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So, I really don't need a big fancy character sheet with a zillion different options or a spreadsheet that does things for me, but I wouldn't mind having a spot where I could write down all the spells in my spellbook, as well as something that was like a 'stat sheet lite' for my familiar.

I mean, wizard and witch both get both of these, someone must have thought of this, right? Can anyone think of a 'familiar+spellbook' sheet PDF thingy?

So, I'm liking my 'so-old-it's-new' Snake Style/Stunning Fist/Medusa's Wrath monk/duelist business, and I wanted to get a clear picture of the Snake Style tree.

Plainly put: when is the best time to use each of the different immediate actions in Snake Style?

Action 1: Use a Sense Motive check instead of AC or touch AC
Action 2: Take a 5-foot step if you land a critical hit
Action 3: Punch an attacker twice instead of once if they miss

So, action 2 is a clear outlier: you're just not going to get crits very often with an unarmed strike. (unless I'm missing something: is there a way to boost your crit range with an unarmed strike past 19?) Also, can you even take an immediate action on your own turn? If you can, then this might be useful if your crit-victim just dropped, and you wanted to 5-foot step to a new target. If not, then you'd only be able to use it when you critted on an AoO...maybe move into a better flank position, or play keep-a-little-away?

The main choice is between 1 and 3: do I boost my AC for one attack, or do I take an extra punch if they miss? You have to choose before they roll, sorta need to know your chances: will I get hit or not?

Does that about sum it up? Am I missing anything with Snake Style?

I guess the same question applies when deciding to use Stunning Fist: do I try on my turn to stun, and hope my target gets no action, or do I try on their turn (with a Snake Fang AoO or similar), and hope I can drop him with the two extra attacks from Medusa's Wrath?

So, maybe a witch with a crab wants to protect her familiar, but doesn't have access to, say, resist energy. A familiar satchel grants +2 to Reflex, but I'd want an insurance policy on my spellbook, just in case.

What to cast, what to cast...aha! shield companion, from the Animal Archive.

However, this spell has the same focus element as shield other: namely, a pair of platinum rings worn by both targets. Unfortunately, my crab doesn't have a ring slot (not even for those wacky armored fingers from Interview with a Vampire). However, the little guy does have a belt slot.

Can I just tie a platinum ring to a crab familiar's cute little belt? Or maybe I can just glue it on? Does that count? Or does shield companion only work on creatures with ring slots?

pardon me, but who or what is PDT?

A white-haired witch **sigh** only uses Int on CMB to initiate a grapple made during a 'not-grab' (the free grapple attempt you get when you hit).

In order to maintain a grapple using hair, or in order to make a grapple check without using hair (of course), a white-haired witch has to use Strength. Let me restate question 1:

If a white-haired witch managed to start a grapple using her hair, does the Weapon Finesse feat (which allows Dex instead of Str for other combat maneuvers involving weapons) allow her to use Dex instead of Str to maintain this grapple?

(If a victim used their action to become the controlling grappler, then clearly the witch has stopped using her hair to grapple, and is now stuck with Strength on CMB unless she has the Agile Maneuvers feat).

As for an amulet of mighty fists, it's the same question. A light flail +1 adds +1 to a wielder's disarm or trip attempts with that weapon. Does an amulet of mighty fists +1 add +1 to a witch's grapple attempt with hair?

I'm sure these will be popular

Question 1:

interesting bits bolded for emphasis
Weapon Finesse errata wrote:

Weapon Finesse: If I have this feat, can I apply my Dex bonus to my combat maneuver checks instead of my Strength bonus?

It depends on what combat maneuver you're attempting. Disarm, sunder, and trip are normally the only kinds of combat maneuvers in which you’re actually using a weapon to perform the maneuver, and therefore the weapon’s bonuses apply to the roll. Therefore, if you're attempting a disarm, sunder, or trip maneuver, you can apply your Dex bonus instead of your Str mod on the combat maneuver check (assuming you're using a finessable weapon, of course). For other combat maneuvers, you use the normal rule for determining CMB (Str instead of Dex).

The Agile Maneuvers feat applies to all combat maneuvers, not just disarm, sunder, and trip, so it is still a useful option for a Dex-based creature that uses combat maneuvers.

White-Haired Witch wrote:
In addition, whenever the hair strikes a foe, the witch can attempt to grapple that foe with her hair as a free action* without provoking an attack of opportunity, using her Intelligence modifier in place of her Strength modifier when making the combat maneuver check.

