Wayfinder #8 (PFRPG)

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Wayfinder #8 (PFRPG)

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Created for fans by fans, this issue of the Wayfinder fanzine puts on a tricorne hat and ventures into the wilds of Golarion's coastal seas! Weathered sea captains, fanged beasties, player options and more await for those daring to take part in the Skull & Shackles Adventure Path or any nautical adventure! This free fanzine includes dozens of articles, including original fiction, new monsters, adventures, maps, treasure, poetry—this is just a small portion of what awaits you!

Contributing Authors: Anthony “Template Fu / Map Fu” Adam, Bryan “Balodek” Barnes, Morgan Boehringer, Dylan Brooks, Will Cooper, Ryan Costello, Jr., Paris Crenshaw, Rich “Rebis Ouroboros” Crotty, Andrew Eakett, Russell “Soricel Minoi Mousefeet” Estes, Robert “snorter” Feather, Aaron “Gideon Black” Filipowich, Dawn “Dark Sasha” Fischer, Guy “ulgulanoth” Fox, Jason “Mikaze” Garrett, Christoph Gimmler, Caleb T Gordan, Rob “malikjoker” Gresham, Wojciech “Drejk” Gruchała, Eric “Boxhead” Hindley, Scott “Curaigh” Janke, Derek “Curn Bounder” Johnson, Jeff Lee, Thomas “Kilrex” LeBlanc, John “Moonstonian” Leising, Gary McBride, Will “cheapy” McCardell, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Alexandra Pitchford, John C. “ValmarTheMad” Rock, Liz Smith, Ashton “n’wah” Sperry, Jeffrey Tadlock, Margherita Tramontano, Mike “taig” Welham, Jim Wettstein, Larry “larcifer” Wilhelm, Nick ‘generaltwig’ Volpe, and Sheldon “Rionus Nailo” Zamora-Soon.

Contributing Artists: Becky Barnes, Darran Caldemeyer, Tyler Clarke, Liz Courts, William Dodds, Peter Fairfax, Crystal Frasier, Silvia Gonzalez, Frank Hessefort, Michael Jaecks, James Keegan, Chris Kimball, Danny Krog, Mike Lowe, Dave Mallon, Alex Moore, W. Kristoph Nolen, Brian Patterson, Anna Rigby, Nick Russell, Tanyaporn Sangsnit, Hugo Solis, Ashton Sperry, Colby Stevenson, Matthew Stinson, Sven Fredrik Svensson, Remi Thorensen, Carlos Torreblanca, Todd Westcot, Jim Wettstein, and Stephen Wood.

Cover art by Frank Hessefort and Tanyaporn Sangsnit.

Wayfinder is an 96-page full-color PDF suitable for printing or viewing on your computer. It is released under the Paizo Publishing, LLC Community Use Policy.

This fanzine uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Publishing, LLC, which are used under Paizo's Community Use Policy. We are expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. This fanzine is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Publishing. For more information about Paizo's Community Use Policy, please visit paizo.com/communityuse. For more information about Paizo Publishing and Paizo products, please visit paizo.com.

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Keeps getting better!


Art: One of the things I like about Wayfinder is the large variety of artwork. The change in styles found throughout are more apt to grab my attention. The cover was really well done, with amazing detail on the weapon and the blur around the boat on top of the water lending itself to how it may seen from below the waves. Ulygun (pg. 2), the Cannibal's Maw map (pg. 5), and the Ulat-Ashad (pg. 79) ended up being my favorite pieces. I found only 3 pieces I did not like (2 were in ads) which is pretty good considering the amount of art found within.

As with every prior issue, the quality of this fanzine keeps increasing.

Foreward Rob McCreary opens with a nice mixture of personal background, professional observations, and drum-up of the current issue.

Weal or Woe 3 articles.
Ulygun and the Sea Crow - Presents 2 a father and daughter combo. Well written flavor, hooks, and boon and drawback. I found it odd Ulygen has low Con and Fort save with no spells to protect her from the cold.
Outside Influence - Presents 2 outsiders playing very cool, unique roles. The drawback on Grtezin seems minor compared to the boon granted by Fyoriel.
Bountiful Troubles - Presents 2 crewmembers of the ship Bountiful. Paul Malaise (woe) lists a boon instead of a drawback.

Adventure 1 article
Into the Cannibal's Maw - This adventure uses the NPCs from the first Weal or Woe article and presents the Bleached Whale which is detailed in another article. I think the adventure is interesting. I liked the variable encounters that react to the PCs actions. The only pat that did not flow well for me is needing to activate the Bleached Whale. It activates for 1 hour at a time by Ulygen, but she is held captive down the hall. It does explain why she is kept alive, but not why she isn't enslaved herself.

Magic Items 3 articles
The Bleached Whale - An artifact ship created from a whale. I am not sure I like some of the choices made for the ships statistics, but it is very well done.
Magic Hoard from the Sea - A very good mix of items for use in waterborne adventuring. My favorites are boat shield, ink compass, and the terrifying squid helm. The two magic weapons presented both pretty powerful and should not be handed out on a whim.
Stacking the Decks: Enchanted Figureheads for Ships of the Inner Sea - 2 figureheads, 1 used to track a target and 1 to protect a crew from the heat.

