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Modoru Redgrave

Marius Castille's page

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Is he a new player? I'm trying to figure out if he has a plan or just making choices as the game progresses. From what's been described, it sounds like he's trying to build something "balanced" without being tanky. If he was deliberately sabotaging himself, he wouldn't have started with two strong fighter feats. If he has a particular concept in mind, he may not be averse to suggestions that support it.

On a 15 point buy, a human fighter can have five 13s and a 12. No real clues there unless you used a higher point buy.

Known feats are Power Attack and Furious Focus. With Toughness, his hit points should be decent (around 23). What other feats did he choose?

Assuming he's spread out his skill points the same way he did his stats, I'd guess he has at least a point in 7 class skills and a couple in Perception. So not a skill monkey but definitely not a slouch.

No armor or ranged weapon. You mentioned he wasted a few rounds closing with the enemy so he doesn't sound not overly cautious. Has he given any in-character reasons for not gearing up? Not knowing anything else, I wonder if he has a more relaxed playing style or if he's oblivious on how his decisions are aggravating you.

I would try a staged experiment.

First session: roll for initiative each round without changing anything else (no declaring actions, no weapon speed mods, etc). See how the players react and if this adds the desired level of chaos.

Second session: If everyone's up for more, then fiddle with spell and item speeds, declarations and other elements.

I predict magic daggers will see a rise in popularity when dealing with casters (since in 2E magic bonuses also reduced weapon speeds and daggers were among the fastest weapons). Of course, *any* damage automatically disrupted spells back then so maybe not (casting defensively and all that).

Definitely interested in reading about how this works out.

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It's a spell-like ability, so activating it provokes an attack of opportunity (the way that casting a spell does).

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Fortune favors the bold.

I'm playing a gnome ranger. Gnome racial bonuses pair well with ranger class features. Made sure he had a positive Charisma modifier because a gnome ranger who can't speak with animals at 1st level is just sad. Have discovered the fun of charging around the battlefield riding a combat-trained pony. Just hit 4th level so now the shenanigans truly begin. Muhahahaha!

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Nighttime: The sun makes a successful Stealth check using the Earth as cover.

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Precise Shot. Not as sexy as Rapid Shot but it gets rid of an annoying penalty.

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I prefer to embrace the situation. I played an eldritch knight that arcane-bonded his longsword. It was his primary weapon and he used Hand of the Apprentice to throw it every chance he got. Of course it was stolen. But our GM made recovering it a cool side adventure.

You can't go wrong with a Core Rulebook wizard. High Intelligence, moderate Dex and Con. Pick a school that catches your interest. Make sure you have your bread and butter spells (detect magic, invisibility, dispel magic, stoneskin, true seeing, teleport without error, mind blank, etc.). Max out Spellcraft and Knowledge (arcana). Add familiar if desired. One book. No muss, no fuss. Oh, if you like summoning, it's handy to know their languages.

Segovax wrote:
Reloading a repeating crossbow is a free action, changing the ammunition case is a full round action. Rapid reload can not make reloading any faster than a free action. There is no feat that makes changing the ammunition case faster.

Building off this conclusion, is the Crossbow Mastery feat similarly not applicable to a repeating crossbow? I'm playing a gnome ranger who grabbed exotic weapon proficiency (repeating light crossbow) at 1st level after our GM awarded the weapon to him as part of his starting gear. He's 3rd level now and I'm feeling the bottleneck created by changing the ammunition case.

Not sure how well reach builds work at 10th level but with a longspear and combat reflexes, you can melee a bit (via opportunity attacks) while keeping your standard actions available for other stuff.

I'm fond of longsword for a weapon-toting wizard. Lets you switch from one-hand to two-hand as needed. Choose universalist wizard, use your arcane bond to start with a masterwork weapon, grab martial weapon proficiency, have a decent intelligence and strength----and Hand of Apprentice your way to victory (while looking very cool).

Hand of the apprentice was the big draw for me. At first level, you could start off with a masterwork weapon (arcane bond) and have a decent ranged attack, particularly if you had a good strength and intelligence.

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Lightning reflexes and combat reflexes on a rogue. Didn't know about attacks of opportunity so never took one. I always imagined the character as very twitchy.

Hell Knight Enforcer prestige class has class features that further reduce ASF if you have arcane armor training.

If your stats aren't locked in, I'd put that 18 into Dex instead of Wisdom, even if you don't plan to fight much. As a ranged character, you'll want at least a few ranged feats (point blank shot, precise shot, etc) for those times when words don't hurt enough. Rangers don't have many social skills, so you'll be leaning heavily on Intimidate (unless you spend a trait on Diplomacy or Sense Motive). Max that out, along with Stealth, Perception, Ride, Survival, and Handle Animal (why limit yourself to only one animal ally?). Make sure you know the languages of the creatures you're likely to encounter. Heck, add those creatures as favored enemies to get miscellaneous bonuses when talking to them.