A white-haired witch can grapple with a weapon: her hair. Can she use Weapon Finesse to use her Dex mod instead of her Strength mod when attempting to maintain this grapple? Can she use the enhancement bonus on an amulet of mighty fists (or one with the dueling ability) to add to the check?

Question 2:

PRD grapple rules wrote:
If you successfully grapple a creature that is not adjacent to you, move that creature to an adjacent open space (if no space is available, your grapple fails).
White-Haired Witch wrote:
When a white-haired witch grapples a foe in this way, she does not gain the grappled condition.

A white-haired witch has to move the grappled target adjacent to her when the grapple starts. Does she have to stay adjacent, or can she move around, possibly to the limits of her reach? In other words, can a 4th-level white-haired witch take a 5-foot step away from a non-reach victim after her check to grapple succeeds?

oh! another one

4. leave rage, cast your spell, then use the roused anger rage power. That's not bad!

So, I'm working on a sorcerer/barbarian/dragon disciple build (as you do), and at higher levels, it seems to me that you get a fair number of spell slot choices that you might like to use while in battle (and raging), but you can't because it's generally hard to cast spells while raging.

So, there are ways around the restriction, but I'd like to ask folks here for a good solid list of them. I'll start with easy ones

1. use a moment of clarity (this is generally reserved for, oh, form of the dragon I, I suppose)
2. leave rage, cast your spell, then use a sipping jacket to drink a potion of lesser restoration.
3. Be a rage prophet, or a bloodrager, or some such.

What are some other good ways to dodge the spellcasting restriction while raging, with an eye towards preserving action economy? Or, is there a way to get more moments of clarity per rage?

heh. why would it impart the keen property on its ammunition? I say this is a keeper weapon for a monk of the empty hand, who can actually use it to cut people (keenly! even) by swinging it around.

So, a huge elemental with a fancy greatsword? That's interesting.

Hmm, where does my own example go?

base 20
belt +6
rage +4
abyssal heritage +6
dragon disciple +4
form of the dragon II +6
bonuses from level increases +4

uh...yeah, that's 50 right there. more with a courageous, oh AoMF, I guess

a sorcerer/barbarian is possibly going to go armorless (savage), and a courageous weapon can boost the bonus from naked courage! that's kinda neat.

I got onto this kick, because, well, why not?

How high can you push Strength while still being a sorta-useful party member?

Here's what I got:
1. sor 1/barb 4/dragon disciple 10/sor 2/barb 3
this gets you spells to get an enhancement or size bonus to Strength
rage to get a morale bonus to Strength (and a competence bonus 1/rage with the strength surge rage power)
dragon disciple to get you level-up bonuses to Strength
2. Eldritch Heritage (abyssal)
this gets you double sorcerer claws and bite
and an inherent bonus to Strength
3. Stats: Str 18, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 16
4. So, at 12th level, you've got a Strength of 27, and you can rage, and you can enhance with a belt or straight bull's strength.

yeah, I could throw on some alch in order to get alchemical bonuses to Strength, but that would mean I'd need a non-terrible Int, and both Int and Cha on a melee character: no good.

Note I'm not trying to boost damage as high as it can go, I'm specifically trying to boost straight Strength. I figure if this character falls to half hit points, he can shout, 'Behold my true power!' and use form of the dragon with a moment of clarity for, you know, a size bonus to Strength.

What other ideas or powers could I shoehorn onto this silliness to get Strength even higher? Or, failing that, is there a better way to get a higher Strength without sacrificing overall 'effectiveness'?

they sorta blew up the shrine to Lamashtu down there. they did this by recruiting the other priests in town to cast, oh, hallow or something on it (it's cool for a bag of priests to get together to cast some really big spell...once). This gave me an opening to introduce the elf priestess to Gozreh, who I used as Nualia's midwife.

I think someone in the party is going to try and turn the catacombs into a casino...if they pull it off, I'm not really sure I need to actually run part 3 at Turtleback!

howsabout a ghost touch crossbow for your container? presumably you can load it with normal wooden bolts, who's to say you couldn't tie a message around the loaded bolt? or really anything else that you could tie to a crossbow bolt, maybe glue a potion on there?

if you can tie a pocket handkerchief onto the loaded bolt of a ghost touch crossbow, then your shadow can take a portable hole through walls. How's that for a container?

oh nice suggestions folks, thanks!

