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Some halflings are raised in peaceful country villages, where this is enough to eat and they sing songs and drink ale, some are not. Cappy was raised in an Inn where his mother cooked and cleaned in one of the poorest sections of the city. When he was older he found he was quick with his wits, but quicker with a blade, which got him out of those times his wits failed him. He has a few friends he runs scams with, but after watching his mother work her whole life and get nowhere he sees the Tower of Light as a chance to get a really big score and move out of the slums.

I'm not super pressed about playing a monstrous race, no biggy. I'll just play a good old fashioned halfling thief. If we are going into a deathtrap dungeon type place a thief will be useful.

I'd also be interested. Have played and run DW before. Will have a character concept soon. Do you consider the races from Grim World to be "monstrous" like Kobolds, Centaurs, Infernals etc?

Looking for players for a short campaign of DW. Playing over hangouts most likely evenings, weekly or bi-weekly. Wanted to do a basic go get the item from the dungeon, short campaign. Open to Grim World and other playbooks.

Let me know if you are interested, thanks!

Hi, Moving to Northern VA, Manassas area. Wanted to know if there were any good stores or groups looking for players in that area.

Like Pathfinder among a long list of other board, video and RPG games. Don't mind running and looking to start a Dungeon World group.

At the very least would like to know if there are good gaming stores in the area. Thanks for your help in advance.

Hey been playing a great indie game!


It's a cross between Minecraft and Rouge with some Zelda-like elements thrown in and Lovecraft on top!

Great sound design. Great gift for yourself for the holidays at only $15.

I like the Dungeon World XP mechanic. Award XP on failure, learn from your mistakes.

Detective Jimmy McNulty: Chaotic Neutral

Detective Lester Freamon: Neutral

Detective Bunk Moreland: ????

Detective Kima Greggs: Lawful Good

Anyone else from The Wire?

As an aside, Munch makes a very brief appearance in the last Season of The Wire since that character originally began on Homicide: Life on the Streets which was also set in Baltimore. That puts those 3 cops shows in the same "TV Universe", St. Elsewhere style!

Never saw it but I did see the test footage for the creature.

It's an actual guy in costume who's played a lot of skinny weird characters, from the trailer I'd assume they added some effects in post but he's still very creepy looking/moving.

Here is the creepy test footage

Adamantine Dragon wrote:

I haven't read the book. I'm not really a great fan of zombies anyway. When I think of zombies as they are typically portrayed in fiction, my immediate reaction isn't OMG RUN!, my immediate reaction is "wow, catch some of those things and put them in a hamster cage with some raw brains just outside of their reach. Infinite power supply! Our energy problems are solved!"

Yay zombies!

You might liek the movie FIDO.

Sort of like post Sean of the Dead world, zombies as entertainment / servants / pets.

Stop asking her to come.

It sounds like she doesn't want too anyway. Gently remind her once in a while "Game night is Wednesday, would love it if you could be here!" and THAT 'S IT! Don't ride her about something she isn't interested in. You can't MAKE someone want to play. Personally I've never had to beg someone to come game with me, if they don't show and don't respond I move forward with my plans and enjoy the game. Because games are supposed to be fun, you know.

Also,not to be rude, but it sounds like this is a symptom of your and hers family coming together. I don't know the whole backstory here, liek who moved into who's house, but was she a gamer before the two families co-habitated? If no, maybe she is only gaming out of a sense of obligation to the new family members. Again, not trying to be rude, but there is a lot of drama that sounds like it comes from non-gaming sources,like the stress of new family members, etc.

At worst you should be is cordial to her. If she outbursts and misbehaves and swears, that's on her. Always take the high road, especially with people who, liek them or not, will be in your life for years to come.

I suggest you go to Pathfinder Society night (or D&D or MtG or whatever) at your local gaming store(s) and meet new players before you even think
about letting them into your homes. In fact if I were you I'd go for several months and then get a feel for who you would actually want to socialize with outside of the store/PFS night.

You're going to be letting these people into your home and around your kids/spouse/pets/belongings/computer/wireless network/etc and it's best to meet and get to know a person in a nuetral setting before you hand them your contact info, let alone invite them into your house.

I highly recommend Dungeon World as well. It is my game of choice these days. Not able to get together often? Try running DW on Google Hangouts, it's got a great, very active, Google+ Community as well.

Also, you have a wealth of knowledge that anyone of a number of start up gaming communities and independent game companies would love to have access to in terms of feedback and advice. Look around find a vibrant growing community or indy game that you click with and join and support it. You can help yourself by helping others and it's fun to get in on the ground floor of something.

Brent Spiner does a mean Patrick Stewart...


I was wondering if there was a way to use an iPad as an extra webcam on Google Hang outs or Skype?

Like a dice cam/map cam if I needed one.

Anyone know of any apps or setting that can do this?

Just wondering.


lol, people are still up in arms about this?


the David wrote:

Science Fantasy/Planetary Romance/Sword and Planet.

So like Barsoom/Planet of Adventure but with magic/psionics.

Check out Dungeon planet, that's a good game for that type of setting.

