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Thousand Bones

Davelozzi's page

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I'm glad for the push-back, my wallet is was really feeling the strain of a big summer/fall from Paizo. This readjusted schedule gives me some breathing room. And even though I am looking forward to the book, I have the existing PCCS in the meantime so no rush.

Montalve wrote:

my frist thought would be Ustalav, yes...

but there are 2 reasons why i would chose other place...

a) Wes mentioned the region is more like preindustrial england...

Wow, I find this surprising, I did not get that vibe from Ustalav at all.

Jess Door wrote:
It might be interesting to to track down where the books in question were sold - was there some humidity problem in transit, for example.

In response to Jess's comment and to Lisa's above, I live in Greater Boston, which can be humid during the summer (when the core book shipped). The books shipped direct from Paizo, by UPS if I remember correctly.

That said, it's worth reiterating that my bindings have not come apart yet, I've just been following the thread with interest because my bindings feel pretty weak already for books that are less than a year old. I doubt they will last as long as most of my RPG hardcovers, a lot of which are in fine shape even after as much as 25 years.

Frostflame wrote:
Anti-paladin sounds too contrived and cheesy for an evil paladin. I would say go with a name like Dread Knight.

I don't love the name "anti-paladin" but it doesn't particularly bother me either. "Dread Knight", on the other hand, sounds considerably more contrived and cheesy to me.

Note, I'm not picking on you Frostflame, just pointing out that taste is subjective so no matter what name they picked, someone was bound to be unhappy with it.

Yes, Ustalav definitely seems like the obvious (and probably best) choice.

I share the concerns about the bindings on the large hardcovers, which was discussed in a similar thread a few weeks back. I'm happy to see the Paizo folks responding and asking questions in these threads.

As for the softcover books, I have not had a problem with any I've received from Paizo yet. That said, I take pretty good care of my books, and wouldn't leave a prefect bound book open flat on the table (a 32 page stapled module, sure). I'm currently running Rise of the Runelords and I've printed the PDFs of PF# 1-6 so I could put them in a binder where they can be laid flat, have notes written in them, handouts added, etc. Certainly I wouldn't want to have to print all the books I buy, but for me it is worth doing so these kind of items that that will be seeing constant use at my game table for several months each.

gigglestick wrote:

( )

When I click this link, photobucket comes up but there is no photo.

Schmoe wrote:
There's definitely room in my campaign for an ungainly, flying behemoth that fires bolts of sonic destruction strong enough to pulverize the stone beneath your feet.

I am happy to see the yrthrak fade away myself, as I don't think I would ever use one in my games, though I do remember them being an interesting creature to battle in one of the D&D based arcade games that was out at some point during the third edition era.

Mostly I think that there really doesn't need to be many more (races) of Golarion books, the ones that have already been announced or release pretty much cover the creatures that deserve this kind of treatment.

That said, of those discussed here, I do find the idea of a centaurs book kind of intriguing...I'm just not sure that they have a strong enough presence in the world to make it worthwhile.

Also, once an Oriental Adventures style book (or a similar cultural expansion) finally gets released, a companion on whatever new PC races get introduced might be interesting...but would it be profitable?

hida_jiremi wrote:
As a librarian in training, I hate to point out that burning is considered the appropriate way to dispose of books that are too damaged to repair or salvage.

In this day and age, why wouldn't you recycle them?

F33b wrote:
It largely replicates Seoni's spell list and contains few Conjuration spells.

Yeah, I thought that was curious myself.

James Jacobs wrote:
I can't think of any exceptions off the top of my head

Lyncanthrope is the exception.

Bestiary wrote:
A slain lycanthrope reverts to its humanoid form, although it remains dead.

I remember being surprised when I read it as I would have picture it turning into its hybrid form, thereby exposing the beast that was hidden in the midst of society.

BenS wrote:
I prefer square to round tokens for the 1" but beggars can't be choosers.

For me, I'd prefer square if I had to cut them out myself, but if they come pre-punched I'd rather round.

Aberzombie wrote:

Something I was just thinking of this morning:

How about an AP along the lines of the old Slave Lords

I like it...and wouldn't be surprised one bit if the Paizo guys already have it on their wish list.

Draznar wrote:
One thing that confuses me about this guide is I thought it was going to be the equivalent of what "Pathfinder Companion: Cheliax, Empire of Devils" was for the Council of Thieves AP. But this is a Chronicles and that was a companion, so I'm unsure.

It's more analogous to the relationship between Guide to Korvosa (also a Chronicles product) and the Curse of the Crimson Throne AP. The difference being that, in theory at least, the Chronicles products are aimed at GMs and the Companions at players. That said, sometimes the line gets a little blurry.

I've not read the Guide to the River Kingdoms cover to cover yet so I can't comment specifically on what player-unfriendly info may be contained, though I do recall that there is a sidebar in the section on the Stolen Lands talking about the connections to the AP.

Doug OBrien wrote:
Now, maybe I missed it in my initial flip-through, but I would have liked a bit more ecology and a note on where these creatures fit into Golarion. Again, I may find more to adders this upon a closer look.