I really like the following

a) stuff that can be made into poisons
b) poisons themselves
c) robes from evil churches
d) magic items or scrolls that involve necromancy in some way (scrolls of animate dead, etc). I made a hook early on that Tsuto bought his gimcrack robe of bones from the necromancer whats-his-name from book 2. I think I'm going to re-write him to give him more gold and magic gear, because he's a real link in the pipeline (that the PCs are going to be part of!)
e) stolen archaeological goop

Less interesting is the underground railroad, because Magnimar isn't a slave country. An underground railroad only makes sense in an actual slave state (like Korvosa or Riddleport or Urglin or Kaer Maga etc etc) or in a nation-state that had a 'Dred Scott' agreement with a slave state. ie, the only reason the real railroad was actually in the northern US was because it ended at the Canadian border, not in Pennsylvania.

The thing with cornering the market on something...well, that's a maybe. The Seven have a nice sawmill in Magnimar. The Scarnettis have been lighting sawmills on fire in and around Sandpoint, in an attempt to corner the market there. Still, it's not like you could possibly corner the market on something so common as wood. The only way it makes sense is if you can control the creation of boards at scale (which is where ships come from). Hmm. This would mean that the Scarnetti family were secretly worshipers of Norgorber, specifically the kind that like to kill people for 'sacred' reasons. This is hard to actually pull off in a small town (what with the Chopper murders being a big deal), but easier in a big city.

I think this is a good idea. Here's what I'm going to do.

In my Varisia, when you encounter an elf in human society, chances are they're actually part of a human family, in a sort of 'nephew-cousin-uncle' role. I made Tsuto a full elf (because I hate half-elves outside of Tolkien), and he was Ameiko's 'cousin' by convention. When she got older he would have been a 'nephew'. I'll make Ironbriar cousin to the Scarnetti family! The PCs can find the note that takes them to the next set-piece, and they can also find correspondence with Titus Scarnetti! Then we'll have some fun searching his mansion and finding Saven robes and masks in his house.

he he he...


a) Ameiko sold the Glassworks to the party in exchange for the giant helmet from Thistletop. (she's renamed the Rusty Dragon to the Giant's Helmet).
b) I'm using a modified downtime system to help the PCs raise money
c) One of the rooms is a 'secret room', formerly used by smugglers.

Okay, so, smugglers. Now, Magnimar does not have import tariffs (it says so in the back of the RotRLAE book). What sorts of things can smugglers smuggle into, to, from, or around Sandpoint? Or, another question: what could be smuggled that wasn't evil?

So, obvious answers: slaves, drugs. Those are bad, and the PCs might not turn a blind eye from doing that...or they might (one of the PCs is playing comically greedy). In real-life Olden Dayes, people smuggled things like tea, or cloth, or whatnot, because of tariffs or guild crap or taxes or whatnot.

Wow. That is just so much simpler than the route you need to take for your familiar to gain a familiar. My first reaction is to do 'Tom and Jerry', like a small cat and a dire rat. My second thought is to do 'falconer ahorse', where your horse companion gains a bird companion.

Your AC would need ranks in Handle Animal. How weird is that? In theory, such an animal could make itself perform a trick it didn't know. The mind boggles.

half-orc alternate race traits wrote:
Scavenger: Some half-orcs eke out a leaving picking over the garbage heaps of society, and must learn to separate rare finds from the inevitable dross. Half-orcs with this racial trait receive a +2 racial bonus on Appraise checks and on Perception checks to find hidden objects (including traps and secret doors), determine whether food is spoiled, or identify a potion by taste. This racial trait replaces the intimidating trait.
Cheliax, Empire of Devils traits section wrote:
Dump Salvager:You grew up in or around Westcrown’s rubbish-strewn shores and spent your spare time digging through trash looking for things worth selling. You gain a +3 trait bonus on Perception checks to search for concealed items.

Do these stack? In other words, is a 'concealed item' equal to a 'hidden object'?

...I can't believe I just wrote that...

while we're on the subject of errata for books whose covers you can bend

a) snowball?
b) white-haired witch?
c) oh yeah, and thundercaller

anything obvious I'm missing?

hmm, maybe I was more generous

1. one you actually put the draught to your lips, a DC 15 Will save to drink it. Success and you drink it, fail and you lose your nerve

2. once it's in you: a DC 18 Fort save to keep it down. Success and you win, fail and you spew.

