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why is that Chelaxian wearing a Varisian costume?

Markov Spiked Chain wrote:

It seems a waste to go Mauler and not use it to fight/flank, so I'm inclined to say Emissary, probably with Luck domain?

But I would think about Protector too. +2 Ac and the ability to mitigate a hit here or there is handy, especially if you've got a cleric channeling.

I think a witch letting their spellbook go into melee combat is just asking for it. I mean, I guess I could do that, it's not like I won't be having shield companion up all the time anyway.

Huh. Stuff to think about.

Mark Seifter wrote:

FAQ Friday returns!!

FAQ wrote:

Monk ki mystic archetype: The ki mystic ability seems like it alters the monk’s ki pool ability, but it doesn’t say “This ability alters ki pool.” Is this because the ki mystic’s ki pool is a separate second pool that can only be used for the powers described in the ki mystic archetype, and the monk then also receives the regular ki pool that works as normal?

No. When Advanced Player’s Guide was written, archetypes were new and the “this alters” language didn’t exist yet, meaning archetypes in this book, including ki mystic, never include it, even when they should by current standards. The ki mystic ability alters ki pool. At 3rd level, a ki mystic gets a ki pool of Wisdom modifier points that can be used for the abilities listed in the archetype. At level 4, this upgrades to a ki pool of 1/2 monk level + Wisdom modifier + 2 points, which is a single ki pool (the ki mystic does not gain two) that can be used in all the usual ways a monk can use ki, plus those mentioned in the archetype.
But what FAQ stirs in the distance, restless in its dark FAQ slumber? Will it be any of the other ones I mentioned last week or maybe even trolls, or wands, or dragon disciples? Find out next time on FAQ Friday!

Well that's nice. I think the other thing weird with the ki mystic's 3rd-level pool was that it didn't have a regeneration system (ie, you got the ki at 3rd, but only once). ::whistles::

Hiya Weirdo

There's two ways to do a combat witch (or any combat arcane caster) right, I think

a) Eldritch Knight
b) Evangelist

because both of those prestige classes give better than 1/2 BaB and nearly full casting. I think the Evangelist wins out with the boost to patron spells, the familiar, and the earlier entry.

So I'm going to be out in front slicing up bad guys with animated, articulated hair, and I was wondering if I would be better served by a guidance-bot with a once-a-day from some domain or other (Strength maybe?), or a burning gaze-bot that can hulk out and carry my unconscious body when things get rough (since I'm a grappler, I was going to take a crab familiar, which can totally grab and dash).

What do you think?

the blurb wrote:
While we avoided making emotional focuses that were very positive in nature (after all, it's typically very strong negative emotions that makes a soul drift toward the Negative Material Plane), we added a dedication emotional as a companion to the zeal aspect helping fill the niche for those desiring to play a spiritualist that didn't entirely dwell within the super-negative spectrum of emotions.

Love finds a way. Even if it has to call itself 'dedication'.

ever read The Windup Girl? not androgynous, but very crazy, and also very deadly. Is there a way to get yourself hasted while under the effects of rage?

what I like is that the phantom's emotional focus is clearly something 'nice'. The playtest emotions were all yoda quotes

uh, anger?

stuff like that. So yeah, a phony-turned-real spiritualist with a phantom whose emotional focus might be 'love'. good to go!

I know this is a thread necro, but what about an emissary familiar? You could just instruct it to cast guidance on you all the time, so you'd have one of the following at the start of combat

9 guidance effects, each with 1 round less of duration (you can't stack them, but you can use them all during a full attack, for instance).


1 guidance effect, with 10 rounds of duration.

so which one?

So, I don't really want my familiar to be fighting in melee. That's my job. So which is better?

a) the mauler. you get +2 atk and dmg for 1 round whenever you shank a bad guy. good for when there are lots of mooks, I guess
b) the emissary. you get 1 guidance for free every round, and maybe a good touch from a domain once a day. downside: no burning gaze shenanigans

which one is better?

