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"The Private Diary of Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher" - An In-Character PaizoCon 2012 Blog



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OOC: Hi guys. I spotted the PaizoCon Bloggery thread, and I had a neat idea to talk about PaizoCon... in-character. Upon Painlord the Wise's recommendation, I'm giving this its own thread.

I invite players of Taldan PCs to chatter about the Grand Convocation here in this thread, so we may best orchestrate the accomplishment of the Empire's objectives.

IC: What follows is excerpted from the diary of one Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher, Lady of Taldor and Pathfinder. It covers the events of summer 4712.

4 Erastus, 4712

I have been ordered by the Society to embark on a set of missions in frequent succession for a series of Venture-Captains. The briefings promise to take me far and wide, across Golarion, in search of ancient trinkets and powerful artifacts originating from civilizations lost to time. These expeditions promise to be a wonderful opportunity to contribute a treasure trove of lore to the academic community through the renowned Chronicles that will result from my adventures.

I can hardly imagine a worse way to spend the season.

I have grown so bored with these errands, with the unknowable depths of the Decemvirate's greed. I am tired of the Ten's treatment of me, as a blunt instrument, a slave to their endless hunger for more and more magical power. I find myself becoming ever more disconnected from the interests I supposedly represent when I am called upon to play ambassador for the Society. Where once it was no trouble at all to create well-meaning motives for their expeditions, where I could play the heroic face of the Society as easily as I donned my roles for the opera, now I only feel the bile creeping up my throat whenever I invent a noble purpose with which to cover up the Decemvirate's endless lust.


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Very well, the next time you need to purchase an item from our vaults to aide in your mission, your slanderous words WILL be remembered.

If it is the errands that bother you, speak to your faction "leader." It seems the both of you are cut from the same mold.

Know that all missions we send you upon are for the betterment of the Society....nay, all of Golarion.

All 10 of us!

Sovereign Court **

In a letter to Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher, 4 Erastus, 4712

Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher,
My apologies at being unable to attend your party before the Grand Convocation. I had most sincerely wished to meet you and discuss your thoughts on the Decemvirate.

I too have had... misgivings. Still, I fear that for the furtherance of our great Taldor we must do as we are bidden by the Ten. Taldor MUST rise again, and we in the society have at our disposal the ways to make it happen - if we simply bide our time and carry out our orders.

Perhaps we can meet at a future Convocation, maybe one not so grand, but still grand enough.

I wish you the best,

Locqucious Barthos Jr “Lugg”

PS, please return your thoughts with my messenger. I long for news of the party and the Grand Convocation.


Lugg takes a deep drink from his mug and reaches over for his Djembe drum. Idly he runs his hands over the smooth skin checking for any signs of aging. His favorite skin the tattoos seem to dance on its surface. He begins to hum a tune and thump along...

Sovereign Court *****

Oathday, the 5h of Erastus, 4712
Simon d’Apcher
Pathfinder Lodge,
Cassomir, Taldor

Dear Cousin Gabrielle,

I hope this letter finds you well. I write to you from where I have been stationed, in the Cassomir Pathfinder Lodge run by Venture Captain Hestia Themis. I celebrated a pleasant Archer fest yesterday, well what little I remember of it. I can recommend the Mead made by the druids of the Wild Wood lodge.

It is wonderful that you have been invited to the Grand Convocation. I hope that some day in the future i will get invited. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues and share stories and experiences.
(the following is protected by an “illusionary script spell)


After the Beast of Gevedon ravaged our family lands, our patriarch Count Philip d”Apcher also asked me to join the Pathfinder Society to help our family.

Like all of us, after training at the Grand Lodge in Absalom, I began running errands for the various faction heads, looking in on an orphanage, retrieving some questionably legal cargo from a sealed dock, and dealing with an Irate Imp, etc.

I have been sent on missions ranging from Sedeq in Qadira to help Grand Master torch with some wayward magical relics, to Riddleport in Varisia to hunt a vicious pirate. One particularly interesting mission that I enjoyed, while escorting by ship, the Ambassador of the Mordant Spire Elves home, we had to solve his apparent “murder”.

