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Gravel to Granite (Inactive)

Game Master Lareg

Started. Recruiting open. Apprentice-level game (Super Genius Games rule pre lvl 1. Pathfinder @ lvl 1 & beyond). Characters begin pre level 1, gain levels, and classes. Game run on the boards. Characters currently at lvl 2.

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Female Human

All but one of the trio of buildings has been secured for the approaching night.

As you approach the Inn it is clear that only those interested in weathering the cold evening air have remained outdoors. The few others cast shadows inside the tavern that takes up the majority of the first floor of the Inn.

Entering, only the barkeep looks your way.

"Sit where you like. I'll be with you in a moment."

Two large men sit near the rear of the tavern, chatting quietly. A third sits near the bar, in a near stupor from drink. Several tables sit empty in the middle of the tavern. One booth is occupied near the window. The hooded figure seems to be captivated by parchment on the table.

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Silx walks in, hooded to keep attention away. He takes a seat and puts the back of it to the wall, sitting so he can see the entire tavern. He pulls out a small journal while he waits for the barkeep

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

Aak walks into the inn, rubbing his hands together for warmth from the chilling night air. Aak stands at a nice 6'2" his size is formidable to say the least. He looks aaround and takes a seat at one of the empty tables and waits for the barkeep.

Female Human

The barkeep walks toward Silx, glancing quickly at the seated patrons, checking to see if they need anything. Seeing them occupied, she pulls a rag from her pocket and wipes her hands as she stops near Silx.

"Welcome. The cook has left for the night, but I can offer you warm soup and stale bread. Otherwise, it's the moonshine that we make here or a mead from the dwarves."

The barkeep looks around, seeing now that Silx' seat has been moved away from a table.

"Do you want me to move a table for you?"

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Silx is a little startled by how kindly he was treated "Why...umm yes, soup and bread would be nice. I can move the table. Thank you"

Female Human

The barkeep nods at Silx.
"I'll be back with your food soon."

Glancing briefly at the other occupied tables, the barkeep quickly approaches Aak.

"And how can I help you on this particularly cold night?"

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

I would love a bowl of the hot soup I overhead you talking about. Anything to stop this bone jarring cold. Thank you. Aak was pleased by the plesant service and asks the bartender if he has heard anything news worthy lately?

Aasimar (Archon-touched) Druid (Urban) 1

Nelith enters the tavern, and smiles when he sees the Drow's precautions. Upon hearing Aak's commment, he sits near Aak [b]I too would be interested in hearing the latest gossip[/b}

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

Hello, elf. What brings you into this little inn, other then the obvious relief from the weather? Aak politely asks the elf. Aak, even though he stands at a formidable 6'2", he cannot or better will not hide the scars on his face. He looks like he was beaten with an ugly stick for lack of better terms. His hair is dark brown and highly wind blown due to the inclement weather outside, and his eyes, ever searching for potential threats.

Perception check for the bar patrons and to possibly overhear any conversation 1d20 ⇒ 15

Aasimar (Archon-touched) Druid (Urban) 1

I do not mind the cold weather, but I like good food and strong tales.We''ll listen to the barkeep's gossip fo now, but i'd like you to tell me sometime how you got those scars

Same as the orc, Perception check for the bar patrons and to possibly overhear any conversation 1d20 ⇒ 4

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Silx is getting stiffer as more odd characters enter. An orc and an elf? Must be my lucky day... He keeps his hood up and keeps reading

Female Human

"Soup it is. I can't promise it will be good, but it will be warm."
The barkeep walks back toward the bar, smiles at Nelith, and continues through a door behind the bar.

The hushed tones are tough to make out, but Aak clear overhears something (pm on the way). Nelith isn't sure who is talking, but someone is.

filler of waterskins

Our GM has told me that he will spend some time this weekend to review my character, make changes to the backstory, and provide other feedback. You are of course free to look at his character sheet, but know that most of it is still up in the air until Monday. Comments or suggestions are welcome here.