Soooo, there's the 'right' way to build a powerhouse barbarian: Power Attack, beast totem, Spirited Charge, superstitious, etc etc. That's not what I'm after. I'm after a build that does barbarian things with mirrorshades, oversized weapons, and olive oil for armor. Here's most of the build

heart of wilderness human savage barbarian
Str 16, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 8

1: Two-Weapon Fighting
H: Weapon Focus (klar)
3: Weapon Focus (earthbreaker)
4: +1 Dex
5: Thunder and Fang
7: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
8: +1 Dex
9: Double Slice (probably)
11: Greater Two Weapon Fighting
12: +1 Con

the synergy here is somewhat good. Even though savage barbarian is a mostly lousy archetype, you can use a shield. And what kind of shield is the coolest barbarian shield? Klar, no question. You have a high Dex from the TWF requirements, you get extra dodge AC, extra nat armor AC, and a shield that you can enchant all you want. Not terrible, but also terribly cool.

So, now the question is: what to do with the rage powers? What are some that are effective, but also 'cool'? Rule 1: No beast totem. I know, I know, pounce is great, but here's the thing

1. If you're going Thunder and Fang, you don't need claws
2. If you're going Savage (shirtless) Barbarian, the nat armor bonus from that doesn't stack with beast totem nat armor
3. It's not cool-looking. I think staying away from animal fury is also okay (There are two 'builds' that are like animal fury: feral gnasher (not cool) and dragon totem, which doesn't work because a savage barbarian doesn't get damage reduction)

So, rage powers: no beast totem, no animal fury, what else sticks out for a build this? What rage powers are cool?

Hi Argus, I apologize for the thread necro.

Here's some crappy logic: Thunder and Fang is a TWF feat. It lets you keep your shield bonus, and it lets you use some nastier weapons (and a neat mini) when using TWF.

The goal of a Thunder and Fang build is to maximize TWF, right? So, we're looking at a mid-Strength, high-Dex build, yeah?

Here's a tree using a human barbarian, 20 point buy

Str 16, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 8
1st: Two-Weapon Fighting
H: Weapon Focus: klar (fight with a klar main hand and a light mace in the off-hand)
2nd: lesser beast totem (nearly a waste)
3rd: Weapon Focus: earthbreaker
4th: lesser hurling (also a waste)
5th: Thunder and Fang
6th: beast totem (good AC bump, that plus a shield and high Dex makes for a relatively high AC barbarian, no?)
7th: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
8th: hurling charge (I'll explain this in a minute)
9th: ??? (could be Power Attack, could be Double Slice, could be Iron Will)
10th: greater beast totem
11th: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
12th: mighty swing

Here's a setup for using hurling charge, gets good with pounce, clearly

1. Take the trait Shoanti Tattoo (which gives you proficiency in Shoanti bolas)
2. See a bad guy, 20 feet away
3. Drop your earthbreaker
4. Charge the bad guy, and try to trip him with the bolas when you're only 10 feet away. Use a pair of gauntlets of the skilled manuever (trip) while you're at it
5. Use your swift action to use your called earthbreaker back to your hand. If you don't have one of those, you still have a free claw.
6. Pounce (or just mash) the hopefully prone bad guy.

Crazy secret awesome sauce: mighty swing. A TWF-er is going to be making lots of attacks with low attack bonuses. You're going to start rolling 20s on those hard-to-confirm threats. A mighty swing at the right time is golden.

9th level feat: it's open, but what to put there? I think Double Slice is better than Power Attack for a high Str TWF build, right? However, a 10 Wis with a bad Will save is not so great, so Iron Will might be better, if you can't get ahold of a clear spindle ioun stone and a wayfinder. What do you think? Hmm, maybe Extra Rage Power: superstition.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My PCs had previously, you know, used hard work to hack a pathway through the brambles to get the horse out. From there pulling the helmet and crab meat out was relatively easy.

a) I'm the DM. Sorry for not using spoiler tags.
b) I told the players that it was bronze and ormolu (that's a really great way to give yourself mercury poisoning while plating something in gold).
c) the first question out of the players was: who wore that? just from the size I guessed a Huge giant...I think I'll let them encounter rune giants and get great gold helmets off of them. That works for me.
d) the second question was: if this was a helmet worn by a giant...where's the giant? They thought that maybe Nualia was trying to awaken some crazy fossilized giant out of the depths...until they met what was really down there.

And yeah, that's the thing. Maybe there was some town or something nearby that made rune giant helmets, and new rune giants would have to do some initiation thing to collect their gold-ish helmet.