Lately I have been assigned to Cassomir. It has been nice to be serving at home in Taldor. Recently I worked on a mission involving a series of kidnappings in Cassomir. We also worked on retrieving an artifact of questionable use and application called the Atavistic Splinter. My most recent mission involved going on an expedition to Antio’s Crown, a huge mountain in the World’s Edge Mountains and retrieving a scepter.

But enough about myself, again I hope you are well, and best of luck at the Grand Convocation.


Simon d”Apcher

( Hmm, It doesn't seem as if i have been able to change my avatar image from my usual one, to this particular character)

Sovereign Court *****

All this formality. Harumph!

I have a decision to make tomorrow night. I've been asked by the remainder of The Ten to leave retirement and return once more to active duty. It seems there is some "grand" ceremony they wish me to attend. For what purpose I do not know. The only question I have left is whether or not Shelyn will bless these aged bones once more for the service of our Society's unknown masters. Perhaps there will be others like me willing to answer the call of the open road one last time.

Grand Lodge *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Myles Crocker wrote:
( Hmm, It doesn't seem as if i have been able to change my avatar image from my usual one, to this particular character)

Probably because you are a Venture-Lieutenant posting in the PFS section of the board.


OOC: Strangely, the wi-fi is working now that it's Friday morning... I can post now!

IC: The following entry is written entirely in the Tien language.

5 Erastus 4712

I find Tien to be a rather efficient language to write in. I am forced to share a carriage with other Pathfinders, and apparently a Venture-Captain. One of the other passengers, a rather odorous druid, I find his presence particularly atrocious. As the only respite I can manage, I now pretend to be drawing out skirmish tactics or taking notes on our tasks ahead, all in Tien, of course, so his leering glances over my shoulder reveal nothing.

I received a rather strange missive this morning, sealed by the sigil of the Grand Lodge. It was very accusatory, implying that I am a slanderer. My lies shall be remembered, it warned. In addition, I found myself disturbed by the usage of the words "faction 'leader,'" as if Lady Morilla's role is a figurative one.

Almost as if the sender read my innermost thoughts, the short letter left me feeling threatened for my safety. How could the sender, claiming to be the entirety of the Ten, have known my heart? It takes all of my will to avoid trembling in this carriage. I will have to be watchful, as there must be more to this than I know. Why would the Ten deliver such a thing to me, without being privy to my thoughts? Do they see me as some sort of threat to them? Or is this missive simply another of Shala's pranks? I see the way the little gnome laughs at me from across the carriage, under that tiny rainbow-colored visor of hers. I will have to arrange for all of her clothing to be bleached before her next mission. And steal her Prestidigitation wand.

The Decemvirate's missive was not the only one I received before the crowded carriage arrived this morning. I apparently have several well-wishers amongst those who share my heritage, one of whom wished me the best at some event called the "Grand Convocation." I will have to pay attention over the course of my time at the Grand Lodge, so as to uncover just what this Convocation is about, and how I can best benefit from the upcoming event. I am certain, however, that my attendance being known will attract others to make contact with me. Lady Morilla will likely approach me at some point, naturally.

The driver and the Venture-Captain are arguing about which direction to turn. How pathetic. There are only so many ways to get to the Grand Lodge, and they are all quite short at this point! Ugh, now we are picking another Venture-Captain, this one a rather young-looking fellow. He seems pleasant enough, but the overcrowdedness of this carriage prevents proper conversation. I cannot wait to be out of this box.


The carriage stops at a public house, someplace called "Mac and Jack's." It is a rather sorry affair; there aren't even any chairs! They insist on selling all of their brews in at least half-gallon servings! What do they take me for, some kind of lush? I rather calmly avoid purchasing any, however the flavor of their wheat ale is quite delicious, I must admit.

Tien cooking is our next stop before the Grand Lodge. I am famished upon sitting down, and they serve me a rather unique experience: a seafood meal which continues to cook itself inside of a hot stone pot! How clever!


The prison finally arrives at the Grand Lodge. I am shown to my room for the duration of the season's adventuring. It is… comfortable enough, at least compared to what the Society usually provides. Communication is restricted, and I wonder what the Decemvirate has planned for me. I have been informed that there is a fifteen-gold-piece charge to communicate with the outside world. What are they up to?