A blue-skinned gnome in worn and dirty clothes stumbles into the inn's tavern. He gently sets a bloody sack on the table nearest the door then collapses into a chair, without even brushing off his clothes, removing his backpack, or looking around.

He lifts his head to moan, "Food...Warm...". He peeks into his vest, perhaps checking the contents of an interior pocket. He smiles weakly at the sack. Then he again drops his arms onto the table and lets his head flop down.

Female Human

The barkeep returns from the kitchen with a tray of bread and two bowls of soup. She walks toward Silx, glancing curiously toward the gnome that has just entered.

"Soup and bread. If you'd kindly leave a couple of cooper on the table before you leave that will be more than enough. Let me know if you'll be needing a place to stay."

She quickly places soup and bread on the table before moving on to serve Aak.

"Your soup. Warm as can be. Would you like any bread?"
The barkeep sets the soup near Aak and glances quickly around the tavern, awaiting his reply.

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

yes please. Thank you missAak replies with a broken smile. When she returns with the bread Aak will ask her, what going on with the keep? I overhear the gentlemen talking about possible work and am interested in work, and making some extra coin.

Perception to notice if/any which way the barkeep was glancing at. I will leave 5cp on the table. 2 cp for the meal and 3cp for a tip.

1d20 ⇒ 19

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

"Of course. I belive I will take a room for the night, thank you"

filler of waterskins

Upon hearing someone speak the word "room" the gnome almost lifts his head, but again collapses.

Female Human

A look of concern flashes across the barkeep's face.
"Word is that those who built the keep are organizing expeditions into the mountains. For what purpose, I fear to even guess. I think I have a parchment someplace that one of them left. I will bring that to you."

The barkeep turns quickly and then stops, as if remembering something. She quickly nods in Silx' direction before turning back to Aak.

"Were you going to want a room also?"

Aasimar (Archon-touched) Druid (Urban) 1

Nelith adresses Aak again.
"Warrior, i'd like to take a look at that parchment when you've read it. Also, It seems I haven't introduced myself yet. Name's Nelith".

To the barkeep "I'd advise you to wake up the gnome and say something about his behaviour. I imagine you don't want a blood stain on your table. I'd also like a room." He puts a few coppers on the counter.

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

Yes please, I would like a room, thanks. Aak responds to the barkeep.

Aak will read the parchment then pass it onto the elf.

Female Human

The barkeep nods at Aak.
"I will make arrangements."

She turns toward Nelith.
"I've seen so many stains on these poor old tables that another will barely be noticeable. I'm afraid I have only two rooms left, both of which have been spoken for. You're welcome to find a spot on the floor here or make arrangements to share a room. Would you settle for some soup or bread?"

filler of waterskins

The gnome lifts his head to smile at the barkeep.

He swallows, blinks, then exhales a sigh that seems to creep slowly from the top of his head down to his chair. He sits up, then rolls each shoulder to stretch weary muscles.

"Thank you, dear. No worries. The blood is mostly dry."

He makes a gesture like directing an orchestra while singing softly, Bim, bom, bim bim bim bom. The dirt and stains on the table top begin fade.

He reaches into his vest and pulls out a very nice deck of fortune-telling cards in a decorative, waterproof leather case tied shut with a leather cord. The case unties itself.

You might notice he gestured twice under the table to redirect the Prestidigitation to the card case and then back to the table. Perhaps a DC 15 Perception check or a DC 10 Spellcraft check?

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Warming his cold hands on the soup bowl, Silx takes a deep smell before digging in. He keeps the booklet next to him on the table, and his eyes flicker between it and the people around the tavern. He tries to keep his ears hidden with his hood, and just hopes that the others believe the darkness of his face is due to the shadow of his hood.

Perception1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13

Silx stiffens up as the gnome clears the table with a few words. Great. An orc, an elf, and now magic. I'll be lucky if I'm still alive in the morning

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

To Nelith, "the name is Aak, warrior in training. No offense but I will not let you bunk with me, we just met. I wish you the best of luck and maybe we will work together in the future or at the keep."

