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Telandia Edasseril

Ansha's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,153 posts (3,469 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 15 aliases.


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I'm not in a particular rush either.

*sigh* And still not a one that works better for Ansha than this one.

I think I'll try my hand at Jirelle the swashbuckler for these games.

I'd be interested.

PFS ID is 16188.

I'd have preferred to play my own character too, but I don't like creating new ones on the fly, and I accidentally signed up the same character for two games that started about the same time. So I'll live with the pregen.

If it's acceptable, I think I'm actually going to run a pregen for this. Probably Merisiel.

I'm open to any character, though I'll play Reta unless someone else wants to.

The strange thing was that it showed the rest of the page fine, just not the image itself. (And obviously, no popups/ads. But the page frame itself, or the 'buy our merchandise of your image' canvas/photo/wallpaper stuff? Just fine.)

Might try imgur.

Usually takes 2-3 months, from my experience.

I second that request!

Actually, I think I'm going to withdraw as well. Since Javell is Kriger, looks like you're exactly at 4.

Maybe I should just name all of my characters Ansha from now on.

Just the spoiler tag, but it totally counts!

Joana wrote:
Meh, I typed Ansha instead of Alicia again. :P

You did it again, by the way. ;)

I know that Akirra's taking a short break, but when he returns, he had mentioned possibly rebuilding Akirra as a trapper ranger with trapfinding, too.

The Balladeer wrote:
Man, I wish you'd remembered to roll the % miss chance! I hate negating a crit due to concealment, and you probably wouldn't have rolled a 9. :P

Alas, I was under the mistaken impression that the concealment was due to being ducked around a corner, and thus entering melee with one of them would remove the concealment problem. ;P

We understand. Take care of yourself!

Back from my road trip. ;)

I'm sorry to hear that, Okoya. I'll be praying for you.

I laughed, Joanna. Apparently I need more "A" names to confuse you. ;)

I'm still around as well, and would be happy to pick it up again.

Don't forget mine is wrong in this thread too. I PMed you the correct one a while back.

El actually had to five-foot-step to get in line-of-sight of the Scorched Hand in order to cast Glitterdust back at them. I like the literal reading of Spiritual Weapon better, FYI. ;P

As for Magic Missile, I may have forgotten to mark off the last scroll. I'll retcon a post.

I was amused. ;)

The Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide is the official (and free) rulebook governing PFS. They release a new one each season, and the present version 7.0 will probably be replaced by v. 8 in July or August.

That discussion you linked is from 2011. The PFSRGG's present version is more recent than that.

Mesmerist is from Occult Adventures, which is from Paizo and thus is not third-party.

Saw you post in Eddv's Daughters of Fury game earlier today (I play Arileth ;) ). So is it safe to assume you're back, PW?

Considering that I'd be equally annoyed if Velriana failed her save when I threw Glitterdust back at her, only to make her save on her initiative and thus avoid any consequence to being blinded, I'd have to agree.

Likewise, I've seen the name around. Hello to you too, Javell!

I imagine she had to add in her initiative/perception modifiers since she joined us a bit late.

I suppose you'd be annoyed if I told you that Inner Sea Intrigue's Tabansi was much higher level than us, too? ;)

That's the only thing saving Alicia's pride when she can't even land a hit on the things.

So I bought Inner Sea Intrigue to see what the enchanting courtesan looked like, and I was amused to discover that the book has a section on schemers in the Inner Sea region that includes our old friend from Freehold, Tabansi. Apparently, he's rumored to be a leader of anti-colonial movements in the area? Would've never guessed that from when we were in Freehold.

I'd laugh, personally.

Also, congrats, AK!

Thanks for the offer, PW. I'd be happy to continue on with First Steps and Wounded Wisp after you're back.

I once played an elven 'vigilante' (he was a fighter/rogue in 3.5) who introduced himself as "The Hyacinth. The Honeysuckle. The Poinsettia...The Roving Rhododendron!"

