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ohako's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 476 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.


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EvilPaladin wrote:

Just some food for thought:

The Illusion that Sleeves of Many Garments supposedly create is a Glammer, correct? If so, then it would feel identical to if you were wearing whatever clothing you transformed your clothes into, including the correct temperature, texture, and weight wearing that outfit would produce, because it is a glammer.

Glammer wrote:
A glamer spell changes a subject's sensory qualities, making it look, feel, taste, smell, or sound like something else, or even seem to disappear.
Therefor, could it be possible that wearing cold-weather gear via sleeves you would gain the bonuses because it is still keeping you warm like the actual outfit despite being an illusion? Normally, I'd say no, because most of the time you'd get a saving throw, but with the sleeves, your character doesn't get a save and has no reason to believe it isn't real [if he doesn't try to identify its aura at least, 'cause then he could believe it were Transmutation without it being such], so you would believe you are warm.

That sounds like an awesome way to freeze to death. Like, believing you are warm and actually being warm are two separate things. Or, similarly, that sounds like an awesome way to notice that you are wearing an illusion.

Gee, it feels like I'm wearing a swarm suit, why am I feeling all distracted and nauseated all of a sudden?

So, this is specifically about not having to buy magic fang shampoo as a white-haired witch. Her natural attack is supernatual. It's, you know, animated hair. Is that, by itself, magical enough to bypass DR/magic?

hah! yeah, that was me from a while ago trying to come up with something good. that prestige class really is not so good for an archetype druid. I actually would go with feral child (because I want to ride a mantis, not be a mantis) for this, but

a) Feral Child isn't PFS legal (although the reason why not is silly compared to the legal True Primitive)
b) Feral Child states you have to pick an animal, and I'd rather pick a vermin (which _may_ work by using Vermin Heart), but that's a GM call more than anything.

I think I'll wait for a 'vermin shaman' to get published (people of the stars, who's taking bets?), and roll with that.

oh yeah, I kept on seeing those sixes there. hmm. well, if I ever get that high I'll look into it. In that case maybe a roughrider fighter would be the way to go.

1st Nature Soul
3rd Deific Obedience (Gorum)
5th Animal Ally
7th Monstrous Mount
9th Monstrous Mount Mastery
11th Boon Companion

1st Mounted Combat
2nd Spirited Charge
4th Power Attack
6th Weapon Focus (lance)
8th Weapon Specialization (lance)

that'll work. It's probably a bit wasteful to go fighter over ranger (spending all those feats for class abilities), but hey, it does net you divine mistrust, I guess.

well great, I'm a go mash that up with Cavalier and Evangelist of Gorum and have me a crazy flying awesomesauce.

1st Mounted Combat, Cavalry Formation
3rd Deific Obedience
5th Monstrous Mount
6th...something combat-related...Power Attack?
7th Spirited Charge
9th Monstrous Mount Mastery
11th ??? Weapon Focus?

hmm, a straight cavalier->mammoth rider gets to fly at level 7. Ah well, I guess you can't have everything.

So, a mammoth rider has to have one of a set number of mounts (wolf, mammoth, triceratops, etc.). Kinda like a cavalier in that respect (horse or camel).

However, the Monstrous Mount feat lets you get around the usual restrictions for mounts, yes?

Can you take both options (and Monstrous Mount Mastery) and ride (and fly, sloooowly) around on a Huge griffon?


1. If a human rides a horse, that's a regular saddle.
2. If a human rides a mantis, that's an exotic saddle.
3. If a bear rides a horse, that's what, regular saddle/exotic bridle?

(I guess that's a rules question.)

I suppose for a home game a feral child raised by beetles (and taking Vermin Heart) would be the way to go.

looking at a summoner, I can gin up a mantis mount with the following abilities at 8th level

quadruped eidolon
Str 25, Dex 15, Con 17, nat armor +10
claw claw bite
11 points
1: mount
1: claws
1: climb
2: flight
2: grab (claws)
4: large
3 feats, 24 skills

which is probably better than a comparable mantis

Str 20, Dex 15, Con 14, nat armor +9
lunge sudden strike mandibles
4 feats, 7 skills

ah well. something to file if I ever get to play a home game.

