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Silver Crusade

I will enjoy games similar to those with theme and rules from pathfinder:

Shadow over mystara
Temple of elemental evil
World of warcraft/old republic
Neverwinter nights 1/ knights of the old republic 1
Arcanum: of steamworks and magick obscura
Fallout 1 & 2

Silver Crusade

Non death penalty is standard. But if you want to be punisher just give the new character the same wealth what was buried the dead one (and the group don't will win gold with death)...

Silver Crusade

Also dex damage its piercing (i think ever) and some creatures get rd from that. Also to crash things str is the key

Silver Crusade

I think the spell is really clear:

(Edit: But yes, a magic ignorant creature should try a save. And a magic knowledge being maybe takes damage and hold item even not rolling save.)

A creature holding the item MAY attempt a Reflex save to drop it and take no damage

otherwise the hot metal deals 1d4 points of FIRE damage per caster level (maximum 5d4).

The item cools to its previous temperature almost INSTANTLY.

Silver Crusade

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I will say cant do that. Cause the corpse not haste to the land. Its time fall down. (Betwen 1-2 secs)

1 round is 6 secs. Cant fall 8/9 times. Maybe 2-3 times being waiting betwen attacks. But waiting its lose time and that could mean lose attacks. Its something to think about.

Another option is start the grapple=end the full round attack.

Silver Crusade

A god havent time for a bard spying.

Maybe an outsider could do something, higher blasphemy will atract higher outsiders.

Silver Crusade

I houserule

Will= cha & wis
Reflex= int & dex
For= str & con

Silver Crusade

Fighters must get a bit more of skill ranks and class skilss.

And fighters must be toughers. D12 like barbarian, maybe. And indeed better against magic, against spells that inutilize them.

Maybe spell resist. Or maybe the fear bonus to ST to all spell effects. Or maybe all ST goods like traditional monks.

A fighter must be tought and reliable, and (like others characters) fun to be played.

Silver Crusade

The swashbuckler or cavalier daring champion arent an option? :3

Paladin is really strong frontliner, but is rp limited so many times you cant be ally with Evil people.

A guy with an animal companion will work nice also. Maybe a ranger with archetype or boon animal feat.

Mind what do you want to be in flavor and want do tou want to do in game mechanics

Silver Crusade

Mind in add monsters or npc as minions.

Try low cr with a bit of danger but easy to clean.

For example if you need touch attacks add 2 lvl 2-3 alchemist working for ironbriar.

Also simple things like terrain or a grease spell can put dificults to a heavy armored guy.

Try to put things to give flavor and fun to the combats, without make it so hard to be imposible or too much

Silver Crusade

Also you can add extra low cr enemies as minions.

Silver Crusade

Uc monk, with 25 points buy and a bit of help from wizard (mage armor) can be nice frontliner, and not forget they can take minions like grumblejack to dirty job

Silver Crusade

If you want the adventure more hard just give advanced template to foes, +2 to all.

You also/
or can rebuild the enemies, but its more time and skill needed.

Silver Crusade

I put those on top. But sure i miss someone. I look on powers, spell list are lot of work ^^u

Feather (animal sub)





Silver Crusade

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You just check if they can scape from jail. You an add items in the veil to help them.

Later during the training adrastus can give them items to support the group lackness.

For campaign flavor i suggest the gnome/halfling being a human "deformed" like game of thrones Tyrion (but stats of gnome or halfling)

When they being trained with the others knoths they could get retrain free and advices from each character (you can help throught npcs)

Posible Items to help...

Healing wand? Maybe infernal healing?

Wand of magic missile (cl1 at start, cl3 from adrastus?) Not full of charges maybe 20+1d10?

Consumables, scrolls or potions utility?

Silver Crusade

A druid will be nice, your team lack at nature people, lack at divine people...

I think you can take serpent or fire domain and be a druid diabolic for asmodeus (nice to the AP)

I think a pure druid or maybe nature fang Will work

Silver Crusade

Like in the other thread i suggest use charisma (Desna's Shooting Star) to fight.
But finesse+starry will work but a bit feat expensive and comes to game at lvl 5 (you need focus to starry).

