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Telandia Edasseril

Ansha's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,082 posts (2,925 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 11 aliases.


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Just got home from a two-week-long road trip. No, no plans with Ruby.

Happy New Year, y'all! (I slept through it or I might have said this sooner....)

And a happy New Year, at this rate! (Also, bump.)

Marikel wrote:
Banny saved me. Saved us all.

Pff, see if Alicia helps you the next time you're engulfed in a gelatinous cube!

Sad to see Banny go! She and Alicia got along so well! :P

As for 4th and 5th players, I'm thinking 5 may be a good idea if only to hopefully prevent the need to recruit a 4th again after someone else leaves (heaven forfend).

Merry Christmas! ...and not yet.

I aim to please! ;)

Ali isn't interested in keeping stuff for herself (no party theft, promise!) so much as she's just secretive about what she's doing, especially where Marikel is concerned. Think of her as a rebellious teen daughter who views Marikel something like a stepdad. She prefers doing things on her own terms, including volunteering what she's found.

Yay! You're back!

Vhailor wrote:
He is taken aback as Alicia snatches the torch from his hands....

Man, that's a delayed reaction. ;P

The Balladeer wrote:
Alicia commandeers the torch to make a closer inspection of the room beyond the portcullis. Embedded in the floor is a faded ten-foot-diameter mosaic of a gold longsword in the middle of a white medallion. There appears to be a decrepit bookshelf on the opposite wall, next to the corridor leading away to the northwest, which stretches approximately ten feet before ending in a closed iron door. She sees another door in the middle of the wall to her left at L9. There appears to be a rusty lever on the wall directly to her left on the other side of the bars.
The Balladeer wrote:
Alicia puts the torch in a handy sconce on the wall and gives the chest a quick once-over. Noticing nothing that looks dangerous, she turns her attention to opening it.
Alicia Dawnblade wrote:
Alicia frowns when her search turns up empty. She stands and retrieves the torch from its wall sconce.

The guy finally show up, AK?

Ugh. Sorry to hear that. I hate Comcast, but they're usually at least punctual with their installation appointments. Here's hoping the reschedule goes better.

How'd hooking the new house up to the Internet go, Alex?

Ali votes the sanctuary first, but she is NOT going in first. ;P

For some reason, I thought it'd be a DC20 escape artist check to get free of that, like with a net or entangle spell. Definitely not going to argue it though!

N13 is fine. O13 doesn't flank anyway, which was really the only reason to aim for moving there.

That's good news. I guess we'll find out how things work out with regards to Kieran's absence if we start making regular updates again. (Or maybe we can convince him to stick around if it does stay consistent...)

Sorry to see you go, Kieran. It's been fun!

Ali should actually be waiting inside the church in front of the double-doors to the haunted area ahead of Marikel.

Alicia Dawnblade wrote:
Alicia glares over her shoulder at Marikel as she walks. "I've seen the ghosts in the old ruins. There were no ghosts in those tunnels; but I know the Plague House is." She leads the way through the porch and to the first set of doors inside, then gestures for Marikel to lead the way with a flourish.

I think we should go back to Halgra- the tunnels seem to be a dead end for now.

I'm actually going to be visiting family for the next few weeks too, but I'm not sure how much that'll impact my posting past Monday.

We're down a fighter, so that would be an obvious choice for a replacement character. Although an oathbound paladin with Oath Against the Undead would be kind of cool too.

When I first read it, I thought my dagger had shattered, rather than the undead-beetle's carapace.

I could replace El with an elven fighter--might be interesting to take the Sensate archetype from Occult Adventures. But I think I'm also the only full-arcane caster, and I'm okay with staying with El too.

I'm fine with that, Myron.

I'm fine with continuing as well.

I tend to agree with Mus'ad that this AP hasn't really felt terribly engaging for me either. I'm fine with calling it.

Right, forgot that the head moved since she flailed at it last time. Move too, then.

The colored version of the above.

Looks like it.

Also, since I've shown it to about everyone else, here's some lineart I've been working on. Everyone's favorite enchantress at work making 'friends'.


....I don't know that I am capable of pronouncing that name....

You know, I've often wondered how you pronounce your name, Qhude. Is it "Kood'ay" or "Koo'day" or "kood" or something else?

Banny wrote:

(So.... OOCly, I have no interest in being in a PVP here, but Banny meant what she said: we have no actual authority to be in the inn, we are trespassing, we have been asked to leave, and at this point we're actively damaging property, on pretty thin evidentiary grounds. Speaking ICLY, Banny would try and stop Alicia at this point.)

(That said, the converse is that Banny is not Alicia's parent and has no authority over her other than the dubious authority of being 'older than her' and the both of them working towards the same goal, and Alicia's consequences impacting Banny's goals. Sooo.... I can just have Banny leave with Jess before the knife digs in, and let Alicia deal with whatever the response from Cham is, if that's what you want. *shrug* Other than that, Banny would physically be trying to stop Alicia from doing this. Do you have a preference, Alicia?)

Ah, the first clash of alignments. ;P Ali definitely doesn't have the same motivations as Banny, or the same ideas about what constitutes acceptable behavior. She's not going to get into a fight over it if Banny tries to snatch the dagger away when she starts damaging property, but Cham definitely rubs her the wrong way. It doesn't bother me either way, whether Banny leaves before Ali starts chipping off paint or stays and tries to stop her.

The joys of salaried life, eh? I'm still around, if we ever get back into it.

I did a double take at the 39 degree temperature. And then I realized that you meant Celsius and not Fahrenheit.

FYI, I'll be gone most of tomorrow through Friday at church camp, supervising thankfully well-behaved teens. I'm not sure how much access to internet access I'll have, so if I'm holding things up, feel free to DMPC me.

I saw that and shuddered.

No, I didn't know til you said something either.

Ali wasn't planning on sticking with Banny anyway. ;)

I was thinking Father Dowling, personally. I guess that makes me Sister Stephanie.

Does the PFD20SRD ever explain "skill unlocks"? I didn't see it with the Unchained rogue.

I'll have to look into it. Haven't looked at Unchained hardly at all, but anything that boosts a rogue is a good thing.

Glad to hear you're alive still, AK. Hope things continue to improve.


Joana, you forget that I'm in the Sargavan Saga with you, where we've been on the same day for 1-2 years. ;P

Same with Alicia.

I meant to do that. Really.... >_>;

My take on it was that "Mind wipe" is wiping a mind clean; "sensory extraction" is removing the contents of a mind (or at least some of the contents) and placing them in something or someone else for storage.

I think the safer assumption is that we grab a plant-people corpse and toss it in to spring the magical floor-wards first. After that, or if it doesn't work, we send Kieran in.

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