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Guide to the Class Guides

Advice Forum Guidelines

Monster Slayer build - Colour out of Space

Character Builds - Advice?

Classes for royalty.

Viking Fighter build concept.

Melee Suggestions for High Dex Investigator?

Magus advice

Jav. Srt-spear. spear, longspear.

Would like some Stonelord help

Nercocraft control

Skulls and Shackles water kineticist advice

Bracers of Falcon's Aim?

Animated armor for a party "companion"

Animated armor for a party "companion"

Animated armor for a party "companion"

Skinshaper Druid - my new favorite

Alignment drift for evil characters

Need a cheat sheet for Martial Flexbility

Building Cable (from Marvel) in Pathfinder

New builds

Is spiritualist utterly terrible or am I missing something.

Switching out the UC summoners "summon monster" SLA

What are we doing wrong with summoning?

Core Sorcerer building

realm works vs d20pro?

The Extremely Frosty Mystic Theurge

Building a 11th level Cleric

Hazards and challenge ratings

The Mimic Key (Campaign idea)

Savage Technologist?

Dynamic magic Item Crafting is hard

Treesinger Druid Companion buff spells.....

Kineticist with Natural Attacks: Make Me a Monster

Downscaling a Kraken

Dragon carrying horse away (need picture)

Flying Unseen Servant, can it be done?

Sneaky flanking buddy

Looking for help making a Shadow Eidolon into a real Shadow

Dragon Cult

Whip Wielding Summoner?

Ideal enemies to use Fleshworm Infestation against

Martial Character help

Dragon-themed Wuxia advice

[PFS] Making It Work: Slayer-Mesmerist SA-Build

Cohort resurrection (multiple times)

Aura Size vs. Creature Size vs. Binding

Options for Oracle's Spell Perfection

Unarmed Magical Gestalt

Narrative description of how the merciful weapon property functions.

Fighter: Lore-Warden Martial Master. Polishing up my build

Anyone Interested in a Pathfinder Guide to tanks?

Improved Eldritch Heritage alternatives?

Skaldingly HOT ideas

'counts as Power Attack for prerequisites'

Advice on "Learning" a new Divine spell

Anyone Interested in a Pathfinder Guide to tanks?

Need help choosing a couple of Feats for my Pc

Champion Of Irori

Most damage output possibile - Theorycraft help me build the best damage-dealing fighter (archer or melee)

The Birdbarian

New player help with build

Is Sacred Summons worth it?

Need help choosing a couple of Feats for my Pc

First time GM needing help

Vestige Bloodline and Technological Items

Greater Mask of Giants

Ways to get certain natural attacks.

Myrrh, Frankincense, and Steel: Kurald Galain's Guide to the Magus

Missing Alchemist Guide

Help with Unchained Synthesist / Ninja gestalt

Trying to protect against Energy Drain

Precision Damage Enhancing Options? (+ More Precison Stuff)

Ninja Build - Advice Needed

Gun Chemist advice

Suggest me a class! 10 PC campaign

Cursing Party members.

Access to as many spells as possible?

Lightning and Ice, Sorcerer Supreme

Removing Mass Disease

how to price weapons / ammunition with spell effects

Crafting "the best weapon" without Craft Magic Arms and Armors

Ninja Arcanist Advice

Mind Maze

Healer in no-healer-party?

Help with miss chance % for larger invisible targets

Healing as an Alchemist?

Ways to spice up a Slayer?


Looking For Some Balance Advice On Ctenmiir Encounter

Attacking a supposed hidden creature at range

Mouser / Mesmerist?

Should I nerf myself?

Mastering the Elements: N. Jolly's guide to the Pathfinder Kineticist

Rate this weapon.

Best / Strongest Archery Build

owning a business?

How to appear Human?

So need help with upcoming dragon campaign.

Unchained Rogue Build

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