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Anyone looking for a player for Pathfinder?


Actual campaign, not play-by-post. 20-25 Point Buy preferably. I'll play just about anything you can come up with. Skype or IRC would be the prefered thing to use for the campaign for me. Skype: Grom2.0 I'll be on most days.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm thinking of starting a game... I might GM, but I've never played PBP, I'm willing to try a short adventure though...

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Although I wouldn't play on skype, we'd play on the website..

Lantern Lodge

Whats IRC?

And just to make sure im up on internet stuff, skype is conference call over internet right?

IRC is Internet Relay Chat, a server-based chatroom protocol.

Lantern Lodge

Cool thnx.

Just going to point out that I said "Not play-by-post."
By which I mean, I am not going to participate in a play-by-post game, at all. That isn't how the game is, in my opinion, meant to be played, and I won't be doing it.

You should be posting in the Gamer Connection thread then.

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