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.
Familiar Folio wrote:
Domain Influence (Sp or Su): At 3rd level, the emissary gains a spark of divine power from the patron that sent it. Choose one appropriate domain that grants a 1st-level domain power usable a number of times per day equal to 3 + the user’s Wisdom modifier. The emissary can use that power once per day. This ability replaces deliver touch spells.
Strength domain wrote:
Strength Surge (Sp): As a standard action, you can touch a creature to give it great strength. For 1 round, the target gains an enhancement bonus equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum +1) to melee attacks, combat maneuver checks that rely on Strength, Strength-based skills, and Strength checks. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Let's say that I'm a witch with the Strength patron and an emissary king crab familiar whose Domain Influence is the Strength domain. Once a day my crab can give me a strength surge. How powerful is it? Is it stuck at +1?

You could probably attach a flaming bayonet to the neck of a guitar?

You could attack strings to a greataxe, so you could play it. And you could cast weaponwand on it, so that it would shoot scorching rays?

EDIT: Doomed Hero takes it

That big a swing, huh? Yeah, I was thinking of going with either animal fury and lesser beast totem or lesser fiend totem (with a race that naturally had claws, like tengu).

Hmm, maybe it's spreadsheet time!

plainly put, which is better?

2 primary claws


1 armor spikes and 2 secondary claws

I'm not a math guy, but I'd love to see the math behind this

(assuming a 16 strength)
2 claws at +6, dealing damage +5

1 spikes at +6, dealing at +5, plus 2 claws at +1, dealing at +3

What happens as you add iteratives? Then what happens if you add more natural attacks? Then what happens when you get improved/greater rage?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hi Adam,

There are lots of rules for crafting goodies out of the squicky bits of dragons in the Dragonslayer's Handbook.

a) are there rules in there for crafting goodies out of dragon bones, claws, or teeth?
b) if not, why not? those bits sound like they would be really useful.

wow, so, looking through the dragon slayer's handbook, you can really go to town with organs and vitals and such-like.

Can you harvest dragon bone as a material? If so, what can you make out of it? Is it better than, say, cow bones?

So, I'm not exactly a half-orc gladiator, but I have spent years carrying around my son on my shoulders.

Right now it's pushing it, but there was a time he was around 60 lbs or so, which is about the size and weight of an armored halfling. Can it work? Yeah, I guess, as long as the rider took skill ranks in Ride, and I might argue that the mount would need to take a rank in 'Ridden'. But anyway...

The biggest reason you don't want to play a small character riding a humanoid has to be that the mount's head is in the way. No really. Try this out with a 60 lb five-year-old. Either you have to slouch your head forward, or the kid has to sit with his lower legs on your shoulders (not upper leg like you want). In either case the rider needs some sort of stirrup or strap system to stay in the saddle, if you want your gladiator to be able to use his hands.

Here's another possibility: a backpack. A backpack scaled for a Large humanoid is just about the right size to hold a halfling with his upper body sticking out. So, that could totally work, except

a) get yourself a Large companion. Easiest way to do that is either with an eidolon or a PC with enlarge person.
b) another option is to cast reduce person on yourself and hang out in a familiar satchel.
c) there are exactly _zero_ rules about what happens when a Small creature rides around in a Large creature's backpack. Is it mounted combat? Are you 'carried equipment'? Do you get cover if you close the lid of the familiar satchel? What's the hardness and hit points on a familiar satchel (it's 'armored') anyway?

who knows? something tells me that any upcoming player companion books are _not_ going to provide any answers.

Ukki wrote:
Might want to consider shaman over witch so you can use the few spells you get in armor. I don't have Unchained, but hex striking evil eye plus the new rogue debilitating strike sounds like gravy. I'm not sure what level the rogue gets it however so it may not be a feasible dip. Instead of barbarian I would consider bloodrager with the blood conduit archetype. Opens up blooded arcane rivening strike to stack on top (though that's a lot of feats). Two weapon fight to hit someone once and reduce their saves by 6, hit em with your other hand and some nasty save or die spell (do bloodragers get any good ones?). Other option is to just go straight shaman with the barbarian VMC for rage.

