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Neongelion wrote:
Jeven wrote:

Suspension of disbelief becomes harder the more it feels like a Disneyland-type theme park.

Many of the nations are so radically different they don't sit well right next door to each other. NE Avistan feels like a mess, with its mixture of C13th-like knights, C19th-like Gothic horror, and barbarians with futuristic weapons strangely ignoring each other despite not being separated by anything more than a river at best. Stepping across a border seems more like stepping into a different world.

I still really like most of the setting up close at a local level, but the big picture feels really odd. So I'm torn between like/dislike.

How is it strange? Most Kellids in Numeria distrust alien technology at best, and destroy it on sight at worst. The Technic League, the organization with a monopoly on the tech from the spaceship, are selfish, highly efficient, ruthless individuals (spellcasters, no less) who will hunt you down to the ends of the earth if you stole a technological item. And the robots of the land do not leave Numeria simply because they were programmed not to (my theory).

Explain this as a GM. If your players still cry "but my suspension of disbelief is still being strained by the mere presence of a crashed starship on my fantasy planet!" then there's no helping them. It doesn't matter if those explanations are realistic or not, it's better than nothing.

The Technic League is also an organization largely composed of paranoid drug addicts, thus further hindering their efficacy. They are their own worst enemies in many ways, and the rest of Golarion is better off for it.

Dreaming Psion wrote:

What I predict (not necessarily what I want) is that after all these themed APS, they'll be returning to their roots with something fairly generic/vanilla yet something attention getting/iconic. That means Varisia (with all the recent adventure paths that have roamed far afield, the Varisia to everything else is a bit low compered to what I perceive is their usual standard.)

Now if Runelords and mythic have been called out as not being it, that leaves us a few options. And the first thing that comes to mind is dragons. Paizo has long held off on overusing the dragon, so I can imagine a whole dragon AP would probably be off the shelf.

There are a lot of classics that have been largely untouched. Dragons are classic enemies, and at this point they are notable by their relative absence. The next path will contain issue 100, and a dragon themed AP would be pretty badass. As for Varisia... I agree. In fact, I think it might start out in Sandpoint again. It would be good to see us go where we began for such an important milestone.

The NPCs are indeed awesome. My character was lured down into the cellar in the first adventure, and I had a devil of a time convincing the lurer that I was... cursed, shall we say. The lurer offered to help lift my curse. Good times.

I digs this mightily. I digs it, I says.

So... worships Kurgess, eh? Nice. It's about time some of the non-Big 20 got a little love. Alignment wise, I can see NG, CG, or N.

MMCJawa wrote:

Alastor = Greek; male vengeance demon, avenged wrongs done to women by men

less about sexy times, more about smiting rapists. I will note that Alastor originally started as an epithet for Zeus, and was also derogatory slang for "scoundrel", so could altered to more fit this niche

Is anyone else struck by the irony of an avenger of women sharing an epithet with one of mythology's most infamous rapists?

Very nice!

What are his alignment and religion?

Dead Phoenix wrote:
You are correct, the people murdered the angel Kohal. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, as it were.

It was. She sent Kohal to rein the people in, and he was destroyed. She got her smite on, which resulted in the destruction of the city and the creation of the Pit of Gormuz. She then realized that Rovagug had managed to play her, which is why she now prefers to err on the side of mercy.

I like her. Her story has a very solid hook, and possibly the most inner conflict of any iconic bar Oloch. She has found herself on a path she loves, with a lot to gain and a lot to lose. She's going to have to make a decision someday, but I find her reluctance completely believable. I also like how she contrasts with both Ezren and Alahazra. Well done, Mr. Moreland.

Also: it's pretty clear that she worships Nethys. What is her alignment? I would guess N. Is that correct?

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Blackvial wrote:
for those shipping Croloch, haven't we already shipped Oloch with Amiri?

Only in a demiplane. Very few buildings could survive that kind of damage, and the noise would attract too much attention in the wild.

Is Cosmo really an avatar of the Elder Gods?

Adam B. 135 wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...
Not a fan of yaoi because its normally handled like a train wreck. Thank you for handling it so well. The motivations for it made sense and I was happy to not get details worthy of fading to black (I prefer fade to black in all cases, no matter the content.)

