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Evan Tarlton's page

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christos gurd wrote:
nighttree wrote:
brad2411 wrote:

Iconic Arcanist!!!! So want that one.

Arcanist was the class I was the most pleased with as it developed.

It went rapidly from being a mish mash of two classes, and instead became the love child of two classes with it's own personality.

REALLY eager to see the final product...and the Iconic associated with it ;)

i, for one, want to see a male half-orc arcanist, but i bet that will be the slayer.

The male half-orc is a warpriest of Gorum.

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My body is ready.

I am also a bit surprised at the character changes. Why not have the featured iconics?

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James Jacobs wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
Aw, my prediction about Nocticula was so much less true than I wanted it to be. :( Well, at least in the campaign proper.
Almost like it was something that could well be it's own basis for an entire campaign separate from this one, right? One that might some day become it's own Adventure Path, perhaps?

Would that AP tie into this one in the way that the first three APs tied into Shattered Star? It would be great to see where the NPCs from WotR wind up. It was great to see Shalelu and Ameiko again, so seeing Anevia and Irabeth later on down the line would be fantastic.

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mplindustries wrote:
The Wizard is a professional programmer who works at Google. The Sorcerer is Zuckerberg. The Arcanist is a hacker that works at 7-11.

Where does the Witch fit? I'm thinking something like "the really smart homeschooled person who might not have gotten the full breadth of education like the others but who has picked up a few things that aren't even on their radar."

The new direction has me excited. I can't wait to try the revised version!

The idea of warpriest as buffer is a good one. Making it excel at healing... not so much. There should definitely be an archetype for healers, but not for the standard class. That would move it too far away from it's stated role as "divine soldier."

Also, there is room for another full BAB 4 divine spell level class. We have the paladin and the ranger, both of which fill that criteria and are yet mechanically diverse. Paladins and rangers have a number of relatively minor features that are always active: saving throw bonuses, bonus feats, and so on. One way to separate a full BAB warpriest from them would be to give them stronger features that have a daily limit.

Mikaze wrote:
Evan Tarlton wrote:

Does anybody have a link?

Also: ZOMGYES! Please do this, Paizo. Please!

Here ya go. :)

Thank you so much!

Please, Paizo. Iconic Brawler. Please, please, please!

I'm happy the playtest is here, but I'm also going to miss this thread.

Mikaze wrote:


Sajan's sister, Sajni, showed up in artwork posted in a blog entry for Ultimate Campaign. Cool design, but unfortunately she didn't actually show up in that book.

Female pronouns are used in the Brawler entry of the playtest document.


Does anybody have a link?

Also: ZOMGYES! Please do this, Paizo. Please!

First: Awesome thread.

Second: Suppose, for the sake of argument, that the main point is true, and that Dispater did off himself with Cicatrix. What would that do to Vildeis and/or Ragathiel? Would they continue as they are, or would they perhaps switch their shticks? They are both very active in fighting evil, but their methods and their motives are quite different. Finding her love only to lose him again could conceivably enrage Vildeis that much, and losing his father after seeing him redeemed could make Ragathiel rethink his perspective on offing evil beings as the only recourse.

It's morphin' time!

Is it up yet, Papa Smurf?

Cthulhudrew wrote:
Grumpy cat.

They don't stat gods. Of course, they might stat avatars one day...

Drejk wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
Kittyburger wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
James Sutter wrote:
Kittyburger wrote:
Karal mithrilaxe wrote:

the question may be more asked "which is heterosexual?"

If you read the comic you already know two homosexual characters--they have shown them.

They have yet to show us a heterosexual couple from the iconics

I'm PRETTY SURE that, my headcanon aside, canon-Valeros is hetero and involved with Imrijka...
Despite the surprising amount of NSFW fan art of those two floating around the internet, I don't think we've ever actually said they're an item. :P
My personal headcanon is that Val is bi and pretty much wants to boink everyone.
I certainly wouldn't rule that out. It's just that Val/Imrijka is particularly D'AWWW-sy. :)
Except when Imrijka's half-orcish fangs make Val go Ouch-ouch-ouch...

I guess we know how he got his scars then.

