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Going as my Pathfinder character for Halloween

Gamer Talk

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A vanara alchemist. Nearly all at the party are gamers, and my whole game group will be there. Not telling them til they see me at the party, BTW.

Ideas include carrying around shots on a bandoleer of test Tubes.

How should I do the face?

Oh hells yeah.

There should be a few websites that can help you with steampunk stuff for bandoliers and vials.

If you are male, go for the goatee. If female, go for a wig(don't think you can grow super long hair overnight) with a fair amount of lazy curls.

Sovereign Court

Sure, i went as my fighter for last halloween. Wearing full plate while plastered and going home wasn't fun...except for my friends...they even shot a video...can't find it though.

What could I mix up for a drink called alchemist's fire?

Grand Lodge

Nepherti wrote:
What could I mix up for a drink called alchemist's fire?

Fill the vials with shots of absinthe (the real stuff, not that day-glow green colored crap some companies insist on calling absinthe).

Oh, and just as an FYI if you go with absinthe, real absinthe was NEVER set on fire...

Generally, anything that is 100 proof, if I remember correctly this equates to somewhere around 47% ethanol by volume, will burn. Then again, perhaps half and half alcohol and hot sauce would do it without actual flames? =)

If you want to add a flaming adult beverage, first off: BE CAREFUL. Alcohol and fire, what can possibly go wrong?

An easy flaming drink is Bacardi 151 shot, set on fire and dropped into a cup of beer. It's called a flaming Dr Pepper shot (and it sort of does taste like Dr Pepper.

Everyone always has beer so you won't need to buy that, just a bottle of 151, shot glass and a lighter. Then you can "brew" your potions at any party you end up at.

Have fun, drink responsibly and Happy Halloween!

151 is a good choice, we also mix with it (there is a full bar in our living room (fridge, 5ft bartop, blender, with a mantle and mirror behind it).

For the costume I have aviator goggles, plenty of medieval clothing from SCA, gonna find some fake monkey feet.

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