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Modoru Redgrave

Marius Castille's page

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A caster with access to the magic vestment spell could mitigate the cost. I'm thinking the armor would be viable for an 8th+ level cleric with heavy armor proficiency, Travel domain, and Extend Spell.

Where is the army of giants going? Is the army headed toward a village or city? If so, maybe you can hold up in an outlying barn and lure the dragon into an ambush. (I imagine the druid flying around, harassing the dragon with call lightning, inciting it to chase him into said building where the rest of the group waits).

As most have said, positive energy channeling (with selective channel) is useful at low levels, even during combat. At higher levels, you typically have better options and can save it to top everyone's hit points at the end of the day.

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Summon Monster V is nice. Get a large elemental or 2 - 5 lantern archons. Only downsides are the full round casting time and the extra bookkeeping.

Another possibility is leaving the spell slot open and, if he has time, preparing an appropriate spell when he needs (like wall of stone if the group comes across some interesting ruins).

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Some of my favorite core spells. I tried to avoid spells that are good but ubiquitous (Greater Dispel, Heal, True Seeing).

1. Barkskin
2. Entangle
3. Plant Growth
4. Air Walk
5. Wall of Thorns
6. Liveoak
7. Fire Storm
8. Earthquake
9. Summon Nature's Ally IX

In 1E and 2E, negative modifiers for most stats started at 6 or 7. Bonuses started accruing at 16 or higher. Basically, a fighter with Str 8 and a fighter with Str 15 both have the same chance to hit and damage. So even terrible stats were more funny than terrible.

Also, character generation was a lot quicker. Even if your PC perished, with just a few dice rolls, you can be right back in the game.

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Couple of favorites from the Gargoyles cartoon. The first makes a good Stone to Flesh spell. The second is a beautiful Geas.

Fearsome creature who would stay
Unchanged by the light of day,
Remain you thus throughout the night,
And be thou flesh by dawn's fair light.

Across the mists of space and time
we pose this covenant sublime:
Macbeth his youth doth offer here,
to make this one a force to fear,
While she with fang and claw and wing
doth swear sweet death his foes to bring.
By their acceptance are they consigned
unto each other's fate designed,
forever and eternal bound,
and each the other's pain resound

Couple more from the Charmed TV series: Speak with Dead, summoning and Banishment.

Hear these words, hear my cry,
spirits from the other side,
come to me, I summon thee,
cross now the great divide

Powers of the witches rise,
course unseen across the sky,
come to us who call you near,
come to us and settle here'
'Blood to blood I summon thee,
blood to blood return to me

Hell threw you from its inner core,
but earth won't hold you anymore,
since heaven cannot be your place,
your flesh and blood we now erase!

My eldritch knight used his longsword as his bonded item. Free masterwork weapon at 1st level. It paired nicely with Hand of the Apprentice. Got a lot of use out of the free spell throughout his career. It was stolen once, leading to a side quest to get it back. (If it was a familiar, it would've been kidnapped---these things happen).

I'd focus on how your PC would benefit from either choice and build on that. None of the cons are really deal breakers

Wholeness of Body got a slight boost (1d8 + monk level). Can also pick it up as early as 4th level now.


For a pure caster, I'd grab combat casting because spells are usually my best option. For a hybrid caster (like a melee eldritch knight), I'd choose toughness because my PC is likely throwing himself into the fray.

If you're staying single class wizard, pick up Craft Magic Arms and Armor for your armor.

Endurance feat. Sleep in up to medium armor.

Elven chain (20% ASF) or mithral breastplate (25% ASF). Not sure if there are other materials or items that offset ASF (especially if you are going to wear heavy armor).

If you ever expect to wield a weapon, pick up the Arcane Strike feat.

If you can afford to multiclass, take a level of fighter and then Eldritch Knight prestige class. Offset the lost caster levels with the Magical Knack trait.

Try a verbal tic like a slight stutter. It doesn't have to be every time you speak but it can add a layer to any visual cues you use.

Invisibility + Ventriloquism. Be the voice that alternately taunts and informs the PCs.

In Second Darkness, our group's "office" is the Publican House---Cayden Cailean's church. The PCs, predictably, roll lots of Fortitude saves on good nights. We typically go with sickened or nauseated (if things get really bad).

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Prayer. Slight buff for allies, slight debuff for enemies.

Our group recently found a staff of healing but the command word was in the illithid language. My cleric has to roll a Linguistics check every time he uses the item. Slightly annoying but it explains why the illithid kept it around.