Also I think World War 1 is seriously under used as well as Stone Age, pre-civilization settings.

Well I guess I can share my horror story about walking out.

Me and my usual gaming group was playing Pathfinder with our usual GM, who is a nice guy but sometimes likes to create rules on the fly rather than look them up.

Anyway we were chugging along in the dungeon when my barbarian kicked down a door only to be stabbed by a guy 10 feet away from the door. The GM said "he had prepared a lunge." which I pointed out wasn't actually allowed as per the RAW. Anyhoo we went back and forth and voices got raised and it was then that I remembered my wife's funeral was that day. Of course, I was out of there in a heartbeat. Color my face embarassed. I got to the funeral in time (barely) but had a lot of explaining to do, needless to say.

That was the only time I ever left a game mid-session.

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Some test footage of a young cyclops

Looks like it could be interesting.

Trailer for World's End!

Gotta love some Edgar Wright!

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Laurefindel wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Odraude wrote:
***heavenly (in)justice***
that is indeed nonsense....but it could lead to an interesting sidequest where one rebels against heaven itself.

That's main campaign material!

Quit the DM, recuperate his/her plot and the series of events that led to the trial, start a new campaign on the basis that celestials are just as douche-y as fiends, except that they won the war on propaganda...

Paging the last few seasons of Supernatural....

Paging the last few seasons of Supernatural....

Aberrant Templar wrote:

I guess this isn't an alternate timeline of the main series, it's an alternate timeline of an alternate timeline of the main series? *shrug*
Black Dougal wrote:

ah right..too many timelines..

Have you ever seen the TNG episode "Paralells"?

Pretty much states as cannon that the universe is CONSTANTLY fracturing off into alternate time lines. That's why I never understood why the alternate timeline thing in the first Abrams Trek ruffled so many feathers. It was the 97th time they used the plot device, so no biggy, IMHO.

One of the monsters in the latest trailer sure looks and moves like the Cloverfield Monster (which I dug) so it looks liek they are giving nods to all the major Mega-Monsters of film.

All the big bots and all the big beasts in one movie!

I'm already standing in line for tickets as I write this!!

Also I wouldn't be surprised if people started asking to dual weild boats after they see this.

Hi, I've been looking at Dungeon World lately and am going to be giving it a try with my gaming group. Anyone else out there have any experience or opinions about this game?

The biggest issue I'm having trouble wrapping my head around is the "Bonds" feature and how to resolve them and award XP. I'm hoping it will become clearer during gameplay but any help would be appreciated.


Transylvanian Tadpole wrote:
Well there's a spoilertastic thread title . . .

How is the character's name a spoiler?

It wouldn't be a big deal if Abrams hadn't been denying it was Kahn for the beginning.

Spoilers are things like:It's his sled or he's a ghost the whole time or he's rally the devil.

Also Kahn is supposed to be from India if I recall. If that's true Ricardo Montalban was not the correct ethnicity for the original Kahn either.

Futurama is cancelled...again.

Sadly it's not being renewed by Comedy Central.

I wouldn't be surprised if there is a movie later like the FIRST time it was cancelled, but still sad to see the half hour episodes go away.

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It's not "Dark Folk"!

It's Differently Light Able Persons.


I wouldn't in any way place the Great Old Ones as tied to the material plane IF we are using Lovecraft's work as cannon.

It's extremely clear that many of the beings in the Cthulu cycle are not made up of physical matter as we understand it.

Cthulu gets a boat smashed through his head and just reforms his head. Mi-Go are not fully material when they are on Earth and of course the Coulour Out of Space has no body to speak of at all. Dreams in the Witch House and the island in Call of Cthulu have strange angles that intersect both time and space. Several people die just by falling into a corner at a strange angle.

It's stated many times these beings are from a place "where the natural laws are different" so I wouldn't really say they are tied to the material plane at all. Or at least not the plane we are on as we comprehend it.

But there are Lovecraftian monsters like Elder Things and Deep Ones that do have bodies like "normal" creatures, in that they can die through physical harm and violence.

I always considered these thing as indicators that the Elder Gods themselves were so alien and far removed from us that they simply did not care to be bothered with us. Azathoth is a blind idiot god that has other idiot gods prancing around it at the center of the universe playing pipes. In other words it's too powerful too actually care about much of anything. It's also in keeping with the Lovecraft theme, that if you open your eyes wide enough with knowledge and understanding you eventually realize you are a meaningless speck of dust and go mad.

BUT, Nyarlothotep has always been one of the few beings who could actually be dealt with by humans and as such i always thought he was one of the weaker entities in the pantheon.

Is there a special saddle I would need to get to keep from falling out off my mount if he was climbing upside down?

I have the boon to play a Nagaji and a Nagaji on a Giant Chameleon also seems like fun, maybe with a reach weapon to back up his archery.

Still spitballing this idea.

Thanks for the feedback and input! Very helpful!

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Not as awesome as the poster for it!

Dark Corners of the Earth part 2?

The same Pat Robertson who claims to leg press 2000 pounds?

Yeah....Google it.


I assume you are using your Protection judgement to bump AC as well.

