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Suggested thread title format

State or Nation, City - game or type of campaign.

For example:
WA, Seattle - Eberron
France, Paris - D&D Minis

Gamer Connection

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Topic Posts Last Post
Looking For Players

How to promote the game in a new area (mexico city)

Unkown Isle [Online,Invitation]

Looking for Players for D20pro

OCALA: It's time to G33k Out!

MA, Somerville / Cambridge area - Pathfinder campaign in Spanish

Pathfinder at CFB Wainwright (Alberta, Canada)

Pathfinder at CFB Wainwright (Alberta, Canada)

Northern NJ Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Maui Gamers

New Portland, Oregon needs players!

Finding a game

Pathfinder Group Manhattan / Junction City Kansas

Just moved to Junction City / Manhattan Kansas, looking to play or run PF

Salem, Oregon - Mummy's Mask adventure path

Looking for Group in Upsate SC Spartanburg / Greenville

Rochester, NY Gamer LFG

Fort Bragg area, NC

Gamers looking for group in Des Moines Iowa

New Pathfinder game near St. Louis MO LFM

ONLINE: Witch Hunter 2e: Revelations games seeks players for one-shots

Reaching out for players and GMs in Reading, UK.

Looking for gamers in Ocala, FL

California, Berkeley - Open multi-group campaign inspired by 'the West Marches'

Everett / Lynnwood area hosting pathfinder

Everett / Lynnwood area hosting pathfinder

Looking for group near Chandler, AZ...

Looking to join or start a gaming group near Poulsbo WA

Lincoln, NE area Looking for players

Looking for DM. Salem Oregon

Tabletop Pathfinder player needed in NE, Atlanta Georgia, USA area

Ottawa, Ontario, Pathfinder GM looking for group

Geneva / Dekalb IL: looking for group

Illinois gamer looking for games or teachers - 60139

Looking for Pathfinder players in SE Virginia

Looking for a game in the Dallas / Plano area...

How to promote the game in a new area (mexico city)

Looking for group in Mexico DF

Mexico, D.F.

SAN DIEGO CA. Pathfinder group needs 1 or 2 players

Tulsa, Oklahoma Pathfinder group.

MS, Southaven - Pathfinder

MS, Desoto Area (Horn Lake Southaven Hernado Olive Branch etc)

Looking to RPG in Western Washington

Looking for players in the NW Houston area

[NY, Poughkeepsie, 12601] Seeking one player

Fort Hood-Harker Heights Area

Looking for Group in / near Lafayette, CO

Looking to Join / Create group in / near Lafayette Colorado

Looking for group london ontario

LFG Lynnwood Wa Friday or Saturday nights 7:30pm to Midnight

monday approaches...

Pathfinder in Elk County, Ridgway PA

Yokosuka, Japan...Pathfinder Campaign in need of Players!

Chicago gamer looking for a group between loop-lakeview

Looking for a group in Greenville, SC


Need a GM for Pathfinder in Philmont, NY - will pay for time

St Albans, UK - Pathfinder, Fate Core, Hillfolk, Star Wars EOE

Looking to start playing Tulsa Area

OK, Tulsa - Members Needed for Pathfinder Game

Santa clarita / valencia- Pathfinder? 3.5?

Need new players, Lower Delaware and Maryland Eastern Shore area.

[DE,Seaford / MD,Salisbury] looking for players for PF / D&D 3.75 home brew


Fort Drum / Watertown, NY

IN, Castleton - Dungeon World

Redlands CA--Pathfinder, D&D 5e, or Castles & Crusades

Seattle, WA - looking for players

Lincoln, NE D&D 5th edition - Rise of the Runelords

Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti, MI - Pathfinder

SE London Pathfinder in Greyhawk

TX, West Houston / Katy - Pathfinder or other?

Fayetteville, Ar / Online - Pathfinder

NY, NYC - Wrath of the Righteous

New Orleans & Slidell players wanted

Germany -- Northern Bavaria, looking for gamers

Calgary Alberta, Looking for a group.

Lowly PC Moving

Ottawa, Ontario area player looking for a Pathfinder game

Calgary Alberta Pathfinder Group

Calgary, Alberta (Canada). Looking for Local Pathfinder Group.

Louisville, Kentucky -- Established Group Skulls and Shackles looking for a few more players

KY, Lexington area Any D&D or Pathfinder

Online community seeking like-minded people

Dutchess / Putnam County Area Gamers

Pathfinder Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario Canada. New GM looking to start a Pathfinder Adventure Path

Gaming group in southwest kansas

Oh, Parma Weekly Pathfinder 1 Seat Open

Hampton Roads, VA - Pathfinder

Elizabethtown, PA - rise of the runelords campaign - starting January 2015


North Lincoln, NE area Pathfinder group

Looking For Pathfinder Group Kansas City / Johnson County, KS

New group looking for players in Seattle

North Seattle Area, WA - Couple looking for Pathfinder Group

Indianapolis, IN - need players for Pathfinder

Looking for Pathfinder Group: Oakland, CA

Getting a Game going in Indianapolis - NorthEast Side

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