I've always enjoyed riding a giant mantis, you know, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

A druid can take a vermin as an animal companion, giant mantis is on the list, and it becomes large enough to fly at 7th level.

1. Pity there's no such thing as a vermin shaman.
2. After 7 levels of druid, then what? What's next for the insect queen who has everything?
3. Uh, which is better at mantis riding: a 7th level druid, or a 7th level summoner riding a 'fauntis'?

@Mavael The familiar satchel grants full cover. I'm still going to be casting shield companion on it, but I kinda want protection from magic missile and the like

@BretI That is a pretty great belt. I do kinda want to keep my belt slot (for a +Dex belt). What I'd rather do is just cast the spell ant haul at the start of the day. And I would, if I weren't a witch (a witch with the Strength patron, har har).

I got it. I was going to wear a brawling mithral chain shirt and take Arcane Armor Training. Instead, I'll wear a brawling darkleaf silken ceremonial armor, cast mage armor on myself every day (oh look, an abjuration spell on the witch spell list, how did that get in there?), and trade the armor training for Arcane Strike, for extra damage goodness.

The net on that is 10.5 lbs, which I can use to go up to a full 10 bolts, along with 10 lbs of other stuff (belt, headband, wayfinder, bandolier with alchemical toys, etc)

Fake Healer wrote:

I have an awesome suggestion to fix this.

Don't dump strength down to a 7 or 8 just to make sure you eek out 1 more number for your spell DCs. Or accept that you had to have that one more to your DCs and that the cost is that you can't carry crap or have to move slower. Or pay for a magic item to either increase carrying capacity or strength. Building a character to the point where you sacrifice some parts to shore up others and then looking for a way to circumvent the sacrifice is bad character design.

Setting Strength at 10 for this character, actually

mithral chain shirt 12.5
haversack 5
familiar satchel 6
actual familiar 5 (you know, in the satchel)
spell component pouch 2
darkwood light crossbow 2 (I don't think I can fit a crossbow into a haversack)
5 bolts .5

That's 33 lbs exactly, without even wearing any clothes below the chain shirt. All my consumables can go into the sack, fine, but now I'm stuck without a way to wear a headband, or a cloak, or whatever. I'm trying to accomplish weight savings without

a) taking my cloak slot
b) taking a feat
c) spending too much money

I think that if a mithral satchel costs 3000 gp, then I'll just wait to spring for a stone familiar, and my crab can take its chances.

I thought up a deaf seeker oracle of the dark tapestry once. Do stealthy things, cast silently, find traps, fly on wings of night. How's that?

Claxon wrote:
May I recommend the hosteling enchant on your armor. It's not cheap, but it would be the most effective method.

Not a bad idea, but

a) I do kinda want to keep my crab's bonus to my grapple checks (or initiative bonus, or what have you)
b) a crab familiar is a vermin, not an animal. I know it's not as exotic as, say, Rob Paulsen having been ripped from the Pillar of Skulls, but there is a line in hosteling armor that specifically excludes exotic pets.

I don't think I can stuff my crab into a handy haversack during combat, but I don't really want it running around either. So,

Ultimate Equipment wrote:
Familiar Satchel: This armored case provides total cover to any Tiny or smaller creature contained within it. It includes air holes (which can be plugged with cork stoppers if you need to go underwater) and two receptacles for food and water.

Here's the thing, it's 6 pounds, and my crab is 5 pounds, and a mithral chain shirt weighs 12.5. I'm getting really close to my encumbrance limit, and that's before magic items (headbands, amulets, etc.)

So, okay, encumbrance, so what? Fine. But...

What is a familiar satchel made out of? Is it metal, in which case a mithral version costs 3025 gp? Or, is it wood, in which case a darkwood version presumably costs 135 gp?

Also, is a spell component pouch made out of leather? So, a darkleaf spell component pouch costs 755 gp?

Hmmm, it's not a bad idea.

And there are a couple of references to cancer in the form of tumors and the like, like tumor familiar for the alchemist.

I think that using remove disease against someone's class ability would be like dispel magic on something that can be brought back right away. remove disease might blow up a tumor familiar, but the alchemist certainly knows how to brew up another one without much trouble.

