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Help me build a real cool spear / staff / polearm using character


Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Spears, staffs and polearm like weapons are iconic in so many stories, but i didn´t see them used in many games i played.
While there might be mechanical reasons for this, i don´really care.

Let´s look on the bright side and build real cool character of any class and race using such stuff!

While reach is of course preferrable, it´s not necessary.
3PP are also ok, but many don´t allow them.

I start with a question:
Can the transformative weapon property transform a longspear into a normal spear? From reach to normal weapon?

And i throw in this build idea:

Fighter phalanx soldier

Shield and Fauchard/similar weapon

TWF and shield bash feat lines
Improved and greater trip and bullrush

Basic idea is to trip enemies in reach and skewer them.
If they come to close, bullrush them away with the shield.
Tower shield gives nice protection to you and allies.

I only know this form a 3pp gaming/pikeman


20 PB - Human
Polearm master 5 /pike man 5

Str 18
Con 12
Dex 14
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 10

1) Weapon focus (long spear), Power attack, combat reflexes
2) Pushing assault
3) Iron will
4) WS (long spear)
5) Furious focus
7) TWF
9) Lunge

A twf monk and quarterstaff.

A Shelyn paladin or cleric with a glaive (reach)

Anyone wielding a ransuer (disarm, reach)

Flail-wielding tank (disarm, trip, allows shield/twf attacks)

I'm not familiar with the transformative weapon property, so these ideas may not be what you're looking for.

I went and looked up the text for the Transformative weapon special ability, and the only really relevant thing I could come up with is the bolded part:

Transformative wrote:

A transformative weapon alters its shape at its wielder’s command, becoming any other melee weapon of the same general shape and handedness; the weapon’s categorization as simple, martial, or exotic is irrelevant. For example, a Medium transformative longsword can take the shape of any other Medium one-handed melee weapon, such as a scimitar, flail, or trident, but not a Medium, light or Two-handed melee weapon (such as a Medium short sword or a Medium greatsword). It can even take the shape of comparable weapons of different size categories. For example, a Small greatsword is a Two-handed slashing weapon for a Small character, but is a one-handed slashing weapon for a Medium character, which is very similar to a Medium longsword; a Small transformative greatsword can become an actual Medium longsword, usable by a Medium creature without the –2 penalty for using a weapon of the wrong size. The weapon retains all of its abilities, including enhancement bonuses and weapon properties, except those prohibited by its current shape. For example, a keen transformative weapon functions normally in the form of a piercing or slashing weapon, but cannot use the keen property when in the shape of a bludgeoning weapon. When unattended, the weapon reverts to its true shape.

What I take this to mean is that, whatever form the weapon takes, if it's not a Reach weapon originally, it can't gain the Reach property by having it transform into a weapon with the Reach weapon. It may seem kinda silly and counter-intuitive, but it's not saying that the forms it becomes also pick up the traits of the weapon as well.

Something I've been tossing around in my head was actually a dwarf polearm fighter. With the bonus to AoOs, I'd really suggest a cleave-tastic setup and get goblin cleaver and orc hewer so that you can cleave off of any foe to any other you threaten. Then smack them when they try to move.

No one mentioned staff magus?

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Titan Mauler Barbarian.

Angel-blooded Aasimar Bonus to STR and CHR

1 level Ex-barbarian (retain 30' movement while in mithral platemail and netting a few extra hp)
2 levels Paladin (boost those saves while giving yourself healing)
x levels Polearm Master Fighter (change grip for reach while boosting dam and gaining feats)

This is a full Bab progression which would be able to crank out some decent damage/CMBs with your reach weapon stacked with feats and be quite the tank at the same time.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Two levels Titan Barbarian, going into Guide Ranger, and choosing the Weapon and Shield weapon style.

Use a Longspear and Heavy Shield.

Oooooh, nice catch blackbloodtroll. I hadn't thought of using titan mauler for wielding reach weapons 1 handed.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Yes. Going Ranger afterward will allow you to nab Shield Master sooner, and will allow you to invest more into strength.

Heck going 2 levels Titan Mauler, then going ranger with two weapon style and wielding 2 glaives would make for an interesting character. The -to hit penalties would be.... big... but you could pump str and with rage, would be a fun character.

More spear orientated, go with a weapon master with a longspear. Put feats into crits so when you do hit it is powerful. Granted it is better with weapons with larger threat ranges but hey

Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Only a spear or something similar is ok too, shield isn´t necessary, just fits in good.

Main thing is the character gets some cool moves to do^^

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Hayato Ken wrote:

Only a spear or something similar is ok too, shield isn´t necessary, just fits in good.

Main thing is the character gets some cool moves to do^^

Here you go, a Human PFS legal Lore Warden that can do some wicked things with a pole-arm.

Attributes: (20 point build)
STR - 16 (+2 racial bonus, +1 at 4th and 8th level)
DEX - 15 (+1 at 12th level)
CON - 14
INT - 10
WIS - 12
CHA - 7

1st Power Attack
1st Weapon Focus - Bardiche
1st Combat Reflexes
2nd Dodge
2nd Combat Expertise
3rd Mobility
4th Spring Attack (swap Combat Reflexes for Whirlwind Attack)
5th Combat Reflexes
6th Lunge
7th Improved Trip
8th Improved Critical: Bardiche
9th Tripping Strike
10th Greater Weapon Focus: Bardiche
11th Dazing Assault
12th Desperate Battler

I can give you more to the build, all the way up until 20 if you like, but this is the gist of it (the rest deals mainly with Weapon Specialization and critical feats). Essentially, by 4th level you can make an attack at full BAB against everything within reach - remember that you can take a 5' step during your Whirlwind Attack, significantly increasing your number of potential targets with your reach weapon. By 6th level you can make a Lunging Whirlwind Attack - this at the same time other full martial types are just getting their second iterative attack. By 9th level anyone you crit also gets tripped. By 11th level you can pull out a Dazing Lunging Whirlwind Attack with your reach weapon for some serious battlefield control. And of course you get the free attacks of opportunity reach weapons typically give you as well.

This build - at 4th level - defeated eleven 2nd level warriors in just a few rounds of combat not too long ago. Very cool and a lot of fun.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I love the naginata. I had a Crusader / Wizard / Jade Phoenix mage that concentrated on using magic to buff herself, then used AOOs and Stand Still to tank for the party. I don't think I could be nearly as effective with existing Pathfinder rules. She's the exact type of character I most love to play.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I created a nice adaptation of Prince Nuada from Hellboy 2 using a Naginata weilding Elf Fighter/Rogue 4/4. Was even more effective when using the rogue tricks to eventually take Enlarge person 3 times a day.

Taking weapon focus/specialization power attack and stand still made for a very effective combatant.

The only issue I had was making the weapon change from it's small but hideable size to the full size Naginata. ...

Don't have it with me but I think I went for Polearm master.

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