I think the PCs are probably going to trade the giant helmet to Ameiko for the ruined glassworks. She's Chaotic, so I can see her trading away her family's ruined legacy for a really crazy thing to tack on the front of her inn (and rename her inn, remember her other gewgaw is, well, rusty). I built a detailed summary of what each 'room' did according to the UCam rules, and whether it was a revenue-generating room or not. Even trashed, the glassworks building is probably worth as much as the helmet.

So, the PCs found the big helmet lying in the Thistletop crab pond.

a) what size of giant could wear the helmet. Are we talking Large, Huge, or Gargantuan?
b) do all giants of that class (at least, those who swear fealty to Greed) wear helmets as expensive as that one?

I always thought that packing your petrified body and a trap that casts stone to flesh exactly once into a lot of bubble wrap would make a pretty effective time capsule.

That's one way to survive 2000 years. Maybe they sacrificed their legions of whatever in exchange for ultimate cosmic power, but not right away! Like, you can have ultimate cosmic power, but you have to survive for 2000 years to get it.

I'm sure everyone is sick of these

mystic wisdom wrote:
At 12th level, a sensei may instead spend 1 point from his ki pool (as a swift action) while using advice to provide a single ally within 30 feet with evasion, fast movement, high jump, purity of body, or slow fall. At 18th level, a sensei may spend 2 points to grant one of the abilities listed above to all allies within 30 feet, or diamond body, diamond soul, or improved evasion to a single ally within 30 feet. These abilities function at the sensei's level and last 1 round. This ability replaces the bonus feats at 6th, 12th, and 18th level.

1. There's nothing in this block of text that says 'ally except himself', although it's used a fair bit in the preceding paragraph. Can a sensei grant himself fast movement?

2. If a sensei doesn't have a particular class feature (say by trading away purity of body for barkskin or something), can he still grant the feature to 'an ally' (which may include himself) anyway?

3. As written, you can't grant purity of body to someone when they just got hit with a mummy's attack, because that would be an immediate action, not a swift action. What happens if you grant someone purity of body for 1 round when they've already been infected? Is this basically an auto-success remove disease? Or just 1 round of, uh, delay disease?

spider step wrote:
As a move action, you can move up to half your slow fall distance across a wall or ceiling or across ropes, branches, or even water or other surfaces that cannot support your weight. You must reach a solid, level surface by the end of your turn or you will fall.

4. A sensei has slow fall, but not fast movement. Does this mean at 10th level that a sensei with Spider Step can walk faster on the ceiling than they could on the ground?

mystic wisdom wrote:
At 12th level, a sensei may instead spend 1 point from his ki pool (as a swift action) while using advice to provide a single ally within 30 feet with evasion, fast movement, high jump, purity of body, or slow fall. At 18th level, a sensei may spend 2 points to grant one of the abilities listed above to all allies within 30 feet, or diamond body, diamond soul, or improved evasion to a single ally within 30 feet. These abilities function at the sensei's level and last 1 round. This ability replaces the bonus feats at 6th, 12th, and 18th level.

So, unless I knew that my party was facing off against, oh, some sort of fireball machine, there's really no way to know if granting an ally evasion is going to be a good idea in a given round. (And given the nature of the game, a GM will certainly be tempted with such foreknowledge).

Is there a way to make the swift action of mystic wisdom into an immediate action? For when it immediately matters, as it were?

Petty Alchemy wrote:
I like picking up Stunning Fist/Touch of Serenity/Punishing Kick, since you'll get a ton of uses per day at that point.

Oh that's clever. Like a 'I know what you're doing wrong in combat. I know more about baking and banking and sailing and fishing than you'll ever know. And I know _all_ the special moves!' heheh.

Huh. I guess that means you also can't use the Inspired or Worldly traits (they let you roll twice and take highest 1/day) either on those. Good to know.

uh, the sensei archetype loses fast movement. On the plus side, they do gain some bardic performance.

and while I like to make builds 'PFS-compliant', I also like to take builds all the way to 20, just for completeness' sake.

If you only have a 20 foot movement speed (maybe 30 with boots), is that enough to still make the Dimensional Agility chain worthwhile?

So, here's a setup (purely for fun)

dwarf with Breadth of Experience (for PFS-style, where I think you can get away with being middle age without suffering age penalties?)
taking two archetypes: sensei and ki mystic

kind of a 'help party members by badgering them' kind of vibe. plus ki mystic and mystic wisdom is, well, uh, mystical.