Silver Crusade *****

Pathfinder Deluxe Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Legends Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Cards, Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber
Don Walker wrote:
Myles Crocker wrote:
( Hmm, It doesn't seem as if i have been able to change my avatar image from my usual one, to this particular character)
Probably because you are a Venture-Lieutenant posting in the PFS section of the board.


thank you that does make a certain amount of sense


OOC: I see over the weekend that IC faction boards went up. I'm not sure how to request, specifically, that this thread get move to the Taldor IC board, but I'd like it to.

-One Tired Matt

Paizo Employee Community & Digital Content Director

Moved thread.

Sovereign Court ***

Dear Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher,

I am sorry you find the work for the Decemvirate boring and beneath you. If you do grow so tired of it then I suggest for you to retire back to our great nation of Taldor and work on mothering us some more willing kin. You seem to miss the greater goal in your travels and that is to work for the betterment of our nation. If that task is to much for you then please let another step up. I and all of House von Delth will continue our great work even if it means doing some errands for the society and keeping the rest of the rabble they call to their side in line, I can not tell you how many undignified and uncouth members of the society I have met.

Lord of House von Delth, Lieutenant of the Taldan army, Master of the Zyphus stone, High orator of the Taldan Horse, Master of the spoken word, Lord of lore,
Gaddock von Delth.


OOC: I'm finally kicking the post-con daze, enough to start posting again. Wi-fi was not freely available at the hotel, and all of my slots went long, thus causing my absence for the weekend. Enjoy the entries to come!

6 Erastus 4712

I am summoned to meet with Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin for the first of this series of tasks. The odorous druid is present, and I am introduced to a rather... unnerving Qadiran, calling herself Princess Isis. She outright refuses to share her magics with others, and offers greetings after, quite literally, covering her palm with the products of her seemingly-perpetual head cold and running the result through her hair. I escape accepting her gesture with a quip about how natural her unique choice of hair coloring is.

Beside her is another student of hedge magic named Esper. The two of them make fast friends, as if they were both a part of some witches' fraternity. I wonder if their animals are the actual members? If they are sisters by ceremony, at least they don't share grooming habits.

Supposedly rounding out our little group is another odorous druid, this one called Soryan. My fears have been realized; I am all alone on this one.

Spoilers for 3-24 The Golden Serpent follow:
The task assigned was perfectly-tailored to my talents, however: a dinner negotiation at the rather nice Golden Serpent. I question the logic behind the Venture-Captain's choice of my fellows, as I often do. Not only do I feel alone in this group, but I would be better off alone, without any gross princesses and belching druids to derail my work. Following the princess's lead, the group shows little desire to share their magical talents with each other, so I am forced to acquire my own. Perhaps the mind-reading Decemvirate is making good on their threat? I do hope this scroll isn't cursed.


The following section is written in a script that is larger and more flowing than the previous one, indicating a sense of excitement.

Fate is not without a sense of irony. I emerge from dinner at the Golden Serpent a hero, the savior of the peers who share my social station. The negotations were short; as it turned out, the entirety of the restaurant was being held hostage!

Many of the hostages were good friends of mine, powerless to free themselves from the mercenaries who held them. But I was different, for I was capable of saving them. I loathe being wielded as a weapon, but at the same time, I find myself savoring the defeat of those who have wronged me.

The Savored Sting is both shunned and venerated by polite society, depending on the time of day. I find her philosophies useful, freeing even, and entirely applicable today. I hide my faith from the friends I have rescued, as I would rather do without the connotations. Where they see only lust, I find focus, the willpower I require to survive my tenure in the Society, the ability to draw upon my inner strengths and save the very friends who would ostracize me if I were to share their source with them.

Today, I am the lady in the room, just as if I were on-stage in Oppara. Just as I use that attention to move their hearts with my performances, I intend to elicit their gratitude towards persuit of a different sort of opportunity.

More Golden Serpent spoilers:
I am excited by the prospect of taking advantage of the defeat of the owner of the Golden Serpent, an evil creature who certainly deserves having everything taken from her for what she has done. Among those present tonight are enough bureaucrats, representatives, and close friends of them, enough for me to assume a controlling interest in the business. Not only do I seem to be delighting in saving my friends, but I relish the personal advancement that will result from it.

I flip to previous pages, and chuckle at the irony written on them. Not only have I accomplished something meaningful today, but I will be the one savoring the benefits.


