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Stag Lord

Gayel Nord's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 327 posts (2,136 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 13 Pathfinder Society characters. 4 aliases.


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Dotiie. For a paladin.

Luckly, I don't have those items on Gaétan.

But i would propose to wait till the end of the scenario.

No internet return monday.

I will not have internet the next days. return monday

GM Mars wrote:
Careful - you are all on the same side here. There is some interesting things going on with morals here, but be careful on how you treat your fellow players.

You are right. I will try to be careful.

Shifty wrote:
Gayel Nord wrote:

I am a little confused.

A player can only choose one table either core or Classinc and not one of each right?

AS far as I understand it:

GM's may GM either a Core OR a Classic table, but not more than one table.
This is a custom and practice that we are adhering to for the Paizo forums in relation to Specials.

Players, due to space restrictions we have asked people similarly pick where they want to go, as space is limited, but at the end of the day there looks like there will be sufficient table space for those that wish to play both core and classic simultaneously, so I don't have a issue with it - although from a logical perspective you would probably want to engage in different tiers.

Are you wishing to play both?

Well yes. It is also because I have caused a headache to Jesse last Gameday and don't want to repeat the same error.

I am a little confused.

A player can only choose one table either core or Classinc and not one of each right?

Are they still place for an other?

Ralph Cauthorn wrote:

Looks like Osprey isn't too popular with this group.

As long as Scotty isn't Lawful-Stupid and doesn't have a polearm up his entrance to the darklands, he and Ralph should get along fine. :)


(10/seconds later)

Oh gosh... Géantan killed a lg creature...

I was asking for the players if it was okay if I don't follow what ralph said. To not create a rift in the gaming group (infact I have.)

I think Ralph.

And I will be more and more present... I need to return to my old habit of PBP.

Tough week géatan wil follow with distance.


DM Khel wrote:

A sort of particular question about scaling the final encounter of this scenario (I'm running the series in a Play-by-Post right now): if a party is playing up with the 4-player adjustment, which version of Zaril do I use? If I apply the 'Scaling the Aspis Attacks' rules on pg 17, it says "Replace the Aspis mercenaries in both Wave 1 and Wave 2 with the Aspis mercenaries from Subtier 1–2."

Is Zaril an Aspis mercenary? There are actual combatants listed as 'Aspis mercenaries', so I don't know if the scaling only applies to them, to everyone but Zaril, or to all the Aspis-associated folks in the two waves. I tried to look at it from a CR standpoint, but it seems that it will either make it too easy or very hard. (My players got many of the defense points, so I'd like to reward them for that, but it's no fun for anyone if it's too easy.)

What have others done, if you placed this particular situation? Or if not, what would you do?

I would stick to the story and Elaborate that they are very... very sick but still greedy haughty racist aspis .

Pin, if I could kill a ghoul with a dagger. anyone can.

Question about concealement. (always confused about it.) If i am just in the least 5x5 fog. And there one just outside. What is his status?

I realised that if a venture-captain has been killed one shot, there a good change we are against at least a level 4 assassin. If he is level 10.. that sad for Adril.

If someone could have push him he could still be alive... or maybe if we had remark a certain clue in the talespins... we could have put them in defence.

But why he didn't take any armor or weapon...Why?

Jaysin Deckert wrote:

Jaysin decides to see if cold iron arrows might fare even better against the enemy!

[dice=Bow]d20+13 for [dice=Arrow]d8+12 and [dice=MS]d8+12
[dice=Bow]d20+13 for [dice=Arrow]d8+12
[dice=Bow]d20+8 for [dice=Arrow]d8+12

You have haste. add an another one

So that what we missed to ask the mushroom. They have more than one alchemist! and probably, we have reach the worse rating.


hum you are right....

Oh. I didn't think about day job.

But thus a second deeper darkness after the daylight will work? The daylight still work even if the light not.

Sorry, i am in Val-d'or.

I will like to add that Gm carla is a excellent Gm.

I am gonna retire of this next table.



I have played the part one gm all the three. But i can just play for fun the first part.

Edit: naybe not i have done it also in core.

Tide of morning?

No, your number is therw in fact. I don't find Radaya's.

I propose faith and the faithless part one.

Have you fill your profile in the campaing manager E'li? It could help for the decision.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

Less snarky version of the above: Rahadoum's Laws of Man may appeal to more than a few of them.

"Man has himself as his only friend and his only enemy." - Hindu proverb

Also, let me protest the earlier suggestion of Abadar as candidate for this role: He would say that the system as is is the best system there can possibly be, and therefore the lots it doles out shouldn't be tinkered with - social workers are proof that that's not true.

The law of men... hum. Thanks.

As for your Interpreation of abadar. Some vision of social works said the problem is essently that. They are outside of the system and we need to reinstate them. So it is possible. But i concur with you are saying.

As for Abadar, I would argue that marginalisation and the fight against this is part of his vision of civilisation.

I mean... He did take out a priest of his power because he had hurt a chaotic city by trying a coup for bringning more order to it. (pathfinder tales exemple.)

But... we are in the domain of roleplaying game so the only real power is the gm.

If they are flat-footed... they are prone to sneak attack. If you are flat-footed, you can't treaten so you can't help for flanking. You lose the flat-footed status when you act the first time in the combat.

So after a normal round, nobody should be flat-footed. Everybody should be able to threaten everyone now.

The sneak attack activated when the opponed is denied his dexterity (status like flat-footed, paralyse, sleep or uncounscious does that) or flanks.

As now,Virgus threatens the corpse. If Goston flanks with Virgus, it will be eligible for a sneak.


I would have like to play high tier. But i pitch this Goupil bard niv 3.


Yes An I am done with my adventure done!