I'd also recommend Magic Vestments over spending money on armor enchantments.

Spike Stones and Spike growth have very large areas and will trigger when they are walked over, letting you know what square they are in.Just cast them in the vauge area you think an opponent might be standing, they also have loooooooong duration AND have a chance to cripple them.

In the book "Inner Sea Magic", and yes they are PFS legal (last time I checked). They are also in the D20SRD but I'm at work and that is blocked, but this isn't....go figure.

Shadow Gambit feat would make sense, theme-wise, but IMHO I don't use it very often on my Gnome Illusionist.

Threatening Illusion is another one people like, but has limited uses.

Of course Imp Familiar if you go that way.

Hmmmm, I hadn't seen vermin companions!

Scorpions and Wasps also look good for small druids.

Unfortunately I was hoping to make more of a mounted archer than a druid.

Is it possible to get a spider as a mount or animal companion.

Are any of these ways legal in PFS?

I looked in the Bestiary's "Animal Companion" section and none were listed but I don't think that covers all possibilities.

Any suggestions for a class/race/feat combo to get a spider companion or mount (for a small character)?



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As part of the Museum of Play's "GAME ON!" Exhibit.

The article is calling it the "first" D&D manuscript but either way it would be interesting to look at.

If anyone goes to the exhibit let us know!

Netflix isn't really a content creator. It's just a wharehouse full of other peoples shows.

Even cable TV itself is populated by re-runs of Network sit coms. Take a look how often Big Bang theory re-runs air on cable on TBS or other networks.

People talk about the death of Broadcast TV but in reality the big three networks are responsible for a lot of content.

I think we are going through a huge transistion in the way we consume media and the companies that offer that media are having trouble adjusting to the technological innovations that allow us to consume as we please, which is a very hard business model to get money out of when compared to the old TV viewer/ratings/ad sales revenue model that drove the media industry pretty much all of last century.

Ther's a good chance there is a season 5 of Community

Good article in general and goes well with my earlier post about Dan Harmon's "Death of Television " speech.

fictionfan wrote:
I was talking about bestow curse to give aminsa or modify memory.

I also was talking about Modify Memory. It has a duration of permanent and can be dispelled.

Bestow Curse, same thing applies except Dispel Magic doesn't cancel it.

fictionfan wrote:
Alot of the magical methords mentioned could not be dispelled they aren't mind control like dominate person or suggestion. They are mental manipulation. Modify memory is a good example of a spell I am glad does not exist in the real world or at least I don't recall it.

That's inaccurate.

The duration of Modify memory and Sow Thought is PERMANENT not instantaneous, which means it is an ongoing magical effect. You can use Dispel Magic, Anti Magic Field, Break Enchantment, etc on them. They will also cause the person under the effect to detect as Enchantment magic if you cast detect magic on them.

Sow Thought is also a good spell :

You plant an idea, concept, or suspicion in the mind of the subject. The target genuinely believes that the idea is his own, but is not required to act upon it. If the idea is contrary to the target's normal thoughts (such as making a paladin think, "I should murder my friends") the target may suspect mind-altering magic is at play. The idea must be fairly clear, enough so that it can be conveyed in one or two sentences. You do not need to share a common language for the spell to succeed, but without a common language you can only sow the most basic rudimentary ideas.

EldonG wrote:
eakratz wrote:
But the real question would be "Is the wind blowing, not blowing, or both blowing and not blowing when the box is closed?"
Pavlov's wind. ;)

I think you mean Schrodinger's Gust.

Peachbottom wrote:
Dream would not, but the spell Nightmare functions more like what you have in mind.

I don't see Nightmare as an option on the Witch's spell list. Oddly enough it is not on the Dreamweaver Archetype either...

Is it possible to use the spell Dream to deprive a character of a good night's sleep, thus preventing spell memorization, etc?

Can you essentially spend a night berating them in their dreams and being offensive so they can't get a restful sleep?

It's got no save or range or time constraints.

I'm designing a BBEG Dreamweaver Witch.


You, or a messenger you touch, send a message to others in the form of a dream. At the beginning of the spell, you must name the recipient or identify him or her by some title that leaves no doubt as to identity. The messenger then enters a trance, appears in the intended recipient's dream, and delivers the message. The message can be of any length, and the recipient remembers it perfectly upon waking. The communication is one-way. The recipient cannot ask questions or offer information, nor can the messenger gain any information by observing the dreams of the recipient.

Once the message is delivered, the messenger's mind returns instantly to its body. The duration of the spell is the time required for the messenger to enter the recipient's dream and deliver the message.

If the recipient is awake when the spell begins, the messenger can choose to wake up (ending the spell) or remain in the trance. The messenger can remain in the trance until the recipient goes to sleep, then enter the recipient's dream and deliver the message as normal. A messenger that is disturbed during the trance comes awake, ending the spell.

Creatures who don't sleep or don't dream cannot be contacted by this spell.

The messenger is unaware of its own surroundings or of the activities around it while in the trance. It is defenseless both physically and mentally (always failing any saving throw) while in the trance.

Who else read the title of this thread too quickly and thought it was about Moustached Skill bonuses?

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