OOC: Oh no, looks like I have to fly out again, with access to the net unknown at this point. If I don't post in awhile, that's why. The in-character report of the Grand Convocation is up next.



OOC: I've snagged some net for awhile, so the entry for the Grand Convocation is in! Note that I am spoiler-blocking the entire thing, so as to not prematurely spoil all those due to play it at PaizoCon UK. Enjoy, and we'll see when I get a chance to post again.

PaizoCon UK people, you have been warned:
Almost immediately after the matter of dinner at the Golden Serpent, the Grand Convocation was set to begin. I had to move rather quickly to get myself ready for the event; unlike the druids or Princess Isis, I actually care about my appearance. I was unsure about what the Convocation actually entailed, other than some sort of forum for boasting about heroic exploits. Apparently, the Blakros family has been invited, or so I had heard, likely due to Michellia Blakros and her fears of rejection requiring alleviation.

I had no qualms about arriving late, and I was soon overwhelmed by the noise of so many unmannerly guests having to shout over each other in order to hold conversation. I really should acquire an endure elements wand, so as to deal with the body heat of so many attendees at these sorts of events. An adventuring acquaintance of mine named Monojoijoi graciously offered me a heroism spell, and I was given a casting of mage armor by a mage called Farak. Both of these spells had me feeling quite prepared for whatever would come my way, besides the heat of course.

I was able to identify several important figures present, namely, the ten heads of the ten groups within the Pathfinder Society, as well as the spurned Michellia Blakros.

Guaril Karela couldn't help but snivel in public. Does he think that attracts women or something? Or perhaps it's an actual language, and he is giving orders to rodents.

Paracountess Dralneen was, of course, rather free with her affections towards the various guests. It is rather unfortunate, as she would make a rather alluring lady if she knew what the word 'decency' meant.

Amenopheus had the haughtiness to rudely interrupt my conversation with Theodric Alverteen and Lady Morilla. I noticed that he was wearing more cosmetics upon his face than I was. I guess pride and vanity go hand-in-hand.

Ollysta Zadrian apparently doesn't own any clothes which aren't made of metal.

The Qadiran Trade Prince, he was entirely inconspicuous, a testament to his vast wealth. His business is apparently so profitable that he chooses to dress like every other Pathfinder.

Even Grandmaster Torch showed himself, outside of his bathtub for perhaps the first time in decades. He really should see Amenopheus for cosmetic advice.

I received a request from Lady Morilla. It seems that my assistance was needed to choose a new suitor for the spurned Michellia Blackros, after Major Maldris mucked things up by refusing her. His actions are befitting of a citizen of Andoran, always acting so impulsively and with so little intellect. He even decided to attend the party, knowing that Michellia and her family would be there, so soon after rejecting her! No wonder a slaver was on their People's Council; they just don't know how to look before they act!

The Hellknights decided to hold some silly ceremony at the most inappropriate of occasions, a promotion of some sort. The promoted knight, a lady, was a rather pretty one; I found her more alluring than the Paracountess. Even in revealing spiked armor, she at least pretended to have a sense of decency. I could not bear the heat and noise of so many guests, so I slipped out. My exit was enough to attract the likes of Nigel Aldain, curator of the Blakros Museum. He informed me, as well as several other guests who also had stepped out for refuge, about a squatting problem in the building across the street from the Blakros Museum. As there were others who immediately agreed to help, and it would likely have been ages before those Hellknights were done with their little ceremony, I acquiesced.

I assumed it would be a simple matter of knocking on the door and telling whoever answered to leave, but of course it did not end that way. A dwarf paladin named Stonemother sensed evil beings in the dark building, which naturally led to a fight. As it turned out, the Aspis Consortium had begun to tunnel underneath Absalom, towards the museum, with the intent of looting it. How silly of them; they should have at least set up a dummy storefront first, so their squatting would have been more likely to have gone unnoticed. Like that Malfeta did. But alas, ending their plan was rather simple and straightforward matter.

I returned to the party for about another hour, during which I came to the conclusion that Theodric Alverteen would make a lovely suitor for Michellia Blakros. He projected confidence with every statement he made, and he carried an impressive presence which I believe would be quite useful to us if he were her husband. I would assume that she would find his exotic hunting accomplishments thrilling as well, thus maximizing our chances.

