Thinking of doing a solo campaign, any advice?


Hello, after putting into a lot of details on my character’s past being a part of Sandpoint and getting rejected from RotRL, I’m considering doing a solo campaign and just, idk, base what happens into writing? I have material for RotRL, my main issue is I don’t think many would want to run RotRL (with either a solo gesalt character, or a normal table), considering it’s one of the most played APs.

So I’ll be asking for any advice on solo campaiging RotRL just in case it comes down to that.

Apologies for double posting but I wish I could alter the title, for now it would be “want to do a gesalt campaign with my own character and another”

tl;dr: a player and I had our characters denied from a RotRL campaign and we would both be willing to join the same one, even if it was just the two characters with gesalt rules. I’ll wait for a bit of time in case any DM would want to run a game like that, but since practically everyone has ran RotRL, I’m thinking that if I can run a game with my own character and the other’s character…is that in any way possible?

you can run with 1 player and NPC(GM's PC) but it's not recommended. Use 3 NPCs to meet basic party requirements. Still it would be better with 4PCs and GM.
It is a game rather than a simulation of some reality.

PFS has a host of 'plain' pregenerated NPCs at levels 1, 4, 7 for NPC fill-ins as PCs. Honestly they need a bit of tweaking and some PC WBL equipment. Download and use those.

Gestalt opens up classes allowing a kind of multiclassing. Sometimes it is balanced, sometimes not(particularly when mixing casters with martials). With all the class choices I understand GMs rejecting the optional rules as most try a clearly advantageous build using gestalt rules.

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