I thought the ending seemed a bit weak, too. I kind of appreciated that Jekka didn't loose everything, though. Overall, I enjoyed it.

So used to having a link to the map in every DM post when we're in combat that I forgot that wasn't how we did it here. Action changed!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I can't help but think PD is engaging in the sort of satire exemplified by Swift's "A Modest Proposal."

Oh, and if any of those everlasting torches can be removed from the walls, Ansha's taking one of those too.

Theodric wrote:
Unless anyone protests, Theo takes the potion of vanish, wand of cure light wounds, and an alchemist's fire.

No objections from me, anyway. If there are no objections, Ansha will take the scrolls of gust of wind, identify, mage armor and obscuring mist. If Basayus doesn't want it, she'll take the wand of burning hands also, though she does have two scrolls of burning hands on-hand already.

DM PW wrote:

potion of barkskin, potions of cure light wounds (2),

potion of feather step, potion of vanish, scroll of
entangle, scroll of gust of wind, scroll of identify, scroll of
mage armor (CL 6), scroll of obscuring mist, wand of burning
hands (CL 3rd, 4 charges), wand of cure light wounds (CL 3rd,
8 charges), acid, alchemist’s fire (2), holy water, smokestick,
tanglefoot bags (2), thunderstone;

On the subject of the contents of Janira's pack, here are my views.

The wand of burning hands and the scrolls of gust of wind, identify, mage armor, and obscuring mist are all useful to Ansha, as would be the potion of vanish. They'd likely be of use to Basayus as well.

The CLW wand and the holy water are probably best off in Theo's hands. Kame or Stonetree would most likely benefit from the potions of feather step and cure light wounds. They'd also probably find the tanglefoot bags and thunderstone useful.

Jivan and Basayus have UMD, so the scroll of entangle is probably most useful to them.

The smokestick, acid flask and alchemist's fire are probably useful to anyone more or less equally.

DM PatheticWretch wrote:

Ansha determines the bundle is magical while Jivan uses the powers of his mind to draw it to the top of the pit.

It turns out to be a grayish-blue cloak, which has withstood the passage of time well, perhaps because of its magical nature.

The goal there with Ansha staring at the cloth bundle was to get the information from Round 2 and Round 3 of her Detect Magic spell, and/or to identify the magic item if possible.

PRD wrote:

Detect Magic: You detect magical auras. The amount of information revealed depends on how long you study a particular area or subject.

1st Round: Presence or absence of magical auras.

2nd Round: Number of different magical auras and the power of the most potent aura.

3rd Round: The strength and location of each aura. If the items or creatures bearing the auras are in line of sight, you can make Knowledge (arcana) skill checks to determine the school of magic involved in each. (Make one check per aura: DC 15 + spell level, or 15 + 1/2 caster level for a nonspell effect.) If the aura emanates from a magic item, you can attempt to identify its properties (see Spellcraft).

On a semi-related note, I have been dipping my toe in the Pathfinder Society pbp world, and I'm curious whether it's possible to have online GMs sign off on Chronicle sheets saying I've read Pathfinder Tales novels. Would love to have that Prolific Reader boon.

Anyone else read Beyond the Pool of Stars yet? Only a few chapters in, but it's kinda fascinating that it's a Pathfinder Tales novel set around Eleder and Sargava.

Personally, I prefer to avoid using actual languages for fictional ones. When characters speak non-Common languages, I tend to just make it up. Unless it's Elven, in which case I totally use Quenya.

I...hadn't even intended that part.

Dotting. Will post a character tomorrow--thinking an elf cleric of Calistria.

FYI, you can hit Preview to see what your dice rolls will be, rather than posting to see what the rill was, then posting again to roll again. You can also put more than one roll in a post. (Posted from my phone.)

*looks around for Basayus, Kame and Stonetree*

Where'd everyone go?

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