Gelatinous Cube

Proof is in the Pudding's page

13 posts. Alias of Crag_Irons.


Drunken master named Darrel Leck. He was actually an NPC, but still a punny character.

Spike (Because you have one.)


Because as a gelatinous cube I will eat anything, and I think I can see something stuck between your teeth.

Don't give my your "physic law" stuff. The bumble bee and I break the laws of physics.

The next poster broke a law recently, and it is bothering them for some reason they will share.

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Comrade Computer should not rule this city because he can only provide two shades of fun.

JTDV is an acronym which means Joy Time Deviant Violence.

You should know that not everything can be tripped. You may want to get some healing for that foot I just adsorbed.

Being that I am an ooze I would not need ointments, but you would need a medic.

Would you rather get into a knife fight or a gun fight?

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Fred is banned for lurking around the messageboard and ...
Fred this is not the woods, you can not get away with that!

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Kileanna travels back in time while invisible to move items around at her work. She enjoys the non-harmful frustration it causes for a mean co-worker.

Computer Armageddon Programer

3/10 CREEPY commoner; not a 1 because of back story.

"THE" Poog of Zarongel is banned for winking at people after being asked to stop.