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Hype thread is here!

Luis Loza wrote:
There are in fact several names included for this full moon as different cultures have different names for it.

Let's hope this solves when 13th moon comes twice in a year like 4737 AR(2037 IRL).

RiverMesa wrote:
- Time and the Calendar

Will they tell 13th full moon's name?

Once I saw update, two sunctions are for Free Day RPG.

Still no plan, as Aaron said?

Who'll say "Now available"?

Chronoskimmer spoiler from Discord:
a lot less "cast spells" a lot more "do weird time stuff", like a variant charge ability(Reversing Charge[TwoAction]) where you run up, Strike, and then teleport-reset back to where you began your Stride

Time Curse spoiler from Discord:
unsurprisingly, it has the time domain, the other is fate. The curse makes you desynch more and more from your timeline, which (like all curses) has some good, some bad. Harder to hit with reactions (cuz you're going so fast) but you're enfeebled (cuz you're getting really old, or young!) and conditions, both good and bad, elapse faster on you

Time Curse makes you laggy or something. But fit with scapegoat capfeat.

pixierose wrote:
The Magic Warriors

...Is that about SoT?

keftiu wrote:
Chronoskimmer (you’re out of sync with time)

Wow, I wonder if Chronoskimmer can move in time axis...

Detect Creator, why not Detect Reanimator?

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Is there eligible character in my fanfic, but they are somewhat gartic phoned version instead?

URL here

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Skymetals were already in Grand Bazaar.

But what I need is Investigator's methodology dedicated for technology.

Also my fanfic has...

Camera that can cast Read aura to shooted item in picture. Cartridge adjusts level of Read

Cube that works as Bag of Holding but it ejects item automatically when inside is reaching to its limit.

In my fanfic...

Spoiler: Character detail:
One character is Dual Investigator and Investigator with Scrounger Archetype.

I think Scrounger needs more feat. Maybe Treasure Vault's additional rule solves it?

Oh yeah, my fanfic has original item before this is out!

If street ship doesn't delayed.

David, I saw you tangled copy between this and Dark Archive.

Brinebeast wrote:
** spoilers omitted **

ALKENSTAR staff maybe in AP

Right now, pathbuilder can't choose Hallowed Necromancer with maybe about "good alignment".

Then, I thought this.

How to get Hallowed Necromancer in NO alignment rule and Moral Intentions rule.

For item, Twist healing is best way.
Cuz when using item to cast heal, you can swap casted spell to harm.

RexAliquid wrote:
I'm guessing they took the human ancestry feat to gain the multiclass dedication. Now they need to spend class feats for the archetype feats.

Multitalentedd is only for gaining multiclass dedication, but you didn't telling what it was used for, like, Sorcerer or Summoner.

Is Provincial typo'd in your book/PDF too?

Is puddle and fan's Feather Token ammo exists?

Balloon: Can't use in underwater, so no.

chest, holly bush, ladder, swan boat, and tree: Already exists

Brent Bowser wrote:
I figure for every Sans, there'll be 3 Skeletors and a Spawn.


I flagged some of customer service related thread as "in wrong forum"
But since customer service forum is no more, should add "this should belongs to customer service" or something

Ly'ualdre wrote:
an Unead Plant

typo lol

Can you summary something new other than adventure itself?

HumbleGamer wrote:

Anyway, the problem has never been for the summoner not being able to cast spells because its spell slots auto heightened, but rather the requirements of the rune


Activate 1action command

It requires 1 action to command the weapon.

The eidolon is not able to command the weapon.

May the summoner activate it for the eidolon?
Read the next part


Requirements: On your previous action this turn, you hit and damaged a creature with this weapon

The summoner didn't hit.

The one who hit was the eidolon.

So, even if, the summoner wouldn't be able to activate the item in place of the eidolon.

If it was said by Aaron or Louis...

Xethik wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:
list of all undead in bestiary would be nice to see if interesting monsters are returning :D

Name - optional rarity - level - page:

** spoiler omitted **...

Well, summoning Bone croupier is no more;

Laclale♪ wrote:

Beat gamer Background

Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Intelligence or Charisma, and one is a free ability boost.
You're trained in the Performance skill and the Games Lore skill. You gain the Virtuosic Performer skill feat that corresponds to game's style.

