Gameday 7: The Dalsine Affair

Game Master Chyrone

Hello everyone.

I'm going to run the Dalsine Affair, after hearing some good things about it.

I'll take the 1st 5 PCs to sign up.
I keep a 1 a/day post rate at minimum, with weekends a welcome extra.

This game is scheduled to start in the 1st half of Gameday, August 13th.

Sovereign Court

I have plenty of characters in the range. Would love to play.

Pick whichever you like. :)

I also have a few who could join!

Dark Archive

I'll apply to this one with my 2nd level Elven Magus character.

I'm seeing double..

*rubs eyes*

The Exchange

I would very much like to join!

Character: Baade Sard
PFS: 314670-12
Faction: Scarab Sages
Day job: none

What class is Baade going to be?

OG3, what did you have in mind of bringing?

Sovereign Court

probably a lvl 3 uRogue (investigator archetype)

Sovereign Court

I'll go ahead and make it official.

Player name: OG3
Char name: Giovanni Stellaluce
PFS: 175185-1

Had i specified yet the tier?

If not, tier 1-2 is what i had in mind, as i've multiple pcs in that category.

But if everyone has lvl 3 or 4 PCs, i'm fine with it.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

If there are spots available, I would like to be considered. I have many characters that will be available.

Darth Frogg - Grippli mesmerist 2
Ifran al'Sharifi - Suli bloodrager 3
Archer - Warpriest 5
Z'hor'll - Undine watersinger 4
Black Jak Sparrow - tengu pirate 6
Hamilton Trask - slayer 6

(I am sure I have others as well)

Sovereign Court

I have a lvl 1 Ectoplasmatist or lvl 2 Bloodrager that will be ready if we shoot for low tier.

Dark Archive

Indeed, low tier please. Athalis will be 2nd level, though I suppose there is an outside chance he might be 3rd.

Ok then, tier 1-2 it shall be.

Ready to mix 'n match!

Wisp - wayang Aerokineticist 3
Korum - half orc Paladin 1
Sathos - nagaji Bloodrager 2
Azora - ifrit Oracle 2
Krennel - half orc Alchemist 1
Fiata - slyph Magus 1

Brief recap.

Nowruz - Baade Sard (?)
Silbeg - TBD
Stiehle - Elf Magus 2
TriShadow - TBD

So, it looks like we have a magus and a rogue

Wisp - wayang Aerokineticist 3 (Range DPS)
Korum - half orc Paladin 1 (Frontline)
Sathos - nagaji Bloodrager 2 (Frontline)
Azora - ifrit Oracle 2 (Healing/DPS support)

You guys, discussion is open.

The Exchange

Baade Sard is a Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade, Noble Fencer) 1

Thanks again for GMing!!! ;-)

To those having signed up, you can dot and remove in gameplay.

The Exchange

Hello GM Chyro! Unfortunately, I have to step out of this game. :-(

I wish you guys a lot of fun!!

Silver Crusade

I have a candidate lvl 2 inquisitor? Profile has stats.

It's been a while since your confirmation, sir Stargard. ;)

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