Wow, huh. So while an evil eye hex strike fighter is cool, you could way easier do what you suggest. Let's see, with the abyssal bloodline (for claws)

1: Weapon Focus (claw), Improved Unarmed Strike
3: Feral Combat Training (claw)
4: Eschew Materials
5: Arcane Strike (1st level you can take this)
6: Power Attack
7: Riving Strike (now you've basically got Evil Eye Hex Strike scratch scratch right there)
9: Intimidating Prowess, Cornugon Smash (now you're pushing the saves to -4, and the bloodline feat here helps you land it)
11: Blooded Arcane Strike (now you don't have to spend your swift to activate Arcane Strike, you can spend it instead on a save or suck spell of your own)

well that's a lot of feats, but eeuughh, very shiny.

So, I'm looking at Hex Strike, and that feat looks pretty neat. If I wanted to, say, rage and hex strike with my fists, it looks like I could. However, the leaves a lot to be desired

let's say a changeling witch 1/barbarian (unchained or non) X
1 hex: Evil Eye (pass the save? who cares, I'll scratch you again next round...)

I want to scratch a bad guy and curse them at the same time, so

Improved Unarmed Strike (or possibly the brawler rage power)
Hex Strike
Weapon Focus (claw)
Feral Combat Training (claw)

So, four feats (or maybe 3 and a rage power) and a 1 level dip that's not terribly useful elsewhere (although you could certainly use mage armor if you were going for the savage barbarian archetype). Still, ouch!

a) is there a 'hag totem' (or similar) rage power tree, either unchained or non?
b) any other ideas for making this work better?

how about wood elemental wizard with the spell sage archetype? or even without the archetype, going for magaambyan arcanist prestige class?

a) plant spells
b) fireball boom boom

Mighty Squash wrote:
The hope was to go snap shot route, not to be using spells at all. Gambit styles approach. Might even prove most sense to go old rogue for two levels and get DD as a talent with no magic required - but old rogue just isn't that appealing.

I don't know about spells/no spells, but there's a really good martial-ish class that complements the card caster: far strike monk

Over twelve levels, something like

magus (card caster) 7
monk (far strike) 4
fighter 1

You get a large stack of feats from monk. You can get the 'ki arcana' arcana, which lets you use ki like arcane pool and vice versa. At level 12 you can qualify for Unfolding Wind Strike, which is a nice cherry.

Hey Mark! Here's some questions about potion tasting

Can a jerk wizard use prestidigitation to alter the flavor of a potion, so that (for 1 hour) it either cannot be identified by taste or the taste is disguised to be that of a different potion?

Could anybody pour a spicy potion into, say, a glass of milk and disguise its flavor that way?

Can magic potions be used as ingredients for making alcoholic cocktails? If so, what's your favorite?

If you taste a potion to try and determine what kind it is, is there enough potion left to drink it at some point afterwards? Or is tasting = drinking?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Mark Seifter wrote:
GM Wulfson wrote:

I've got a question regarding the Perception DC to identify a potion. Under the Perception skill it reads that the DC is 15+Caster Level, while under the Identifying Magic Items section it states that the DC is 15+spell level. Which one is correct?

It seems counter-intuitive that a character/NPC with absolutely no magical training would have an easier time identifying a potion than someone who, bolstered by magic, would have using the Spellcraft skill to identify it.
I know, as a general rule, text trumps table and if this is the case then I hope that in the not too distant future we can get the Perception skill changed to reflect this. Otherwise you have two different possible DC's from the same sourcebook (the CRB).
I am pretty sure it should be 15 + caster level.

Did you know that when different wizards make the same potion, that they taste exactly the same? Sure, if two wizards took samples of the same potion to try and deconstruct the potion's spell, the resulting spellbooks would be illegibly different. Magic!

If you're polymorphed into whatever race Bokrug is (he's a Large magical beast, so it's doable), and you have Feral Combat Training (tentacle beard), then you can do one of the following

1) Attack with the bite, the claws, the sting, and the beard. natural attacks only
2) Put a sword in one claw hand, attack iteratively with that, and get the bite, one claw, the sting, and the beard as secondary natural attacks. iteratives, with a secondary attack or 4
3) flurry of blows with your hands, feet, elbows, knees, whatever, and beard. unarmed strikes with the extra attack or two, and you can use the beard if you want.