Are we still talking about the derro specifically, or are you talking in general about the rest of the creatures in the book? If you're talking about derro, they live in warrens under several of Golarion's cities. Specifically...

they are know to have dwellings beneath Korvosa in Varisia(see PF#7 Edge of Anarchy) and Corentyn in Taldor (see Cities of Golarion). I think there is also a reference to a derro enclave beneath one of the major Chelaxian cities, possibly Egorian, but I am not sure off hand about the details or where I saw them.

FireHawk wrote:
Did some quick searches, what should the _average_ travel time or length be for a common seafaring ship. IE how far can a ship get in one day.

48 miles per day for a common sailing ship, according to the rules. Check the Additional Rules chapter of the Core Rulebook, under Overland Movement there is a chart listing hourly and daily speeds for various vehicles.

Or online, go to this page on the PRD and scroll most of the way down.

GentleGiant wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
This is going for 128.99 over on Amazon. Hah!
It's now at $242.61 minimum... that's just crazy.

That's the craziest thing I've ever heard, what the hell would cause someone to charge that much?

hence the thread title

Yes, I understand the part about Scourge starting at Rivad and relocating but that doesn't change the fact that previous sources claimed the Rack was the first order established. Just something that could be cleaned up in the new campaign book.

Brinebeast wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:

9. Marsh Giant

10. Taiga Giant
11. Rune Giant
Agreed! The Marsh Giant and Taiga Giant may not have a long history in the game but they are "classic" for Golarion. These two would round out the Giants Rivisted book nicely.

Thirded! Not being able to fill the # 9 and #10 spots would be no reason to skip a great book like this. Giants are a natural fit. And if you thought that the new ones weren't worthy of the full 6-page write up, you could use those last two slots to do all three of the above with 4-page spreads, thereby covering all your bases.

Yes, it is hard to tell. I wish that instead of using the now-abandoned numbering system based on dungeon/urban/etc, they had gone with a system based on the series (as they did with LB "Last Baron" and as TSR used to do with many of the classic adventures like the GDQ series).

Are you guys expecting to release a new novel every month?

EDIT: Forget that, I see it says roughly every 90 days.

Cool, thanks for the tips.

First printing.

Thanks Sean, I ordered it up and received it today, and you are right, it is three pieces:
* body
* head
* right hand with staff
(left hand is part of the main figure).

I finally did get the pieces assembled (crossing my fingers that they hold) but it was definitely very difficult for me to get the glue to hold everything together on this figure, Hookmaw Kreeg, and the other two Pathfinder ogres. Has anyone else had difficulty in getting things to stick for these Crocodile minis? I don't recall having near this difficulty with most other metal minis that I have assembled over the years...and I mostly buy Reaper, so I am glad that you guys have switched over to using them.

Regarding the requirements for the prestige class in PF#27, one if that the character must be proficient with all martial weapons. Yet, in the listings of the various orders, some of the NPCs are listed that would not seem to fit the requirement.



Order of the Gate, Vicarius Giordano Torchia (LE male human wizard 11, hellknight 2)
Order of the Nail, Paravicar Acillmar (LN male human sorcerer 7, Hellknight 1)
Order of the Scourge, Paravicar Orlayn Khorelos (LG female cleric of Abadar 7, hellknight 2)

Is there some ways these three could qualify for the class that I am missing or is this just an oversight?

Since our Cheliax fix is done now, I'm sure we won't see it anytime soon, but it would be cool if there was another variant PrC or two, namely Hellknight Signifier, which could replace the Hellknight levels for these NPCs.

The other issue is the article in PF#28, the history laid out make it clear that the Order of the Scourge is the first Hellknight order established, though previous products (the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting & the Council of Thieves Players' Guide) attribute this honor to the Order of the Rack. I assume that PF#28, bring the newer and more detailed treatment of the subject is correct. If any Paizo folks are reading, it might be something worth noting down to be corrected for the revised campaign setting when it comes out later this year (the reference appears in the timeline under the year 4576, on page 203).

Otherwise, great articles...excellent flavor.

Dark_Mistress wrote:

I would love to see savage tide and age of worms collected and made for sale. Especially if they was updated to PFRPG.

I doubt paizo would have any interest in doing this but just a thought I had and thought I would share.

It's come up before, and it is not up to Paizo, they would need Wizards of the Coast permission. I believe there was a point (when the magazines were still active) that Paizo hoped for this permission, but I'm pretty sure at this point they have little interest in shackling themselves to any WotC licensing issues. In short, I'm pretty confident that if you want Age of Worms or Savage Tide, tracking down the magazines will remain your only option.

See the sequel modules, especially Hungry Are The Dead, though you might also want Revenge of the Kobold King.

Well I feel silly, but I didn't realize that aurochs were historical, I thought they were a game creation.

Andrew Phillips wrote:
Would a Pathfinder Chronicles about the First World be better way to get info about faeries?

Solid idea, that would indeed be cooler.

