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Telandia Edasseril

Ansha's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,108 posts (3,089 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 12 aliases.


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Personally, I prefer to avoid using actual languages for fictional ones. When characters speak non-Common languages, I tend to just make it up. Unless it's Elven, in which case I totally use Quenya.

I...hadn't even intended that part.

Dotting. Will post a character tomorrow--thinking an elf cleric of Calistria.

FYI, you can hit Preview to see what your dice rolls will be, rather than posting to see what the rill was, then posting again to roll again. You can also put more than one roll in a post. (Posted from my phone.)

*looks around for Basayus, Kame and Stonetree*

Where'd everyone go?

Hey, there he is!

Any word on our missing arcanist?

Or if you're going the wizard route, I'd suggest the Manipulator subschool for an Enchantment-specialist wizard (assuming the goal is charm/persuasion and not outright dominatation/mind-control, in which case I would suggest Controller instead). Charming, Domineering, Magical Lineage traits. Spell Focus/Greater Spell Focus, Persistent Spell, Focused Spell, Spell Penetration/Greater Spell Penetration (and/or make her an elf for the Elven Magic racial ability), Threndodic Spell, Preferred Spell. Obviously needs Craft Magic Arms and Armor if she can craft items that put off a mind fog effect. Int-boosting item, maybe headband of seduction or a circlet of persuasion. May make one of the lesser enchanters a bard for the 3rd-level bard spell Arcane Concordance if you want to boost her DCs further. For the Domineering trait and the Preferred Spell feat, you have to select a single spell. Since the enchantress is presumably most interested in undead humanoids, Charm Person for both would work. Otherwise you may want to put Preferred Spell in Charm Monster (or you could take it twice and do both).

Threnodic Spell is a metamagic feat that allows your enchantment spells to work against undead.

This does sound interesting.

And a slightly-updated Vhailor, now with less neck-beard.



The Balladeer wrote:
"Live free or die!" the crowd echoes enthusiastically, adding a few whoops and cheers as they briefly burst into applause. Ruby is beaming, her earlier fears forgotten as she clutches her hopeknife.

So it just occurred to me that Trunau is in New Hampshire.

I looked up 'wispy beards' online and all the ones I saw looked like this guy, so I went with that. In hindsight, I probably could have just used your character avatar. ;P

By the way, Mark: Vhailor.

I seriously considered seeing if I could just import Ansha from Sargavan Saga into this game in place of Alicia. Since we're calling me Ansha anyway. ;P

Rakara wrote:
I should ask, who is the leader of this group? or if no designated leader, who usually makes the decisions? Rakara is definitely not the type to take a leadership role.

That's part of the quandary we're in. Theoretically, Professor Aristedes is the leader-ish type, but AK has been hard to find between bouts of overwork, and so oKOyA had him temporarily exit in an earlier IC post.

Yeah, I so rarely use potions in my tabletop games that I tend to avoid using them (and forget about them) in my PbPs too. Same problem with scrolls.

Actually, wish I'd remembered about the darkvision potion earlier. Could've been useful. I'll definitely take both potions.

May as well. Also, whatever happened to that fifth player-character?

First attempt at painting without lineart, based on this scene from before we got mired in the pyramid here. (NSFW.)

I'd like to submit an elven enchantress for consideration.

How Ansha Fits:
Ansha is another arcane caster, although she specializes in one of Zane's opposition schools. She is primarily a controller caster in combat, and a social character out of combat.

Ansha is a tall, slender elven maiden who looks to be no older than a human girl of eighteen or nineteen winters, with long legs and an hourglass figure. Her long hair is a strikingly pale blond bordering on platinum, brushed meticulously and often bound into a long, elegant ponytail by a simple blue hair-ribbon; when unbound, her hair cascades over her shoulders like a cloak reaching just past her butt. Her almond eyes are a deep emerald, bright with intelligence and often twinkling with amusement. Her voice is charmingly soft and velvety, with the melodic sound common to all elven voices.

She is achingly beautiful and her features, much like her frame, are delicate, with a small, perfectly formed nose and lips that are quick to curve into a disarming smile full of unspoken promises. Her skin is smooth porcelain, and is barren of tattoos or other markings. She walks with the grace and poise of a noble debutante, and has a confident air about her, as if she is used to getting what she wants.

