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Telandia Edasseril

Ansha's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 775 posts (1,941 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 6 aliases.


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If someone has enough willpower to resist her enchantments, Ansha is pretty well convinced that they're a nut worth cracking. The longer it takes, the more obvious it is that there's something unusual about them--and the more of an accomplishment it is when she succeeds!

thejeff wrote:
Well, if everything happens by the grace of God, then an awful lot of bad things happen by the grace of God. Not only, for example, was the tyrant king by the grace of God, but the rebellion that overthrew him also did so by the grace of God. In which case, grace of God doesn't really mean anything. It says nothing about whether something is good or bad or whether you should oppose it or not.

The expression "by the grace of God" is pretty much exclusively used of good things. Think of it as the positive aspects of a doctrine of divine providence (e.g., God hasn't allowed the Queen to die of natural causes or at the hands of a rebellion yet).

Taking that viewpoint "kingship by the grace of God" is largely irrelevant. In reality, an awful lot of horrible people claimed to be ruling by the grace of God, along with some good ones. And there weren't regular miraculous signs or overthrows of those claiming to do so.

It depends on what you mean by "irrelevant." Is it relevant whether there should be a change in government? No. Is it relevant to whether the ruler was a good ruler or a bad ruler? No. Is it relevant to whether there are real-life parallels to D&D cosmology? Yes.

On the meta level, what's "Lawful" and what's "good" are subjective, determined by the GM (and/or the players and/or the game/setting designer). Within the gam world it's not subjective.

Exactly my point. Within the context of the game world, they are what the GM, designers and players say they are. Similarly, but separately, the GM, designers and players say just how much OOC knowledge is known to the character--for example, what sort of afterlife there is, or if there is a Nine Hells or a Seven Heavens. Just like in real life, Christ either is the only-begotten Son of God or he is not--and this is a separate issue from whether any person believes it to be so.

Jaelithe wrote:

Not at all. I just had a point of my own to make.

And in the process, you ignored the one I made, hence why I believed you had missed it. ;P

Paladins are not mere partisans of ideals, though. Part of the trope is that paladins are partisans of objectively superior ideals—that everything is not relative, but that they've embraced Truth and Right more fully than others, and are an example to them.

That assumes OOC knowledge again. From an objective point of view, there is undoubtedly some party here on earth who have an objectively superior set of beliefs and ideals. But objectively knowing what those are requires knowledge and a lack of error in our thinking that no one on earth possesses. When we set up a paladin's code as holding to "objectively superior ideals," what we are saying is that we, the DM, gamers and designers, believe those ideals to be objectively superior (which is in itself a subjective judgment that may or may not correspond to the objective truth).

If we want real-life parallels, paladins as partisans of ideals still makes sense, because we cannot be strictly objective in our value judgments.

If they're receiving spells from said deities? I'd say yes.

That assumes that real life works in exact parallel to D&D mechanics, which is not what I said. If we believe miracles happen (and I do), then supernatural things still happen and we can't reduce our worldview to the modern rationalist, materialistic, empiricist Western worldview, which is what many do when they presuppose that someone isn't Queen so-and-so by the grace of God.

I wasn't aware that everyone who spoke here did so from that particular weltanschauung. As a practicing Roman Catholic, I reject it, if not utterly, than certainly as deserving of predominance.

We agree on that point then. But 1) our characters may not be objectively able to say that Queen X is literally queen by the grace of God--it largely depends on how we want to play the game and 2) who is to say that, in real life, Queen Elizabeth II isn't Queen of the United Kingdom by the grace of God, literally? In fact, from a Christian worldview, nothing happens except by God's allowance--including Queen Elizabeth's birth to her parents and her holding the throne.

I just find Buckley a bit of a pompous ass. ;)

That's funny, considering that he was Roman Catholic too. Have you ever met him? He was widely regarded as a very friendly man.

You're all kind of missing the point of my post. I was responding to StrangePackage's statement:

When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — "No, you move."

That sounds remarkably similar to the statement Buckley made in The National Review:

A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it.

From what I gathered from StrangePackage's post, he was saying that paladins are partisans of their ideals. But the way he phrased it reminded me very much of another partisan of ideals, whom I quoted.

