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Wayward Kings (Inactive)

Game Master AdamWarnock

A group of adventurers stumble upon a mad lord with dreams of being a king and a young druid that he wants to awaken an ancient artifact.

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Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I've been having wi-fi troubles and was watching my nieces yesterday anyway.

No problems.

I'm starting to worry about Goodwin though.

Any word from Goodwin? It looks like his profile has been inactive for close to a week.

On another note, is anything else happening around here? It looks to me like everybody except the missing Goodwin is asleep.

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

Assuming we're not going to RP Ray getting a room, it looks that way to me too.

Sorry Ray, I don't know how over looked you.

Now is your chance! GO!

Yeah, I got one thing I need to do and get the maps finished, as well as getting some tokens done.

I'll give Goodwin until tomorrow to post. If he doesn't we'll just assume that he left in the middle of the night.

DM-Salsa wrote:
I need to be doing more to keep this game going.

That would be appreciated. I keep refreshing my browser every couple hours in hopes that something will happen and have been met with disappointment. This game had such a strong start. I don't want it to die. I want to see where it goes.

I understand if your swamped. However, if there are long stretches where you cant post could you try to leave us in a kind of self-contained roleplay scenario to keep the game moving. Like a campfire or in the market or a birthday party.

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

We could always entertain ourselves. :) Perhaps some of us are early risers~ So if Dm Salsa doesn't mind we could have an early morning war meeting of sorts and he can enter whenever he's free.

Trust me it won't. That's one of the most annoying things, but yeah Real Life kinda happened, so Map will be done later today, and I'll try and get the ball rolling.

and I don't mind at all.

Okay, due to something beyond my control and several things well within my control, but not properly handled, it is going to be tomorrow night before I can move forward.

Again I apologize, this is mostly my fault, and I'll think of someway to repay you for your patience.

Also, since Goodwin has been gone for a while I'm going to move on even if he doesn't post.

I'm starting to get worried here, Group 2 is almost caught up to us. How are they supposed to look up to us as their superiors if they surpass us?

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

Just because they can proceed further in the story faster, that doesn't mean they'll do it better.

Out of curiosity, is the DM prepared for the next phase of the game or would it be best to continue role playing for the time being?

Liberty's Edge

Dunno, continue rp though until he says otherwise :)

Male Probably human Computer Scientist 1/ Character Synthesizer 20/ Crazy 99

I'll be ready by the time this gets played out at least. I'm having some technically difficulties with my tablet.

Sounds good, I just didn't want to be too aggressive in moving forward if we're not prepared yet.

Male Probably human Computer Scientist 1/ Character Synthesizer 20/ Crazy 99

Most of it's polishing the character up and finishing the map, and making some tokens.

just a heads up. I will not be able to access my maps until late sunday afternoon/early sunday evening. I'll still be posting, but it's probably going to be light.

Okay I'm back, As soon as you guys are ready, we can get this train wreck started!

Train Wreck! This has my attention.

I'm ready as soon as everybody else is.

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Sounds good! Ready whenever you are~ :)

Cleric 1st - HP 7/9 - F+3.R+0.W+5 - AC 14.10.14 Init. +0 - Perc. +3

I'm ready, even if Longthorn is sleeping in at the moment.

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

There was a train wreck?


What's a 'train'?

Okay, we're missing Kyle and Gurni, as soon as they check in we can get started.

Male Dwarf Fighter (Brawler) 1 HP 13/13 - F+4.R+1.W+0 AC 17.11.16 Init. +1 - Perc. +1

Rock and roll

Okay just waiting on Kyle.

My bad, I'm here, posting now.

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4

I wanted to clarify my playing style here rather than take up more IC thread time:

I generally don't roll against PC's. I'll post if my character is lying or being sneaky, and if you think your character is in a position to know, or recognize that, play it that way. I trust everyone to play their character straight and not over do it. If you want to ensure there are no hard feeling, you can always explain why you think your character would know to alleviate any tensions.

Now if others would have a problem with that, or think I should roll I'm willing to adapt, I just think it makes it a better game if we all trust each other... as players if not IC :P

I'm good either way. Considering that the information given here is something that Malcom could not possibly know, I'm going to play the not knowing route.

DM-Salsa wrote:
Hello? Anyone here?

I'm here. I made the last post though so its hard for me to post again.

Yeah Starting to wonder where everybody else went.

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

i'm still here, haven't had time to post yet. Sorry ^^;

DM-Salsa mentioned that he wanted everybody to check in before the train wreck started. Is it possible everybody is waiting for him to initiate it?

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

Perhaps, not everyone is prone to enjoying long Rp sessions, especially in PBP's. :) Sorry if I am long winded everyone. Bad habit I know! Let me know as well, as Malcom did. Constructive Criticism is always welcome!

Dark Archive

Male Human Summoner lv1

You should see my Avalon pbp, the RP can go on for pages...

still here...I'll be honest...I'm waiting a little for the ball to get rolling. That's why I haven't posted so frequently. Not that I mind waiting if Dm-Salsa is busy.

This is my first time playing a PBP. I'm still trying to get a feel for things which is why I bring up so many questions regarding pacing and play.

Well, I'm ready to go, I've just been waiting for the RP to wrap up and someone to say they're going. I'm new to GMing in general, so I'm trying ot work on the pacing.

Maybe its the players who need to get things going. We know where to go (warehouse by the smithy). We know what needs to be done (kick some Pike ass). So let's devise a plan and get rollin'!

DM-Salsa wrote:
Okay, we need to get this show on the road, I'm assuming that everyone is going.

Thank you for initiating this.

No need to thank me, I was waiting to see if Kyle showed up. I was starting to worry that everyone had just left when posting stopped in the middle of RPing something.

Trust me, I'm not going anywhere. I was finding it difficult to keep going on the subject and was starting to get writers block.

Magus 1st - HP 7/9 - AC (20 w/Shield)16.13.13 - F+3.R+3W+2 - Init +3 - Perc. +0

I am still here I was just trying to move things along and Shael being annoyed helped her decide to get moving.

If Kyle doesn't respond by this evening I'm going to bum rush the Smithy by myself.

Male Probably human Computer Scientist 1/ Character Synthesizer 20/ Crazy 99

Smithy's not your target, but yeah. I Pm'd him just now so I'll give him until tomorrow night to respond.

Wait I'm confused? I read back to make sure the smithy was our target. I have a bad long term memory. What is our target?

Is attacking tonight out of the question then? I had high hopes of rolling a strength check to kick a door in.

EDIT: I just re-read a couple posts back. I see that the Warehouse beside the Smithy is our target.

Sorry, he posted yesterday, so I wanna give him a chance, but I'm thinking that I'm going to have to enact a time limit on these things. I know it's frustrating when the game hangs because of one player or GM, and I want to avoid that.

Male Human Ninja 1 - HP 10/10 - F+1.R+6.W+0 - AC 18.14.14 Init. +6 - Perc. +4

I want to apologize to everyone. My weekends have become suddenly hecktic and posting will be sporadic. As much as I really like the group we have, I'm going to have to drop out so I don't keep holing people up. Again I apologize, and good gaming.

I'm sorry to see you go. I hope that things calm down soon. Good luck, and try not to take life too seriously.

That Sucks.

Can't he just stick around and the rest of us will keep our own pace?

We can just say he suffers from explosive bouts of amnesia and freezes up all the time.

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