Secret Wizard wrote:

The problem with Canny Tumble is that you cannot combine it with Spell Combat as there are not many ways to move in a way that provokes AoO for you to Acrobatics while still full-attacking.

If you want the big bonus to hit that is almost always on, you could take Weapon Focus at 5th and Anticipate Dodge at 11th (+2 to hit against any enemy with 14+ Dex, which is most of them).

Also, you probably want to pick up Critical Focus rather than Weapon Specialization if you go the Rapier route.

Considering the weakness of the Rapier when dealing with enemies with DR against piercing, Weapon Versatility is not a bad choice all in all, either.

Where's your extra 6th level Arcana from the FCB???

a) re: Canny Tumble. I think that full-attacking and attacking after movement are really two separate beasts. Sure, it's nice to full-attack after a move, but that comes online anyway at 9th-10th level. I think tumbling into a flanking position for a +4 to some spellstrike nastiness is perfectly acceptable

b) It's entirely possible that an elf can't take his special FCB until level 3, at which point it's fine to just skip it and grab 3 extra hit points and wait till 12.

c) you can't use arcane deed: precise strike with a scimitar? I think?

d) Critical Focus requires BaB +9, which the magus doesn't get until level 12. Weapon Spec is just there because the magus qualifies for it with fighter training. Is there a better option for a feat that uses that class ability?

so, the spell dancer archetype is an odd duck

Can basically pounce by level 9

Can't enhance weapon with arcane pool

Here's a try at making a spell dancer that gets a lot of movement out there, and also has the capacity to go nova. It looks solid to me, but I could use some advice to put it over the edge. Note that I'm not really looking for a Dex build: using Str with a rapier works.

race: elf
alternate racial trait: arcane focus (you don't need the proficiencies)
class: magus
archetype: spell dancer
traits: warrior of old, magical lineage (shocking grasp)

1 Dodge
3 Mobility
5 Canny Tumble (from the ACG, gives you a bonus to hit after using Acrobatics), Arcane Movement (effectively an archetype-only feat)
7 Intensified Spell
9 Dimensional Agility
11 Weapon Focus (rapier), Weapon Specialization (rapier)

3 flamboyant arcana
6 arcane deed (precise strike)
9 arcane deed (swashbuckler's grace) (eh, it's on theme)
12 (extra picked up with the elf FCB) critical strike, maximized magic

So, the basic idea is this: get to where you're needed, and then stab a bad guy with a lightsaber (sorry, 'voltaic rapier')

what do you all think?

B. A. Robards-Debardot wrote:

I think he's just using spell combat. So...

Swift (spell dance for extra speed) => Full Round(Spell Combat(Dimension Door(Using the dimensional agility ability),full attack)

ooo~ooo! So, memorize dimension door as a spell (which you can do starting at 10th level? but you still qualify for the feat at 9th), and cast it during a spell combat. I get it. I think.

Durngrun Stonebreaker wrote:
I made a 15th level Spell Dancer for a one-off game. I took Whip Mastery and Slashing Grace with the Dimensional line of feats. At that level, Spell Dance increases your speed to 70ft which gives you 140ft to play with when using Dimensional Assault/Dervish. Dimensional Agility does not take a swift action so you can use it with your Spell Dance. Having the Spell memorized allows the other feats to work and Improved Spell Recall lets you cast it again for two points. I also went the precise strike route and quite enjoyed doing 1d3+30 damage.
Advanced Race Guide wrote:

Spell Dance: At 1st level, a spell dancer gains the ability to expend 1 point from his arcane pool as a swift action to gain a +10 enhancement bonus to his movement rate and a +2 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks of opportunity provoked by moving through threatened spaces for 1 minute.


At 9th level, the spell dancer may instead take a swift action to use dimension door as a spell-like ability once during a spelldance.