Here's a feat list so far. I went with Snapping Turtle style because, well, turtles have the whole 'old animal' thing going. I was interested in throwing in monk of the four winds and going Efreeti Style for an Uncle Iroh thing, but, meh.

1st Breadth of Experience, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist
3rd Snapping Turtle Style
5th Snapping Turtle Clutch
7th Snapping Turtle Style
9th Extra Ki??
11th Extra Bardic Performance?? (pretty sure a sensei can take this)

Skills are
Sense Motive
and a smattering of Knowledge skills (you can get really close to an auto-success on an aid another with Breadth, ki mystic, 1 rank, and a class skill bonus, throw in inspire competence andki mystic/mystic wisdom and you can give someone else like +9 on a Knowledge check by 10th level.) so, anyway, not a ton of skills ready for feat pre-reqs, but I'm sure a few could be squeezed here or there

So, 4 feats left. I am tempted by the Dimensional Agility chain, but I've only got a 20 ft movement speed, so that's not an awesome idea. Any ideas? Is there a cool feat chain out there I'm not thinking of, or should I stick to fundamentals like Dodge and Toughness?

ki mystic wrote:
At 3rd level, a ki mystic gains a pool of ki points equal to his Wisdom modifier. The pool increases to 1/2 his monk level + his Wisdom modifier + 2 at level 4. If the monk has at least 1 point of ki in his ki pool, he gains a +2 bonus on all Knowledge skill checks. As a swift action, the monk can spend 1 ki point immediately before making an ability, or skill check to gain a +4 insight bonus on the check. This ability replaces still mind.

There's nothing in there that says the 4th level insight bonus has a duration. Can you use it for a day job check?

Furthermore, could a ki mystic sensei use mystic wisdom to pass this bonus around?

However, if you have the feat Greater Bull Rush, then you do cause provocation when a target is hit by your hydraulic push or similar. The feat itself doesn't say if you have to use your hands to push the target.

(You can also get +2 to your hydraulic bull rush by wearing a dwarven boulder helmet...)

mystic wisdom wrote:
At 6th level, a sensei may use his advice ability when spending points from his ki pool to activate a class ability (using the normal actions required for each) in order to have that ability affect one ally within 30 feet rather than the sensei himself. At 12th level, a sensei may affect all allies within 30 feet rather than himself (spending points from his ki pool only once, not once for each target).
abundant step wrote:
At 12th level or higher, a monk can slip magically between spaces, as if using the spell dimension door. Using this ability is a move action that consumes 2 points from his ki pool. His caster level for this effect is equal to his monk level. He cannot take other creatures with him when he uses this ability.

So, at 12th level, a sensei monk can spend 2 ki points and everybody (but him) bamfs around. That's pretty cool.

Dimensional Dervish wrote:
You can take a full-attack action, activating abundant step or casting dimension door as a swift action. If your do, you can teleport up to twice your speed (up to the maximum distance allowed by the spell or ability), dividing this teleportation into increments you use before your first attack, between each attack, and after your last attack. You must teleport at least 5 feet each time you teleport.

Does this mean that you can give each of your allies a movement-unlimited full attack? In other words, if a feat modifies how you can use a ki class ability, then you can also modify how the recipients of your mystic wisdom use it, right?

yeah, I'm of two minds

1. The ki mystic power doesn't replace the ki pool power. So whoopee! Two ki pools! (although one is for punching and dodging and the other is for brainy stuff)

2. The ki mystic's ki pool has no text about how the pool is replenished...awww...

So, I'm gonna guess that what it's meant to say is that the ki mystic pool works like the normal pool in every way, and modifies the ki pool power gained at level 4.

I like this. Please make sure that these aren't two-handed rocks, because you need a feat to throw them more often than a full-round action.

Oh. uh, I was going to say Heirloom Weapon trait to be proficient without Throw Anything...but that only works for one rock.

I asked a similar question very recently, and I think I nearly have an answer that satisfies me, but I think I should just double-check. This is all about getting non-improved familiars to be able to use wands. Please bear with me.

Speak with Master wrote:
If the master is 5th level or higher, a familiar and the master can communicate verbally as if they were using a common language. Other creatures do not understand the communication without magical help.

What's weird about this ability is that if you captured a familiar, and it said, 'Give me food' to you once every day, then you could never understand it without casting comprehend languages or similar. Effectively, the familiar can speak, but only in an uncrackable (without magic) cypher.

