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Telandia Edasseril

Ansha's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,002 posts (2,485 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 10 aliases.


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And yet again, no blond elves in the latest batch. >_>

Not sure I have an opinion on which one of Akirra's avatars I like better.

Ansha wrote:
Lingering behind, Ansha uses the levers to replicate what she heard Akirra do until the map reflects what seems to be pre-Earthfall Sargava. She then reaches out and touches the point of light nearest where modern-day Eleder is (however far away that actually is).

I'm kind of assuming that there is still some way in which we can interact with this device that will produce results, but if not, we can move on to the next room.

I have to admit I'm indifferent as to whether to seek a new GM. If frequency of posts is any indication, I'm not sure how interested the rest of the group is in continuing, either. If we choose to seek a new GM, we'd need to post a thread on the Recruitment forum asking for a new GM to take over.

Ansha wrote:
DMAK wrote:
For a moment, Thulbine seemed sure to be forced back by a charging skeleton but then Telurion's face lashed out and struck the head from its shoulder, its bones impacting on the Dwarf's armour with the evil force animating them no longer granting unlife to the remains.
Giggling so hard right now.

I have to admit, looking back on this particular post, that I kind of want to make a monk just so that that can be a legitimate tactic.

Haha, WoW has killed many a PbP, I'm sure. (I'm playing it too.)

SDM, I saw in the other table's threads that you're bowing out of that game due to IRL reasons. Are you bowing out of GMing this game as well? We haven't heard from you in a week or two now.

Akirra wrote:
Should I(we) be spoilering this seeing as how the door has been closed?

Has it?

Qhude wrote:
Qhude allows the others to pass before closing off the doorway and taking martial guard.

I was taking this to mean that he was physically blocking the doorway, not closing the door.

DMAK wrote:
For a moment, Thulbine seemed sure to be forced back by a charging skeleton but then Telurion's face lashed out and struck the head from its shoulder, its bones impacting on the Dwarf's armour with the evil force animating them no longer granting unlife to the remains.

Giggling so hard right now.

I never said I wanted to meet whoever was on the other end of any possible communication! ;P

Joana wrote:
Which is why she told Akirra they're no longer standing. It's Ansha and Jakob who think they may still be out there. :P

There aren't hundreds out there, but there are still a few...and who's to say that one or two of them isn't still inhabited by sentient beings connected to the order? Like a lich....

Cataclysm (the expansion released in 2010) was kinda blah, but Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor (the two most recent ones) have been pretty solid.

The garrisons are actually pretty fun. I just wish my blood elf wasn't stuck with a Horde garrison. (I'd much rather be Alliance as a high elf.)

I need to pick mine up from the store (pre-ordered for PC, because I hate EA's Origin launcher)...but I'm wrapped up in World of Warcraft's new expansion and who knows when I'll get to DA:I. xD

You did. Don't worry, I'm good about OOC/IC separation. ;)

"Ansha deduced the location of the six magical auras within the room. Two Moderate strength Evocation auras, one in each of the water tanks. Two Moderate auras of Divination, again, with one in each tank. And finally, Ansha detected a Strong divination aura which seemed to emanate from the water in the large tub itself."

I'm terrible at math...but I'm pretty sure that's only five.

If you want a challenge, play Skyrim on PC with the Frostfall, Realistic Diseases & Needs, and Requiem Roleplaying Overhaul mods. Requiem alone makes combat much more difficult, but add the other two to it and the whole game becomes even more so.

These are examples.

Bestiary 1 wrote:
Unless otherwise indicated, a creature's ability scores represent the baseline of its racial modifiers applied to scores of 10 or 11.

That's from the Bestiary's Monster Introduction section on PRD under "ability scores." So yeah, they kept it the same.

D&D 3.5 SRD wrote:
To determine any creature’s racial ability adjustments, subtract 10 from any even-numbered ability score and subtract 11 from any odd-numbered score. (Exceptions are noted in the Combat section of a creature’s descriptive text.)