It's one swift action (and a pool point) to enter a dance, and another swift action (hence another round) to use dimension door. Right? Then the next round you presumably stop dancing as a free action, and spend another swift action to effectively 'dance cycle'. Does that sound right?

thread necro! why not? I think it's a puzzle that needs solving

1 ???
3 ???
5 ???, Arcane Movement (bonus 'combat feat' from magus)
7 ???
9 Dimensional Agility
11 ???, ??? (bonus combat feat from magus)

3 flamboyant arcana
6 arcane deed (precise strike)
8 ??? (earliest you can earn the elf FCB, why not?)
9 ???
12 ???

So, it's a puzzle without an obvious solution

Good things
1. Scaling precision damage = level (if that's still kosher without a 'swashbuckler level')
2. Pounce every other level for 1 arcane pool point (round 1 swift to start the dance, round 2 swift to bamf to target)

Interesting things
The spell dance itself will get you where you need to go. A bonus to speed and a bonus to AC (and maybe CMD?) vs. AoO from movement.

The question: what to do with this? If you could be anywhere on the field (as a magus), where would be, and what would you do?

The summon monster spells are still on the summoner's spell list. You could learn those as some of your regular spells. As for for which monster to summon, that's tough. You can probably get yourself creatures that might look like chess pieces (earth elemental for a rook, horse or centaur for a knight), but it'd be really difficult to get them to feel like chess pieces, you know?

I dunno, check out the lists, I bet you can find some good monsters in there to match various pieces.

Still, neat idea.

not your build, but I had an idea to play an extremely shy summoner with a very high Charisma, who would only 'talk' through their eidolon. again, not the same thing, but it's an idea.

Rub-Eta wrote:
As some Inquisitor class feats requires you to not wear heavy armour, I wouldn't recommend it. Otherwise, the feat is the cheapest way.

I haven't really poked around the inquisitor class much. What are these options you're talking about. Someone upthread mentioned 'kills stalwart'. What does that mean?

So, I'm working on a Vhailor-esque concept character, and I love the inquisitor class for that special blend of fighting and intolerant jerk-itude. So far I'm going with a LN dwarf exarch inquisitor of Iomedae, Justice inquisition. So far, all well and good. However, Vhailor usually rocks a greataxe and full plate. Aside from multiclassing or feats, is there an easier way to beef up the proficiencies of an inquisitor?

oh hey, neat, I thought of another question.

1. Let's say you have Alignment Channel (evil) and Greater Channel Force.
2. A swarm of fiendish ants swarms over you.
3. You channel energy to harm the swarm.

a) a swarm is immune to bull rush (and has no CMD). Can a swarm be pushed?
b) if so, let's say you're standing in the middle of a swarm when you channel (and the swarm fails its save, and then it fails the combat maneuver check somehow without a CMD). If it hasn't taken enough damage to 'break up', would the push effect be able to push apart the swarm into multiple directions (ie, it would break up anyway)?

or, really, ways to improve the push or pull chance while using Channel Force

Channel Force seems to require a straight Strength combat maneuver check.

or not

If it does, fine, that's the rule? Okay.

What are some magic items or feats that can improve the monstrous 'push' or 'pull' maneuver? Or should I just take Improved Bull Rush and cross my fingers that it would work?

Advanced Race Guide wrote:
Channel Force: When you channel energy to deal damage, you may choose to affect only a single target within 30 feet. In addition to dealing damage, if that single target fails its saving throw, you may pull or push (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 303) the target up to 5 feet for every 2d6 points of channel energy damage you are capable of dealing.
Bestiary PRD wrote:
Push (Ex): A creature with the push ability can choose to make a free combat maneuver check with a certain successful attack (often a slam attack). If successful, this check pushes a creature directly away as with a bull rush, but the distance moved is set by this ability. The type of attack that causes the push and the distance pushed are included in the creature's description. This ability only works on creatures of a size equal to or smaller than the pushing creature. Creatures pushed in this way do not provoke attacks of opportunity and stop if the push would move them into a solid object or creature.