There are also references to genetic defects, primarily with the ogrekin monster. I think you'd need a spell similar to half-blood extraction to cure a genetic defect, rather than remove disease.

bah! I keep forgetting that dimension door is a fourth-level spell.

Does the shift power of the teleportation subschool count as dimension door for the purposes of Dimensional Agility? You'd lose early entry into EK (as an elf), but you'd gain a ton of uses (and you can elf favored class wizard to get two more). So

Fighter 1
Wizard 5 (teleportation subschool)
Eldritch Knight 6

Here's a concept, please help optimize it!

race: elf
weapon: curve blade
traits: Magical Knack, Threatening Defender?
class: fighter 1/diviner 1 (scryer subschool)/eldritch knight 10
1st: Combat Expertise, Weapon Finesse
2nd: Spell Focus (Divination)
3rd: Arcane Strike, Arcane Armor Training
5th: Combat Casting
7th: Dimensional Agility, Arcane Armor Mastery
9th: Dimensional Assault
11th: Dimensional Dervish

I'm sold on the idea of early access Eldritch Knight plus the dimension door chain (pity the teleportation subschool power is Su rather than Sp). I figured elf was a good race for the blade and for the free spell penetration. What else is worth piling on or switching out?

oh yeah, now let's see. TWF using Dimensional Savant and a kukri in one hand and a light pick in the other. Still, you have to be able to abundant step or cast dimension door. And, you can't be a magus, because they need one hand free for spellcasting (and Butterfly's Sting using a handless weapon such as a spiked gauntlet is pitiful).

You could pull this off as an Eldritch Knight or as an Eldritch Raider (gillman rogue archetype gets access to one 3rd-level spell a day starting at 12th...). Let's go for EK

Fighter 1
Wizard 1 (Diviner, Scryer subschool) (don't take conujuration as a prohibited school!!)

You can cast dimension door at level 7, so here's a feat tree (assuming non-human)

1st Combat Expertise
Fighter Two-Weapon Fighting
2nd Scribe Scroll/Spell Focus (Divination) (for PFS)
3rd Butterfly's Sting, Combat Reflexes
5th Outflank
7th Dimensional Agility, Dimensional Assault
9th Dimensional Dervish
11th Dimensional Savant

Hmm, you still need two hands to hold your stingy weapons and another to cast the spell...otherwise you'd have to TWF with a taiaha, which isn't ideal...still, it's a nifty idea. I like it.

EDIT: Ah, this is too much of a muchness. Way better just to pick up a rapier and go crit fishing for a Spell critical (the EK 10th level ability). Ah, but you can't do that and DS in the same round...nuts!

and the command to change a transformative weapon is presumably a standard.

wow man, stay away from that greasy acid man, it'll trip you up!

gee, I dunno. If you can flank with yourself (via Dimensional Savant), then you can Outflank with yourself, I should think.

Although, Dimensional Savant does not give you the ability to be adjacent with yourself, which would rule out another pile of teamwork feats. Ah well. So much for getting +9 to all my saving throws through Shake It Off.

and then three ba'atezu walk into a bar, who gets an AoO?

no, wait...

If you are grappling, but not grappled yourself, can the following things occur?

1. can you move away from your grapple target? (if the weapon you're using to perform the grapple has enough reach)
2. can your grapple target reverse the grapple?
3. if you are not adjacent to your grapple target (owing to the answer to question 1), can your grapple target reverse the grapple (question 2) even if they do not have enough reach?

yeah, that does kinda work better than Mr 'dirty tricks on a horse' guy.

...makes me wonder if there's some sneaky way in the ACG of qualifying for a Fire Music/Mystic Theurge build now.

is it me, or is the style guide for the ACG basically 'make some classes, but make them more metal', right?

the bloodrager:

preview blog wrote:
loved the feeling of playing a character that basically felt like a character off the cover of an old heavy metal album
the skald:
preview blog wrote:
skalds are their metal cousins who channel the tales of poets with attitudes more like the Norse Bragi

the slayer

So, Sneaking Precision, how wacky are you?