Just after sharing these findings with Lady Morilla, it became apparent that Grandmaster Torch had learned of the business at the museum. A bird of his had flown away, and he needed a few of us to retrieve her. Once again, as the other party-refugees were quite eager to assist, and I found the alternative undesirable, I agreed to help.

The little group of refugees tracked the bird to a house not far from the party. The place was entirely looted, the servants dead, and just after that discovery, the group was ambushed by fetchlings from the Shadow Plane. They called themselves members of the Onyx Alliance, indicating that they were organized. They fell to my talents, Stonemother's hammer, and the sword of a sky-worshiping bard named Pallas. If he didn't speak of the Dawnflower, he could be quite attractive.

We tracked their companions to a small chapel in the Puddles district, a place I am always happy to avoid, where the fetchlings' leader assaulted us from the shadows with no success. The imprisoned one, a former Pathfinder called Venla Sirola, was found quite alive, much to Grandmaster Torch's relief.

I returned to the party to find that a murder had taken place in my absence! A couple of soldiers from Andoran were immediately blamed for it, although after some time, it was found that the murderers were actually more fetchlings from the Shadow Plane! They spoke of some sort of ancient deal that the Blakros family had failed to live up to, and it was spoken of again when a horde of them flooded into the party. Pieter Blakros taunted us as he spoke of how he arranged the invastion, and about how Michellia is already betrothed to this Onyx Alliance.

It was not much trouble to dispatch them, due to the abilities of the group I found myself with at the moment, but I worry that the Blakros family fully intends to use the Pathfinder Society as a shield, a piece of meat to throw in the way of their creditors, this Onyx Alliance. At the very least, when the skeletons in the closet are uncovered, they really should inform the Society of the details instead of setting their skeletons upon us as they have done.

Sovereign Court *****

A letter of introduction, delivered to Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher, 15 Erastus, 4712

Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher,

It is with no small amount of trepidation that I set quill to paper and begin this missive. My name is Mim Perdu, and, while it is of little consequence as yet, and as of yet, there is only myself to commend it to you, I have a hope that it may be one you find useful in the future.

Forgive this unsolicited introduction, I pray, but it is your own name that is the dearest subject I wish to broach, for it is well-known within certain circles as a bastion of class, distinction, and discretion within a society of misfits, malcontents, and plebeian petty peccadilloes.

While I have easily divined that you are *the one* to study if I would become a jewel of elegance and distinction, and a finely tipped dart in the service of that Grand Dame we both call Mother Taldor, it is often difficult to find the reports that would allow me to follow your career from afar while I continue my studies. For, as is often the case when one incites envy with every word and deed, reports of your accomplishments seems frequently minimized and misplaced by those that have not half your skill nor a quarter of your grace. It is perhaps inadvertent, coincidental, even, though one hopes that the Powers That Be within this Society are skillful and petty rather than loyal but gauche in this particular case, as the training of future Pathfinders is their primary responsibility. Finding word of your deeds has become so difficult in recent months that I find myself concerned upon occasion about your continued existence. Relief and consternation are my constant companions on these treks through the dark recesses of received correspondence from active agents. I am grateful for your continued activity upon this plane, yet find myself more and more disgruntled by the poor organization of your exploits within these walls.

This brings me to the reason for my unsolicited contact; I find my tenure at the Grand Lodge drawing to a close, and could think of nothing finer other than seek service in your employ to further my education beyond these walls and without these frustrating limitations.

Should this request offend in any way, please accept my heartfelt apologies and continued admiration.

Regardless, I remain your faithful admirer in Taldan Loyalty,

Miss Mim Perdu


7 Erastus 4712

It will be awhile before I can rest properly. I was given little time to recover from the Convocation before a missive roused me. It was, of course, another task for the Society. The whole business with the Hao Jin Tapestry is apparently coming to a close. Some time ago, the Aspis Consortium had found a back door into the Tapestry, and it is now time to take it from them. I am having difficulty understanding why the Decemvirate believes I am a proper fit for essentially a military operation. I certainly don't radiate that skill set.

