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DM Maslen's Second Darkness PF Conversion (Inactive)

Game Master Pathfinder Maslen

The third largest city in Varisia, Riddleport is also the most notorious. It is here that the machinations of an ancient race, once again boil up out of the Darklands and into the light. The sinister plots of the subterranean underwriters manifest!

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He should be fine for AC. I am playing a Magus in COCT and hardly get touched. Infernal Healing is on the Magus list.

And Hey,
Lets face it. Marcus is an 18 Str beefcake with a 7 cha and a Big Dog. I AM THE TANK!!!
(I wasn't gonna but if I need to, I can go Scimitar/Shield- depends how often.I eat it. ;)

Cool! For cash I just bought what I would want to flesh the character out... I can cut down to 1,000gp. Does that mean also no starting Cash of 150gp? Not a big deal... but I won't be able to afford two sets of armor... no way.

I'll have to loose a lot of his gear but I'm not really concerned about that. Even my light armor is a better AC that your Dwarf Barbarian's...

If you are talking chat service... I use google talk - its free and can transfer files easily. My address is

EDIT - 16 minutes latter: Character updated and brought down to only 1,000 gp wealth. Now need a little time to finish writing history, personality and description. Work on it tomorrow! is so you can interact with the mapping. It's mandatory. Thanks for updating the character to allowable wealth. Look forward to reading your flesh out.

Ah.. ok.. didn't know you had a computer automated mapping service. I'll make an account tomorrow.

'Tam' "Darquestryder" wrote:
Ah.. ok.. didn't know you had a computer automated mapping service. I'll make an account tomorrow.

Ty Tam

Flicker Account made... name sunphoenix72.

Have a game ..sit-down tonight... may be tomorrow before I have character Tam finalized...

Ok. whew! That sure took a long time to write. Tam's history is done...along with his personality and appearance.

Sorry if the history is a bit wordy... I'll work on trimming it down to be more concise.

I'm currently reading ALL the gameplay posts from the beginning.

Ready to play... once I'm done reading all the back story...

Dang Tam, that was one hell of a background history. How's the reading going? Still keen to join?

I'll check in the crimson throne game

Ulp..aheh {Blush}... sorry been so busy. Real life's a b!~+! at minimum wage...

but yeah I've been real busy ... too busy to read far... but Marcus pointed out that 'Tam' would not know much of whats gone on in the past anyways. So I could start at anytime... really.

@ DM_Waife: Hey I'm on page 7 of the Gameplay action and I still can't see any of the battle maps even though i'm signed into flickr...

It seds me to this link everytime I try to look at a map...

What do I need to do to see the battle maps?

Sorry Tam. That will be maintaining the group and deleting image files. I didn't think about that aspect of it. Let me see if i can reset any of the urls.

Good intro tam.

Tam, all new url links will be fine but if you wish, just log into the Flickr and go through the old images in the group folder.

Cool man thanks alot... will be reading like mad tonight... I sort of threw myself into the situation and hope I can find some common ground with the party.

Get him the understanding that that someone is plotting to bring about a second darkness and he'll be all set to help anyway he can to prevent that...

Hey, just hate Iscarel. Then you and I have something in common ;)

Btw. Is there a Bonded Companion type feat for the eidolon you're gonna get?

Not sure on that one...was thinking of taking Summoner's Call... to boost the eidolon on summoning. All depends on how the story develops.

Marcus Whiteshae wrote:
Hey, just hate Iscarel. Then you and I have something in common ;)

I will win you over to my charms, just you wait! :P

Well you're certainly not doing a good job.
At a minimum, Marcus is gonna kick your a$$.

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