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I'm trying to murder them

Spellbook Options

need help saving a dragon

Low Charisma Warrior Scholar, Help Please

best simple weapon backup for a natural attacker

What can one find on a boat?

Is this evil?

Ideas for a crafter character in Kingmaker

Duettist Bard clarification

Smelly Kidnapper Build

Critique for my halfling Champion of Irori rough draft

Build a Cabalist Vigilante!

Support Skald for Ironfang Invasion- seeking advice.

Need immediate help with Underdark Drow city

Which class or archetype has the most powerful animal companion?

Tarondor’s Guide to the Pathfinder Transmuter Wizard

Fey form spells advice

Alchemical Simulacrum focused alchemist?

Suggestions for someone running a thieves guild

Feat choice

Primal Druid

Needing some help choosing an archetype for my archer Inquisitor

Cartomancer Wizard

Starting out foo Jagugars

Making my second character ever ! I need help making a dragon disciple

What would you pick for only 3 "essential" feats for the Paladin class and Bard class?

Ultimate Occultist

How Bad is This?

Build critique please.

Help me build a Mesmerist Material Manipulator.

Stealing a Robot's Body

Is this possible?

Supers in Pathfinder.

Bloodrager familiar what happens when it dies

What's the best way to get Unhindering Shield for my Magus?

How do I build a Spellslinger?

Ravingdork's Crazy Character Emporium

How can I build an unarmed fighting warrior with limited options?

How can I optimize my Oath of Vengeance Paladin level 6+

Trying to Build a Chirrut Imwe type of character.

Level 13 Wizard Survival

Replacing Fist of the Forest / Hulking Hurler / War Hulk

Suggest a stat spread / feats / specific equipment for a polearm bard? (Str / Dex both okay)

[New DM] Questions about Movement and Movement Types...

Help making a legendary weapon.

Cleric fighting a demilich


Int-focused skill-based Investigator

Monstrous Physique, diminutive monstrous humanoids?

Skill Monkey build options

Super Stealthy Assassin Arcane Trickster build

How did I calculate avg dmg, factoring in crit ranges?

Is there any reason to take more than two Perform skills on a bard?

Curious about online olay

Looking for a fun build to try out.

Existential crisis about Phylacteries: Seperate object, or extension of the creature?

Guide to the Ouflanking Hunter

Looking for a class to play as.

Halfling Champion of the Enlightened - how to build?

Building the Character: Sun Wukong

Pathfinder Trait

Advice for running a modern campaign?

Intelligence to Hit

Sacred Servant Paladin's Call Celestial Ally Ability

Epic Arcane Caster vs Epic Divine Caster - Help me win this?

Golem Armor

Twin build

Critique: Gunslinger / Inquisitor

Best Pregens @ LvL 7

Class for rise of the runelords campaign

Ranged attack optimization. How many feats are really necessary?

A Serpentfolk PC

Making Simkin

2 Handed vs Dual Wielding

Swashbuckler / Slayer build

Finding a liches phylactery - want to know how.

Hunter's Blessing vs Heroism

"Evil" Characteristics / Attributes

Vigilante Warlock Spells

Eldricht Poisoner: is it any good?

Wilderness encounters on a frozen lake - ideas wanted!

Saving throw reroll

How to ignore smoke?

1st level spells for melee characters

Dual-Shielding Knight Build?

How not to be a burden for my team as a phantom thief?

Pathfinder Spell Sheet

Class for a WF Dwarven Slayer?

[New DM] Advice on Knowledge Checks and Character Knowledge...

Armor Class "softcaps"

Dragon Empires Primer Domains

"Steel" John Henry Irons, how to best build him

What things does Tremorsense pick up

Craft Staff worth it for one custom staff?

Sorting a Vigilante's Day

Storing multiple creatures while in combat?

Turning vetala

Looking To Min-Max Some Stats

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