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Team Dwarf/Gnome in Elves vs Dwarves -- ELVES KEEP OUT (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

Homebrew old school campaign where elves and dwarves interact in an ever increasing way as the game continues.
current map

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Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Whoo hoo level 2. Will have kragg updated shortly. Thanks for the option of the NOrthern style, but I will be going the melee double weapon route.

Male Probably human Computer Scientist 1/ Character Synthesizer 20/ Crazy 99

Am I to assume the Brask still has his axe in hand?


Okay, action's up along with the reflex save and a hopefully humorous bit of singing on Brask's part.

Male Human Mechanic /15, Father /15, Prof Gm /4.
Brask wrote:


Reflex to stay standing:1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17 (Sweet!)

Brask looks at the fighter in front of him, and laughs.
"Why are ye so glum? Dwarves need ta go ta battle wit' a song on their lips!"

Correct me if I'm wrong about this, but I'm assuming that Brask still has his axe in hand.

Attack: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
Damage: 1d12 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

Even though he misses, Brask begins singing a cheery tune.

A ring o' an axe, an' tha twang o' a bow
Did sound one misty morn'
An' all I coul' see was the face o' a lass
So pretty was she tha' me heart was torn.
Perform (sing) if needed: 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (19) - 2 = 17...figures

All I can say is LOL


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Let no one accuse me of meta-playing! On the other hand, Hon just confirmed his suspicions. Why, he might even break out in song himself!
Need me some bagpipes

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Did magnum still hit the fighter since Bigmug is in his line of fire? Just wondering for next round if Kragg can move past to engage the wizard.

I fell prone, so Magnum still had a somewhat clear shot. It is hard to be acrobatic in chain mail.

The bad fighter shifts, and the thief switches to an urgosh and mans the front line. The gnome charges to hit brask with his lance and his war dog goes for a bite. The fighter and thief go for Ninni. The wizard tries to cast a spell, takes two shots from Neji's wand, and the spell is ruined as it is cast.

Ninni dodges all shots at her, but Brask is hit with a charging lance and a skeletal war dog bite for 3d6 + 5 ⇒ (2, 1, 4) + 5 = 12

Fighter then thief 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 161d20 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 1 = 111d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17
Gnome then dog 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 241d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20
CON 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9
The undead bannerman rushes into the side room to hit Hon with his flail of human skulls for 6 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (13) + 4 = 171d8 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

That is fine by me for a prone person to not provide cover. Just wanted to know in the future if I do throw a weapon on a ranged attack.

Did I see a dwarven Ugrosh being wielded...dibs...


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment


Huh. I didn't count any banner bonuses throughout the two fights :(

Eh. Live and learn, I hope. Of course, if the undead dwarves get bonuses from thier banner, hopefully I have removed that advantage by distance or by removal of skeletorbannerman.

This type of combat does not favor Hon; yet here he is 2:1, isolated and 2 hp. Not a very glorious way to go in his opinion. He would prefer something a wee bit risky(PvE) vs combat.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

The strategically placed Grease sort of holds us in :( As soon as that fighter is down, we're out to help you. In the meantime, you could try withdrawing back to our area, or even to the opposite room if the distance lets you.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Oh I am just complaining cuz thats what Hon does. This ain't the playa hatin'. Now granted, Hon will learn from this and his tactics will better blend with the team as we evolve. I suspect he will have a few more Sneaky but stupid tricks up his sleeve. Perhaps he'll survive, perhaps not.
As a player, I am making note of Chainmail's style. I am adjusting Hon's learning curve accordingly. And I am still having fun.

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2

Yup, you shouldn't have gone alone.

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Kragg's location is good. Thanks for putting me in a position to be flanked. More foes to deal damage to.

This battle with undead turned out to be tough matchup for Hon (and to some extent Ninni who couldn't use stunning fist). The damage resistant skeletons were annoying for everyone but Neji. For the group as a whole this was harder than the first encounter, but the result was much better for the dwarf team.

I figured Kragg would rather take flanked hits than have them hit Hon.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

I'll be off for the weekend, Khazad will attempt to destroy the wizard and if Hon or anyone needs healing after Thograt has done his thing, they can take one of my CLWs.

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

I would prefer to be attacked and not take any hits actually.

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2

I'm taking the family on a beach holiday from tomorrow till Sunday night - but I plan to keep posting. I was fine posting last time (at least I think it all went fine) so I am hopping that you don't even notice that I am not at home.

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Since we were taking a 12hr break, do we want to divide the spoils of war now or wait till we have cleared the entire complex?

How are we dividing loot anyways? Who ever needs it and can use it lays claim to the items or do we find the value of the item and take that out of our share?

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2

I can't help but think if you can use it, take it now. Work out the divisions when we are out and safe. It also means we don't have to do as much maths - we may divide it all by 7 or 8 or whatever now, but only by 3 when we are through.

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

If that is the case, would anyone object to my claiming of the MMW Ugrosh for right now and worry about the final tally later? The +1 to hit is awesome for a dual weilder.