Gazetteer 6 articles
Black Ice Bay - A small trade village along the coast in the Land of the Linnorm Kings that survives only via a vile deal with a merrow.
Outer Islands of the Ironbound Archipelago - A series of islands found off the coast of the Land of the Linnorn Kings. The map does not quite match the one presented in the ISWG, but that is not a major flaw. Of the 3 islands presented, my favorite was Asgault's Isle.
Halfen - An island on the southern part of what used to be Azlant. I really like the imagery of this article, but I feel the location names could use more work.
An Island, a Beach, and a Wreck - A spider themed island, beach for hatching dragon turtles, and a series of wreck on the bottom of Absalom's harbor.
People and Places of Totra - A coastal city in Osirion, detailing a variety of locations and places.
Caller's Rise - A small, creepy coastal village on the coast of Varisia.

Character Options 4 articles
Prestigious: Ulfen Sea Captain - 10 level prestige class. I am not a big fan of this PrC. Weapon Focus does not make much sense as a prerequisite and Acrobatics wasn't included as a prereq. The class does not receive a full BAB, but it makes up for it with 2 good saves and a good slew of abilities. Sea Prowess grants A 1/2 lvl bonus on 3 heavily used skills which is a pretty big bonus, giving it to Acrobatics doesn't make sense since it wasn't included as a prereq. I believe the war commander and weather reader abilities are meant to be Commander Knacks.
A Crew to Defend Her: Seafaring Archetypes - 2 cavalier and 1 fighter archetype. The first is the argonaut (cavalier) which doesn't seem balanced in my eyes. The sure-footed and argonaut tactics abilities give much better abilities than those that are traded out. The second is the commander (cavalier) that also details 2 new orders. The archetype is well done, providing new options that make ship and personal combat more interesting. The marine (fighter) finishes up with a few cool abilities. I believe the sea legs ability is too powerful a replacement for bravery.
Shoal Runner: A Ranger Archetype - A scavenger archetype. Normally an archetype follows the gender used in the normal class, but this one does not. The class is is a scavenger and does a good job of representing that.
Archetypes of the Blessed Isle - Presents a magus and summoner archetype. The waveblade (magus) seems a bit of a misnomer as the class grants a whip made of water, but is very well done. The deepcaller (summoner) provides a water based aberration eidolon. The living water ability confuses me a bit and I think needs clarified.

Aboleth-Tainted Ancestry: Feats of the Deep - 7 feats based on the character being descended from a creature altered by an abolteh.

Tales of the Arcane Archaeologists: Plundering the Secrets of the Inner Seas - Introduces a few NPCs and a collection of various info they have collected. New spell, feat, magic item, and creature.

The Colloquium of Abendego - The article describes it best, "a unique school to train sailors, officers, and spellcasters". Three disparate schools fall under the name of a single institution.

Esoteric Order of Dagon - It seems odd a demon would have an order in their name. It implies following of rules... I really like the thought and explanations that went into this article.

Bestiary - 9 creatures, 1 template, 1 haunt

Variations of Vegepygmy - an article doing an ARG style write-up for vegepygmies.

Boarding Ships for Fun and Profit - A supplement guide for running boarding actions.

Curse of the Coral Throne: Crimson Throne as an aquatic campaign - Exactly as the title states. Well thought out, but may not be easy for a beginner GM to implement.

Realm Building My article. New rules for water hexes, buildings, kingdom events, leadership roles, settlements, and kingdom navies. If you're interested, I did more sea articles in A Pirate's Life that came out last year.

Fiction 7 articles. I am not much of a fan of fantasy fiction, but I prefer sci-fi. So I am not a good person to evaluate.

The Wreck of the Cayden Cailean: A Legend of Meatclaw the Reefclaw - A song about a giant reefclaw that hunts in the Jeggare.

Words from Many Seas: The Shackled Isles - 4 sea inspired poems.

Ads: I have to say something about the ads. Quite a few caught my eye. Clockwork Gnome Publishing, Dungeonlands, and It Came From the Stars stuck out the most. Well done artwork and color is more likely to catch the eye. On the reverse side of the coin, the stark ad by Raging Swan Press stuck out all the more due to a simple black and white presentation.


FanZine has a negative connotation, but believe me this is good stuff. The contributors might be fans, but this has a professional quality that many 3PP folks missed in the 3.x days. In fact, you will be seeing many of these folks in future 3PP and elsewhere soon, it is that good. The art is fantastic-many different styles, but each appropriate for the genre and all different tastes. The crunch articles are useful and balanced. [I recuse myself for the fluff review.]

If your GM sits you at the table reading, running, presenting the things in the new Wayfinder you will think you are getting the pros. You will thank him when it is done and you will be talking about 'that one night, when you threw the "X" at us for a long time.

Thanks to PaizoFans United for a great job.