From the Monsters (Intro-A) document. I'm assuming PFRPG kept this, but who knows.

Kinda purplish to me, but definitely not obsidian.

I hadn't, and there weren't. Just a few blonde half-elves...and a couple of blonde drow. (I still want to know when they changed it so drow had anything other than stark-white hair....)

DMAK wrote:
I'm on track to resume November 15th.

This is good news, at least! Even if you are a tease.


Yeah, I get the feeling there's still a lot that hasn't been revealed, but I'm not entirely sure that all of it remains relevant to the future.

I guess he could have just been trying to get Ansha away from Kieran. After all, the story immediately changed from "I've never seen an elf maiden before" to "I haven't see an elf since I was a kid!" as soon as Ansha set foot in the kitchen.

Hey, AK...I was re-reading the gameplay thread earlier and it occurred to me that I still don't know what the hidden purpose of that cook at the Lion's Maw in Freehold was, when he wanted to be introduced to Ansha.

Assuming that it doesn't spoil future plot points...what exactly was it that he was wanting from Ansha?

It's an idea.

Will post later IC but Syn's in favor of helping the dryad.

That seems to be the case, yes.

Numalar wrote:

Guys, I know Numalar has stood up for the lives of the prisoners but that doesn't mean that I agree with that as a player; it's merely how I see Numalar's sense of honor reacting to the situation as it played out. I was always willing to be outvoted.

So this might be a good chance to "get the LG characters out of the room while the chaotic guys do their thing." If Numalar was sent off after Happs with Cal offering to "watch the prisoners" then once Numalar (and likely Karsh, who seemed to have the same views) are gone then you can do what you want. There would be an obligatory rant when Numalar discovers what happened which you can all ignore if you want.

We'd have to do it soon though before Numalar clues in to what you guys are saying. BTW my sense motive is only +1. :)

It seems awfully early to revisit this particular issue, but I admit to feeling stuck now. Avery and Linora would rather leave the rest of the party behind than wait for the bandits to be dealt with, and I don't know which would take longer--to get the bandits ready to move, or to just hang them. (Ansha's not going to be the one to hang them anyway; she'd rather not get her hands dirty.)

I'm also not sure whether we can make two trips--one to chase after Happs, a second to attack the bandit camp after presumably returning to the trading post--in the same day, and the longer we delay the more likely the bandits at camp are to think something's happened and be prepared.

You know, one thing I really love about re-reading the Gameplay thread is how much like reading a good novel it is. Other PbPs just don't compare.

Ansha has no use for any of it and favors selling everything no one wants. She will hang on to one of the cure light wounds potions if no one else takes them.

I agonized over that one, believe me.

On treasure distribution, I'm of the opinion that simplest is best, and I'd just as soon not deal with someone having to 'pay' the party in order to get an item they can clearly use.

SDM wrote:
As for what is to be done, both with the captured bandits and with their camp, I would like a plan formulated within the next 48 hours. I don't care if it's done OOC or IC, but this is stagnating quickly.
Ansha wrote:
"We have until tomorrow before we head out for the bandit camp. May I suggest someone bind Happs as well, as a precaution? We have the remainder of the day, so perhaps we should leave a few people behind to watch the bandits and send the rest to chart a nearby area. No sense just sitting here all day," she suggests quietly.

Assuming that we're not going to send out part of the party to do some charting of a nearby area during the present game-day, we've already established that we're keeping the captured bandits alive and bound. Come the morning, we're planning on taking the bandits with us and heading for the river to the southwest.

IC, it seems like plans should be formulated for the attack on the bandit camp en route. Ansha would probably try to use Happs to determine when the party is near so that the captured bandits can be gagged and someone can scout the camp prior to the initial attack.

SDM wrote:
You've never been inside the house. The meal was served at the tables outside, by the fire pit.

