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Would You Rather? Pathfinder Edition

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A protean because if I debated an inevitable, I'd probably get my head chopped off for using grammar incorrectly or something of that nature.

Would you rather be permanently blind, or permanently nauseous?

Blind. They're doing amazing things with prosthetics these days.

Would you rather

50% of your party had a 100% chance of dying


100% of your party had a 50% chance of dying?

50% of my party with a 100% chance of dying. That way, I know how many Raise Dead spells I have to prepare today.

If you were running for President, who would you rather have as your running mate? Tar-Baphon the Whispering Tyrant, or Razmir the Living "God"?

Tar Baphon. Vice presidents have to be stupid or evil. He would be difficult to beat at evil.

Would you rather get prioritized for death by the red mantis church, or the Aspis consortium?

Shadow Lodge

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Aspis because they don't have a 100% success rate.

Would you rather gain paladin levels but have a consecutive 3% chance of falling every time you leveled up, or play a wizard who's caster level never increases?

Wizard because I don't have a moral code, and time stop and meteor swarm don't need caster levels.

Which pathfinder canon afterlife would you like to go to the most after you die?

Nirvana. Peace and quiet and... no... technology... Axis. Definitely Axis.

Would you rather be the test subject of an alchemist or a necromancer?

Necromancer, because chances are that I'd be already dead and thus wouldn't really care one way or the other.

If you were a spiritualist, would you rather that your phantom hate your guts or creepily obsess over you?

Hate my guts. Everyone else does.

If you were a wizard, which arcane school would you want to specialize in (And no universalist)?

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Evocation. I love blowing things up.

Would you rather spend the night in the care of the Church of Zon-Kuthon or the Night Heralds?

Night heralds.
One is a Lot more.... torturey then the other, and I like learning things.
Even if those thigns will inevitably drive me mad. (Because I already am!)

Would you rather be able to turn into any animal that exists in reality at will, so long as it doesn't have prehensile thumbs, or be stuck as a hatchling sized dragon?

Dragon, obviously. That way I can learn Mage hand and use magic instead of thumbs.

Would you rather be an archduke of hell, or a janitor in Arborea (with no possibility of advancement)?

Dark Archive

Archduke in Hell. More ways to keep myself busy.

Would you rather owe an archon a favor or have a demon owe you a favor?

Demon owe me a favor - I won't collect on it right away, but I'll remind the demon every chance I get. "Hey, I helped you remember? I'm pretty sure that was me helping you."

*Demon holds his head down and sighs, "Yes. Yes. That was you."

Would you rather play Pathfinder with a bunch of hideous people who know how to play the game, or beautiful people who don't even speak your language?

Past practice proves the former to be true.

Would you rather be conscious while it happens, feeling everything, but with the potential to beg for mercy or escape, or be blissfully unconscious until it was all over but applying soothing ointments for the next five to seven days?

Being that I am an ooze I would not need ointments, but you would need a medic.

Would you rather get into a knife fight or a gun fight?

Knife fight. Specifically a butter knife fight. It's not so lethal. But I'd rather have a spoon fight if I could choose.

Would you rather be allowed to play only your favorite class for the rest of your life or to be allowed to play all classes but your favorite one?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Allowed to play all classes but my favoite; variety is the spice of life.

Would you rather have a cursed item that switches your gender or a cursed item that switches your race?

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