Perception to notice the spellcasting 1d20 ⇒ 16

Aasimar (Archon-touched) Druid (Urban) 1

Spellcraft 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (9) + 3 = 12

Nimt will sleep downstairs then.

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

Aak will notice the spellcasting but hasn't got the foggiest idea what spell it his. Since it isn't affecting him, he doesn't really care either way.

Hey gnome, yes you the one barely able to hold yer head up for more than a few seconds. I feel in a good mood so if you want a bowl of food to warm up and not die from cold it's on me. Aak will call-out to the gnome, voice gruff because subtlety has never been a strong suit.

filler of waterskins

"Thank you, kind sir. May the wind under your wings carry you to where the hair on your feet never falls out."

Then, softly to himself. "No, that's not half-orcs. So tired."

Female Human

The spell is clearly noticed by all, though the other patrons don't seem to be bothered.

"Soup for all then."

The barkeep smiles and heads back to the kitchen. She returns quickly with soup and a burnt loaf of bread. She sits the tray at the bar, sifts through some papers before folding a parchment into her apron pocket. She lays a bowl of soup before the gnome and Nelith, leaving the bread to Aak.

"On the house. Share it as you see fit. Here is the parchment I mentioned."

She hands the folded parchment to Aak.

"Now I must prepare the rooms. Ring the bell at the bar if you need anything."

Slowly, the hooded figure sitting at the booth nearest the window stands. Parchment in hand he walks toward Aak.

"I have the same parchment half-orc. I'd find some friends quickly if you hope to get work. I've gone for the first few dawns alone and been turned away. Yesterday I met some others to go with in the morning."

Without another word, he heads toward the stairs near the inn's entrance.

filler of waterskins

The gnome says "Thank you, again" to the waitress.

He glances towards the movement of the hooded man but ignores that other patron. Yet he smiles, noticing for the first time that the room has booths.

He picks up his soup and sack, moves to a booth, then happily drinks the warm broth.

Male Duergar Cleric 0

A gray-faced bald dwarf walks into the inn, door slamming behind him. "Weather. How do people stand it? he mutters before he slides down onto a chair in the most remote corner he can find.

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Silx sinks even lower And a dwarf. Right now a god is laughing at my pain

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

Aak will read the parchment then pas it on over to Nelith to take a gander at.

Nelith, you think you and I and even the 'broken' gnome should should check out this keep and what possible work may entail?, Ask whispers to Nelith so hopefully no-one can hear in.

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

Perception1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15

Silx brings his head up Work? I need money, badly...oh curse the gods! Silx slowly gets up, then sighs and makes his way over to the orc. "Hello there, I overheard you all were collecting a group for a job. Care for another?"

Female Human

"Careful of the door, my sturdy friend."
The barkeep descends the stairs near the entrance. She carries several worn blankets.

Smiling at the new arrival, she sets the pile of blankets on the bar.

"Can I offer you drink or what passes for food in these parts?"

Awaiting the dwarf's reply, she glances toward Silx and Aak.

"Your rooms are ready. For the rest of you I have some blankets if you wish to weather the night on the floor here. All I ask is that you pay for breakfast in the morning and try not to complain."

She laughs a moment before turning back to the dwarf.

The two men who had been speaking in hushed tone to one another quickly stand and approach the stairs, leaving a shinning silver coin on the bar before heading upstairs.

Aasimar (Archon-touched) Druid (Urban) 1

Nelth whispers to Aak: Sure
To the drow: If the half-orc agrees

filler of waterskins

The gnome finishes his soup and smiles.

He realizes he forgot his deck of cards at the other table. He retrieves them (subtly motioning for his spell to start cleaning the other side of his former table) and takes one of the worn inn blankets.

From the top of his backpack he unbuckles a thick winter blanket which he lays across the booth. The inn's blanket is put, still folded, at one end of the booth as a pillow.

But he does not lie down. Instead he sits on his makeshift bed and starts softly singing a song that at first seems to be a lullaby, but with the lyrics of a sad love song. He sings about missing "my lady", about how she cared for him and taught him all he knows, about the chill in his heart since she died and he buried her, and about how her noble people no longer walk the roads on this side of the grave.