She most commonly dresses in a green bodice and underbust corset, with a matching side-slit skirt. Black fingerless gloves that end just beneath her elbows cover her arms and she wears similarly-dyed leather boots that end just beneath the knee. Her pointed ears are pierced with a pair of platinum studs through each arch, each holding a small jade carving of a camellia flower; and pendant earrings of gold dangle from each ear, clasping a small emerald in their raindrop-shaped frames. She wears an intricate choker at her throat, silver chains holding in place a gold frame inset with a larger emerald; additional silver chains drape across her bare neck; dangling among the chains is a small gold disc etched with the elven rune for the first two letters of her given name. A larger gold disc inset with three small teal tourmalines hangs from a chain connected to the smaller disc, and another chain falls from that disc into her cleavage. She wears three gold bracelets on her right arm, two of them loose hoops and the other worn tighter against her wrist; and several gold and platinum rings adorn the fingers of her right hand.

Ansha is a flirt who uses physical and magical charms to get what she wants out of life. She is flighty, impulsive, inquisitive and loves being the center of attention. A true hedonist, she is extremely open to new experiences and is willing to try almost anything at least once.

In the wake of her adoptive parents' deaths, she has slowly had her memories return, and she realizes that in addition to the fact that she can never go home again, she has been living a lie for years. Although her primary motivations are pleasure and power (and the pleasure that comes from having power over others--particularly their minds), she is also aware of the numerous enemies she has, and has found it in her best interest to surround herself with people willing and able to aid her should any of those enemies catch up to her.

Ansha is the only daughter of Lord Elroth and Lady Elizaera Saeralyan of the noble House Saeralyan, native to Iadara in Kyonin. The House was rather inconsequential in matters of politics, though it does manage to maintain a level of wealth suitable to their station, and it was precisely this inconsequentiality that lead the morally-bankrupt enchantress Elizaera to form a pact with Our Lady in Shadow, Nocticula, the patron of succubi: in return for increased powers of seduction and enchantment, Elizaera would bring the entirety of the House under the demonlord's sway. She succeeded, the whole family came to worship Nocticula secretly and the family's fortunes rose. For her part, Elizaera became the mastermind behind the family, and she was granted a measure of a succubus's power: an otherworldly beauty that could cause those around her to stare in fascination without regard for their surroundings.

When Ansha was born, she shared this same otherworldly power as her mother, but it was decided that she would not be told about the family's pact with Nocticula until she was older, for fear that she might accidentally let something slip, as only a child might. So she was raised as a master manipulator in her own right, and she grew up to be a young elven debutante who knew how to get what she wanted from most anyone. Despite this, she never quite shared the moral degeneration of her mother--probably in large part due to the friendships she formed with other more goodly aristocratic elven children, like her friend Inari Gloamingdusk.

The end of her childhood came early for the young Lady Ansha when her parents decided that she was old enough to reveal the family's dark secret and to include her in the pact with Nocticula. But Ansha stumbled upon them in the midst of a profane ritual several days before her parents were ready to reveal the family's secret to her, and she fled home. Pursued by a summoned succubus, the young Lady Saeralyan was captured and subjected to defilements that shattered her mind and left her with a form of trauma-induced amnesia called dissociative fugue.

But before she could be returned to her family, she was rescued by the married elven adventurers Baelyth and Sahtara. The married pair, for their part, took the elf in and cared for her much as if she were their own daughter. Eventually, they settled with their ward in the wilderness of the River Kingdoms, living in a secluded cottage far from the eyes of any pursuers Ansha may have had.

Life on the frontiers of the River Kingdoms was hard, but it was the only life that Ansha knew now--though occasionally the feeling that a fog shrouded part of her memory gnawed at her.

In the end, it was simple bandits that destroyed Ansha's newfound home life. While away from home, a group of bandits stumbled upon the cottage and attempted to intimidate Baelyth into giving them the family's valuables. A fight started, and though her guardians fought well, Ansha arrived home just in time to find Baelyth dead and the sole surviving brigand fighting with Sahtara.

Ansha cried out, and Sahtara looked up at the sound. The brigand capitalized on the distraction then to run Sahtara through, her unarmored body collapsing onto the forest floor. Tears clouding her vision, Ansha then burned the man to death with a fan of flames.

Overwhelmed with grief, the elf paid her respects to the guardians whom she had taken for mother and father. She knew she couldn't survive in the wilderness alone, so she began making preparations to leave for Restov. It was while gathering supplies for the journey that she stumbled across an old chest. Opening it, she found a pool of fine greenish cloth among a pile of clothing. She lifted the pool up, and it flowed down into the shape of an evening gown...and her vision began to swim as forgotten memories surged up from her unconscious mind.