In reflexion, also in need to enter on your site.

Question: what is the boon we didn't obtain?

. I have an idea of paladin social worker or ex-mint marchand or cook.

Don't have one.

It will be a long text. Give me till midnight!

Thanks to all of you!

It will be added to my rooster. Like Erastil (His paladin code seem to follow a little) and Shei. As for Asmodeus... it could be an option.

Hi. I am searching for a deity in the pf setting that would approch the social work.

Change: this is the goal of all intervation.


Dignity of people.


Hum. Interessed. The first idea i have is someone who worked primary with mint in.the recent past.

1d30 ⇒ 8
1d30 ⇒ 18

So no skill with the int. Ok then.

I would like to insist about the additionnal feat. As a half-elf, Goston have in exchange of the adaptability racial trait, have the ancestral arm trait.(ARG) With give him the Exotic weapon feat. With the free weapon finesse at level one.

So that leave

1th dodge

3th mobility


This one will have improved initiative feat.

And i am now ready to play!

Sorry, lot of thing to do. Will start friday.


DM Flykiller wrote:

@Alomar - the money doesn't quite add up:

** spoiler omitted **
Also did you intentionally pick Combat Stamina feat this time? If not, then you have 1 spare feat (Dodge I suppose?)

@Goston: I think you have 22 skill ranks spent out of 20 available.
Also, as mentioned, I don't plan on using the Lore skill, can you swap it for something else?
The money also don't entirely add up - I have 194 gp left after equipment. And I didn't count 5 (oil) because I wasn't sure what type of oil is it - mundane lamp oil or something else? By "Burn Torch" you meant Everburning Torch, right?
Your carried weight adds up to 34 lbs which is enough to trigger -3 medium load penalty to skills. Consider adjusting the equipment?
You can select an additional starting language due to Int bonus.

Here's the Hero Lab stat block I got for your character. Some of the things are slightly different (note I don't have access to the Mentored trait so I replaced the effects with two other traits):
** spoiler omitted **...

Goston have 12 int. in the consilided skill rules:worth 1/2 skill rank.

By burn torch, i meaned a ioun torch. And Goston have also a masterwork backpack, so now he is strong enough.

I suppose that Brenda don't wish to work. So Goston would have + 10 profession(scribe)

additional language:Sylvan

An other feat:why not. combat stamina


Male demi-Elf Unchained Rogue (5
N Medium Humanoid (ELF and human)
Init +10; Senses lowlight Perception +11 +2 trap +1 danger sense.
AC 20, touch 16, flat-footed 16 (+5 armor, +4 dex, + 1 deflection +1 dodge)
hp 43
Fort +4, Ref +8, Will + 4 ; +2 enchantment and no magical sleep
Speed 30 ft. (constant feather step)

Melee Sneak (3d6) Bewildered +2 if surprise
(+1) cold iron curve blade +8 1d10+6 (18-20)
Str 10, Dex 19, Con 14, Int 12 , Wis 14, Cha 8
Base Atk +4; CMB +4; CMD 18
reactionary + 2
Mentored profession Herald
Weapon finesse
Exotic weapon (elven curve blade)
Skills (20 points; 20 class, 8 INT)
(5) Acrobatic +12 (skill unleashed escape artist)
(5) Finesse+ 12
(5 ) perception + 12
(2) society + 6
(5) Stealth +12
(5)lore (life of Brenda) +9
(5) Profession Herald + 10

Sense motive +5
Nobility +
All knowledge can be roll untrained.
ACP -0

*ACP applies to these skills
Non-Standard Skill Bonuses

Languages Elf, common

Special Abilities:

Rogue talent : Stand up, Esoteric scholar

Masterwork, thieve tool,
Featherstep slipper
Shawl of life keeping (charged)
Burn torch.
Mithral chain shirt
Alchemical, silver mace
2 antiplague
2 antitoxin
2 poison (Centipede poison)
1 (flour)
4 (holywater)
1 (cure light wound)
5 (oil)

Carrying Capacity
Light 0-33 lb. Medium 34-67 lb. Heavy 68-100 lb.
Current Load Carried 0 lb.

Money 931 GP 0 SP 0 CP


Goston was raised by his human family in Absalom. They were rich enough to send him to school but he had great difficulties. His elven blood was easily remarked and he was bullied for it. In home, His human parent, thinking that he needed to be more free because of his blood didn’t give him rule or a frame to live inside.

His biological mother received each month letter that she ripped instantly. When he happen to have the equivalent cognitive of a 10 year old human. He decided to reconstruct them. It was letter from his elven father. The biological one. One by one, Goston knew what happen between his mother and father and how life was in Kyonin. His father was old by elven standard and he thought that the difference was too high to educate a children.
That doesn’t mean that Goston understand that. He feel like abandoned.

When he was 20 year old, Goston was being consider by his entourage to be quite a delinquent. He had quit school and his home started to steal for a living. He intercepted each letter from his father and started to respond to him when had the money for. His last missive from his father was his heritage. A cold iron elven curve sword. His father had sacrificed himself to protect a family from a demon attack. Wanted to honor him, Goston decided it will be his main weapon. It was difficult at first to wield it. He hadn’t lived in an elven culture, after all. But his had master it anyway.

He could have turned into an assassin if he hadn’t meet Breeda. Who she stole, his purse before he was able to do that to her. Impressed by her talent, Goston wished to she would be his mentor. She accepted in condition that Goston tell his full name and became her herald because she needed one more than a thief. Goston accepted.

Goston has been affected by his herald training. So he is quieter than he was in his youth. He has still has a sarcastic mind. He is loyal to Brenda because of what she gave him. He is a little trigger happy to start a fight if there a danger for her.


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