a sling, a speed sheath, and a weapon cord walk into a bar...

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Here goes nothing!

Core Rulebook wrote:
sling: A sling is little more than a leather cup attached to a pair of strings.
Ultimate Wilderness wrote:
speed sheath: It [the sheath] can hold one forearm-length item, such as a dagger, dart, potion, scroll containing a single spell, or wand.

1) Can you put a sling into a speed sheath? Is a sling a 'forearm-length item'?

Ultimate Equipment wrote:
weapon cord: Weapon cords are 2-foot-long leather straps that attach your weapon to your wrist.

2) Can you attach a weapon cord to a sling? Or, can you tie a leather strap to a string? (also, in RL, isn't that how slings work? Aren't you supposed to tie one end to your wrist or your finger?)

3) Can you tie one end of a sling to a weapon cord attached to your wrist, and stuff the other end of the sling into a speed sheath? Or, like, tie it in a slip-knot around your wrist for easy untying?

What I'd love to do, and I'm not 100% that the rules are there (which is why I'm asking), is:

1) I'd like to run around with my hands free.
2) Then I'd draw, load, and fire a sling in a single turn (swift to draw the sling, free for the ammo, move to load, standard to fire).
3) Lastly, I might drop the sling in combat and not lose it later.

I think I'd be okay having a sling dangling on the end of a strap attached to my wrist without looking too uncool. What do you think?

I thought slings had a wrist loop by default, but weapon cords cover the bases completely, if not redundantly.

This works as you intend, as far as I can see.

What's the setup?

Halfling Waylayer Rogue with Bludgeoner, Sap Adept/Master, and the Underhanded/Snap Shot Rogue Talents?


an eidolon that wants a backup ranged weapon!

Your setup doing awesome amazing things with slings is pretty rad, but I think this setup works for anyone with good Strength and doesn't have bow proficiency. Plus I am pleased with the overall bundle of cords and straps and whatnot, because I'm hoping to have only cord- or strap-based magic items.

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