Ultimate Combat wrote:

Sneaking Precision

Your knowledge of your enemies' vulnerable spots is especially punishing.
Prerequisites: Sneak attack class feature, Critical Focus, any critical feat, base attack bonus +9.
Benefit: Whenever you successfully sneak attack an opponent for a second time on your turn, you can spend a swift action to apply the effects of one critical feat you know to that opponent.

Okay, let's see.

a) You need a BaB of +11 in order to take the merest critical feat (Bleeding or Sickening)
b) For PFS, you'd want to take Sneaking Precision right at 11 in order for it to be useful for 3 sessions. This means you need to take two feats at level 11, which means (usually) a level of fighter right there.
c) you'll want sneak attack, and possibly TWF

There is exactly one way (I can think of) to get sneak attack and full BaB: the Low Templar. Which attaches its own set of criteria, involving being good at mounted combat.

So here's a setup

some full BaB class 5
Low Templar 5
fighter (or an archetype) 1

1st (Weapon Focus and Mounted Combat go somewhere in the first 3)
9th Critical Focus
11th (either Bleeding Critical or Sickening Critical), Sneaking Precision

So...fill in the blanks!

1. What full BaB class to take for the first 5 levels? A roughrider fighter maybe?
2. Which critical feat to take, Bleeding or Sickening?
3. Any other synergy or useful effect to be gained from the remaining 2 feats? (3 if human, 5 if roughrider, 6 if human roughrider) or from the other skill prerequisites of Low Templar?
4. Would it be worth it as a roughrider fighter to spend the feats for an Animal Ally?

Vital Strike works with Cleave...badly...

check out the feat All-Consuming Swing.

howsabout some sort of crazy summon blood moon effect?

or there was a 3.5 spell from White Wolf's setting book that caused an eclipse for a year or something like that. the implications of an army of vampire spawn are pretty obvious.


My five-year-old weighs around 60 lbs, and I can carry him around on my shoulders pretty well. This is about as heavy (in theory) as a halfling in medium armor.

So speaking from personal experience :hah:, first thing I would worry about is hands/stirrups, right, because I hold my son's legs down while carrying him with my arms. Maybe with some sort of weird stirrup thing would this work and I could keep my hands to, I dunno, fight with?

I'm pretty sure I get to keep my pitiful Dex bonus to AC (because sometimes I trip on stuff and don't fall over).

Second thing, yeah, in case nobody noticed, my shoulders aren't exactly flat (you know, my head is in the way). In other words, you don't really ride shoulders, it's more like you balance on them. You know, I've ridden a horse too, and it's way different than riding piggyback.

I have not yet ridden a horse with my son perched on my shoulders, so I know nothing about doing that.

yeah yeah, I know, RL physics/personal experience vs. D&D, but still. Personal experience? I would not want to run and fight with a halfling on my back doing the same.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Have you checked out Final Fantasy X?

Step 1: The Tarrasque shows up.
Step 2: Adventurers race across the land, working on behalf of a semi-corrupt religion, questing for fabled Zamarkand.
Step 3: Once there, one member of the party volunteers to become fuel for a dream entity powerful enough to stop the Tarrasque. Another member magically summons this new horror, dying in the process.
Step 4: The Tarrasque is defeated, until one day the fuel guy goes mad in his eldritch prison and becomes the Tarrasque.

Hilarity ensues.

No, seriously, I thought that game did a good job of basically having the Tarrasque be around, and having society shape itself around it. I almost felt bad that it had to end and then the most powerful warriors wore bear costumes. Such is life.