We tend to contrast D&D fantasy with the real-life modern world, but we do so with out-of-character knowledge when we talk about things like an NPC or PC being queen literally by '"the grace of God"/the gods'. Would our characters be any more aware of the supernatural than human beings here on Earth often are? We might say, 'Yeah, but the supernatural is make-believe,' but we reveal our own rationalistic, empiricist modern Western worldview when we say such things.

StrangePackage wrote:

Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — "No, you move."

Don't care what mythology, modern media, anime, or anyone else says. Don't care who else has questionable motives, or engages in questionable means. Don't care if the standard is too rigorous.

Don't let them bring you down. Hold yourself higher.

"A conservative is someone who stands athwart history, yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so, or to have much patience with those who so urge it." --William F. Buckley, Jr., Mission Statement of National Review

That seems pretty outlandishly remote, yeah.

Just watch, the real Chausiku will slip away while Kamishah turns out to be that stupid pilgrim that the shamaness in Freehold sheltered.

Faren "Untranslatable" wrote:

One common thread that's starting to materialize in its infancy is I think our party is going to have a kick-ass average Charisma score.

Hopefully we can come up with a better party name than "The Likeables". : )

Hopefully a high average Charisma doesn't mean that we'll all be insufferably self-confident and incapable of working as a team. ;P Too many captains and no crew, so to speak.

It's quite possible that either she or her parents hired a bodyguard for her. Alternatively, it could have come about as a sort of 'life-debt'--she helped your cavalier out and he took it upon himself to serve as a bodyguard to repay his debt to her.

Don't forget SS, AK ;P

I think I'm going to go with the weapon master fighter, though I may multi-class later into a diviner. That said:

Alarien Amankiir - elf female fighter (weapon master). An elven noble of the minor House Amankiir, Alarien is a student of the longsword yearning for adventure and a chance to see the world beyond the forests of Kyonin. So far, her 'adventures' have consisted largely of guarding caravans, the most recent of which recently arrived in Xer from the River Kingdoms.

Hopefully Kamishah flubs a save with a 1 when Ansha tells him a joke. That'll spare us all some pain and suffering, I'm sure!

I was thinking either an elven fighter (weapon master) or a wizard of some sort--probably diviner/foresight.

Either way, likely to have a middle-to-high Cha (I hate using Charisma as a dump stat).

It may come in handy yet!

Joana wrote:
Hey, the cleric with no spells left is on it. :P

I meant like other soldiers or Morvius himself. But good luck with that no-spells-left thing! ;P

Actually, bards are my favorite class outside of enchantment-specialist wizards. I'm playing a bard wannabe-fighter (dervish dancer) in a Serpent's Skull game here on the boards. May as well make a bard wannabe-rogue (archaeologist) for this one. Maybe I'll name her Lara....

Yep, still interested. I'll see if I can't think up a character concept. Outside of a trapfinding character, is there any other area the party is kind of weak?

I assume you mean Slumbering Tsar?

I didn't think it was all that constant- it's happened, what, two or three times now? But gotcha, I'll tone it down. At least it's not the antics of Hu5tru?

I had been assuming she stayed naked. :P

What can I say? She might have a bit of an exhibitionist streak. Although maybe describing it as kneeling or crouching would have fit my mental image better; the emphasis was supposed to be on the cat-ate-the-canary smile enhanced by her lack of concern with human social taboos.

I have to admit that I don't really use LinkedIn. I think I had one at one point but I don't even remember the email address it's associated with.

That's how her mind works, yes. ;P

Ansha is convinced it was Kamishah; not that she saw the shaman at all.


My assumption was that the rod/staff he had may serve as an Extend Spell metamagic rod or similar. Will post when I get home in a bit.

Sure has been quiet lately.

Ansha's dagger is masterwork, though her longsword is not. And I actually thought clerics weren't proficient with daggers either, til I looked it up (they weren't capable of using bladed weapons in 2e).

I figured it was 3) more than the other two, knowing Qhude.

It is. Made more sense for Qhude to take it and leave Tebati her goddess's favored weapon, but raging barbarians aren't known for their command of logic. ;P

Saw the Anglican vicar of Baghdad at Asbury Theological Seminary last night. He does you Brits proud, AK--very British sense of humor. Working for peace in Iraq in the midst of terrorist bombings and the murder of his parishioners is no small feat, either.

Ah, okay.

So did Qhude's hit drop the ape? Does it still need to make a saving throw or do I need to retcon my action?

Sure. You're out in what, the Seattle area? I imagine the job market is a lot better for librarians out there than here in Indiana, where we have one of the top LIS schools in the country (Indiana University) servicing a slowly declining population.

