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Hello, I have a question about cyclonic ascent feat.

ou gain a fly Speed equal to your land Speed or 30 feet, whichever is greater, for 10 minutes. Unlike with a normal fly Speed, you can move upward without treating it as difficult terrain. In addition, you can remain in the air at the end of your turn if you used an air impulse during that turn, even if you didn't use a Fly action that turn.

1/Does a flying strix under the effect of the cyclonic ascent keep the natural flying speed ?

Level (14th) You can target up to five additional creatures, each of which gains a fly Speed equal to its land Speed or 30 feet, whichever is greater. They don't gain the other benefits.

2/ Is it possible to give the fly speed on ennemies ? And is it possible to encourage to Fly ? (with a skill check ?)


You can move straight down 10 feet for every 5 feet of movement you spend.

Cratering drop

You follow up your enemy's fall, driving you both to the earth in a meteoric descent. You Fly straight down, increasing the amount the enemy falls by your Fly speed. If you reach the ground, you drive the enemy into the ground, dealing double the normal falling damage.

So, for example, A strix with a 35 Fly speed that move straight down 70 feet. Adding the fly speed (35 feet) or 70 feet for the falling damage ?

Thanks for your future answer.

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1. Yes, if the creature already had a better fly speed, they would keep it.

2. Sure, you could give an enemy a fly speed.

3. No, you can't make them use the fly speed. It's their speed now and they can do what they want with it, or nothing at all.

4. Cratering drop adds your fly speed to the distance fallen, if you can use it. Not twice your fly speed. 35 ft, not 70.

2. With the level 14 upgrade you could give an enemy the fly speed - it targets creatures, not allies or even 'willing creatures'. The base level 8 version is self-only.

That's not even really a disagreement with HammerJack. And everything else in the post I don't have even that minor of critique of.

And is it possible to encourage to Fly ?



Failure The creature is fascinated, and for as long as it

remains in the light, it must spend at least 1 of its actions
on each of its turns to move closer to the source of the
light. If the creature ends its movement adjacent to you,
it is slowed 1 until it is out of the light or until you make
a Strike against it.
Critical Failure As failure, but the creature is also off-guard
against the first Strike you make against it while it is slowed.

Are there other means to move closer of a flying character and so the ennemis must try to fly ?

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