Thread here. Different wording.

For FNF, choose what your in-game counterpart performs. Usually singing, but because some are playing guitar/bass or DDR/PIU instead.

◇Data addition◇

For FNF(Friday Night Funkin), choose what your in-game counterpart performs.

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Is undead archetype's negative healing works with this dhampir feat?

Verzen wrote:
Anyone know if undead master archetype was spoiled?

We have reanimator.

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Mike Kimmel wrote:
NielsenE wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
NielsenE wrote:
I love the wayfinderfinder. Feel like that needs to actually be a thing :)

Every bad guy in the inner sea would want one for their lair.

"It moved again. Means company's coming."

Yup. And even if you could augment them to hold aspis badges too, you know it would just point to the grand lodge's collection of them.
So what you're saying is that we need to begin developing a wayfinderfinderfinder, just in case.

wayfinderfinderfinderfinderfinderfinder... I've seen this before...

That was too long way, but waiting for players guide

...Oh, pushing happened.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
Don't worry though, since the next AP is the "no good character" one.
keftiu wrote:
I reckon Paizo thinks fans of Evil characters should wait for Blood Lords, which is six books of adventure for non-Good groups:)

Paizo said Blood Lords is next AP and it's "no good character" one???

Can flashwarp have Soaring mutation?

If children born with eldritch features, like multiple faces or multiple limbs, what's their ancestry?

Does Precious Trait cover material effects then?

Gisher wrote:
Assurance Results

Blured. Can you post this to spreadsheet?

Novem wrote:

2) Tian Xia - Age of Lost Omens: A Tian Xia sourcebook that goes over all the different nations and cultures of Tian Xia, with a dive into the territory as thorough as the one for the Mwangi Expanse.

3) A(nother) Tian Xia Adventure Path: Preferably something mystical and that actually takes place entirely with Tian Xia, maybe with some traveling too. Like the players could get a boat and go between a bunch of islands in a battle against some type of ancient curse.

2) Yeah, better with with Minkaian related Archetype or Minkai green tea.

3) Ruby Phenix AP is also Tian Xia Adventure Path.

Novem wrote:
- A Summoner Class Archetype that doesn't have a set Eidolon, but actually actively switches between weaker Eidolons depending on current circumstances.

Still someone wants multiway summoner, or Ability score transmogrifier.

Novem wrote:
- A Nature-based Investigator Methodology that leverages the senses of an an animal companion or familiar along with a connection to animals and plants to solve cases.

Then a Technology-based Investigator Methodology that supports "Crafting can use Magic skill feats and technology-related skill" and "Stratagem to Location and Ready Action".

Thread is dupe.

Ly'ualdre wrote:
Opsylum wrote:
Will this book have any stress subsystem for psychological horror adventures?

I'd be surprised if they did. This book seems more focused on matters of the occult, not the horror that often accompanies such subjects. I believe they've stated that each chapter, or at least most of them, will cover subjects present within several dossiers stolen from Golarion's in-world Dark Archive. With that, it's unlikely to feature any rules relating to a stress/fear/insanity system. That'll probably come in a future rulebook.

If I had to imagine, this book will likely be broken down something like this:
** snip **

These, of course, are my own musing. I could be very wrong in my estimations.

I found typo, and "Axis physics society book" that I said before is parody of an book that shares theme.

Aaron Shanks wrote:
This book is almost final. Previews will begin after Book of the Dead has launched.

Book of the Dead is in preview, but which book is focused about nightshade bloodline?

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Laclale♪ wrote:

Every PFOA players

Japanese warning!

I also added 2 leader creatures. Translation added also.

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Should update this guide...

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QuidEst wrote:
smoked ham pirates

Well well well.

Um... wait a minute, his eidolon is not magic user. High-level summoner can't store spell cuz there is no lv3 slot.

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Blave wrote:
Laclale♪ wrote:
Oh... this needs staff's crafication...
Why? HumbleGamer and I gave you an answer by RAW. What is left unclear?

Spell-storing's activation is command, not envision.

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