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I have a character in SF1 that got holographic skin grafts to look like a cartoon pahtra, and commits crimes while in a very obvious disguise. I don't expect every character to carry over, but Analyze Target seems pretty brutal on disguises in general.

- As a cantrip, it autoscales. So if you want to use magic to disguise yourself as someone or just as not-yourself, you need to be caster. Even a max-level spell from a multiclassed caster will lose out to Analyze Target cast by a multiclassed caster, or even somebody granted an innate cantrip through an item or ancestry feat.
- There's no allowance for non-magical disguises. Have advanced hologram tech or elaborate prosthetic disguise concealing your identity? It still gets your real biometrics. Even if items get an automatic rank of half their level, rounded up, it still means needing to re-buy it every two levels just to deal with what's almost certainly going to be one of the most common security measures.


While I personally noticed this because of one of my characters, there are a lot of non-disguise reasons why a character might not want somebody learning their physiological information and medical conditions from 30 feet away with no save or say in the matter. Players can have a conversation with the GM if it's something that bothers them at a player level, but it might be good to save people the trouble of having conversations about why bodily privacy matters to them personally.

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Well, that could easily be solved with a standard part of disguise kits being a false biometrics chip That you make a deception or computers skill check to to set with a DC equal to your class/spell casting DC. Then it's a secret roll by the GM to see if the casters Analyze Target detected the chip. No matter what they get the info from the chip.

Casting it to willing creatures can have more effects

But cantrip missing description if casted to construct, including Living graffiti.

Could detect operational flaw of experiment cryptid also.

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