Unless we're retconning it, PM had us eating in the dining room:

Pungeon Master wrote:
"Svetlana," she answers softly, leading Karsh to the dining room. She sets him down by the table, pouring a small bit of wine for him and placing it before him, along with a plate with some sliced bread.

Treasure so far:

4 short swords
4 longbows
1 composite longbow (+2 STR)
80 arrows
8 days' trail rations
2 potions of cure light wounds
1 potion of bless
1 potion of shield of faith +2
115gp (40 from the bandits, 75 from Oleg)

That seem about right?

SDM wrote:
That streak will end at the WORST possible moment.

May as well milk it for all it's worth in the meantime, though.

Joana wrote:
"You must gather your party before venturing forth."

Apparently, Dragon Age: Inquisition's interface asks you whether you want to gather your party and venture forth when moving between areas.

Final tally looks to be:

Avery and Cal- execution
Ansha, Karsh, Linora, Numalar- take them along (and decide later)

SDM wrote:

I...what? That was entirely random...

Diplomacy has to make sense. You can't tell a man that he smells like horse manure and expect a high diplomacy roll to make him like you any better. Saying random things without any kind of context doesn't do you any better...

Okay, I'm at a loss for how you want a Diplomacy roll to improve attitude to be played out.

Avery wrote:
Detect Evil is a Cleric 1 spell, but I don't have it prepared, unless we want to wait a day.

Detect evil wouldn't do any good. It won't detect an evil aura unless they're like, 5HD or higher.

Worked out better (slightly) that way anyway. ;P

Numalar wrote:

When the charm person spell wears off Happs will return to being hostile automatically. You will have to talk fast at that point to turn him around. Your diplomacy is very good but you are still depending on making a roll. This is why I was concerned IC.

There's a couple of Diplomacy rolls floating around, and per SDM I can make those while someone's charmed to permanently (i.e. post-charm) alter his attitude. Only question is whether either roll counts or I need to make one yet.

At this point I don't think the options are 'kill, set free, take to Restov.' IC, at the very least, the options presented were 'kill, take with us (and decide later), take to Restov.'

As Ansha put in the IC thread, she favors "take with us (and decide later)." She'd settle for executing them, and would object to taking them to Restov.

She also views Happs as a separate issue from the rest, if only because she has him charmed and intends to use him when we attack the bandit camp via the same method.

We could always leave them with Oleg with the implicit understanding he'll hang them while we're gone....

Numalar wrote:
What language did you use for this? It looks like Latin but only about half the words translate and they don't seem to resemble anything you said.

Gibberish. The second post's Draconic isn't, though.

Incidentally, I also use Quenya for Elven. ;)

Numalar wrote:
As Chaotic Neutral Ansha probably doesn't especially care if her promise is kept.

You are correct, sir! As I wrote IC a page or so ago:

Ansha wrote:
Ansha watches idly from the tables as the rest of the party terrorizes the poor, surrendered bandits whom she told would have their lives spared if they surrendered. Good thing she didn't care about keeping her word.
Numalar wrote:
I have seen this quandary come up in other games and it always bogs things down. :)

It makes for good RP. No sense trying to rush through everything. ;)

Not sure, really.

"Three goggles" sign means 'f--- you' in Brazil.

Is that true?

Ansha wrote:
After the majority of the bandits have walked into the courtyard, she rises to her feet and calls out to the leader, "You are surrounded! Surrender, friend, and we will spare your life and the lives of your comrades. This doesn't need to end bloodily! Set down your arms!"

I would expect that the lawful among us would want to keep promises made in their name. (Unless, of course, they felt Ansha had no right to speak for which case they probably should have gone for a different plan than 'have the elf talk the bandits into surrender.')

For Ansha's part, she's more interested in using the captured bandits as pawns, where she can.

I have a feeling that these bandits are somewhere in the middle. Give Ansha a chance and she'll find out--beguiling touch has its uses. ;)

True, I'd forgotten about AK's character being a theory.

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