According to Bestiary 4 (or so I'm told--the 30th can't come quickly enough!), Cernunnos, Cthulhu, and Pazuzu are CR 30, which is Paizo's capstone. Higher than that and you're in god territory. I don't know much about Cernunnos, but Pazuzu has fought post-ascension Lamashtu several times, and Cthulhu... well, Cthuuhl ftagn. Of course, this has led me to wonder: who are the others? Who are the other big kids on the block? These are some of my guesses and the reasons, and please feel free to add your own.

I'll stick with the Demon Lords for now:

Abraxus. He's one of the oldest, and the Final Incantation is suitably super-powerful.

Deskari. Mostly for meta reasons. WotR is just going for broke, and to my mind it would make sense for it to end with a fight with the most powerful opponent possible. I don't know if he's normally that powerful, but we're dealing with power-boosting artifacts, so who's to say that he can't get a little boost in time to fight a party of level 20 MR 10 PCs?

Nocticula. Most of the others are afraid of her, and it looks like even Lamashtu is concerned. That's a telling sign.

Orcus. I confess to D&D Nostalgia Goggles. This one could go either way, depending on whether he lives up to his worshipers' hype or not. He might not, but I have this vision of uninformed mythic adventurers saying "Oh this is a minor demon lord, look at the small cult! How much trouble could he-- RETREAT! OH SWEET MERCIFUL GODS RETREAT!"

Mythic Mikaze wrote:
Now there's a possible reason for his seeming obscurity in Chronicle of the Righteous: It's a relatively recent development, because most of his worshippers died with Sarkoris. Go fig that a benevolent "Horned God" should be supplanted by demons. Makes one wonder how less knowledgable crusaders would react upon seeing his abandoned shrines and temples.

That would help explain some of the persecution which some people suffered during the earlier Crusades.

I don't think I've ever seen that. I have seen paladins so blinded by hubris or fanaticism (Miko Miyazaki!) that they have no room for other emotions, but that's not quite the same thing.

I don't see that ruling ever coming, unless the DM has a problem with paladins. It's clear to me that the immunity only applies to unnaturally imposed fear.

The show keeps getting better with every episode, and (yes I know I'm in the minority) I was actually quite happy with the pilot.

I'm actually not that surprised that they went with Graviton. His shtick isn't too costly to reproduce, and the fact that he's only had a bit of exposure outside of the comics means that they have a lot of room to play with him as a character.

The show has a tightrope to walk. We know that it's going to tie into the movies somehow, and it should, but they don't want to go too heavy with it since it deserves to also stand on its own.

Water usually ends up as the healing-type, so the Water warrior could be a cleric or oracle, or maybe a water-themed druid.

It would require a way to exclude teleportation or planeswalking, but... Around Golarion In Eighty Days.

I like the fact that both Ward and Skye had valid points. She was stirring the pot without regard as to what would happen, but that doesn't negate her point about self-appointed saviors hiding things from people.

I'm rather annoyed at the latest development. There was plenty of room to make Unalaq an antagonist without making him go full blown Ozai. They could have just stopped at him trying to isolate Korra, and that would have been fine, but they had to take it one step further.

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Tinkergoth wrote:
DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Thundarr the Barbarian
Cheers, much appreciated. Given that I was born in '89, I suspect that it wouldn't have been airing while I was growing up. Though that said, I did watch a lot of He-Man, mostly because my aunt had the whole series on VHS. Man, those were good times. And on that note, is it just me or does Thundarr look exactly like Prince Adam?

Technically, it would be slightly more accurate to say that Prince Adam looks a lot like Thundarr...

But if I remember correctly they were both Hanna Barberra cartoons & so they likely had the same art direction.

Hello and welcome to Pedant Minute.

Thundarr was produced by Ruby-Spears. He-Man was produced by Filmation.

Of course, R-S was a splinter group of H-B, and the two studios later teamed up to produce The Scooby & Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour, and the first season of Thundarr was released as part of an HB collection series even though HB had nothing to do with it.

This has been your Pedant Minute.

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Set wrote:
Azaelas Fayth wrote:
Ah I always forget that Seoni is Varisian.

The artwork occasionally makes her look like a gender-swapped Raistlin (gold skin, white hair) borrowed an outfit from Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

The mental image...!