Surprised I forgot about this one. JRR himself.

Three Rings For The Elven Kings

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

I wonder if Ravingdork has some of these in his character emporium.

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Larkos wrote:

I made some for the Evil Eye witch hex:

AC: Let their body grow weak, let their guard be dropped, Let their defenses be broken, Let not a blow be blocked.

Attack: Let their blades be broken, Let their arrows be dulled, Let their eyes be blinded, Let their rage be lulled.

Saves: Let their minds be weakened, Let their bodies be sapped, Let their courage whither, Let their senses be trapped.

Ability Checks: Let their strength flee, Let their hands fumble, Let their minds forget, Let their will crumble

Skill Checks: Let their feet stumble, Let their knowledge be unknown, Let their presence die, Let their weakness be shown.

Very nice!

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
One could always dig up some old and classic Dr. Strange comics. Some of them get right up there with Lovecraft as far as scenery chewing verbiage.

Hmm. I remember a couple from way back

Bolts of bedevilment
Round you now sweep
Fall you shall in
A Morphean sleep

By the Three who are Vishanti
Let me end this reign of fear
Hold back this force infernal
With a Nirvalonic sphere

and my favorite (had to look this one up)

The Emancipation Incantation:

Satannish, Watoomb and Raggadorr
Ikonn, the Seraphim and Cyttorak
Agamotto, Oshtur and Muniporr
Hoggoth, the Faltine, Valtorr and Denak!
Those whom I named plus other I've omitted
whose who threatened my cherished liberty
hark to this irrevocable decree:
such enslavement will not be permitted
your claims on my person I now reject
all demands of servitude I must deny
for your wisdom and might I've the utmost respect
but the price for its use is far too high
better the path I walk be mine alone
hear now these words: let my fate be my own!”’’

Mad Hatter used a couple in a recent Gotham episode:

Domination / Hypnotism:

Lock sense away
Awaken the rascal
When I say it is so
Your home is my castle


I haunt your dreams like a ghost
For I know what scares you most
So you run, run as fast as you can
There's no escape from the magic man

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Our group raided a castle inhabited by undead and a guards and wards spell. The spell's fog made it difficult to move and fight so we had to withdraw. We went back the next day and our wizard dispelled the fog with a lucky roll. Fights go much better when you can see most of your foes.

I now have a renewed appreciation for divine foci. Divine casters save a ton of space and time when a spell reads M/DF in the component section.

You could also say the pouch is a 50 gp magic item that fills with the correct components when you prepare spells. As you cast spells, the components vanish. In theory, you could use the live spider from Spider Climb as the target for your Giant Vermin spell, but then you couldn't cast Spider Climb until you replaced the spider. Keeps your flavor and the ability to pull one-off stunts.

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This is the real reason wizards don't wear armor. Too much luggage.

I would say Yes. Basing this off these two sections in the PRD.

"When making a melee attack, you get a +2 flanking bonus if your opponent is threatened by another enemy character or creature on its opposite border or opposite corner."

"Only a creature or character that threatens the defender can help an attacker get a flanking bonus."

As long as the requirements are fulfilled, the defender is flanked.

Does the breath weapon use all of the creature's lung capacity? Perhaps the choked creature can use the weapon once but in exchange has to start making Con checks per the Suffocation rules.

No, no, no. . .we can do better than this. What you *need* is a larger cloak. You can modify a hoop skirt frame so that it is worn around the neck (attached to a gorget, possibly supported by pauldrons---we'll leave the details to your tailor). One billowy cloak, made to order.

Or, like on Highlander, you can have someone off-camera hand your PC their sword when you roll initiative.

This is the beginning of a pyramid scheme, isn't it? ; )

I play something from Les Miserables. Or Kansas.

Cleric: Bless, Prayer, Speak with Dead, Flame Strike, Blade Barrier

Option 3. Players who gravitate toward primary casters learn to plan ahead. They scrutinize spells, prioritize them, figure out which ones can go into scrolls and wands, and generally map out how best to deploy their arsenal. Acquiring expensive material components plays into that mindset and is a minor inconvenience at worst.

If a player balks at this notion, figure out why. Are they bad at bookkeeping? Perhaps another player can help them out. Does every shopping trip take up half the game session? It's okay to say "you find a shop and buy what you need", especially in the later levels when PCs are expected to have tremendous wealth.

TN elf druid (serpent shaman). I get a Flemeth or Ra's al Ghul vibe from her.

For this duo, if the options are cleric and wizard, I would choose cleric. You have decent melee capability, good armor options, and excellent support spells as you gain levels. In a four person group---assuming the other PCs have no casting---I'd prefer wizard. Wizard is more pro-active and can potentially buff the group, throw out some battlefield control and deal area damage.

All that said, I would avoid playing a cleric or wizard in either group if the main reason is "I need the most powerful caster possible because I'll be carrying this team".