"We have time to clean this armor and wear it. The half plate is too constricting--I would prefer the masterwork breastplate. Some of you should wear this half plate, it is good protection."

You should probably equip yourselves as best you can. Thograt can arbitrate any conflicts. Also determine how much healing occurs after the dawn before the doors are opened.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

I'd like a half-plate please, and ideally also an MW Waraxe, but that's lower priority. Do the helms grant any benefit at all?

After the fight I should have been at 18/25 HP. If I remember right, resting restores 1HP/level + Con mod, which should make me 22/25. I have two CLW potions, perhaps one of them should be given to a lower HP/AC character.

I can also stand watch instead of Thograt to let him prepare spells at leisure.

I dont think anyone uses an ugrosh except you Kragg so go ahead. Everyone should look through the loot and take anything appropriate for you character. Gear should go to the character that can make he best use of it so that it benefits the party as a whole. Post what you take here.

2 suits of dwarven half plate
suit of gnome half plate
2 tower shields
two mwork dwarven axes
mwork urgosh (Kragg)
mwork quarterstaff
mwork small lance
mwork dwarven breastplate
mwork dwarven studded leather armor
2 dwarven full helms with visor
2 gnome full helms with visor
One homemade heavy flail of skulls

I'll take the Masterwork studded leather.

Won't Kragg lose his ranger abilities if he puts heavy armour on?

Kragg yes, half plate is probably not for him--but Khazad is the polearm fighter with a 10 DEX. Talk about perfect for half plate. I think he posted he wanted it earlier. The visored helmets should be worn with half plate or there would be penalties. Khazad is now at 23/25 (no natural healing due to evil aura).

I assume that gear not claimed is left in the anteroom unless someone specifically states they are carrying it.

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Correct, I will not be taking the half-plate. Eventually I will upgrade to MW breastplate but that is going to be a bit I figure with all the other people wanting armor as well. I am happy with my armor and weapon for the moment.

Sorry I miss read chainmails post... Makes perfect sense for Khazad to wear the half plate.

Kragg was the last holdout of the wearing snowsuits indoors fashion. He stuffs his snowsuit in his pack like the rest.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Criminy! I spent two days hemming and hawing deciding finally on Fast Stealth vs LedgeWalker for rogue talent. The good of party vs character development And here I am, Fast Stealth useless and a perfect opp for ledgewalker. I am laughing at the irony. And no I don't want to change now.

Lol. It's always the way...

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17
Chainmail wrote:
Kragg was the last holdout of the wearing snowsuits indoors fashion. He stuffs his snowsuit in his pack like the rest.

As soon as we are away from the bonfire and it gets cold again the suit is going back on. Kragg is more pratical than fashionable.

Note, putting one foot in front of the other and using a weapon to balance yourself across a ledge is considered undwarfly and can get your butt kicked in some clans.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Ledgewalker talent means I am a tank on a tightrope. None of this Cirque de Pansy Elf. So you can take your "balancing weapon" and... take a fall.

Hon and Brask seem to have found something.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Aw crap. No rest for the wicked? ;)

You have a free round again -- the scout team continues to achieve tactical surprise.

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Should have charged in last round, then I would have had a full round of attacks again. Oh well.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

How the heck did I double post? Post monster ate one today, but able to cut, paste and repost. Thank you MS Word. My PC-Hon doc is several pages long now. But how/why two posts?

Methinks my life is gonna get frenzied very shortly. Or rather my life is gonna get shorted very frenziedly.*Cough* Jump *Cough cough*

How did I end up on the pointy end again?


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

I actually did LOL with your definition of Dwarven shield. That der is rite funny. I don't care who you are. Dat's funny.

Magnum wrote:
Magnum yells, "Do some fancy cleric stuff, my axes aren't working. Neji, shoot em"

I'm not sure if it's because of the large group (requiring lots of healing) or if it's typical of low level clerics but I actually don't feel like I have much to throw at the undead...


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

If you get the undead all within your radius, it acts like a 1d6 AoO against all of them. Not impressive when 1 on 1 but powerfully effective when they are all bunched up. Smackdown of your god. Just saying.

Yes it's a decent radius to... Will save for half and at this point I believe id be better off saving them for healing (I only have 2 spells left to convert and 2 channel energies left.)


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Can't believe I forgot a ADD the +2 bonus from the MWTools. Pushes the +6 to +8 disable. Woot! Send this rogue back to pumping bellows and cleaning out the furnace.

I tend to surprise the party with the power of the banner as it levels up. One ability is a double strength channeling of positive energy once per day. I think you need this to manifest, so I am having the power chose to manifest itself based on need rather than wait.

The unholy flame is countered by positive energy--I think this needed to happen too.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Just realized I have editorial privledges to the google spreadsheet. I'll move Hon. And put treasure chests and sacrificial elves and humans where it would do the ambiance good. :-)

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

I've discovered the secret of the good rolls - make a description so badass that a bad roll would make it look totally ridiculous, then roll blindly :)

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