One percent of the world's population is over 71 million people. That's a huge number of people with their own agendas, beliefs, and outlooks. How much information would the presumably non-gaming people receive prior to making their choice? Do they even get a choice (as in "I don't care if you don't want this, choose." I find that intriguing.

As for me, I'd go
Race: Human
Class: Diviner
Spells Prepared: 0---detect magic, read magic, prestidigitation; 1st---comprehend languages (2)
Spellbook: 0---all (prohibited: enchantment, neceomancy); 1st---endure elements, unseen servant
Arcane bond: ring
Feat: Scribe Scroll

I'd focus on helping scholars figure out ancient writings. I'd also try to build a network of likeminded casters, sharing spells and pooling resources.

Aasimar with scion of humanity is tempting, especially if I could continue to look like myself. Otherwise, I wouldn't want to deal with the hassle. Heck, I'm hoping I'll get a spellbook. ; )

It's less about luck and more about training. I set all of my dice with their highest number facing up. This would probably be more effective if they weren't randomly thrown into a dice bag when not in use.

I played an eldritch knight from 1st to 10th level (pre magus days). Not the most optimal build (ftr 3/wiz 5/EK 10) but very fun. The GM portrayed them as a knightly order with entrance requirements and a paladin-style code of conduct. Lesson learned: the right fluff can make any class appealing.

I don't track components but I'll occasionally mention them when my PC casts a spell---for flavor. One of my GMs handwaves them but will occasionally give us a bonus if our PCs take pains to obtain, track, and use them.

Briefly did a play by post wherein all the PCs were from the same clan. All the PCs had a level of barbarian.

Of course, the PC could be altruistic but act like a psychopath or sociopath. Kinda like how Batman appears to criminals.

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In my mind, "lawful good sociopath" made me think of Ozymandias from the Watchmen series. He works for the greater good but in the end has no real attachments to his teammates.

Raisse wrote:

Magus really isn't as complicated as people frequently claim. You should be able to prepare a character sheet with each of his attack options already calculated in.

That way, when he attacks he can simply go to the correct line:

Arcane Pool OFF! (Crit on 18-20)
Attack: +10 hit, 1d6+4 slashing
FullAttack: +10 hit, 1d6+4 slashing
+5 hit, 1d6+4 slashing
ShGrasp(concentrate +10): +10 hit, 1d6+4 slashing +8d6 electricity
SpCmbt (concentrate +12): +8 hit, 1d6+4 slashing + 8d6 electricity
+8 hit, 1d6+4 slashing
+3 hit, 1d6+4 slashing

Arcane Pool ON! (Crit on 15-20)
Attack: +11 hit, 1d6+5 slashing
FullAttack: +11 hit, 1d6+5 slashing
+6 hit, 1d6+5 slashing
ShGrasp(concentrate +10): +11 hit, 1d6+5 slashing +8d6 electricity
SpCmbt (concentrate +12): +9 hit, 1d6+5 slashing + 8d6 electricity
+9 hit, 1d6+5 slashing
+4 hit, 1d6+5 slashing

I've also seen people do well with tokens to represent their prepared spells. Things like coins that have the spell description written on the top of the coin or poker chip, that you can flip over when you cast the spell (and turn back over with Spell Recall).

Another thing that might help keep all the detailed stuff for a magus for a kid would be to have a dice pool set up. For example, have a little box or cup that when he casts Shocking Grasp he puts Xd6 and his weapon dice (of a different color) into the cup. Then he rolls his attack rolls in order (say.... +9/+9/+4), when he hits he rolls his dice pool, then removes the Shocking Grasp dice, and only puts the weapon dice back in.

This is good advice for any player. Know your numbers folks! ; )

kikidmonkey wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

I know you are asking for advice, but you may be able to help me out.

I have a hard time fully understanding those uncomfortable with players playing PCs of a different gender, than their own.

I want to be able to make a better gaming experience for all those I play with, so I want to have some insight.

What, specifically, makes this so uncomfortable?

They think that men and women must inherently act differently as characters.

This. Your PC's class is far more relevant than their gender. If you looked at your characters' exploits, I bet you could swap their genders and very little would be different.

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Lincoln Hills wrote:
Belazoar wrote:
Got that Meow Mix song stuck in my head now.
Homer: I know you can read my thoughts, boy: Meow meow meow meow / Meow meow meow meow / Meow meow meow meow-meow meow meow meow meow...

