Night of the Gray Death and Party Crashers


I was wondering if any other GM's have any experience or advice about how to implement the Party Crashers feat with Night of the Gray Death. Per the text of the feat, it honestly seems like Party Crashers completely negates the entire first chapter of the Adventure.

I get that Party Crashers is probably more intended for sandbox style games where gaining access to parties and such is more of a means to an end and streamlines that process, and I like the feat quite a bit. I'm honestly a little surprised there wasn't a sidebar or something in the adventure text to address this feat, as it had been available for quite a while before Night of the Gray Death was published.

I have a PC with the Dandy archetype, and Party Crashers is absolutely perfect for his character, and I don't want to just nix it, so I'd like to think of some benefits taking the feat could convey without just eliminating the entire first chapter. Here's my current idea: It provides a +1 circumstance bonus to checks related to acquiring an invitation, and they can't Critically Fail. I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for benefits in this case.

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