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I had a cool idea for a bard that was very into being religious for Sheyln, because a lot of, you know, classical music was religious. Plus polka music.

Then later I had a cool idea for a swashbuckler/devoted muse bird person wielding a falcata.

So, now...I kinda want to fill out this adventuring party in my head, you know?

Maybe some kind of conjurer/summons master that paints monsters onto the field, sort of like Relm from FFVI, or the traditional kid with a magic paintbrush? Or, what would a Shelynite alchemist look like? A good Oath Against Grotesque paladin build? paladin/sentinel?

Anyway, I'm looking for ideas for Shelynite characters who are _not_ swashbucklers or bards, and would possibly make for a good team-up with said swash and bard.

I'm quite fond of the oaths of charity and loyalty and against grotesquery. A true protector and giver of aid!

In addition, a cleric with the blossoming light archetype seems like just the thing. ^_^

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A bunch of occultist archetypes might fit - silksworn for the pretty clothes, or talisman crafter for making new art each day especially.

I recognise it comes from a different religious tradition but the imagery associated with a tattooed sorcerer seems to fit pretty well

You might be able to do something with a courtly hunter.

I'm sure a glaive user fighter would find a happy home here too.

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Summoner would be better for the monster creating painter, your eidolon was an early work, wizard would probably be an illusionist. Just make certain you get the Shadow Conjuration/Evocation spells to cast Shadow Puppet Fireball.

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Witch archetypes:

A Wyrmwitch with a love of jewellery and art crafted from precious metals and gems.

A Tatterdemalion dressmaker/seamstress/tailor/fashionista.

A Gingerbread witch confectioner who culinary creations are works of art in their own right.

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The Flowing Monk comes to mind, weaving around as a battle artist.

Perhaps a Kineticist (particularly fire or water), who uses their talents to put on beautiful displays when not fighting.

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I like the illusionist idea. A gnome illusionist with a bird school familiar who makes his artistry persist as long as possible.

Maybe a cleric pulling in a Lillend from time to time with planar ally...

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Isn't there a sacred performer cleric archtype so they can do duets with the lillend?

Shadow Conjuration and Greater SC might be up your alley if you're going for a Relm-esque character. I know Relm didn't have the will save to disbelieve, but... it's close :)

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Arcane Bond with a wand that can also be used as a brush and you're good.

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I'm suddenly struck by the idea of a Living Grimoire Inquisitor of Shelyn who spends his downtime on exquisite calligraphy and artwork for his holy book, a true tribute to Shelyn.

An Alchemist 6 that has the Promethean Disciple Discovery : they use their Mutagens to improve their physicality <insert Adonis pose>, then utilize their honed Alchemy Skills and Craft(Painting) to produce Trompe L'oeils - painting-based Constructs of beautiful Creatures/people they meet on their adventures, each one their latest masterpiece/pride and joy. Eventually they could decide to make their own body an artistic endeavour, taking Craft Wondrous Item to Craft Clockwork Prostheses that they have incorporated great detailing in, (think exquisite clocks); this also has the added bonus of fitting in with Deific Obedience - infrequently donate functional, pretty practice prosthetics to those that need them and possibly gain influence if they are of high standing. If they really want to push the devotee route, then possibly take the Sacrament Alchemist Archetype, replacing Mutagen (Su) to imbue their Alchemy (Su) with deific benefits.

For inter-Party interactions, perhaps use Craft Wondrous Item to create a Lyre of Building : give it to the Bard and your group never has to rest up in squalor, (e.g., fancy treehouses, small cabins, and so on). Other Wondrous Items : Harp of Charming, Tuned Bowstring, Altar of Shelyn. Nethys gives a list of useful choices across the board here.

Plus anyone with a Ring of Seven Lovely Colours, (someone had to say it). :p

An Oath of Vengeance paladin can capitalize on Shelyn’s second sentinel boon, especially in conjunction with other effects that use smite evil. Use it with the Smite Evil Magic feat to never get enchanted or cursed again!

Alternatively, Shelyn does offer the Captivation and Imagination subdomains. You could theoretically make a fascination-based cleric.

It's been a while, but I guess I should post this here.

Team Shelyn

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Warrior Poet makes for an Excellent Samurai of Shelyn.

Virtuous Bravo Paladin would make a great intro class for Devoted Muse.

A Spear Fighter makes for another great intro for Devoted Muse, while giving another way to use Parry & Riposte.

For Items the painter should get the Beautiful War Paint (stores haste & good hope) and Marvelous Pigments (Create up to 1k cubic ft of inanimate objects).

Also, the Ring of Seven Lovely Colors would make that such a stealthy party. Just imagine a group of humming bird flying around then BAM! It's a party of adventurers.

(Have you though of using Singing Steel, Sunsilver or Mithral for the weapons? I know -1 to atk is bad but the flavor and boost to the bard)

With retraining you should be able to have a Bladed Brush Glaive Magus at level 1 too. Take Spell-Scars as your first arcana and reflavor it, or at level 5 take Inscribe Magical Tattoo!

Bladed Brush does not let you spell combat as your hand is not free.

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While it was totally homebrew, I had an idea ages ago for a 'Shelyn Monk' (a soundalike pun on 'Shaolin Monk'), who used a glaive for all of her flurry of stunts, and also used said glaive as a pole for vaulting around the battlefield (getting bonuses to acrobatics while using her glaive).

She would be all about the beauty of a perfect kata, and her glaive would be both ornate (and yet deadly functional) and beribboned with colorful streamers (or tinkling bells).

If there's a weapon focused Monk archetype (that can use a non-traditional weapon as a 'monk weapon', such as a glaive), and you can swing one with a custom trait that gives her an Acrobatics bonus when she's got a glaive equipped, you might be able to do it mostly legally.

Barring that, a 'Shelyn Monk' might use her original favored weapon, from before she held her brothers glaive, which is unknown, but you could claim it's a whip (with multicolored strands, and feathers on the handle, representing the many colored feathered tail of the bird in her holy symbol) or something, and go nuts with the whip/reposition feats.

Any class could have a focus on the church, without it necessarily tying into their class, traditionally, such as a fighter who is all about crafting the most elegant weapons and armor, or a rogue who specializes in 'liberating' or 'repatriating' artwork that is thought lost or has been stolen (or is simply being locked away in a vault somewhere, and not able to be 'properly appreciated').

A Ranger or Investigator could even go all 'Admiral Thawn' and seek to acquire the artwork of an enemy culture or race, or visit the ruins of one that is long dead, to learn more about them by studying their artwork, making them a highly specialized sort of antiquarian.

Hmmm an archeologist bard would make a lot of sense for that Set.

A sohei monk, one with Ascetic Form and a Versatile Design (Monk) Glaive, or a cleric/warpriest of Shelyn 1 Monk X with crusader's flurry.

Spear Dancing Spiral might also work, it treats weapons as a quaterstaff.

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