The remainder of the group recruited for whatever this will be is of mixed desirability. A pair, consisting of an agile swordsman named Hector and a priest called Fiona, I am quite happy to be placed with them. A ranger called Snowjon and Farak, the self-proclaimed "Most Powerful Mage in All Absalom," they seem competent enough. A dwarven paladin named Thorfin, however, is nothing but either a curse or a cruel joke. From the moment we were introduced, he has been proudly proclaiming that he had died nine times thus far in his time with the Society. I am certain to be in trouble. Fortunately, I believe that the group without him is entirely sufficient.

To make matters worse, the dwarven fool has cursed us by refusing to take any route to success but the most straightforward and dangerous one, the route that will most likely cause him to die a tenth time. I had proposed a less straightforward method of infiltration, using disguise and stealth, which provoked the display of incompetence. It requires an entire group to be subtle and cautious, and to seize advantages through less straightforward approaches, but it only takes one to cause subtle methods to degenerate into bloodbaths. What an idiot. I shall hope to avoid being placed in the same group, nay, the same room, as this lump of holy violence again.


Placed in this undesirable position, I managed well enough. The swordsman Hector proved a competent ally, gallantly fending off trouble, and Farak was quite generous with sharing his beneficial spells. This notion of sharing abilities with others primarily, rather than reserving them for self-survival, has become quite a comfort for me, like a warm blanket on a winter's day. I was glad to be away from the coven, and their inability to assist others. The company of Farak and Fiona was much more desirable, along with Hector's ability to tie the Consortium soldiers down with swordplay and Snowjon's tight-quarters archery.

Portal of the Sacred Rune spoilers:
The Consortium had gone to extraordinary lengths to make use of this back door into the Tapestry. The area surrounding the portal was occupied by a powerful being, a lamia, apparently, and she was one to demand sacrifices. The Consortium's leadership obeyed, mind-controlling their own soldiers before sending them to die by her hand. I am unsure as to what they actually gained by their sacrifice, as the Tapestry has proven to be rather devoid of anything that can't be more easily found on Golarion. Its best use is as a means of speedy transportation between Absalom and Varisia, now that the little group has slain the lamia and purged the exit portal's area of Consortium agents. I wonder if there are other locations which can be used to enter the Tapestry and thus easily travel around the world. Such a portal network would be powerful indeed, enough to provoke a reaction from Cheliax. I shall have to prepare myself, as well as the Empire, for that possibility.


Not all of the Aspis Consortium's presence had been purged from the Hao Jin Tapestry. The Society had recently learned of an alliance being brokered between the Consortium and the ratfolk living within Round Mountain, and, of course, my presence is required to prevent that deal from being completed. It is unfortunate that the Society wishes to send me into hostile areas of the Tapestry once again, for I am in dire need of time to recover from my recent excursions and enjoy the season rather than spending the entirety of it holding off death. As an insult to injury, that horrid witch Isis has returned to haunt me. Not a minute after the group assembled itself, she began throwing insults my way, as if my very existence offended her.

Respect for others is rather lacking among too many of my fellow Pathfinders. I have watched others endure many painful insults from the mouths of Pathfinders, if the poor person even survives an encounter with the Society. It is as if, to many of them, mere membership renders them drunk with power over life and death, entitled to treat others like the garbage that emerges from their bowels. And the way they strut themselves, like peacocks fighting over the right to consume a rotten carcass! They endlessly measure themselves against each other, in order to somehow prove that they are the world's most efficient avatars of slaughter and debauchery.

On the topic of debauchery, I fear for the safety of the "diplomat-saboteur" group the Society has constructed. Beyond the witch, there is a rather... intense elf named Lorn along, from Osirion, a face he would not allow us to forget. He is like Isis, entirely bitter toward my entire race, even though a very large body of water separates us. Beside him is a quirky little gnome called Dr. Fraz, who claims to know everything there is to know about everything. I sense that his knowledge is a facade, though, and that it is merely a foundation he uses for humor more than anything else.

I had encountered the elf Serrano before, at the Grand Convocation. Though he is a filthy individual, and hardly ever sober, I appreciate his ability to take advantage of group tactics in life-or-death situations. In the desert of cooperation I find myself in, he is an ally. I sense that the druid Xorb has begun to see the spirit of cooperation. In retrospect, the incident at the Golden Serpent had him standing back quite often, assisting others with his spells and summons rather than turning into some monster and rending his foes apart. It seems that we have some chance at success after all.