Yeah, Mikaze's awesome. That's one reason why I'm looking forward to December's Belkzen book. And here I thought that the wait for August would be bad!

Also, for more Mikaze epicness....

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Voltron64 wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
Evan Tarlton wrote:
Does anybody else sail the good ship Croloch?
Welp, looks like it's going to be totally Bara.

Given that we're basically talking about the union of two Brock Samsons... yes. Gloriously so. Gloriously.

James Jacobs wrote:
xavier c wrote:

I still think a "Romance of the Inner Sea" book would be cool too.I think you guys can Handel it maturity

Personally and i don't understand it.I mean there was three threads asking "where all the sexy men at" on these forums.All i was asking for was can we have a book talking about more then just sexuality on Golarion and. some People liked the idea and some People got all Defensive about it

I'm not the one you need to convince of this, so posting here isn't gonna do much. ;)

But the fact that people DO get all strung up and freaked out and weird about things concerning sexuality is the reason a book like this is a hard one to get approved. You need to convince the public that it's a good idea, frankly, and that's unlikely to happen anytime soon, given America's weird disconnect with acceptance of violence but shame about sex and romance.

Would it help if we got Mikaze on the case?

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Does anybody else sail the good ship Croloch?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This sounds interesting. Also: Mikaze has been unleashed upon Golarion, and nothing shall ever be the same!

For some reason (chance, fate, the whim of a god, Sara Marie coming into contact with Cosmo) a dimensional rift opens up and spits the iconics into Paizo headquarters. Now, they will obviously need accommodations while the spellcasters work out a way to go back.

1) Which iconic or iconics would you most like to host?
2) Which iconic or iconics would you least like to host?
3) Does the greater Seattle area survive their visit?

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Liz Courts wrote:
Evan Tarlton wrote:

Two new iconics, two new doses of AWESOME. Because Quinn is AWESOME. Just wanted to get that out there.

I see him as an LG who is very conscious of the second part of the "my country right or wrong" saying. Religion-wise... actually, none of the core gods really fit. The divine entity who best seems to fit would be Zohls. However, since the iconics heavily lean towards the core, I would guess Sarenrae, with Abadar being a second guess. Can we get an official ruling?

Polytheist. Giving thanks to the appropriate god when applicable.

Thank you! And is he LG?

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Two new iconics, two new doses of AWESOME. Because Quinn is AWESOME. Just wanted to get that out there.

I see him as an LG who is very conscious of the second part of the "my country right or wrong" saying. Religion-wise... actually, none of the core gods really fit. The divine entity who best seems to fit would be Zohls. However, since the iconics heavily lean towards the core, I would guess Sarenrae, with Abadar being a second guess. Can we get an official ruling?

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Good god!
What is he good for?
Super badass artwork!

I really like the story. It's shorter than the more recent Iconic stories, but the decreased description is appropriate here. Her mother was a demon worshiping pirate, so it's probably for the best that we don't know all the details.

Mikaze brought up Seltyiel, but I also see her contrasted with Alain (whom I she think she would especially loathe). She probably would best get along with Valeros and Lirianne, and I think she might stand on Merisiel's throat as part of some roleplay with Kyra playing the brave heroine to Merisiel's damsel and Jirelle's moustache twirling villain... and now I'm picturing Jirelle with a fake moustache.

Mikaze wrote:

With so many gods, perhaps there could be a number of less benevolent gods with an interest in those marriage divinations, to preserve those kinds of stories? It would also keep Lymnieris' followers busy, what with helping people trapped in unhappy arranged marriages being big on their "to do" list. :)

Now who to fit that bill for "negative marriage god"...

I don't see one particular deity fitting that bill, but there are a few who could contain various reactions to that situation. People who want to strike back at their "spouses" would look to Calistria, while people who want to numb themselves with pleasure might well fall in with Urgathoans. The more powerful party in an arranged marriage could be a cultist of Zon-Kuthon, adding all new levels of awful to the situation.

Congrats to all involved! I'm looking forward to the Epic Punch of Epic Epicness.

Thank you for the spoilers, Mr. Buhlman! You are awesome! As for my speculation on the archetypes...