Some questions

1. If creature fails its channel energy saving throw, does the cleric make a combat maneuver check? Or is the pushing automatic? Are there any special modifiers to this maneuver check, or is it just d20+BaB+Strength?
2. If you're a Medium aasimar, and you damage a Large zombie, can you push it with Channel Force?
3. Lots of undead creatures are incorporeal. Can you push them with Channel Force, even if you couldn't otherwise touch them? Can you push a ghost through a solid object?

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Wayne Reynolds wrote:
1) I was asked to design a temple sword for Sajan. Though his Hora (knuckle - dusters) weren't part of the character description.

Is Sajan's sword one of these?


or is that a coincidence?

Elder Basilisk wrote:

Note that, for the temple sword, the first bibliography entry is for a "'Nayar temple sword' of this type."

At least for the first entry, it would appear that Pathfinder is not actually using a different name from the (single) real life name. Rather, they are using one of several real life names, though apparently not the name the curator of the Higgins collection prefers.

Fair. 'Nandaka' might easily be the name of a particular weapon, rather than a kind of weapon, and the same with 'zulfiqar'. (although it looks like artistic depictions of a zulfiqar are still just called 'zulfiqar').

You know, WAR put up an 'ask me about my drawings' thread. I'll ask him what it is.

Corvino wrote:
I thought this was going to be a completely different thing. I expected "they've split Bastard Swords and Longswords into two different things when really they're synonyms!". Meh - half the weapons in the game are slightly misnamed. I blame Gygax, bless his historically-inaccurate soul.

Yeah, except we have entries in Bestiary 4 for things like 'julunggani' and 'qallupilluk'. Pathfinder's not afraid of weird words from other languages, and honestly I think 'temple sword' does this thing an injustice.

mmm, here's a question that I don't think has been completely answered.

A 6th level sensei can 'affect one ally within 30 feet rather than the sensei himself' when using class abilities that cost ki.

A 4th level qinggong monk can cast hydraulic push or scorching ray by using ki points.

1. What can a qinggong sensei do with this?
2. Do you 'affect yourself' during the casting of an offensive spell?
3. Can you cause all of your allies to fire scorching rays at something when you use this ability?
4. Or, could a jerk qinggong sensei target himself with his own scorching ray, and attack all of his allies instead?
5. Or would a qinggong sensei just target all enemies in range with scorching rays instead of his spell-alloted number?

I got to thinking about the temple sword the other day, and I remember actually seeing one at the Higgins Armor Museum (which is sadly now closed, but all their stuff is at the Worcester Art Museum, btw). Here's a picture


While I was there, that sword was crossed saltire with another recognizable Pathfinder weapon


So, in Pathfinder, this nandaka is called a 'temple sword' and does not have the 'can be used as a bardic instrument' language found on the totem spear. Similarly, the zulfiqar is reclassed as a 'rhoka'.

These weapon names have real-life religious meanings (referencing Hinduism and Islam), but I'd say they're on par with the 'battle aspergillum'. Is that the reason why different names were used? In subsequent printings of the APG, UE, and (hah!) the Adventurer's Armory, could we have these names used instead?

Imagine a mace. Iron ball, maybe some nubbly spikes, iron handle.

1. scoop a chunk out of the top of it, in the shape of a smoothed-over cone (kind of like a flashlight).
2. polish that smooth cone cavity to a mirror sheen.
3. cast light on it.

a) you get the spell light to act like a bullseye lantern? That seems nifty.
b) you can still bash bad guys with it.

what do you think?

Hey, I just got this box of minis, and I have to say, they're really spiffy.

Any chance we're going to get a 'Big Box of Geekiness' (referencing the game Smash Up) to stash multiple sets of minis in? That would be rad.

Jiggy wrote:
Anybody else watching this show? My wife and I are following it, and it's been pretty good so far.

Yes. Yes I am. Wife and me. One ep each night after working out (Wii fit U or Just Dance 2015). It's good. We started after a recommendation from The Mary Sue. It's like Saiunkoku, only way better.

Hmm, I like the idea of getting a tight Kingmaker book. That would be neat.