Perform (Sing) = d20 + 5 => 4 + 5 = 9

Male Human (mostly) Mystic Theurge

"Food would be nice. Or what passes for nice in these parts, the dwarf answers gruffly. "And a blanket, I suppose."

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

Aak ponders quietly in thought for a few moments, a drow not killed on sight, interesting. I like interesting.

"Sure, you can join. Besides it seems that the more we have the better chance we have at getting a job"

Male Drow Rogue (Trapsmith) 2

"Good, thank you for the opportunity. Now may I be informed of what the actual job is?

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

Your guess is as good as mine. The name is Aak by the way, Aak extend his hand to shake, and shows him the parchment. All I can really gather is the old keep is handing out jobs and it seems the more the better chance at getting whatever job is there.

Female Human

"I'll be back with some warm soup. I should have a blanket for you before your soup is cold."

The barkeep walks toward Aak and extends her hand, holding a key.

"Here is your room key. It's up the stairs all the way at the end on the left."

She glances toward Silx.

"Your key seems to be jammed in the door. The room bolts from the inside. It is also at the end of the hall, on the right. Once I get some more soup and another blanket I'll see what I can do about getting the key out."

She looks back toward Aak and waits patiently for him to take his key.

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

Thanks miss, hopefully feeling will come back to my cold bones during the night,as Aak gives a slight chuckle and takes his room key. Do you want help in getting the key out? I have some strength to spare.

Aasimar (Archon-touched) Druid (Urban) 1

After the song ends, Nelith applauds. A good dirge, sir. Might it be that you are a bard ?
Also, my asssociate here might have a job for you

Shayne changed Nelith's attitude from "neutral" to "friendly"

To Aak:a very gallant offer, although I wouldn't be surprised if my "cousin" knows a... subtler approach to deal with the lock.

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

Very true Nelith, subtlety and finesse have never been a strong suit for me. Aak responds with a slight chuckle of stating the obvious in his voice.

Aak gets up and walks over to the Gnome after he finishes his song Gnome, would you like to join us tomorrow at the keep? Maybe you'll get some work, stretch out those weary bones and gain some tales to tell later?

filler of waterskins

The gnome looks up at the Half-Orc for a moment, obviously thinking.

A generous offer. Yes. Thank you. I have a quest of my own: to deliver this sack to the nearest monastery. But questing may well be easier while employed and with hearty company.

He stands and offers his hand. My name is Shayne.

filler of waterskins

Heh. I just realized that Shayne's handshake is probably higher off the floor when he is sitting on the booth rather than standing. Oh well. He's trying to be polite.

And I just realized Nelith spoke to me. Oops. Sorry for not catching that. Yes, good elf. A bard indeed.

Grand Lodge

Male Half-Orc Crusader Cleric 4 (HP: 42/42; Init +3; AC:19; TCH:13; FF:16; Perc +2, Sense +7, F/R/W: 5/4/5)

Name's Aak, nice to meet ya. Shakes Shayne's hand, not trying to break any bones.

Female Human

"I'll let you know if I need help, thank you."
Smiling, the barkeep turns and heads back to the kitchen. She returns shortly with soup for the dwarf.

"Your soup. I'll bring down a blanket in a bit. Ring the bell on the bar if you need anything before then."

She turns and heads back up the stairs.

filler of waterskins

With a strange schedule yesterday and a few Paizo website down times it took two days, but here is Shayne's evening song. Can be sung to the melody of Greensleeves.


The road is long and the night is cold.
Three days ago I became old.
My lady graceful, tall and brave
Was destined to an early grave.

Her clan is gone! She was the last
Of a noble family of glorious past.
I buried them with rain, earth and tears.
Who else will remember their days and years?

The day is long and my heart is cold,
Numbed by pain. Dark fears grow bold:
My source of knowledge and strength is gone.
The road is wide. I walk alone.

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