Mine hasn't broken yet but yeah, it seems like it could at any time. Bestiary too, though not as bad. I'm surprised I haven't seen more discussion of this yet, it definitely seems like a potential issue...
but since it hasn't busted yet, I'm trying to remain optimistic.

cwslyclgh wrote:
I think viper snakes in the 3.5 monster manual are the only poisonous monster (that explicitly comes in multiple sizes) that does not have its poison damage very by size. All of the giant vermin poisons inflict more poison damage as well as increase the DC as they get larger.

Yes, you are correct, apparently Abraham was mistaken.

It definitely seems like this was an oversight (or a poor choice for an omission) in the Bestiary as far as I am concerned.

Abraham spalding wrote:
If you have the bestiary (I'm assuming you don't since you would already know what I'm about to say) they have the poison DC's for larger versions of each of the poisonous monsters listed in small charts near the original entry for the monster.

I do but it doesn't (have the DCs in those charts).

Nonetheless, DCs can be calculated reasonably enough as discussed above, the damage was my concern but I guess I should have checked the precedent in the Monster Manual, that's good to know...though it still would have been better if this was actually stated, for those that didn't come over from a history with 3.5.

sounds like the GM Screen is what you're looking for, it has most of that stuff.

Clark Whittle wrote:
This is going to be great! I agree that the AP sites are a nice addition.

I don't know, I love having a reference map of adventures sites, like the one that appeared in the existing Campaign Setting, but I don't know that I would want to see them on a giant map like this. I'd want to be able to show it to my players without the spoilers. I hope it will at least be all locations shown in the sense of marking the location by name instead of by number. In other words...

they would mark "Xin-Shalast", not "PF12"

The DCs are not the main issue, the damage is.

Erik Mona wrote:
Any "rules" elements we want to keep from 3.5 that currently appear in the hardcover will end up in either the Advanced Player's Guide (in the case of general stuff that doesn't really belong in the campaign setting book) or in the revised campaign setting book (in the case of stuff like the "regional" feats, etc.)

Nice, sounds like a good way to go.

Fake Healer's post (fourth one down) in this thread reminded me that I had been meaning to start a thread about poisonous animals.

Though I also found it convenient to have pre-statted zombies and other creatures of various sizes, I can handle having to advance them myselves without too much problem.

However, for the poisonous creatures that typically are encountered in a wide range of sizes (i.e. centipedes, scorpions, snakes, spiders, and probably some more that I forgot), I found that the little cheat sheet advancement chart in the monster's entry is insufficient because it doesn't address the creatures' signature's poison. It would be very helpful to have some better guidelines about these guys. The DCs I guess can be calculated closely enough using the monster creation guidelines, but it's not clear to me on if the poison damage is supposed to change, and if so, by how much, as you advance the creature.

I think the Bestiary is great, but to me, this seemed like the most glaring omission.

I have to say that the idea of novels about historical Golarion is a good one. Paizo has expressed that they intend to try to limit the focus of the novels so as not to have a negative impact on the game world. Certainly the idea to have stories with smaller footprints (as James Sutter talked about in this thread is a good idea, but it seems like setting stories in Golarion's rich past is one way that some of the more epic stories can be told without changing the game world we've all grown to know & love over the past few years.

That said, I don't anticipate being much of a reader of the PF novels anyway, so take my suggestion for what it's worth.

Piratecat, my old friend! Excellent news!

For anyone who is not familiar with Mr. Kulp's adventure writing chops, I direct you to Fiery Dragon's psionic themed module Of Sound Mind; great stuff!

Looks like another cool book, great round of new product announcements!

Sweet. I was just re-reading parts of the campaign setting and the excellent Gazetteer a couple of nights ago, and am looking forward to this revisit.

That said, I'm not sure if it's a good thing that it is not aiming to make the previous book obsolete..I'd prefer one stop shopping, not to mention knowing for sure which of the crunch options in the original book are intended to be part of PFRPG and which were just meant to last through the end of 3.5.

Interesting. I'm definitely curious to see this but until I do I can't say whether or not I think it's a good thing or not.

Sounds cool, and glad to hear that Xin Shalast is represented, as there's no way that my current Runelords campaign will get to that point there before this releases.

Yep. As a huge fan of maps, but not at all a fan of previous map folios, I have to say this one sounds damn cool and I am looking forward to it.

I was renaming the files at first, but it seemed like when I did so it caused the links to stop working, which in the case of the core rulebook, bestiary, or campaign setting, was a pretty big handicap.

Yes...yes, you are evil.

My Runelords group has played 12 sessions so far, are in the final stages of The Skinsaw Murders and will probably finish it in the 13th session, so we're averaging 6.5 sessions per book so far. We've been playing just over a year..our first session was Jan 25, 2009.

See if he wants to play a Shoanti, or a half-orc. Or failing that, a ranger or other wilderness loner type. Finally, it's been a while since I read it, but I think the when Eando passed through this area in the PF journal, there was a number of non-orc races living in Urglin and Belkzen.

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