The stats could be
F10 D14 c13 I10 W15 C16 changing scribe scroll to Desna's Shooting Star. But you will loose a bit of armor class reflex and initiative...

Edit: even you can give up the luck domain 1st level power to get the Desna's Shooting Star at exchange and still with the second feat (or take 2 +2 human alternate and forgive that feat)

Silver Crusade

There both are very diferent one from another.

The bloodrager maybe need a bit more of con.

And the cleric need indeed more wisdom. Why dex18? Maybe you should swicht dex to wis.

I like the flavor choices ^^

Silver Crusade 4/5

I remember a bugvear zombie in a season 0 with 42hp for tier 1-2

Silver Crusade

Mmm for desna, with starknife, you could be oracle and take divine fight style and the apropiate mistery to get charisma to attack, damage, ca (even initiative with noble scion)...

You could be melee, ranged and healer

Silver Crusade

The gm can put shoanti background easy with an important npc in sandpoint. If you like the shoanti, ask your gm about link your history to that npc

Silver Crusade

About craft and masterwork transformation. Those things, by raw, work on items, and unarmed strikes arent items.

Silver Crusade

Maybe you should check technology guide and try your gm let you theme cibertech into genetech.

About "create" unarmed strike. Im think the name, raw, is "unarmed".. but if you want it maybe implanted weaponry will be your choice.

Slot: arm; Price: 10,000 gp (special); Weight: 1 lb. (special)
Install: DC 26; Implantation: 2;
Craft: DC 25; Cost: 5,000 gp (special);
A single light melee weapon or one-handed firearm can be implanted in an arm or cybernetic arm. Melee weapons extend or retract as a swift action. Ranged weapons fire through a port on the palm or back of the wrist. Either type of weapon has statistics identical to its normal form. Firearms reload through a breach in the arm, increasing the reloading time of the weapon to a full-round action, or doubling reloading times that already take a full round or longer. Implanted weapons are well concealed; detecting one requires a thorough search (Perception DC 25). Implanted weaponry can be damaged or destroyed by sundering, but cannot be disarmed. Weaponry installed in a cybernetic arm does not count against a creature's implantation limit. The cost, price, and weight of the weapon to be implanted are added to the cost, price, and weight listed in this stat block.

Silver Crusade

I think with the spells you can understand the languages like a native.

But you can know that a native with not knowledges could know.

You can know things like Munchen means Munich. But you maybe dont know its a city just a name. (Knowledge geography)

You can know a local sentence meaning, but not where is the origin (knowledge history)

You can read a riddle, but the spell dont solve it

Silver Crusade

You can give thing to balance the deformity.

Example take 2 feats for +10 foot speed and balance lame. But lame still reduce you 10 foot.

You can get an extra arm by magic or tecnology, but your old usseless arm still there.

IMO you cant use inmunity to confusion, staggered, etc to avoid those.

I mind about if temporal magic effects like calm emptions or freedom of movement would work. Im think not, cause magic cant heal deaf or blindness deformities anyway raw is not clear

Silver Crusade

A simple rule could be:

Knowledge check --> can be afected or not.

In humanoids with class levels could tell things like "He never was afflicted by this spell in public" "in the last year he fall by it in a battle, but a misterioud stranger sold him an amulet to protect from that"

Edit: and the scroll is used, the spell is casted, like if you cast enlarge person to a non humanoid.

Wasted. Like a cure light wounds to a full hp target, i think.

Silver Crusade

3.0 d&d

Special game before start the campaign. Like a background or precuel.

All players being orphans in house of orphans.

They will start the heros way defending the house against goblins.


The game will ever remembered as "your goblin eats my orphan"

Silver Crusade

The cleric will do best heals

The warpriest Will do best martial artist

Both need more skill points (maybe an archetype will help you with that)

Silver Crusade

Any good one its ok.

Why not kingmaker?

Silver Crusade

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Druids, clerics, Rangers, Paladins and sure some one more "know" all the spells.

The GM choice what sources will use in his/her game.

The gm even can limit more creating home rules like you only know x spells each level being druid.

But following the rules a druid know all the existents spells for his/her level

Druids are overpowered like other pure casters (wizards, clerics even sorcerer) dont worry about that

Silver Crusade

You can do some homerules to make the game at your taste.