I am operating under the assumption that the new classes will have considerably more archetypes than the existing classes. With that in mind, my guesses are as follows.

Animist: Shaman.

Blade adept: Arcanist

Blood arcanist: Arcanist

Blood conduit: Bloodrager or sorcerer

Bloodrider: Cavalier

Bolt ace: Swashbuckler

Bounty hunter: Hunter or Slayer

Brown-fur transmuter: Wizard

Champion of the faith: Warpriest,

Cleaner: Investigator

Counterfeit mage: Rogue

Crossblooded rager: Bloodrager

Cult leader: Cleric

Cutthroat: Rogue

Daring champion: Swashbuckler

Daring infiltrator: Rogue

Deliverer: Bard or Rogue

Disenchanter: Arcanist

Divine commander: Warpriest

Divine hunter: Hunter

Divine tracker: Ranger

Ecclesitheurge: Cleric

Eldritch font: Witch

Eldritch scion: Sorcerer

Eldritch scrapper: Bloodrager

Elemental master: Monk

Empiricist: Investigator

Exemplar: Swashbuckler or Monk

Exploiter wizard: Wizard

Fated champion: Swashbuckler or Cavalier

Feral hunter: Hunter

Feral shifter: Druid

Flame dancer: Skald or Bard

Flying blade: Swashbuckler

Forgepriest: Cleric

Grave warden: Slayer

Greenrager: Barbarian or Bloodrager

Herald of the horn: Skald

Hex channeler: Witch

Holy guide: Hunter or Ranger

Hooded champion: Swashbuckler or Fighter

Infiltrator: Slayer or Rogue

Inspired blade: Swashbuckler

Kata master: Monk

Martial master: Brawler

Mastermind: Investigator

Metamagic rager: Bloodrager

Mongrel mage: Arcanist, Wizard, or Sorcerer

Mountain witch: Witch

Mouser: Hunter

Musketeer: Swashbuckler or Cavalier

Mutagenic mauler: Alchemist

Mutation warrior: Fighter

Mysterious avenger: Investigator or Rogue

Naturalist: Shaman or Druid

Nature fang: Druid

Occultist: Arcanist

Packmaster: Hunter or Ranger

Picaroon: Swashbuckler

Possessed shaman: Shaman

Primal companion hunter: Hunter

Primalist: Arcanist or Wizard

Psychic searcher: Investigator

Rageshaper: Bloodrager or Barbarian

Sacred fist: Brawler or Monk

Sacred huntsmaster: Hunter

Sanctified slayer: Slayer

School savant: Wizard

Shield champion: Swashbuckler

Sleuth: Investigator

Snakebite striker: Slayer or Hunter

Sniper: Slayer or Fighter

Speaker for the past: Shaman

Spell sage: Arcanist

Spell specialist: Wizard or Sorcerer

Spell warrior: Magus

Spelleater: Arcanist

Spirit guide: Hunter or Shaman

Spirit summoner: Summoner or Shaman

Spirit warden: Slayer

Spirit whisperer: Shaman

Spiritualist: Oracle

Steel hound: Hunter

Steel-breaker: Brawler

Steelblood: Bloodrager

Strangler: Brawler

Stygian slayer: Slayer

Temple champion: Paladin or Warpriest

Totemic skald: Skald

Underground chemist: Alchemist or Investigator

Unlettered arcanist: Arcanist

Unsworn shaman: Shaman

Untouchable rager: Barbarian or Bloodrager

Vanguard: Warpriest or Cavalier

Verminous hunter: Hunter

Visionary: Oracle

Voice of the wild: Bard, Skald, Druid or Shaman

Warsighted: Swashbuckler

White mage: Cleric or Arcanist or Wizard

Wild child: Barbarian, Hunter or Druid

Wild hunter: Hunter

Wild whisperer: Shaman or Oracle

Wildcat: Brawler

Witch doctor: Shaman or Witch

Celestial Healer wrote:
I think it is certainly possible to depict a male NPC with a bulkier frame (and maybe even *gasp* body hair) as beautiful.

I would be unbelievably down with that.

We already know a couple names! The warpriest is names Oloch, and the swashbuckler is named Jirelle. We don't know alignments yet, though.