Orc Ferocity: 1/day, act staggered for 1 round when you would otherwise be dying (not enough time/actions to draw and drink a healing potion, sadly)
Sacred Tattoo: gain a bonus on saving throws. abuse this bonus with Fate's Favored
Toothy: bite people
Other Stuff that replaces orc ferocity: meh

I come to this question via a really dumb reason: I'm kitting out a half-orc rogue, and I really like Toothy for that. Greataxe+sneak attacks and bite+sneak attack? I like the same time, I really like the idea of wearing a full face hockey mask, for the sheer creepy factor. I suppose I could do both, but then the question becomes 'how did you bite that guy while wearing a full face mask?'

anyway...the real question: what builds replace orc ferocity? Is it Sacred Tattoo every time? Is Gatecrasher good for anything?

yeah, sorry, my bad

Breadth of Knowledge: +2 Knowledge, +2 Profession
Ki Mystic: +2 Knowledge, +4 to whatever
Deific to Irori: +4 sacred/profane to Knowledge
Multitude of Talents: +4 sacred/profane to untrained skills, which won't work with at least Knowledge: Religion

...not really sure I care about putting ranks into Knowledges other than religion at this point, because that +4 from multitude looks pretty tasty, combine with the trait Worldly (roll twice take better 1/day, untrained only)...

hmm, you can pull this off as an 'old' scion of humanity aasimar, a lawbringer for preference. An evangelist monk of Irori even boosts your unarmed strike damage!

Binzuru Harada
lawbringer aasimar ki mystic sensei monk/evangelist of Irori

1st: Breadth of Experience
3rd: Fast Learner
5th: Deific Obedience
7th: Improvisation
9th: ???Snapping Turtle Style
11th: Snapping Turtle Clutch

I had a similar concept going in a different direction

ki mystic sensei dwarf monk

a) had Breadth of Experience and Ki Mystic, which gave +2 on all Knowledge, Craft, and Profession checks
b) had inspire competence from sensei
c) ki mystic and sensei lets you spend 1 point of ki to add +4 to anyone else's skill check


a) he could certainly aid another
b) and use inspire competence
c) and hand out mystic wisdom

It's not a massive boost to your own checks, you massively boost someone else's!

Now I'm thinking about bolting Evangelist onto the character...I think he was just a single-classed monk

I've fallen in love with the tube arrow shooter

a) it's handless. you don't need to pick it up or put it in a hand to use it.
b) it's really cheap, and it has a better range than the hand crossbow
c) while it takes a while to reload, doesn't take any hands to reload. I suppose drawing and holding a piece of ammunition takes one hand, but your other hand (the one the tube is lashed to) is free to have whatever in it.
d) it's stealthy

(kinda wish rogues or ninjas got proficiency with it though...)

I've also got a soft spot for the atlatl dart, because you throw it like a javelin but you draw (and break) it like ammunition. Nothing else (save shuriken, which suck) lets you draw for free, get +Str to damage, and use only one hand.

I'm actually more interested in this than in the ACG.

thanks for all the awesome suggestions. Let's try to put some of these suggestions into practice. I'm specifically kitting out for a half-orc rogue wielding a battle axe (so, high Strength and light armor and darkvision)

Andrew R wrote:
Darts don't really fit they are like a fatter arrow

Okay, fair enough. There's no description of what size objects are equivalent to a 'small dagger or flask', so I was using that as shorthand for basically anything that weighed 1 lb or less. I'm sure that the stuff you can stick into a spring-loaded wrist sheath has been debated to death, but since you can jam a dart or 5 arrows in there, and it's concealable with a Sleight of Hand check, I figured a dart wouldn't be out of the question for a bandolier.

Guardianlord wrote:
Snapleaf can be worn like a badge anywhere on your person (on a button, around your neck, pinned to your shirt), so it can be activated as a swift action, no need to waste a bandolier slot.

That's true, but I am trying to avoid this mental picture in my head of looking like a WAR drawing. I figure two bandoliers, two belt pouches, a barbed vest, either a SLWS or a tube arrow shooter (and quiver) and a spiked gauntlet as a backup weapon arm, a two-hander slung across my back, and extra backup weapons on either hip is pushing it.

Interesting how a lot of good bandolier items seem to be from the Pathfinder Society Field Guide...

Let's say one bandolier should be reserved for offense, and one for defense/tools.