She re-lived the entirety of her life in Kyonin in a moment, right up to the night that a summoned succubus had subjected her to such defilements of mind and body. She remembered who she had been, and what had been done to her. Baelyth and Sahtara were not her parents--she was not their daughter. She was Ansha Saeralyan, and her mother consorted with succubi. Shaken, and her very identity in crisis, Ansha took to wandering the world.

As time has gone on, Ansha has increasingly felt drawn to understand who she had been. Despite the dangers her family poses in Kyonin, she is still an elf--and an elven noble, at that. So it was that she came to Celwynvian.

I know someone who works as the manager for her parents' bridal shop. She's quite frankly overworked, and her parents don't seem to be interested in hiring an assistant manager. I kind of wonder if it just comes with working for the "family business."

Assuming that he goes in the front door, Ali is sneaking around to the back door as soon as his back is turned (or a back window, as the case may be) and sneaking in the back way while he's knocking on doors.

Sorry to see you go as well, Kieran.

As a side note, anyone seen AK on the boards lately? Or did we lose him again?

Just got home from a two-week-long road trip. No, no plans with Ruby.

Happy New Year, y'all! (I slept through it or I might have said this sooner....)

And a happy New Year, at this rate! (Also, bump.)

Marikel wrote:
Banny saved me. Saved us all.

Pff, see if Alicia helps you the next time you're engulfed in a gelatinous cube!

Sad to see Banny go! She and Alicia got along so well! :P

As for 4th and 5th players, I'm thinking 5 may be a good idea if only to hopefully prevent the need to recruit a 4th again after someone else leaves (heaven forfend).

Merry Christmas! ...and not yet.

I aim to please! ;)

Ali isn't interested in keeping stuff for herself (no party theft, promise!) so much as she's just secretive about what she's doing, especially where Marikel is concerned. Think of her as a rebellious teen daughter who views Marikel something like a stepdad. She prefers doing things on her own terms, including volunteering what she's found.

Yay! You're back!

Vhailor wrote:
He is taken aback as Alicia snatches the torch from his hands....

Man, that's a delayed reaction. ;P

The Balladeer wrote:
Alicia commandeers the torch to make a closer inspection of the room beyond the portcullis. Embedded in the floor is a faded ten-foot-diameter mosaic of a gold longsword in the middle of a white medallion. There appears to be a decrepit bookshelf on the opposite wall, next to the corridor leading away to the northwest, which stretches approximately ten feet before ending in a closed iron door. She sees another door in the middle of the wall to her left at L9. There appears to be a rusty lever on the wall directly to her left on the other side of the bars.
The Balladeer wrote:
Alicia puts the torch in a handy sconce on the wall and gives the chest a quick once-over. Noticing nothing that looks dangerous, she turns her attention to opening it.
Alicia Dawnblade wrote:
Alicia frowns when her search turns up empty. She stands and retrieves the torch from its wall sconce.

The guy finally show up, AK?

Ugh. Sorry to hear that. I hate Comcast, but they're usually at least punctual with their installation appointments. Here's hoping the reschedule goes better.

How'd hooking the new house up to the Internet go, Alex?

Ali votes the sanctuary first, but she is NOT going in first. ;P

For some reason, I thought it'd be a DC20 escape artist check to get free of that, like with a net or entangle spell. Definitely not going to argue it though!

N13 is fine. O13 doesn't flank anyway, which was really the only reason to aim for moving there.

That's good news. I guess we'll find out how things work out with regards to Kieran's absence if we start making regular updates again. (Or maybe we can convince him to stick around if it does stay consistent...)

Sorry to see you go, Kieran. It's been fun!

Ali should actually be waiting inside the church in front of the double-doors to the haunted area ahead of Marikel.

Alicia Dawnblade wrote:
Alicia glares over her shoulder at Marikel as she walks. "I've seen the ghosts in the old ruins. There were no ghosts in those tunnels; but I know the Plague House is." She leads the way through the porch and to the first set of doors inside, then gestures for Marikel to lead the way with a flourish.

I think we should go back to Halgra- the tunnels seem to be a dead end for now.

I'm actually going to be visiting family for the next few weeks too, but I'm not sure how much that'll impact my posting past Monday.

We're down a fighter, so that would be an obvious choice for a replacement character. Although an oathbound paladin with Oath Against the Undead would be kind of cool too.

When I first read it, I thought my dagger had shattered, rather than the undead-beetle's carapace.

I could replace El with an elven fighter--might be interesting to take the Sensate archetype from Occult Adventures. But I think I'm also the only full-arcane caster, and I'm okay with staying with El too.

I'm fine with that, Myron.

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