Monks pair nicely with rogues (mobile combatant, stealthy, skilled,lots of chances for UMD), druids (fight/cast/sneak/summon without turning into a heal-bot), bards (buffing, archery or melee, UMD). Even fighter or ranger would be decent. You can debate how much cooler you are, run away from swarms together and bicker on how it was their turn to buy potions.

tl;dr: pick your class based on what would be fun.

Beat me to it. So I'll go with armored coat in the style of a badass longcoat.

Hat of disguise. Many possibilities.

Whip. Obviously.

Blade boot. Cool off-hand weapon.

Chakram. Or for the truly adventurous, , . Starknife.

A caster with access to the magic vestment spell could mitigate the cost. I'm thinking the armor would be viable for an 8th+ level cleric with heavy armor proficiency, Travel domain, and Extend Spell.

Where is the army of giants going? Is the army headed toward a village or city? If so, maybe you can hold up in an outlying barn and lure the dragon into an ambush. (I imagine the druid flying around, harassing the dragon with call lightning, inciting it to chase him into said building where the rest of the group waits).

As most have said, positive energy channeling (with selective channel) is useful at low levels, even during combat. At higher levels, you typically have better options and can save it to top everyone's hit points at the end of the day.

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Summon Monster V is nice. Get a large elemental or 2 - 5 lantern archons. Only downsides are the full round casting time and the extra bookkeeping.

Another possibility is leaving the spell slot open and, if he has time, preparing an appropriate spell when he needs (like wall of stone if the group comes across some interesting ruins).

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Some of my favorite core spells. I tried to avoid spells that are good but ubiquitous (Greater Dispel, Heal, True Seeing).

1. Barkskin
2. Entangle
3. Plant Growth
4. Air Walk
5. Wall of Thorns
6. Liveoak
7. Fire Storm
8. Earthquake
9. Summon Nature's Ally IX

In 1E and 2E, negative modifiers for most stats started at 6 or 7. Bonuses started accruing at 16 or higher. Basically, a fighter with Str 8 and a fighter with Str 15 both have the same chance to hit and damage. So even terrible stats were more funny than terrible.

Also, character generation was a lot quicker. Even if your PC perished, with just a few dice rolls, you can be right back in the game.

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Couple of favorites from the Gargoyles cartoon. The first makes a good Stone to Flesh spell. The second is a beautiful Geas.

Fearsome creature who would stay
Unchanged by the light of day,
Remain you thus throughout the night,
And be thou flesh by dawn's fair light.

Across the mists of space and time
we pose this covenant sublime:
Macbeth his youth doth offer here,
to make this one a force to fear,
While she with fang and claw and wing
doth swear sweet death his foes to bring.
By their acceptance are they consigned
unto each other's fate designed,
forever and eternal bound,
and each the other's pain resound

Couple more from the Charmed TV series: Speak with Dead, summoning and Banishment.

Hear these words, hear my cry,
spirits from the other side,
come to me, I summon thee,
cross now the great divide

Powers of the witches rise,
course unseen across the sky,
come to us who call you near,
come to us and settle here'
'Blood to blood I summon thee,
blood to blood return to me

Hell threw you from its inner core,
but earth won't hold you anymore,
since heaven cannot be your place,
your flesh and blood we now erase!

My eldritch knight used his longsword as his bonded item. Free masterwork weapon at 1st level. It paired nicely with Hand of the Apprentice. Got a lot of use out of the free spell throughout his career. It was stolen once, leading to a side quest to get it back. (If it was a familiar, it would've been kidnapped---these things happen).

I'd focus on how your PC would benefit from either choice and build on that. None of the cons are really deal breakers

Wholeness of Body got a slight boost (1d8 + monk level). Can also pick it up as early as 4th level now.


For a pure caster, I'd grab combat casting because spells are usually my best option. For a hybrid caster (like a melee eldritch knight), I'd choose toughness because my PC is likely throwing himself into the fray.

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If you're staying single class wizard, pick up Craft Magic Arms and Armor for your armor.

Endurance feat. Sleep in up to medium armor.

Elven chain (20% ASF) or mithral breastplate (25% ASF). Not sure if there are other materials or items that offset ASF (especially if you are going to wear heavy armor).

If you ever expect to wield a weapon, pick up the Arcane Strike feat.

If you can afford to multiclass, take a level of fighter and then Eldritch Knight prestige class. Offset the lost caster levels with the Magical Knack trait.

Try a verbal tic like a slight stutter. It doesn't have to be every time you speak but it can add a layer to any visual cues you use.

Invisibility + Ventriloquism. Be the voice that alternately taunts and informs the PCs.

In Second Darkness, our group's "office" is the Publican House---Cayden Cailean's church. The PCs, predictably, roll lots of Fortitude saves on good nights. We typically go with sickened or nauseated (if things get really bad).

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