Offense Bandolier

2 darts (or daggers, if darts are too large)
2 alchemist's fire
2 holy water
2 bottled lightning (you can sneak attack with this, replace with something else as appropriate)

I figure for offensive items you want things that you wouldn't want to be using all the time, but to still have 2 of each just in case you need them (so no poisons or black fester)

Defense Bandolier

air crystals
wismuth salix (interesting that two people mentioned this)
haunt siphon
potion of cure X wounds
potion of gaseous form

I'm not sure about the ghost salt weapon blanch, because the action cost to set this up is huge in battle. I think I'd much rather just blanch 10 arrows ahead of time and carry those around in a quiver.

a) how does that look? anything that has to be added? anything that has to be removed?
b) Is there an alchemical item that can make a monster vomit you out? I'd hate to just rely on wearing a barbed vest and a spiked gauntlet to get myself out of there. Was the question of sneak attack a monster from the inside fully settled?

thanks again for all the awesome suggestions!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

so, I'm putting together a character that's going for a 'be prepared' vibe. Basically, that means having the right tool at the right time (in other words, not in the backpack or otherwise 'hard to get')

Yes, I know that grabbing something from a bandolier is the same action as pulling it out of a backpack or haversack, but it's just not the same, right?

I want to know what's worth carrying (and can be carried) in the bandolier. I've got two items to start with

a) a snapleaf. 5 rounds of feather fall that you don't have to go digging in your backpack to go find.
b) darts. they fit, and they serve as a backup ranged weapon (for when, say, you don't feel like dropping your 2-hander when attacking at range)

What else belongs in the bandolier?

well that answers that. nuts.

uh....where does it say that?

Universal Monster Rules wrote:

Incorporeal (Ex) An incorporeal creature has no physical body. It can be harmed only by other incorporeal creatures, magic weapons or creatures that strike as magic weapons, and spells, spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities. It is immune to all nonmagical attack forms. Even when hit by spells or magic weapons, it takes only half damage from a corporeal source (except for channel energy). Although it is not a magical attack, holy water can affect incorporeal undead. Corporeal spells and effects that do not cause damage only have a 50% chance of affecting an incorporeal creature. Force spells and effects, such as from a magic missile, affect an incorporeal creature normally.

An incorporeal creature has no natural armor bonus but has a deflection bonus equal to its Charisma bonus (always at least +1, even if the creature's Charisma score does not normally provide a bonus).

An incorporeal creature can enter or pass through solid objects, but must remain adjacent to the object's exterior, and so cannot pass entirely through an object whose space is larger than its own. It can sense the presence of creatures or objects within a square adjacent to its current location, but enemies have total concealment (50% miss chance) from an incorporeal creature that is inside an object. In order to see beyond the object it is in and attack normally, the incorporeal creature must emerge. An incorporeal creature inside an object has total cover, but when it attacks a creature outside the object it only has cover, so a creature outside with a readied action could strike at it as it attacks. An incorporeal creature cannot pass through a force effect.

An incorporeal creature's attacks pass through (ignore) natural armor, armor, and shields, although deflection bonuses and force effects (such as mage armor) work normally against it. Incorporeal creatures pass through and operate in water as easily as they do in air. Incorporeal creatures cannot fall or take falling damage. Incorporeal creatures cannot make trip or grapple attacks, nor can they be tripped or grappled. In fact, they cannot take any physical action that would move or manipulate an opponent or its equipment, nor are they subject to such actions. Incorporeal creatures have no weight and do not set off traps that are triggered by weight.

An incorporeal creature moves silently and cannot be heard with Perception checks if it doesn't wish to be. It has no Strength score, so its Dexterity modifier applies to its melee attacks, ranged attacks, and CMB. Nonvisual senses, such as scent and blindsight, are either ineffective or only partly effective with regard to incorporeal creatures. Incorporeal creatures have an innate sense of direction and can move at full speed even when they cannot see.

Maybe I'm a dummy, but nowhere in there does it say that incorporeal prevents critical hits or sneak attacks. Am I missing something?

Claxon wrote:
Only the holy water affect would deal damage to a ghost.

Correct. Hitting a ghost with a loaded aspergillum deals 1 point of damage, even though it's nonmagical.

And a rogue adds sneak attack damage to that (if applicable), in the same way that a rogue can deal extra lightning damage with a sneaky bottled lightning.

