems he would be somewhat motivated for this campaign. I know that at least one of the aspects of Mitra is more militant, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to say that an oracle of Mitra would have the battle mystery.

And please don't post any spoilers.

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Im hurt with the spoiler about book 4 and 5...

If you want motivation for pc ask your gm for npcs to hate in your history. Npcs that will appear in future.

Includes desires to your future, ask your gm about that.

Ask your gm about how join to the knot; as a henchmen? As a newly full member adding anex to the pact? Maybe a member of other knot (a survival of the second?). If you run divine can you be send by a devil by dreams or even another contract (some devils with names from the campaign or asmodeus himself to enforces the team)

Maybe ress your first character is an option

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This looks like a fun evil character build

As a great villain, your henchman merely need to seize destiny in their grasp and wrench forth what is theirs over the corpses and lamentations of those who are so foolish as to oppose you.

Thorn got you out of otherwise certain death. Biding one's time to strike when the time is right is a hallmark of a true tyrant. Until then, smile and wave.

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If the party captured anyone during the occupation of the Horn, you could rebuild and play one of the adventurers that attacked. The party could easily turn any of the neutral NPCs to the dark side. They all have a small bit of back story to build from. As they are from the world, it may also give you some inspiration.

Infernal visions can guide a new villain to the party. any class with a divine tie and loyalty to Asmodeus can be drawn in this way. A Haunted Oracle, maybe a former member of the church of Mitra. Maybe a convert from another oppressed faith who heard about a group of rebels trying win religious freedom for the land.

A nature based character could an Iraen (tribal people south of the Horn) be determined to prevent the ever-expanding Mitran faith.

Both times I've run this, someone grabs antipaladin. Sort of on that vein, an Inquisitor could be fun. Rather than stamp out heresy, you are driven to find protect the surviving faithful of Asmodeus. Trying to liberate stolen relics of the faith and generally be a pain to any Mitrans you find.

Did you fight <Monster Name Redacted> for a Mythic Trial or Ascension? If it is who I think it is, good on you for trying. That thing is horrible.

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I was thinking about a Reach Oracle with the Battle mystery and the Legalistic curse actually. I don't think Haunted goes very well with the Battle mystery.

There is the option that the Erinyes that was possessing my previous character possesses another character with a new set of powers. I think Abomination Psychic was the idea that would fit the best.

The only NPC I can think of was a Dwarf that one of my fellow players played for a oneshot. We played the good guys that were trying to invade the horn. Not sure if it would be a good idea. I don't want to play a Gunslinger though. We did charm him, so that would be an interesting hook...

We also have a bunch of orphans working for us as thieves guild and/or construction company.

The GM already told us that Adrastus will send a replacement, so that's pretty much settled. It's not very imaginative though. It basically defaults my background to: "I was already working for the cardinal."

It probably is who you think it is, and we did defeat him and we did ascend. My character was the only one who died in that fight.

Wolaberry's suggestion implies that if you assume the role of the charmed dwarf that taking said dwarf's place includes whatever class et al you decide on, not that you play whatever class the NPC was.

Adrastus' sending a replacement is the default hook. No reason why you couldn't come up with something else that you and the GM like better.

the David wrote:
We were playing henchmen.

The idea is that you stop being henchmen and start being villains in your own right in book 2 as part of setting up your own fortress of doom, creating your own cult(s), taking over the criminal underworld of the nearby city, etc.

If you're all still thinking and acting like henchmen now, then the players need to start revising their characterization and aims.

You want someone with a hunger for power and grievances against the system or an inability to coexist with it or gain power within it, or at least as much power as they want.

So what is your character's goal?

One of our party members in the AP was a minor noble with delusions of grandeur that took Thorn's rebellion as an opportunity to get himself into position to kidnap the princess and force her to marry him as part of a bid for the throne.

Another was a foreigner looking for a new homeland to settle his people in, and a severely depopulated Talingarde suits his purposes just fine.

Yet another was an assassin whose religious order is based upon the control of orphanages and between the war orphanages and getting control over all of Talingarde's orphanages, would be set to take control of an entire world-spanning assassin network.

Then finally we had an Antipaladin who was a true believer in Asmodeus through and through and wanted nothing more than to destroy Mitra's church and weaken him to the point that he could drag the god down to being just another mortal before sacrificing him to Asmodeus, and maybe stealing some of the divine essence so he can ascend to demigodhood or maybe become a Duke of Hell directly.

the David wrote:
I'm allowed to use Spheres of Power but it seems a bit broken if you know what you're doing.

To be fair, that can be applied to the entire game, especially when it comes to magic, although I suppose much less so in the case of the one-off Words of Power subsystem.

Spheres of Power is a 3rd-party supplement for Pathfinder. Wholly different kettle of fish from Words of Power.

The Mad Comrade wrote:
Spheres of Power is a 3rd-party supplement for Pathfinder. Wholly different kettle of fish from Words of Power.

Indeed. I was just musing.

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The Mad Comrade wrote:
Spheres of Power is a 3rd-party supplement for Pathfinder. Wholly different kettle of fish from Words of Power.

Indeed. I just explained the oversight in the Lock Ward effect word to my GM, so it might be a good idea to skip Words of Power anyway.

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I came up with a new idea, I'm just not sure it's a good idea,

Human oracle, with the Snakes mystery from Deep Magic. Focus on grappling, thanks to the Coils revelation. I don't think it's wise to put much into strength, so I'll focus on charisma instead and take Improved Grapple and Greater Grapple. I won't be making much use of Improved Unarmed Strike except as a prerequisite.

The problems I see with this is that Coils doesn't give a bonus to CMD. I specifically only get a bonus to grapple checks. Anther thing is the "+4 bonus on such checks". Does it refer to grapple checks in general or only to grapple checks made as part of an unarmed strike?
And ofcourse I'm wondering if it would be wise to turn a caster into a grappler anyway.

I'll take the Hierophant as my mythic path for Inspired Spell.

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