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Telandia Edasseril

Ansha's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 882 posts (2,253 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 7 aliases.


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Would love to play Kingmaker myself.

I'm with Okoya. I prefer to pretend Numeria (and gunslingers, for that matter) don't exist.

Aku, what are your thoughts on non-lawful Evil characters? (That is, Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil.) Can a character fake devotion to Asmodeus? I'm assuming that some level of affinity for Asmodeus is required.

Joana wrote:
Well, RAW obviously disagrees. Are you seriously arguing with the flavor text of a spell solicited in bulk from freelancers with no design credits? Have you no respect for Paizo's painstaking quality control? ;P

It's worth pointing out that that sort of flavor text was in the TSR-era 2e AD&D books as well as the WotC 3.5 D&D books. It's not just Paizo--D&D itself has always been murky about enchantment spells. That's actually one area where I appreciate(d) 4e (and 5e)--they took some of the murk out of what it means to be under the effects of mind-influencing spell. (Even if I don't always like the results of the de-murking, like 5e spelling out plainly that people know that they've been charmed once a Charm Person spell wears off.)

Just Syndlara. Garborn doesn't have any prepared.

I'd be a terrible DM with Ansha as a DMPC who hogged the spotlight ;P

You know, I have to say that I'm really pining for a non-mythic Kingmaker/kingdom-building game that doesn't consist almost entirely of random encounters....

Incidentally, it doesn't look like there is a single Kingmaker pbp recruitment thread newer than a couple of weeks old, and it's not actively recruiting any more, anyway.

I kinda wouldn't mind trying a Way of the Wicked game either.

...I think I'm going through PbP withdrawal.

"What you would do for a friend" can be maddeningly varied (as can what seems "reasonable" to someone/something) and it's pretty much entirely up to GM fiat. It can make playing an enchanter frustrating.

Would a Chaotic Evil being like an ogre or drow think it was reasonable to kill an 'ally'? Probably. Do they have concepts of what a 'friend' is? Not so clear. Would a Lawful Good character think it was reasonable to kill a lawful authority? You'd probably have to convince them that the greater good was served, and even then...

One thing that really bugs me on a personal note is the interpretation of dominate person my tabletop GM uses, where even while you're dominated you'll continue to act normally until you are told 'do not do anything unless I tell you to'.

Why is it that everyone always assumes that I'll use it on them? ;P

Hey, AK, I know you don't allow stuff from Ultimate Magic or Ultimate Combat. Do you allow spells from the Advanced Race Guide or Advanced Class Guide? Who knows how long off 7th level is, but Triggered Suggestion (ACG) looks very interesting.

I hate psionics.

Joana wrote:
Neither is a fireball trap. :P

Yes, but magical traps are specifically called out by the trapfinding text as a separate category from mundane, non-'technological' traps. Although if you consider Arthur Clarke's third law, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic," then a DM might just roll Technologist up into Trapfinding.

Personally, I don't want any MagiTek in my PFRPG, so I'll just ignore everything about Iron Gods. ;P (Also, on the one hand, I can see where a rogue should be able to disable any device without feat-tax; on the other hand, 'technology' eventually encompasses electronics, which are not technically 'mechanical.')

Looking over it without a filter, I do see a few elves...but they're mostly Merisiel images.

I still wish they'd add Vaeleus the Charmer from NPC Codex but I'm not holding my breath for that one any time soon.

They did? Apparently 0/191 were elf females, because absolutely nothing looks new to me....

I'm taking it that the breather at work didn't materialize, AK?

So I'm assuming you're in the midst of a big project, AK. Any idea when your work schedule is going to normalize a bit?

Ansha's morph.

EDIT: So that's it.

What I can't figure out is how one of my old posts from late 2013 got the smurf treatment when I never even used the word--here.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Not interested in the tablet game based on the PFACG, but at least there will be proper cRPGs in the future!

I hope so too. On all counts.

Pillars of Eternity (formerly Project Eternity) is their 'spiritual successor' to the old Baldur's Gate games. It's set in its own IP, so I doubt they're switching it to Pathfinder's Golarion. My only guess is a Pathfinder cRPG. I really hope it's an actual cRPG and not a game meant for mobile devices.

Huh. I'm surprised that it's Obsidian Entertainment, considering they're working on the crowd-funded Pillars of Eternity right now.

(...To get in the room in the ceiling of the chamber?)

*nudge, nudge*

For some reason I was thinking Wish aged you 5 years, but yeah. I kinda miss some of 1e/2e's quirks like that.

I can't help but imagine a group of some worn-out, rather elderly adventurers, addicted to the effects of the Haste spell after years of over-use and performing tasks for payment in scrolls of Haste.

That would definitely be the case quickly if this were still 1st edition AD&D--if I remember right, haste actually aged you a year for every casting.

Was it a recent publication or a recent re-publication? Because I remember reading Tolkien's Beowulf translation in high school.

EDIT: Or maybe I'm thinking of Tolkien's translation of Gawain and the Green Knight. Since apparently all the news releases on the Beowulf translation say this is the first time it was published.

Personally I try to avoid thinking in terms of tropes. It just seems too jaded and cynical, and it breaks immersion for me.

Really, I just don't want to try going down a floor until we've finished exploring this one.

That, and not needing to eat!

Congrats! Hasn't it been months since you finished classes though, AK?

I've been tittering about it since yesterday, personally.

I caught that- did I forget to update that or have I just not posted since?

Also, traveling this weekend. Should still be able to post, but fair warning just in case.

Qhude wrote:

Must share - mind is blown, medieval illuminated manuscript that among other awesomeness includes this image:

A dog riding a rabbit jousting against a rabbit riding a snail with a human head.

You know, I'd never heard of Night of the Lepus until a coworker at the library mentioned it a few months back.

Kieran, I believe the only snake left is the one on Jakob after Ansha's acid arrow (not acid splash!).

AK wrote:
Your DM was just forgetful Jakob :).

I think you also forgot Ansha's round 2 action. She moved to G46 not F47...and she cast an Acid Arrow at one of those snakes molesting Akirra and Jakob. ;P

Kieran can't flank the snake at I42 with Jakob, but he should be able to flank it with Qhude if he moves to H42 instead of H43. Probably would need to use Acrobatics to get there, though.

I was half-expecting to come back to see a post describing Ansha's and Kieran's ribs being crushed. Definitely a better outcome! ;P

That's a holdover from 3.5 that they did away with in PFRPG. I posted about it up-thread months and months ago, quoting SKR. They've since updated the PRD to reflect PFRPG rules too.

Presumably the blue circle means I'm prone, and apparently I'm not important enough to merit a red dot.

The one with the red dot on it on the map--west.

Delay until after Tebati (unless she delays past the snakes' turn).

You're completely right. I really only have one thing to say about this entire thing: "I've (already) had it with these snakes in this barracks!"

The snakes were summoned where they are after something pushed in a section of wall in the northwest corner.

Alexander Kilcoyne wrote:
No- theres one red dot on the left hand snake and one on Kieran.

I don't get a red dot. :( I just get a lousy blue circle.

Yeah, you're right. Kieran's at 4/29hp. I can't add.

Yeesh. Ansha is at 3/22 hp and I think Kieran is at -1/29...all before the fight even starts.

Out of curiosity, how would Mirror Image affect damage from a grapple?

I don't doubt it. I think there was a Master's in there somewhere too.

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