Ultimate Equipment wrote:
Battle Aspergillum: Named for the common aspergillum, a macelike tool used by priests to sprinkle holy water, this light mace has a hollow head and a metal plug closing off the hole through which the head is filled. When the mace strikes a creature, holy water sprinkles out through tiny holes throughout the weapon's head; creatures subject to damage from holy water take 1 point of damage in addition to the normal effect of being struck by the mace (a nonmagical aspergillum can deal holy water damage to an incorporeal creature in this manner, even if the mace itself deals no damage). After 5 hits, the battle aspergillum is empty and needs to be refilled. Filling it with holy water is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity (like drinking a potion). A filled aspergillum is normally carried upright, to prevent the holy water from leaking out as the weapon moves.

1. I fill a non-magical battle aspergillum with holy water.

2. I take a swing at an incorporeal undead (ghost, wraith, shadow, etc).
3. I hit, and my attack deals 1 point of damage (2 if I crit, I guess).

Question: If I am in a position to sneak attack (flank, a flat-footed ghost, a Surprise Follow-Through, etc), do I get to add my sneak attack damage?

Ultimate Equipment wrote:
Bandolier:This leather belt is worn over one shoulder and runs diagonally across the chest and back. It has small loops or pouches for holding eight objects the size of a flask or small dagger. You can use the "retrieve a stored item" action to take an item from a bandolier. You can wear up to two bandoliers at the same time (any more than this and they get in each other's way and restrict your movement).

1. I load a bandolier with 8 flasks of alchemist's fire. (or 8 thunderstones, or holy water, or whatever)

2. Clearly I can't throw it, or if I did, I would suffer horrific penalties to actually hit something with it.

3. Someone casts create pit and traps some poor monster.

4. I walk up to the pit, and drop in the bandolier, aiming at the monster. Hopefully I make my Reflex save to avoid falling into the pit myself.

Question: Does my victim take 8d6 fire damage?

maybe Thanatonic Spell? Maybe Skeleton Summoner? Are there any fun feats from the Harrower Handbook that might fit?

I might go honor guard cavalier followed by the prestige class ulfen guard. That'd do it.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

A swarm can't take precision damage, fine.

A swarm of really tiny critters doesn't usually take weapon damage, but the swarmbane clasp gets around that.

If you're wearing a swarmbane clasp, and you do something that would normally deal bleed damage (Splintering Weapon, Boar Style, Greater Rending Fury, etc.), then does the swarm take bleed damage?

ohako wrote:

Okay, let's say

monk 2/crusader cleric 1/monk 2/divine scion X

race: idyllkin aasimar
traits: enlightened warrior (so you can be a neutral good monk), fate's favored (so you can super-charge your 3/day divine favor)
domain: Luck

monk1: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, ???, ???
monk2/cleric1: Weapon Focus (glaive), Crusader's Flurry
monk2/cleric1/monk2: Iron Will

why am I talking about divine scion?? go for evangelist!!

monk1: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, ???, Combat Reflexes
monk2: ???
monk2/cleric1: Weapon Focus (glaive), Crusader's Flurry
monk2/cleric1/monk2: Deific Obedience

then go evangelist from there, boosting monk

there aren't many good feats that you can take at 1st level that also key off of Combat Reflexes, one option is Bodyguard, another is Vicious Stomp. The trick is to get the opponent to fall prone adjacent to you...hmmm...

maneuver master 1: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Combat Reflexes, Vicious Stomp
monk 2: Improved Trip
monk 2/cleric 1: Weapon Focus (glaive), Crusader's Flurry
level 5: Deific Obedience
level 7: Ki Throw

attack, trip, flip into your threatened area (like using your glaive like an evil pancake spatula), stomp them and stun them

pity it doesn't work. a maneuver master replaces flurry of blows with flurry of maneuvers, and so you can't take Crusader's Flurry and Ki Throw that easily. well nuts...

time to go feed my cat...

Okay, let's say

monk 2/crusader cleric 1/monk 2/divine scion X

race: idyllkin aasimar
traits: enlightened warrior (so you can be a neutral good monk), fate's favored (so you can super-charge your 3/day divine favor)
domain: Luck

monk1: Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, ???, ???
monk2/cleric1: Weapon Focus (glaive), Crusader's Flurry
monk2/cleric1/monk2: Iron Will, I kinda wish I had your party. Seriously animating a lamia zombie? Beautiful!