You are a horrible person, and I thank you for it!

Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Dude, you don't get to sneak up on a person in the shower, murder them & take their stuff & call yourself a good person, especially when you are about to waltz merrily out of their life anyway.

There's a bit more to it than that. There is a deleted scene in the published edition of the latest book that showed how Haley and the Thieves Guild got Roy's body back. At the end, we saw Bozzok and Crystal planning to screw over Haley, and we also saw her overhear the whole thing. She acted in a preemptive manner, but she had plenty of direct cause.

Because I know the question will be posed: like most deleted scenes, it was cut for time. I'd have to dig out the book to do the math, but we'd be a decent way back in the storyline if Rich had left it in.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And Tarquin keeps on being himself.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Over the course of 915 strips, we have seen almost* every member of the Order confront something about him or herself, and grow because of it. That's not a plot complication, that's character development. In Haley's case, she joined the Order to save her father. In the process, she not only found the courage to be honest with herself and others, but she discovered that she is much more than she ever believed she could be. She's outgrown Ian, quite frankly, but she still loves him and she is still going to save him if she can.

And from a narrative standpoint: yes, it is tying up a loose thread. As I said, she joined the Order for a specific reason. She stays because they're pretty much her family now, but she has to see her mission through so she can focus everything on saving the world. That's why Roy had to resolve his Eugene issues, why Elan had to face the truth about Nale and Tarquin, and why the Linear Guild had to be destroyed except for the member most vital to the plot.

*-- the exception being Durkon, and I have a feeling that's going to change very soon.

Nale's story may be done. Tarquin is a better fit for Elan, and while there is narrative potential in Nale's return, that would probably be a distraction from the story as a whole.

So why am I not 100% on this? Sabine. Her loyalty is to Nale, not the IFCC. She will do just about anything to get at Tarquin (and Laurin, but mostly Tarquin). She is in position to play spoiler in a very big way.

Wow. Well done Mr. Burlew.

So either Sabine goes rogue, or the Three Fiends control her with an offer of Resurrection. They could always use their influence to have her meet with Nale in Hell, but I don't think that's how they operate.

It's entirely possible. We know it's in a mountainous region, as is Durkon's home. OTOH, Rich has unleashed many surprises upon the readership. It's entirely possible that Durkon could rejoin the Order, since it looks more and more like they will need a token Evil member*. I can see Roy putting everything on hold to save his best friend, and for all we know, Durkon's home is closer.

*-- Belkar is undergoing a lot of changes, and he's not long for the world.

I'm interested as well. Thank you very much.

E-Mail Address:

Thanks Amber and Wes for a deeply groovy product. I dig it muchly. Will we ever get any follow-ups? I'm sure much more can be said about the good guys. They are quite a diverse bunch, are they not?

Less than 24 hours for this book, whatever the abbreviation is!

nightflier wrote:
Well, of course - but which parts of Golarion?

My apologies. I meant "more of Golarion beyond the Inner Sea region."

Are there any special friendships or particular rivalries amongst the iconics?


Twilight Sparkle is a Wizard, a Sage-Sorcerer, or a Witch with a dragon familiar.
Applejack is a Ranger.
Rainbow Dash is a Ranger or a Fighter.
Fluttershy is a Druid (with a Barbarian level or two).
Rarity is a Sorcerer.
Pinkie Pie is a Bard.

We're going to get a 64 page planetary sourcebook, so I'd love to see a planet-hopping AP one of these days.

I'd also like to see more of Golarion. We're already starting to do so, and that is awesome, but I'd love to see even more.

Through whatever means (Interplanetary Teleport, a wacky immortal, some crazy planeswalking) the iconics are introduced to karaoke. What do they sing?

Generic Villain wrote:
In the case of all the rich murdered people mentioned in Hayato's story, there could be all sorts of reasons why they weren't resurrected. Or no reason at all.

Very true, but it would be better to provide a reason. Knowing about resurrection spells and how a wealthy person would be in position to have them cast can take the reader out of the story, especially when it would be easy to explain why that route wasn't taken. It could be (as someone mentioned upthread) that there is a cultural prohibition against raising people who died in honourable duels. It could be that the family thought that their son was a disgrace not worth a second chance, and that the lord was too ashamed to return when/if called.