The other thing to know is that this is actual speech. It's not an empathic link, it's not half-Betazoid-senses (whatever those are), it's real speech. Words. Sentence structures. Language. The whole shebang.

Command word wrote:
Command word activation means that a character speaks the word and the item activates.

The language in the spell trigger section is very similar to this.

My questions:

1. Can a familiar who can speak to its master (but not otherwise talk intelligibly) activate a command word (or spell trigger, given a UMD check) wondrous item?

2. Can a vermin familiar, who can still speak to its master, but only

Small and Vermin Familiars wrote:
by way of a strange combination of behaviors, slight changes in coloration, and even the excretion of scents, subtle and otherwise

also activate a command word item?

3. Can a command word (or spell trigger) wondrous item be keyed to use a command word in Drow Sign Language?

subject says it all.

paraphrasing here, but for a familiar to use a wand, you have to have three things

a) holding the wand in a hand (or a 'hand-substitute' for non-humanoids)
b) making a UMD check
c) uttering a command word

a) a crab has claws. It could grip a wand for sure
b) having the crab make the going to be pretty rough with a 2 Cha. Still, it's worth a shot for the action economy, right?
c) according to the special rules for vermin familiars, they don't get 'speech' per se at 5th level. They do get 'subtle coloration changes' or weird smells, etc (how the wizard reciprocates these activities is best left unexplained). But, as I saw in another thread, could you make a wand with a command word of 'click-click-click', and have the crab snap its other claw to 'speak' the word?

So, perhaps a crab is on shaky ground.

How about an octopus?

XMorsX wrote:
So what you say is that you do not care about grappling at all?

Well, not quite. I would say that grappling for this character could be used for some sort of 'chase-a-caster' routine (especially with strangling hair). Outside of that, though, I'd rather go with Boar Style, which a) makes the hair more evil (now it does piercing damage!), and b) likes full-attacks. I'd go with a 1-round grapple, if a situation called for it. Think the crab is worth it?

nate lange wrote:
stuff about improved familiars

Okay then, I don't really have a feat to spare though. Is a monkey the best then?

XMorsX wrote:
Claxon wrote:
It might help if you list your full intended build. I'm not really sure about the synergy between witches and eldritch knight builds, though I imagine it can't be much worse than a wizard's. Though the lack of blasting spells seems like it wouldn't fit with the concept as much, but you may have a different concept.
He uses hair with unarmed strike damage (via feral combat training), flurries and grapples with them, while still being a spellcaster.

Got it in one. But.

A white-haired witch gets their Int to their CMD to start a grapple...but not to maintain a grapple. So, a crab (and other grapple-boosting gear) is only going to be good for one round or so. That might be enough for when you need to grapple a fleeing bad guy, but I don't think it's worth spending feats on. I think I'd rather spend my swift action (JJ in an unofficial errata made the grapple a swift, which is all that the Dragon Empires Primer is ever going to get from Paizo-with-its-fingers-in-its-ears-la-la-la-what's errata?) *breathe* on Arcane Strike or Arcane Armor Training (think a mithral shirt of brawling).

Claxon wrote:

Are you taking Sohei pretty much for the save boost? Sure you'll get one extra attack versus something else, but depending on your BAB is it worth the penalty to your attack?

You hexes will lag behind with eldritch knight so it will really be about the spells. Do you see youself needing to buff for combat before entering the fray or sending out a spell to soften up the enemies?

If so, I think having high init still might be better than your other options.

1. A sohei is the only character that a) gets flurry of blows (for Feral Combat Training), and b) gets proficiency with martial weapons (for pre-requisite into Eldritch Knight).

2. A white-haired witch doesn't get hexes.

3. I'm thinking divine favor at start of combat, and then start hair-fighting.

Anyway, forget all that stuff. The question is really much simpler

If you don't particularly need to worry about the surprise round, is the scorpion still the king of familiars? Or, especially if you're going to be in melee, will you be better served by a toad?

so, yeah, funky title. Here's the build at level 12

white-haired witch 5/sohei 1/eldritch knight 6

So, with devoted guardian, initiative is not so important (it's still important, but it's not like you lose a turn if you fail a Perception check). This character is going to be mixing it up in melee. What's the best (non-improved) familiar?

Rat? (+2 fort)
Fox? (+2 reflex)
Hedgehog? (+2 will)
Toad? (+3 hit points)
Turtle? (+1 nat armor)
or is scorpion still king? (+4 init)

seebs wrote:

I ... huh.

