how much metal armor is a druid allowed to wear?

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I'm not talking about armor armor, you know. I know that's against the rules. However...

maiden's helm
guardian gorget
vambraces of defense
inhereitor's gauntlet

This is, what, maybe 1/3 of the way towards full plate? and it's totally okay for a druid to use these without losing their powers? or, a wizard with no arcane spell failure chance? or an eidolon at all?

Also, while I'm here, how come there are no magic greaves or sabatons? Can someone provide an example of one of those I missed?

None of those are armor, they are wondrous items.

Armor = armor slot.

None of the items you listed occupy the armor slot.

For whatever reason there is no 'pants' magic item slot, so no greaves etc. There are metal boots though, bastion boots for one.

Druids and wizards are OK with all of those. As to why magic items which should be components of armour have no effect on characters affected by wearing armour - simplicity I think. There's no reasoned argument for it I've heard.

yeah, I don't think of greaves as pants really. That's more cuisses, I think.

Maybe no magic greaves is to keep people from trying to wear them and magic sandals at the same time.

Totally tangental, but, yes, it is odd that you can wear a shirt/vest and a robe and a cloak all with your armor (all magical), but you can't even wear a magical pair of pants and some magic boots together. I guess they figure the armor slot is mostly about the crotch?

For some reason they allow you to layer a shirt under armor and a robe over armor but no pants under armor. Conceptually the armor should include a full set of padding which you may or may not wear clothing under. Wearing robes and surcoats over armor was actually a very common way to protect armor from the weather.

What always bothered me was headbands and head slot. Shouldn't those be the same?

You can wear a headband and a crown at the same time; to some extent they occupy different parts of your head. But, of course, goggles and a mask are not allowed together; for some types of mask that makes sense, but others (ones that just cover your mouth and nose) it is practically necessary for certain activities (riging a horse/motorocyle/whatever in dusty areas)
No sense can be made form their magical clothing guidelines! It clearly isn't that layers of magic don't work (see the who torso area where you can have layer upon layer), and it clearly has nothing to do with what articles of clothing will fit together (see pants/boots or goggles/mask). It is just an arbitrary limit on the number of items you can wear, really.

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