On another note: what alignment do we see for Hayato? The obvious choices are LN or LG. I could see either, but I lean a little more to LG.

LazarX wrote:
Perhaps the real question how many of the iconics aren't Anti-Heroes more than Heroes? Valeros and miss "Dagger in the Ribs" come to mind.

The good iconics, definitely, and some of the neutrals (Sajan stands out).

AWESOME. This is deliciously dirty (almost as much as Lem's flute). Thanks so much for doing this.

(Also-- Poor Valeros! He loves his booze, but it puts him to sleep so very easily!)

Jason Lillis wrote:
At what point in his/her career would a wizard consider taking on an apprentice? How does the relationship look different when it is one wizard with one apprentice than one instructor in one of the arcane schools (i.e. Arcanamirium)? It's a trope of the genre, and am curious to hear thoughts on how others think about the relationship in their games or general musings on Golarion.

This is an interesting topic. To answer your questions:

In game terms, I'd say 7th level is when a wizard who is interested in an apprentice will start taking one. 7th is the minimum level needed for the Leadership feat, and while I don't think that Leadership is necessary for an apprentice, I do think that 7th is a perfectly workable benchmark. 7th level wizards have a nice bit of power, and a decent bit of renown. Wizards with less of either won't be as attractive to potential apprentices. There's certainly nothing to prevent a less powerful wizard from taking on an apprentice, but on average I think that it starts at 7th level.

As for the one-on-one relationship, I'd say that it depends on the wizard. A wizard who is being well-paid to train an individual student will be much nicer (comparatively speaking) than one who sees the apprentice as a glorified lackey. Either way, the apprentice is likely to have strong feelings about the master before long, whether positive or negative.

The relationships are different when a school is involved. Instructors will have their favourite students (and vice versa) but there usually won't be the closeness that is the hallmark of the one-on-one relationship. Instead, that closeness will be transferred to the school as a whole. Institutionally trained wizards may be inclined to view other wizards from the trained school favourably (or as special rivals, depending on the wizard), and they may have negative reactions to wizards from a rival school.

I don't think that any of this would be different on Golarion.

BigNorseWolf wrote:

Due south is good for lawful good, but his skill set was more rangery.

I see Benton as a multiclassed Ranger/Paladin. He's an excellent tracker and he has an animal companion (or is it the other way around? ;) ) but he's incredibly charismatic and has too many social skills for me to see him as a pure Ranger.


I was reading this thread and I got to thinking about the fiends' celestial counterparts. To that end, I read the entries in the Bestiaries to refresh my memory. This is what I realized.

One thing that struck me is that the Archons and the Azatas are concerned with the same things as their direct opposites (the Demons and the Devils, respectively). The Demons are about destroying the body, but the Archons are about protecting it. They protect mortals by taking the fight to the fiends, and they teach mortals to protect themselves by imparting their values of discipline to them. Also, while the Devils seek to enslave the mind, the Azatas seek to liberate it. They deliberately hang back, inspiring mortals to greatness but allowing them to fight their own battles (except when the fiends attack directly, in which case the Azatas happily help even the odds).

By contrast, both the Daemons and the Agathions are deeply concerned with life itself, with the Daemons seeking to take it and the Agathions seeking to foster it. Their methodology is just as different. The Daemons seek to destroy mortal beings, but the Agathions seek to keep the natural world in balance, with only a few breeds (Draconals, Vulpinals) focusing their attentions upon mortals. The Agathions preserve life by preserving the world.

Finally, we get to the Angels. They are an especially interesting case because they don't have an opposite number among the fiends. The text says that they and the Agathions act as go-betweens for the other celestials, but my feeling is that the Angels play this role far more often. They cover all three Good alignments (though individual Angels may have a preference), and that diversity gives them great insight into the nature of Good. They engage in the war of Good and Evil on a cosmic level (for lack of a better term), and that sense of the bigger picture seems to give them a unique role amongst the celestials. It seems to me that by not giving them a fiendish counterpart race, Paizo is saying that Good has a self-awareness that Evil lacks.

... well, at least until Golarion's fiends form an IFCC :D

Those are just my thoughts, anyway. What do you think?

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