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How do I challenge my player's super paladin?

Cavalier, How to get the most out of the Lance?

New DM question

Help with Tiefling Kineticist Build

Swordlord Build. I need advice

Boosting AC and Will saves

Halfling Occultist for Ironfang Invasion

Phantom Blade as a tank

Cavalier / Brawler viability? [PFS possibility]

any way to cheat a feat prerequisite to worship a specific deity

Reach Cleric for Rise of the Runelords (Core Rulebok Only)

[Homebrew] Racial Trait RP Pricing advice

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

What Happens When You Murder A Good Cleric?

Best / Strongest Archery Build

Familiar - Ioun Wyrd, Protector or Emissary?

Is there any way to summon a dragon?

More than once per day

Paladin Build Guidance (Too many options! lol)

How would you run an "monster" campaign?

Wild shaped using a metamagic rod

Existing Ally as Eidolon - Advice?

Polymorphamory - The Love of Changing Form: A guide to shapeshifting

Need help with balanced ranger build

A bit of magus / swashbuckler advice... the mysterious avenger and Eldritch scion?

Highest BAB Single Classed Caster?

(Bard) Is Singing Steel worth the price

Reference Items for circumstance bonuses

Pouncing Grappler (Monk 1 / Shifter 4 / Barbarian X)

One hit Druid level 4

The Intelligent Animal Companion, Can It Be Done?

Making "treat deadly wounds" faster?

Wildshaping melee druid

Increase Wild Shape EDL

Classes for royalty.

advice on filling out Team Shelyn

Converting 2nd edition D&D spell

Help me Populate my Darklands.

Ranger animal companion which to get?

Hell's Rebels and a telekineticist (aether)-bad idea?

[PFS] The Strongest Slow Spell

Jinx Halfling Sorcerer

Wall of Light (for a Druid)

Moms / Brawler build need some advice

Most OP level 1 build?

Destroying a Door Through Hit Point Damage

Where to look for spells?

Teleport Trap lethality?

Gray Paladin Build

a good sorcerer bloodline?

Ways to gain a Familiar or Animal Companion

Anti-Gun Mage build Advice

Fighting a dragon...advice? Aether Kineticist.

Three Bloodlines

Alchemist tumor familiar with touch injection

Support Skald for Ironfang Invasion- seeking advice.

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

Help Build: Absent-minded professor

Place similar to Academae

best fitting rider (mounted dog)

1st character - Trip Summoner / Eidolon

Pale Flame

Help Build: Katana Monk?

Wild Shape Forms

I made custom monsters. Are they balanced for a boss fight? [PEACH]

Challenge: Mx. 12

How to write an adventure path

Getting Weird for Return of the Runelords

Making Simkin

Force / Sonic Evoker

How to make a hard to kill alchemist?

Help me build my dex+reach melee

Advice on building a STR Magus

Flowing Monk Questions

How to use rules lawyering for good.

Paladin Archer Question

musket sniper

Help for 1st Psychic build

Air Cav

Houserule too Powerful?

Scaled fist monk with a dip in swashbuckler

Is this how archetype stacking works with a Vindictive Bastard?

What do you think of this build?

How to improve my spell list? (Sorcerer Enchanter, Fey Bloodline)

Is Wizard the only good spellcasting class to use for an Eldritch Knight?

Looking to build an Ioun Kineticist.....

Advice on Anti Paladin for Way of the Wicked

Looking for a optimized Reach weapon Combatant Build

[PFS] Samsaran Halcyon Druid Feat / Spell Choices

Hello fellow Pathfinder peoples!

Advice for War for the Crown NPC's.

Help Against Swordlord NPC Rival

When someone spills the beans

Betrayal feats

Kitsune Crit Slayer

Any advice on low monk stats?

Monk class help

Blood Arcanist vs Sorcerer

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