Where do those cards come from? I'm trying to uncover alignment info, but the zooming renders the text even more illegible.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Valeros: "So if I drink this, I'll become a sexy shirtless god of war? Okay!"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"Hmph! I'll have you know that I am very popular indeed! Why, a savage tribe once made me their lord! On top of my mother titles, I am Alain, Lord of the D'Ooush Bahgs!"

Lilith wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
The cover has the Half Elf Swashbuckler...and another gentleman who, I would almost swear, is a Shoanti Bloodrager with an Earthbreaker.
Mmm. Dat earthbreaker. :)


My characters default to NG. I like doing what is right in whichever situation I'm in without being biased either towards or against external authority systems (which I use as a marker for whether one if Lawful or Chaotic).

As for the paladin debate that has sprung up: I have no problem with paladins of any extreme alignment.

This is very cool and I am looking forward to it, but some of the choices make me scratch my head. Boggards and Ratfolk? Really? I'm sure they will be well done, I just cannot see either one as being on the same level as the others listed, who are definitely among the most iconic humanoid-ish* creatures in the game.

*-- no dragons, outsiders, or fey, and the undead are explicitly former humanoids.

1: A can work, but there should be a very small number of islands that size. Most should be smaller, probably much smaller.

2A: H.
2B: C.
2C: All exist, but some are rarer than others.

3: A, E, F.

4: All.

5: A, B, C, D.

6: D, and they are all trying to finish their recovery.

7: B.

If you want to integrate this into Golarion, then this city should be far away from Absalom. I'd go with Vudra, which is both distant from the Inner Sea and claims immense magical prowess. The city could have been evacuated around the time of Earthfall and believed destroyed, only to be rediscovered later.

Baracutey wrote:
Coridan wrote:

When Arcadia is done as an AP I want the story to encourage people to play Arcadians (and have room for outsiders/Ulfen). My biggest issue with Jade Regent was that you were forced to play outsiders and the first three books weren't even in Tian.

Native American history/mythology never got a "Lord of the Rings" treatment to incorporate it into modern fantasy like European and Asian mythologies have. Paizo could definitely bebold and do something along those lines.

This sounds amazing.

Seconded. This could be brilliant.

christos gurd wrote:
nighttree wrote:
brad2411 wrote:

Iconic Arcanist!!!! So want that one.

Arcanist was the class I was the most pleased with as it developed.

It went rapidly from being a mish mash of two classes, and instead became the love child of two classes with it's own personality.

REALLY eager to see the final product...and the Iconic associated with it ;)

i, for one, want to see a male half-orc arcanist, but i bet that will be the slayer.

The male half-orc is a warpriest of Gorum.

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My body is ready.

I am also a bit surprised at the character changes. Why not have the featured iconics?

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James Jacobs wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
Aw, my prediction about Nocticula was so much less true than I wanted it to be. :( Well, at least in the campaign proper.
Almost like it was something that could well be it's own basis for an entire campaign separate from this one, right? One that might some day become it's own Adventure Path, perhaps?

Would that AP tie into this one in the way that the first three APs tied into Shattered Star? It would be great to see where the NPCs from WotR wind up. It was great to see Shalelu and Ameiko again, so seeing Anevia and Irabeth later on down the line would be fantastic.

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mplindustries wrote:
The Wizard is a professional programmer who works at Google. The Sorcerer is Zuckerberg. The Arcanist is a hacker that works at 7-11.

Where does the Witch fit? I'm thinking something like "the really smart homeschooled person who might not have gotten the full breadth of education like the others but who has picked up a few things that aren't even on their radar."

The new direction has me excited. I can't wait to try the revised version!

The idea of warpriest as buffer is a good one. Making it excel at healing... not so much. There should definitely be an archetype for healers, but not for the standard class. That would move it too far away from it's stated role as "divine soldier."

Also, there is room for another full BAB 4 divine spell level class. We have the paladin and the ranger, both of which fill that criteria and are yet mechanically diverse. Paladins and rangers have a number of relatively minor features that are always active: saving throw bonuses, bonus feats, and so on. One way to separate a full BAB warpriest from them would be to give them stronger features that have a daily limit.

Mikaze wrote:
Evan Tarlton wrote:

Does anybody have a link?