Round Mountain I spoilers:
Manual labor has never suited me. Neither has extended physical exertion beyond the zone of comfort. The rest of them have managed to collapse the tunnel we must travel through. It will be hours before we can continue onwards towards the Pagoda of the Rat, where the Consortium agents have gone. I guess I am getting a small bit of the rest I wished for, even if it does come in the form of a nap taken in a dark, wet, underground tunnel.

Portal of the Sacred Rune spoilers:
I have complete faith in my ability to persuade the ratfolk to reject any deal offered to them by the Aspis Consortium. In that regard, the Decemvirate made an excellent choice regard whom to send. I do find myself strangely motivated today, likely because I already know to what lengths the Consortium will go. However, I am troubled at the same time. I have very little knowledge as to what the Decemvirate really wants, beyond the endless acquisition of power. What do they intend to do with it? If the roles were reversed, and the Decemvirate were faced with having to mind-control their Pathfinders and sacrifice them to some evil being as a cost of exploring this Tapestry, would they be willing to do as the Aspis Consortium did?

The Decemvirate already requires so much of us, and we do not even know who pulls our strings. How much can we trust the aspirations of invisible kings?

Shadow Lodge *****

Arriving at Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher's home is a small immaculate white cedar box. Inside is a short note on light green paper with gold filigree.

Dear Lady 'Apcher,
I would like to apologize for borrowing one of your hair-pins without permission during our mission to the Portal of the Sacred Rune, but at the time I feared for our safety and had nothing else at hand to hold danger at bay. Please allow me to make amends.

Beneath the note is a pair of extremely fashionable Tian hair-pins, in a flattering color.

I assure you that they have all the functionality of your other hair-pins as well. Assuming you accept my apology I would also be pleased to have your company at the opera in Oppara in one month's time.

-Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in All Absalom

Grand Lodge ****

Agents only survive for so long if they do not adapt or cooperate with their fellow members. The society demands more and sends us into ever increasing peril.


8 Erastus 4712

I am not entirely certain about the date of this entry, as I have been underground for too long to be certain of it. The last several hours were spent in view of the Pagoda of the Rat, where our Aspis prey have led us, while we wait for more Pathfinders to join us. The elf Serrano has decided to leave, citing the brutal environment; that witch Isis and the strange "scholar" Dr. Fraz have left as well. I would be entirely relieved by this change, except I do not know how much more of Lorn's anger I can endure.

I find myself quite happy with the Pathfinders who have joined us in their stead. The eidolon-master Argcrann seems nice enough, and a half-orc called Davore makes up for his stench with his jolliness. I find the two of them preferable to the ones who left, as I am no longer subject to the melancholia Isis seems to inspire.

A priestess, a savored sister in fact, has joined us; her name is Amethyst. Even better, she is a dignified Lady of Taldor! Not only do I feel a sense of kinship for the first time within the Society, but we share a faith! I am both relieved and excited by Amethyst's presence today, and am already looking forward to being done with this Tapestry and finally returning to Absalom, where I may hope to avoid the errands of the Decemvirate for as long as I can. Instead of scorching my skin while looking for trinkets or retrieving yet another lost child of the Society, for the supposed "betterment of all Golarion," I would much rather arrange to take control of the restaurant and promote my next role in Oppara.

Round Mountain II spoilers:
Much as there seem to be two factions of humans vying for control of the Tapestry, there are two factions of ratfolk vying for control of the Pagoda. The choice of which faction to back was an easy one, as the followers of the Undying Empress attacked us upon our entry.

These ratfolk are strange creatures. They have an entire civilization set up in this Pagoda, to the point where they even practice religion, temples and all. Also surprising is the presence of their very own rock garden, as if these creatures are bound by discipline. Sadly for them, this Undying Empress is far from the religious figure she makes herself out to be, as she has turned out to be a foreign rakshasa with a talent for deception.

I rarely happen to encounter such tense, deadly situations. This Undying Empress was a proficient fighter as well as a deceiver. I am fortunate to have had an equally-talented group of Pathfinders with me for the skirmish, especially Amethyst, whose pleasurable channelings of healing energy maintained all the vigor we needed to slowly grind away the rakshasha's defenses. I even reluctantly allowed Xorb to turn himself into a viper and hide in my sleeve, so as to take advantage of my superior agility. I admit experiencing a certain thrill that comes from taking down such a worthy target of my wrath. It only boosts my confidence for the future moments that truly matter.