For example each level up you can limit the class they could choice, or/and skills, feats, spells...

You can limit anything on character creation. Even you can create the characters.

You can hold and hide the papers. And the players cant watch their stats. Only ask you about that, or trying to do things.

(Example. Player havent sheet. He want to climb. You know str 20 and got climb "you think is easy to you)

Silver Crusade

If they are a bit lost, can give advice from an npc...

The goblin activity is growing in thistletop, and Sandpoint was attacked before. Can send the pcs to slay the goblins and solve the menace.

Shalelu, the sherif or the mayor are good options to send the mission

Silver Crusade

Lunge feat, but requires +6bab

Silver Crusade

Mmmm i think not.

If you wound or kill her she vanish and back to home.

If you give her an item, when she vanish she dont take away it with her.

Buuuut maybe a summoned could pregnant a local female. . . Or not... What happens with summoneds blood in the floor?

I guess a called one can be pregnant, but summon not.

Silver Crusade


Silver Crusade

Ironbriar can help them. Or just one who he think could be corrupted. Or one who can lend a favor. Or just help to bluff them and later stab...

Even Ironbriar can use the pcs to stab other members of the Seven trying to get more power to himself

Silver Crusade

Bard melee focused dervish dancer of the dawn (self buff)

Bard standard with all stats upper 11 can be half tanky, full buffer, even can use shield if want to protect others.

Bard caster melee if your gm lets use Desna's Shooting Star only will use cha atack, damage, spell, etc

Silver Crusade

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If you call a balor to kill and torture angels. He will be happy, but he maybe want to do better things, or his own things.

If you call a solarion, same. Golarion is in danger. Yeah, but he was saving golarion from other thing before being called. And he is very busy doing angel things.

Both can be hired. And both will be expensive.

Maybe one ask you to disease a entire city to be paid abd other ask you to heal a entire city...

Silver Crusade

Standard Bard + feat to get familiar

Magus gets a chance? Bit complex but its nice.

Not sure if kineticist will works think can be frost themed and get familiar like frost kami? (Not sure)

Silver Crusade 4/5

I think you can report it. Blank the players place. Or give them new players card/number by email and report those numbers.

Wait if prefer an oficial reply

Silver Crusade

The dragon must be defeated.

They can save drsgon life with charada and the kobold will be happy.

Also they can do the standard game and thendrsgon attacks them. No choice there

Silver Crusade

Is legal move, free the grab, and continue moving?

If you do that, are you not provoque aoo?


Silver Crusade

Maybe the pit guy can make a save, acrobatics or climb check to avoid go down?

Silver Crusade

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Flesh to stone!

Silver Crusade

(andoran spirits of liberty spell lvl2)
Suppress Charms and Compulsions

Silver Crusade

Protection from evil let a second roll, but when PFE ends the charm will back..

Second, the subject immediately receives another saving throw (if one was allowed to begin with) against any spells or effects that possess or exercise mental control over the creature (including enchantment [charm] effects and enchantment [compulsion] effects, such as charm person, command, and dominate person. This saving throw is made with a +2 morale bonus, using the same DC as the original effect. If successful, such effects are suppressed for the duration of this spell.

Silver Crusade

Sneak attack is SAME type of attack from its come (fire if searing ray, piercing from shortsword, etc) and is added to the damage before the resistances or reduction.

"Presicion" just nerf the bonus, cant multiply on crit anx cant afect some beings

Silver Crusade

In the rules sneak attack is "extra damage" like flaming weapon or others.

Add sneak if you will add flaming weapon. But when sneak explicity cant. (By rules for concealment, no anatomy, etc)

No put extra limits to sneak attack

Silver Crusade

You cant do sneak attack with an attack does no damage (like an Arcane Mark touch attack from the spell).

If you sneak attack with a sword and enemy is DR5. You will roll the damage (weapon+sneak+str+magic+feat+etc) and later reduce it from total.

Silver Crusade

Paladin aura of justice at 20 give +20 damage and ignore damage reduction to all mates and + cha to hit (+10?)...

Paladín stuff look nice to demon killing.

Wizard ever is sucess.

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