Also: ZOMGYES! Please do this, Paizo. Please!

Here ya go. :)

Thank you so much!

Please, Paizo. Iconic Brawler. Please, please, please!

I'm happy the playtest is here, but I'm also going to miss this thread.

Mikaze wrote:


Sajan's sister, Sajni, showed up in artwork posted in a blog entry for Ultimate Campaign. Cool design, but unfortunately she didn't actually show up in that book.

Female pronouns are used in the Brawler entry of the playtest document.


Does anybody have a link?

Also: ZOMGYES! Please do this, Paizo. Please!

First: Awesome thread.

Second: Suppose, for the sake of argument, that the main point is true, and that Dispater did off himself with Cicatrix. What would that do to Vildeis and/or Ragathiel? Would they continue as they are, or would they perhaps switch their shticks? They are both very active in fighting evil, but their methods and their motives are quite different. Finding her love only to lose him again could conceivably enrage Vildeis that much, and losing his father after seeing him redeemed could make Ragathiel rethink his perspective on offing evil beings as the only recourse.

It's morphin' time!

Is it up yet, Papa Smurf?

Cthulhudrew wrote:
Grumpy cat.

They don't stat gods. Of course, they might stat avatars one day...

Drejk wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
Kittyburger wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
James Sutter wrote:
Kittyburger wrote:
Karal mithrilaxe wrote:

the question may be more asked "which is heterosexual?"

If you read the comic you already know two homosexual characters--they have shown them.

They have yet to show us a heterosexual couple from the iconics

I'm PRETTY SURE that, my headcanon aside, canon-Valeros is hetero and involved with Imrijka...
Despite the surprising amount of NSFW fan art of those two floating around the internet, I don't think we've ever actually said they're an item. :P
My personal headcanon is that Val is bi and pretty much wants to boink everyone.
I certainly wouldn't rule that out. It's just that Val/Imrijka is particularly D'AWWW-sy. :)
Except when Imrijka's half-orcish fangs make Val go Ouch-ouch-ouch...

I guess we know how he got his scars then.

According to Bestiary 4 (or so I'm told--the 30th can't come quickly enough!), Cernunnos, Cthulhu, and Pazuzu are CR 30, which is Paizo's capstone. Higher than that and you're in god territory. I don't know much about Cernunnos, but Pazuzu has fought post-ascension Lamashtu several times, and Cthulhu... well, Cthuuhl ftagn. Of course, this has led me to wonder: who are the others? Who are the other big kids on the block? These are some of my guesses and the reasons, and please feel free to add your own.

I'll stick with the Demon Lords for now:

Abraxus. He's one of the oldest, and the Final Incantation is suitably super-powerful.

Deskari. Mostly for meta reasons. WotR is just going for broke, and to my mind it would make sense for it to end with a fight with the most powerful opponent possible. I don't know if he's normally that powerful, but we're dealing with power-boosting artifacts, so who's to say that he can't get a little boost in time to fight a party of level 20 MR 10 PCs?

Nocticula. Most of the others are afraid of her, and it looks like even Lamashtu is concerned. That's a telling sign.

Orcus. I confess to D&D Nostalgia Goggles. This one could go either way, depending on whether he lives up to his worshipers' hype or not. He might not, but I have this vision of uninformed mythic adventurers saying "Oh this is a minor demon lord, look at the small cult! How much trouble could he-- RETREAT! OH SWEET MERCIFUL GODS RETREAT!"

Mythic Mikaze wrote:
Now there's a possible reason for his seeming obscurity in Chronicle of the Righteous: It's a relatively recent development, because most of his worshippers died with Sarkoris. Go fig that a benevolent "Horned God" should be supplanted by demons. Makes one wonder how less knowledgable crusaders would react upon seeing his abandoned shrines and temples.

That would help explain some of the persecution which some people suffered during the earlier Crusades.

I don't think I've ever seen that. I have seen paladins so blinded by hubris or fanaticism (Miko Miyazaki!) that they have no room for other emotions, but that's not quite the same thing.

I don't see that ruling ever coming, unless the DM has a problem with paladins. It's clear to me that the immunity only applies to unnaturally imposed fear.

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