I don't know if it could work, but I think a rad idea would be two hardcovers in a slipcase of

1. Iron Gods in a hardcover. Because it seems like either they didn't print a ton of copies to begin with, or it sold like hotcakes
2. Some sort of funky 'Technology of the Inner Sea' hardcover that pulls in elements of

a) the Technology book
b) Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars
c) the relevant bits of People of the Stars/the Numeria parts of People of the River

and then some other nutty product that combined the iron gods pawn box with the tech dungeon and (starship?) flip mats.

pie? meet sky!

Damon Griffin wrote:
ohako wrote:

check out the decoy ring. multiple rounds of non-fading invsibility, not to mention illusory duplicates.

combine that with some sniper goggles and a shortbow.

how's that?

The decoy ring is a nice defensive item, but useless for offense since it only functions when you either take the withdraw action or become helpless. It wouldn't help her sneak attack. Our group's sorcerer needs this ring, though.

The sniper's goggles don't create or prolong conditions where she can sneak attack, only allow her to do so from more than 30' if the conditions to allow it already exist. Still really worth getting on their own, for the added range and +2 damage on each SA die.

Round 1: Withdraw from something. Drop a grasshopper on the ground and withdraw from that. Now you're invisible (note the lack of italics) for 2 more rounds.

Rounds 2 and 3: Murder the pinkskins?

check out the decoy ring. multiple rounds of non-fading invsibility, not to mention illusory duplicates.

combine that with some sniper goggles and a shortbow.

how's that?

my friend, look no further than the goblet of quenching

That should keep your crab nice and happy

you want the feat Two-Handed Thrower (from Ultimate Combat)

Ultimate Combat wrote:

Prerequisite: Str 15.

Benefit: Whenever you use two hands to throw a one-handed or two-handed weapon, you gain a bonus on damage rolls equal to 1-1/2 times your Strength bonus. Using two hands to throw any weapon requires only a standard action for you. If you also have the Quick Draw feat, you can throw two-handed weapons at your full normal rate of attacks.
Normal: You add your Strength bonus on thrown weapon damage, regardless of available hands. Throwing a two-handed weapon is a full-round action.

don't forget All-Consuming Swing! or, maybe do...

(lets you combine Vital Strike with Cleave, except you also take your extra Vital Strike damage)

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hmm, well, maybe there's an 'el-cheapo' way to 'fix Mythic'. I mean, when I think 'mythic', I don't think '800 hp of damage', I think of actual myths.


Cu Chulainn (or however it's spelled, Welsh is weird), he had this finishing move that was like

1. Sneak your best spear into a river near where a duel is going to happen tomorrow.
2. Have your big fight.
3. When you get to the river, and you're trading sword blows or whatever, kick the spear out of the river at your opponent.
4. Bam, the other guy's armor, shield, and weapon are all broken, and he's covered in hideous wounds.

Or how about Hercules? Have you ever seen an adventuring party (or even just one PC) take out a hydra with, no, not a flaming sword, but rather torches? (I always wondered about that one: how did the torches stick to the hydra? couldn't it just, you know, move its neck stumps away or something?)

The point is this: in myths, heroes do crazy things all the time. What they don't do is fail. Or, say, take a hit from a sword and stay alive. Like, you know, all the kinds of things you do in D&D.

So maybe mythic in WotR should work like this: have the adventurers go through the adventure and dungeons and such mostly normally, except for a few spots where things get 'mythic'. You know, hiding a spear in a river kinds of stuff. I think these mythic bits should employ less D&D mechanics, rather than more, and that the 'combat' should play out like a RPG-style version of 'Once Upon a Time'.

Sort of making it a 'the chosen heroes are in fact the chosen ones' (that is, they win), except when they don't (like dying during a non-mythic segment). That sounds pretty mythic to me.

If you're nervous about using Power Attack, fine, then play that way. Only use it if you have some other advantage

1. flanking
2. attacking from above
3. attacking a prone target
4. if there's inspire courage or bless up

you get the idea. hit hard when you know you can get away with it.

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