That's a good verbal component for Tongues. For Create Food and Water, I'd go with "YOU can haz cheeseburger and YOU can haz cheeseburger. . !"

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Random thoughts:

I'm loving the potential NPC interactions. Pleeease tell me your character is the party face. ; )

Wait, the cat's a cleric?! Which deity? The (presumably) first cat cleric of ______. That's got to be worth some kind of boon.

We should probably compile a list of pros and cons to help our cat make his way in the world.

Pro: Bartender will never ask him to pay a tab.
Con: Bartender may choose not to serve him because he looks underage.

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Wands will be tricky. On the upside---cat.

CG Human Cleric (no archetype) 10 of Cayden Cailean
LG Human Wizard (Universalist) 5/ Fighter (no archetype) 3/ Eldritch Knight 2
CG Peithean (homebrew humanoid) Bard 13 (3.5 campaign)

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The Monster Summoning I spell (2nd Ed) included this gem: "In rare cases, adventurers have been known to disappear, summoned by powerful spellcasters using this spell. Those summoned recall all the details of their trip."

When I want to play a character called Indiana Gnome. *casts Prestidigitation, theme music plays*

Gnome ranger. I like building off their racial traits.

Craft (bows) might be appropriate for those odd occasions when you need to make your own bow and arrows. Also, a maxed-out Perception (though I guess most PCs do this anyway.

Glitterdust affects a 10 ft radius and imposes a -40 Stealth penalty. Faerie Fire affects a 5 ft radius and imposes a -20 penalty. GD also bypasses SR.

If the goal is to reveal an invisible foe (and you don't have See Invisibility), I think Glitterdust is the better choice.

If the goal is to negate miss chance from blur, darkness, displacement, or invisibility, I'd choose Faerie Fire.

He probably wasn't drunk during the entire Test---just the beginning. The whole thing took three days.

Tomi Petric wrote:
martials are from venus, casters are from mars.

I think you got that backwards--martials are from mars; it's even in the name! ; )

And then there are the GMs who don't think rogues should be able to evade fireballs and dragon's breath because those are magical effects (and evasion is an extraordinary ability).

Shape? Maybe. Really heavily on and are very grateful when someone opts to play one? Pretty much.

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92. Well, looks like I'm going to have to go on a killing spree.

Obscuring Mist is a useful for drawing ranged attackers to you. Hide in the cloud until they get closer or go away.

As the first "specialty priest" described in D&D, their weapon selection, armor restriction, spell list and granted powers set them apart from the default cleric (bludgeoning weapons only, metal armor, strong curing/restorative magic, turn undead). The scimitar was a good edged weapon that seemed to fit the theme (curved like a claw or crescent moon) that was being created.

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Mark Hoover wrote:

Suggest this to your party:

Step 1: Knock your character unconscious
Step 2: Heal your character
Step 3: Lie to your character

Otherwise by about 5th or 6th level you'll be dead since your Troll Styptic can't keep up with the demand.

Otherwise known as The B.A. Baracus method. . . ; )

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Heal skill. Treat deadly wounds 1/day. Need someone else to do it for you.

Monk's wholeness of body class skill . . .which is only kind of magical . . .

Ring of regeneration. . . Is it just spells, or items in general that your PC dislikes?

Profession (oldest). At least, that's how I boil all of this down. ; )

I think it bugged the heck out of one of my GMs when my bard ended up being the party's primary healer. Our cleric was an in-your-face melee type. UMD is nice. His only problem was scrolls. I think by the time campaign ended, he had a 50/50 chance of getting a scroll of resurrection to work.

There's a lot of stuff out there. However, for home games at least, it's pretty easy for a GM to say: players can use only Core and APG (or whatever he or she prefers). Of course, it doesn't stop the GM from pulling from additional sources. . .

If one of my arcane types stumbles across a staff, it's a nice boon. I've never had a character actively look for one. If I ever play a high level wizard, I might have her craft a custom one---but she'd have to be pretty high level.

I actually stumbled into chaotic neutral the first time I played it. I hadn't really picked an alignment and focused more on his personality. After a while, I looked back on his decisions and attitudes and realized "Holy Crap! He's chaotic neutral!"

I've since discovered that if I play a lawful good paladin that I will invariably slip into chaotic neutral. It's some weird reaction to the alignment plus the code of conduct. I can play LG knights and monks without problems.

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