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Suggested thread title format

State or Nation, City - game or type of campaign.

For example:
WA, Seattle - Eberron
France, Paris - D&D Minis

Gamer Connection

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Topic Posts Last Post
LFG PFS / APs in Korea / area1. I will GM.

Portland, OR -- Couple seeking Pathfinder game

North Lincoln, NE area Pathfinder group

North Seattle Area, WA - Couple looking for Pathfinder Group

Looking to Start Playing in Dorchester MA

Manchester NH

San Diego Sunday Pathfinder Group

Woodstock, GA - Looking to start group or join existing group

Adult gamers in Santa Fe

PFS in RI this November

Portland, OR - Pathfinder, RIFTS, GURPS, Spycraft, FantasyCraft, whatevs

Seeking 2 players for a pathfinder game (southwest chicagoland)

Calgary Alberta Pathfinder Group

Calgary Alberta, Looking for a group.

Atlanta GA Pathfinder campaign looking for a player

Halton Region, Ontario, Canada - Looking for a Pathfinder Game

Chicago (Far Northern Suburbs) – Looking for 1-2 More Pathfinder Players

Online Game - Looking for a couple players for a home brew one shot

Vero Beach, FL - Looking for 5e or PF Enthusiasts

Group for Santan Valley / Queen Creek, Arizona?

California Berkeley - Rise of the Runelords.

Pathfinder or DnD for Wichita, KS

Online / Skype GM looking for players

Looking for an Online Pathfinder Group

Northern Maryland - Looking for 1 more Pathfinder player

Celebration, Florida Pathfinder RPG

California Berkeley - Rise of the Runelords.

Washington,DC Imperiums Patherfinder demo at Game Parlor

Lets talk Twin Cities Paizo board meetup

San Diego Sunday Pathfinder Group

Central California Gaming Convention, Oct 18-19

LFG in Seattle are

Calgary - New Pathfinder group needs 2 more players

Recruiting for Homebrew campaign, PFRPG ruleset

WA, Renton Moving to the area today. Looking for a game on a Friday Evening or Sunday.

Nashville Gamer looking for Pathfinder Group

Rohnert Park CA - Rise of the Runelords - Recruiting Additional Players

Port Richey / Tampa players looking for group

WA, South King county - looking for players, Pathfinder and Shadowrun

Tabletop Pathfinder player needed in NE, Atlanta Georgia, USA area

Ottawa, Ontario, Pathfinder GM looking for group

Ottawa, Ontario, Pathfinder GM looking for group

Ottawa, Ontario Canada. New GM looking to start a Pathfinder Adventure Path

Rochester, NY Gamer LFG

Saskatchewan, Regina - D&D / Pathfinder Group


Looking for Pathfinder group in Louisville / Shelbyville, KY

Santa clarita / valencia- Pathfinder? 3.5?

Any PFS gamers in the Westfield, MA area

Indianapolis, IN Mythic Numeria nonPFS

Atlanta GA Pathfinder campaign looking for a player

NY, Yonkers - Pathfinder RPG Iron Gods Adventure Path.

Looking for PFS and Pathfinder Card Game Players North Bay, Ontario

Sydney, Australia - Pathfinder

New South Wales, Sydney - Pathfinder group.

Looking for a pathfinder group on skype

Victoria, BC Looking to start PFS Adventure Card game

East Central Indiana - Looking for players or group

OR, Portland - Group

Couple looking for Pathfinder group North Seattle.

Avondale, AZ, Gamers

NY, Bronx - Pathfinder Meetup

Looking for Pathfinder Group: Oakland, CA

Pathfinder in the High Desert in Southern California

Spellcraft as Alternative to Use Magic Device

Looking for other Pathfinder Players at Ft. Riley KS.

Just moved to Junction City / Manhattan Kansas, looking to play or run PF

Looking for Pathfinder players in Las Vegas NV

Looking for players in North Phoenix

Virginia, NAS Oceana

Players and GM wanted for Pulpy AP in West Philadelphia

ISO players and GM for pulpy AP in West Philadelphia

Looking for an online Pathfinder game toi join!

2 Looking for Sunday Pathfinder Game in Portland, Oregon Area

Louisville, Kentucky -- Established Group Skulls and Shackles looking for a few more players

Oregon, Portland Area- Pathfinder Osirion Campaign Looking for players

Anchorage AK - Pathfinder

Quebec City - Pathfinder Players and GM.

Online (Maptool and Ventrilo) Pathfinder game Wednesday Nights

Looking for Pathfinder in Columbus Ohio

Looking to start playing Tulsa Area

Toronto Canada - Rise of the Runelords

WA, Bellevue Who's interested in Sunday afternoon Pathfinder?

Canada, BC, Nanaimo - Pathfinder

Regina, Saskatchewan, Pathfinder Group

Looking for a Pathfinder group in or around Amherst Massacusetts

Lubbock, Texas - 2 Players Looking for Group - Pathfinder, D&D, etc.

Looking for a pathfinder group: Online

Ft. Wright, KY / northern Kentucky / Cincinnati, OH - Pathfinder Gaming Group

Ft. Wright, KY / northern Kentucky / Cincinnati, OH - Pathfinder Gaming Group

Looking for players in Appleton Wisconsin

d20 (any flavor), Cthulhu--northern / central NJ (Newark / Elizabeth / New Brunswick)

Oregon, Beaverton - Pathfinder, Shattered Star Adventure Path

Looking to join / start a group near Florissant, MO

Morris - Sussex County, NJ Pathfinder Adv Card Game - organized play

Looking for a Pathfinder group in or around Lancaster, Pa

Pathfinder in rhode island

Minneapolis, MN 2 players looking for game - Pathfinder

Bradenton, FL - Pathfinder

duluth, MN (umd) pathfinder

1 to 100 of 4,797 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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