And no, no openings for a librarian at the library I'm at.

Congrats, Jakob! I forget whether I asked it before, but were you more interested in public or academic librarianship? Or special libraries? I'd love to work at a seminary's library.

Speaking of delinquents, I just caught a woman sneaking into the staff lounge again. Shame security wasn't here to deal with it today, after he saw her do it on camera yesterday.

Public, though I'd rather be in an academic one. The library I work at has a really bad problem with juvenile delinquents, too--we used to have a contract with a security company that staffed us with a lot of off-duty police officers, and now our in-house security is a reserve sheriff's deputy/chaplain, and we're still trying to hire a replacement for the second one, who joined the Army as a combat engineer.

Also, sorry if I stole the narrative thunder there. I am bored at the library today. Looking forward to Memorial Day...the library is closed on Sundays through the summer.

I saw the alternate racial traits for Dræven and had to look them up on d20pfsrd. I was amused to note that it is possible to have the Darkvision alternate trait, which makes you susceptible to light-based dazzle effects...and also to be immune to light-based dazzle effects with the Lightbringer trait, since they replace different of the standard racial traits.

Yay, we're not down one raging barbarian!

My assumption was that he had narrated the ape's death, then realized that he was mistaken about how many hit points it had left. Either is a viable possibility...Guess we'll just have to wait until AK enlightens us.

As Joana said, either way, the only ape left outside the tent now is Jakob's friend. The only difference is whether Qhude is conscious at the top of round 7. ;P

I was confused by that too, unless AK made a mistake in saying the hit from the charmed ape downed Qhude's foe.

Ansha likes constructs. She likes experimenting on, and deconstructing, said constructs, but still....

I miss Picklebeard, too.

In the Kitchen Tent, no one can hear you scream?

I wasn't going to ;P

But I figured if she yelled, it'd at least be heard outside.

From my perspective, there really isn't an 'opposite side' to the 'Mwangi bloc.' There's just a couple of more-or-less isolated individuals, plus the Mwangi.

Ansha's connection to Kieran is kind of overshadowed by his connection to Tebati, so I tend to put Kieran in the 'Mwangi bloc,' as does Ansha--after all, there's already a trust issue between the two of them from their shared backstory. But he is one of the characters that bridge the intra-party factions, though, so the character often ends up moderating disputes and being the voice of reason.

Jakob does seem the most isolated in the group, but part of this is that the character and Qhude had a parting of ways, and Jakob seems inherently paranoid. As a result, I have a hard time imagining a positive connection for an incoming character to Jakob. Maybe a friend from his days in Absalom, but it seems like Jakob has little good to say about anything or anyone Sargavan, so it's hard to see a childhood friend or family friend or anything like that.

Also, remind me to pick up Persistent Spell next level. High-rollers on save-or-suck/save-or-die effects, well, suck.

Joana wrote:

Honestly, I'd far prefer one of the elite of Morvius's men joining us, although it might be hard to explain an elf being in the Sargavan army.

I don't know that it would be all that much of a stretch. Sargava does have a small minority of elves (there were even a handful--besides Zesaste--in Freehold), so it wouldn't be unheard-of for an elf to join the army. S/he could also be a member of the aforementioned mercenary company.

Joana wrote:
...Oh no, an elf? :P After Freehold, we don't trust elves on principle. And if he's a childhood friend of Ansha, we definitely wouldn't welcome him. Qhude doesn't even trust Ansha at this point.

Who's this "we"? ;P

The dysfunctional personality and racial dynamics of this group mean that there will likely be several people who distrust the newcomer regardless of what race and background he ends up with. Tebati and Qhude wouldn't trust an elf, Jakob likely wouldn't trust anyone, Ansha would only trust an elf. If the character were Mwangi, it would just add to the already-weighted dynamic of the Mwangi faction in the party. If the character weren't Mwangi, I imagine there would be at least one Mwangi supremacist who wouldn't trust him; but as someone whose character isn't Mwangi, it can feel like the Mwangi characters in the group often act as a bloc.

A childhood friend to Ansha might work. Her childhood friends are why Ansha isn't already Chaotic Evil (assuming that she isn't...but she's not a very destructive one if she is). ;P

By the way, did the forums eat a post, AK, or are you talking about last round's ape-actions? I'm confused.

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