The Society has no more tasks for me, a fact I confirmed by pretending to volunteer for more. I shall make myself as available to their couriers as an Osiriani ruin for as long as I can, after I see my new friend Amethyst for tea tomorrow afternoon, of course.

OOC: That about wraps up PaizoCon 2012! Thanks to all you guys for your patience while I was somewhat-away. I've gotten some nice comments along the way! Also, I'd like to give Paizo a thumbs-up for hosting such a great PaizoCon and for putting up these in-character boards!


Mim Perdu wrote:

A letter of introduction, delivered to Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher, 15 Erastus, 4712


Regardless, I remain your faithful admirer in Taldan Loyalty,

Miss Mim Perdu

Dear Miss Perdu,

There is no need for you to provide any apologies at all; I am quite flattered by the contents of your letter of introduction. It is always a joy to learn of the spread of my reputation, that I have somehow brightened the heart of another abroad.

You are correct in that the virtues of civility and discretion make for a more effective and dignified Pathfinder. As you have discovered first-hand, though, these more subtle qualities rarely are properly documented by the Society. These missing exploits you have referred to do not bother me in the least, for I would rather not be known to the world as, I assume, a slayer of monsters and men; is that what the Chronicles would say of me if my activities were "properly" logged by the people who care for little more than violence and bravado? I very much prefer the reputation I currently enjoy to the alternative.

Your request is a very intriguing one. The next natural step for me, beyond the Society, would be assuming the role of sponsor of worthy adventurers, a patron of the art of heroism. I am interested in exploring this path, and I thank you for the inspiration.

We shall have to meet socially, of course. Do inform me when your travels give you time in Absalom, and it will be arranged for us to have tea and discuss this future.

I look forward to meeting you, Miss Perdu, and I wish you the best in the meantime,

Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher


Farak, the Most Powerful Mage wrote:

Arriving at Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher's home is a small immaculate white cedar box. Inside is a short note on light green paper with gold filigree.

Dear Lady 'Apcher,
I would like to apologize for borrowing one of your hair-pins without permission during our mission to the Portal of the Sacred Rune, but at the time I feared for our safety and had nothing else at hand to hold danger at bay. Please allow me to make amends.

Beneath the note is a pair of extremely fashionable Tian hair-pins, in a flattering color.

I assure you that they have all the functionality of your other hair-pins as well. Assuming you accept my apology I would also be pleased to have your company at the opera in Oppara in one month's time.

-Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in All Absalom

Dear Farak,

Consider yourself forgiven. The gift you sent is rather lovely, and I thank you dearly for the choice of color. They will go quite well with my favorite Tien silk gown.

Your proposal is quite serendipitous, as I will be performing in Oppara a month from now! I am to play the role of Ileosa Arabasti in the epic The Fangs of Ambition, and it would pleasure me greatly to have you attend the premiere on the 17th of Arodus, at the House of the Immortal Son. Just give your name to the staff when you arrive.

Until the 17th,

Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher

Sovereign Court *****

Delivered to Lady Gabrielle D'Apcher,the 26th of Erastil, 4712 AR,

Lady Gabrielle D’Apcher,

It was with great joy and gratitude that I received your reply to my previous correspondence. Your points regarding Subtlety and the Art of Heroism were deeply appreciated. Thank you! Any inspiration upon my part was owed ten-fold already to your own works, and in but a few sentences you have returned it back to me once more. With only a few strokes of a pen, the path before me becomes clear. I will build my future upon the bedrock of your wisdom.

The Art of Heroism! Such easy words, and yet, I had never heard it described thus before. Yet nothing has ever been a better fit. As a patron of such an art, you can only excel, and any that rise under your tutelage only flourish. It would be too bold of me to suggest my own name for such a position, and yet a heart hopes what it will hope.

While I am already in Absalom, my every minute is owed to the Masters within the Grand Lodge until the 30th day of Arodus. Upon graduation, I am to have some small amount of free time before my first assignment. Should any of the three days following coincide with your own availability, it would be my greatest pleasure to make your acquaintance.

With Deepest Regards and a Renewed Hope,

Mim Perdu

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