Does it whack-a-doo encounters? Yeah, probably, so what? Run Xin-Shalast as a mass combat, where all the zombies fight like a ton of vampire decapuses or something and turn it into a race to get _into_ the death zone and away from all the crazy.

Or hell, one morning zombie Xanesha vomits up a harrow deck of many things. How did that get in there?

You can blow up all the zombies by giving Mokmurian a bag of undead control spells, and then they turn a huge pile of stone giants into zombies, whatever...

I really don't see the problem here...

Has anybody spotted the background characters from the contest? I want to know who won!

Ultimate Equipment wrote:
Greataxe:This two-handed battle axe is heavy enough that you can't wield it with one hand. The head may have one blade or two, and may be "bearded" (meaning hooked or trailing at the bottom) to increase cleaving power and help pull down enemy shields. The haft is usually 3 to 4 feet long.

So, you could have a greataxe with two blades (and the picture in the CRB has two blades on it), although you're only ever going to be pointing one blade at one enemy at a time (because a greataxe isn't a double weapon). Can those two blades be made of different materials? In other words, you wouldn't have to golf bag between a silver and a cold iron weapon, you could just switch which blade was pointing towards the bad guy?

Could you poison both blades with different poisons at the same time? Could you sharpen both blades with a whetstone, and get two uses out of it?

you might try this

1. Can you stash a bottled lightning in a wrist sheath? How about a deck of harrow cards?

(or, what can't you put in there?)

2. Say you have a sword. Then say there's a hollow pommel on it. Can you stick a bottled lightning in the pommel so that when you open the pommel, the bottled lightning goes off?

(or, if you can stick a flask in a hollow pommel, could you 'fire it' (or sprinkle it, or what have you) just by opening the pommel?

(the smoke arrow is an alchemical item that you can draw as a free action, so there's precedence for condensing the 'draw' and the 'use' of alchemy items, I suppose)

3. How much crap can you functionally strap to your forearm anyway?

a) a spring-loaded wrist sheath with a bottled lightning in it (for preference)
b) a tube arrow shooter (loaded, naturally)
c) a buckler gun (it's a buckler, and a weapon, sounds good)
d) a spiked gauntlet
e) a magic glove (worn under the gauntlet, one hopes)
f) a magic wristband
g) there was a 3.5 item called a potion bracer, but I think that actually takes up your wrist slot

anything I've forgotten?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I built a straight human straight fighter that focused on archery, and went into stalwart defender at level 9.

a) you don't like it, you shoot at it
b) you stand in the same spot, you get some bonuses

I also put together a scout rogue that focuses on making the most of Surprise Follow-Through

a) you charge, get sneak attack
b) you move, get sneak attack
c) you attack two guys, get sneak attack on the second one
d) you flank, get sneak attack

that idea's been around forever, but I just found yet another synergistic feat with that: All-Consuming Swing. It's bad Vital Strike with your Cleave. half-orc rogue with greataxe: go

I know this one uses spells, but is perhaps a little more interesting: TWF gillman eldritch raider: two weapon fighting, two weapon feinting, and twilight knife for a third source of sneak attack at level 12

So, aren't rules fun?

Here's what I'm trying to play in PFS (had my first session last night)

a) stats: Str 12, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 5. Yes this is possible with a dwarf and a 20-pt buy. Weapon Finesse. Great defenses level 1, and not totally terrible at damage
b) Snake Style. a good mix of defensive and offensive options
c) at level 10 (yes, I know, not optimized for PFS), getting Medusa's Wrath.

Bad guy: Attack and miss
Me: Snake Fang hit you with an AoO (and use Stunning Fist, and the Tactician trait for 1/day boost to the AoO)
Bad guy: Ow, now I am stunned until the start of my next turn
Me: full attack flurry of blows Medusa's Wrath gg

d) at level 11 and up, taking the Duelist prestige class (for a better-than-normal unarmed damage bump and Int to AC) (again, not optimized for PFS, meh)

that's pretty much it. He's lived through one adventure so far!

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