I would probably let you swap charisma in for one, but not two, of the intelligence modifiers. My rationale would be that perfect recall lets you add a second modifier to your check, which is equal to your intelligence modifier, and lore keeper is letting you substitute the modifier used in the base check. So with perfect recall, it's (Ranks + Int) + Int, and with Lore Keeper only, you change (Ranks + Int) to (Ranks + Cha), so I'd combine them to (Ranks + Int) + Cha.

I don't think it's stated either way.

Of course, given the Fury's Fall/Agile Maneuvers ruling, the obvious answer is that you get a single +cha, because if a combination of powers would let you add the same stat modifier twice, you lose one of them even if that makes you worse off from having a special ability. :P

I read some threads on that Fury's Fall/Agile Maneuvers thing...but, I didn't actually find out what the ruling was. Can you give a link to where the rules team makes a ruling on that one? Rather than people sniping each other and there's a thread with like 60 'faq asks'?

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Mindchemist archetype wrote:
Perfect Recall: At 2nd level, a mindchemist has honed his memory. When making a Knowledge check, he may add his Intelligence bonus on the check a second time. Thus, a mindchemist with 5 ranks in Knowledge (history) and a +2 Intelligence bonus has a total skill bonus of +9 (5 + 2 + 2) using this ability. The mindchemist can also use this ability when making an Intelligence check to remember something. This ability replaces poison use.
Oracle of Lore wrote:
Lore Keeper (Ex): Instead of encyclopedic knowledge, you learn most of your information through tales, songs, and poems. You may use your Charisma modifier instead of your Intelligence modifier on all Knowledge checks.

1. Do you add Charisma twice?

2. Do you add Charisma once and Intelligence once (or twice)?

3. Do you add Charisma once or Intelligence twice, but not both?

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well, here's a coin-flipper.

actually sitting someone in a chair and forcing them to put on the helmet is A Clockwork Orange, and totally evil. You doing it is evil, even if the victim is now 'good'.

how about this: give the evil guy a choice: put on the helmet or you go to prison.

Like, so, an evil guy, let's say he did some pretty bad things, and pretty much any court wit all the facts would sentence him to a long prison sentence, let's say 20 years. And then let's say that he could get 'time off for good behavior' if he reformed himself.

Pose this question to him: you can spend 20 years behind bars, and maybe get some time knocked off if you genuinely redeem yourself, or you get a year in jail, and just put on this hat.

Frankly the helm is cheaper than 19 years of incarceration, and I think more humane. But again, not if you force it on someone.

I attack the darkness!

Sounds about right.


1. Can a bard/pathfinder chronicler put a masterpiece into an epic tale?

2. Can a half-elf bard cast paragon surge and get a masterpiece instead of a feat?

3. Can a bard use fancy spells (shadowbard, exquisite accompaniment, or virtuoso performance) to use a bardic masterpiece?

4. Can a page of spell knowledge have a bardic masterpiece inscribed on it?

And lastly...

5. If a thundercaller/pathfinder chronicler puts a thunder call bardic performance into an epic tale...what's the text of this tale? 'BOOM'?

infinite component for the spell twine double

gee, there's four different oracle mysteries: fire, wind, heavens, and dark tapestry.

there's the witch's flight hex

you can ride around on a flying eidolon. you could also ride around on a dire bat or pteranodon

there are a few different sorcerer bloodlines: elemental air, draconic, infernal, and celestial, although most of these grant flight very late

there are feats for sylphs (which are restricted in PFS) and aasimar (which aren't)

uh...I don't think there's a flight-granting mutagen

you can wild shape or otherwise transform into something that flies.

there's celestial armor

I think the spell phantom steed an fly at higher levels.

you could summon a monster to pick you up or carry you

for a NetHack reference, there's probably a figurine of wondrous power that'll do it.

that's it off the top of my head

here's one

a dwarven boulder helmet can give you a +2 to the bull rush attempt you make with hydraulic push...although you're staggered afterwards.

You can assuage your guilt by making your backpacks out of 100% half red dragon black pudding.

A black pudding splits when you cut it in half. A red dragon's corpse leaves behind dragonhide. You can see where this is going.

A half red dragon black pudding has an Int of 2. Unless you are a vegan, please be okay with butchering animal-intelligence pudding-ish monsters for their skin and scales.

Also, dragons come in a variety of colors (even metallic!) So do your backpacks. :)

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