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Suggested thread title format

State or Nation, City - game or type of campaign.

For example:
WA, Seattle - Eberron
France, Paris - D&D Minis

Gamer Connection

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Pathfinder Group Manhattan / Junction City Kansas

Looking for Pathfinder Game in Northern Virginia

[Offline][Denmark][Esbjerg][Pathfinder] Semi-experienced 4 player group looking for DM. Weekly sessions (weekends only); RP focus; campaign with urban setting / flavour preferably

Long Island NY, Looking for a Group

Ottawa, ON - D&D group Looking for another player

[Canada, Quebec, Montreal] Looking for 2 or more players for a Giant Slayer Campaign

Gencon GMs Wanted!

Help - Finding Game in Austin, TX

Northridge, CA starting new game. need 1 or 2 more

CNY / Utica-Rome Area - Forgotten Realms ect

Total Con 2016

Burton, Mi area Pathfinder game.

(LFP) [PBP] GM Baerlie's PbP 2016 PFS / Core: 110 Scenarios - @ 12:00-12:00 am

Canada, Alberta, Red Deer area - Any D&D games

[Offline / Online][NY][Schenectady, Albany] Experienced Player Looking for Group

(LFP) [Avondale Estates, GA] My Parents' Basement PFS: 4 Scenarios - @ 12:00-12:00 am

Northern Virginia - Looking For Pathfinder Group

Irving, TX - Looking for Pathfinder group

Looking for two players in DC

Looking for a group that will be running Kingmaker sometime in the near future.

Finding Games for Pathfinder?

[NE, Omaha] Looking for a Pathfinder group for Friday evening or any time on Sat

Plano TX. Pathfinder Age of Worms

(LFP) [Orlando, FL] Recon 2016 PFS / Core: 30 Scenarios - -Sun, May 1

Pathfinder Hopeful in Hooksett, NH

[LFG]I'm Looking for a friday night Pathfinder Game in Denver, CO

Looking for a group in the Lexington, Kentucky area (New Player)

Shoalhaven, Australia - Looking for Players

Told to post a "Looking for group" add here.

Lowell, Massachusetts Pathfinder Society NEED MORE PLAYERS

Looking Des Moines, IA

Roll20 Pathfinder

[Myrtle Beach, SC] White Widow PFS 2015 PFS: 7 Scenarios - @ 12:00-12:00 am

Cheesgrinder-RPG Survival Tournament Comith! Northwest Florida!

Mount Prospect, IL — Pathfinder society @ Chicago Gameday 43

[Frisco, TX] PFACG - Season of the Shackles 01 ACG: Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Adventure #0-1—Lost at Sea PDF -

Northern New Jersey Looking for 2-3 additional steady players, ages 21+, for Sunday 1pm-7pm campaign.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (Northside) - Looking for Pathfinder Group

Vero Beach, FL - Looking for 5e or PF Enthusiasts

Palm Springs, California gamers?

Looking to start a group in Kennesaw GA area.

UK Central Bedfordshire

2 PCs looking for online game

San Antonio, TEXAS - DM looking for group in March 2016

[LFP] Shattered Star AP CTZ Weekends in the evenings on

[Offline][NY][Schenectady, Albany] Player Looking for Group

Jacksonville, NC Pathfinder

Henderson NV looking for a group

Oregon, Portland - Beaverton, pathfinder evenings

[MACE East - Wilmington, NC] MACE East PFS: 7 Scenarios - -Sun, Jan 10

Elgin, IL Fairly Regular Saturday Night Pathfinder Game LFP

[Roll20-PFRPG-Occult] xido's Occult Adventures

Paladin Question

Lynnwood / Everett, WA - Pathfinder group forming

Berkeley California, Pathfinder. But in space.

Wanted: 1 or 2 players for a monthly Pathfinder game in Northern Virginia

London (North), UK, pathfinder group search new players

2016 and Beyond (NW Indiana, Illinois)

Reports of Star Wars Armada massing in New York

Tri-Cities Pathfinder Mod Group.

MN, Eagan - Pathfinder

Looking for Players in Westminster Colorado.

CO, Windsor - Pathfinder Society Campaign / Open Campaign

CO, Windsor - Pathfinder Society Campaign / Open Campaign

Looking for Pathfinder group (non-evil alignments) in Binghamton, NY.

Fort Collins, Colorado - Pathfinder; New to the area, Looking for Group

Boston / Quincy / Braintree MA Group Looking for more players and / or GM

Looking for players in Sullivan County New Hampshire

[Offline][Vacaville, CA] - Looking For More Gamers In The Area

Older Pathfinder Group

(LFP) [Indianapolis, IN] Pathfinder at Hero's Emporium PFS / Core: 532 Scenarios - @ 12:00-12:00 am

OSCon 5.5 - Toronto - Jan 16, 2016

Looking for players north of Tulsa, Ok to play the Carrion Crown AP

Québec, Lévis, Beauce

FL, Davenport - Pathfinder (Lost Lands)

Seattle, WA - Pathfinder (The Shattered Star) Looking for Player

Seattle, WA - Seeking players and / or DMs for a Pathfinder group

Looking for Metro Detroit area gamers

Poughkeepsie, NY: Runelords

looking for a group in logan utah

[Offline][Pathfinder][Long Beach, CA] looking for a GM!

Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path at A-1 Comics Roseville California

Looking to play

Ottawa Group looking for 1 or 2 more players

[Offline][Everett, WA][Pathfinder] Group Forming - Looking for More

[Online] ThornKeep Level 2: Forgotten Laboratory on Roll20.Net Core: Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep -

New Gamer

Western suburbs Sydney NSW Australia Pathfinder

Pathfinder / Bogota, Colombia

australia sydney NSW - Looking for GM and possibly 2-3 more players

Australian Gamers

Calgary, Alberta - Player Looking for Group

Looking for players for two games, Washington NJ

Spokane, Washington - Looking for group

HI, Oahu, Ewa Beach - Pathfinder

[Tres Arroyos, Argentina] Baiano y la mascara de la muerte roja PFS: Pathfinder Society Scenario #7–03: The Bronze House Reprisal -

East Peoria, IL (area)

Looking for players for a new online d20Pro / Skype Pathfinder group / game

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