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Are you forgetting Harpoon Bolt?

I thought Tom/Tamara say it as just "Harpoon"

Aaron Shanks wrote:

Second, Paizo does not want previews that contain page-by-page video or screenshots. The error was mine in that I did not communicate our expected limits to the previewer. Future previews with some screen-sharing will continue, say 20%. Entire chapters of our art and lore that allow for screen capture should not happen. It will be a portion—enough to get help you get to know the product and get excited.

You will find I did not share these guidelines with Nonat1s either. My mistake.

How about Really Dicey's one.

As long as that's out of illusion / transmutation?

Especially for clone risen who can use replicate and morph risen.

For morph risen, can strong ego be a reason?

Need to know more about story based crafting

25speedforseaweedleshy wrote: _to_be_way_better/

Link to reddit

Question for Heartblood Ring
What if vamp creator was destroyed when ring's effect killed wearer?

Say this is "Deck-of-Destiny" edition.

Question here: What if your excised word was used in person's name?

Michael Sayre wrote:

So I'm going to tease the new "Gardens of Wonder" subsystem!

Gardens of Wonder
"Essentially, a garden is a living item or collection of items that produce herbal alchemical items, poisons, or other consumables at a steady rate (typically one per day) without the need for additional downtime. These consumables are only temporary, however, typically taking the form of a short-lived fruit, flower blossom, or other perishable good. As such, they expire at the end of the day; since characters with a garden can’t stockpile their bounty, they’re encouraged to use the consumable items each day. Even magical and other extraordinary means of preservation have no effect."

Gardens are a tool for PCs to gain a renewable source of consumables for the party. These rules work best when the PCs have a recurring base of operations they can set their gardens up near or in, and can cover a much wider array of consumables and concepts than you might think! A garden of wonder that the PCs invest in could be a bakery, an alchemical laboratory staffed by homunculi, or something like these:...

Yay, automatic consumable factory!

Is there chance to have image of bottle monstrosities in paizo blog?

Pulled from PFOA...

I wrote:

Grater Assurance

Skill 10

Prerequisites (Archetype name) dedication; Assurance( or Assured Knowledge)

Your roll's result never become lower than assurance value if you can use assurance. This is not fortune effect.

And also skill feat that can be used in place of Engineering Lore with lower DC or ignores rarity adjustment if item has Tech trait and it's not related to driving, and similar to Crafter's Appraisal but that allows to use skill feat that extends from Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion with Crafting/said Lore just like versatile performance does.

Now there is Tech trait.

Is there rechargeable mobile battery in 2e?

Battery recycling still exists?(1e did some sort of)

And Inventor X Numerian tech... Maybe modification that will stop mundane rune suppress from anti magic?

Must is non-magic item that heals curse(For tech reliant)

keftiu wrote:
Laclale♪ wrote:
keftiu wrote:
I described them as Javanese; Java is an island in Indonesia.

If so, don't put the word "Amor" in Wayangs.

I'm currently making my version of funken in PF2e style and the word "Indonesia" reminded "Amor".

PS: Minata too

I’m sorry, I don’t really understand what this means. Amor? Funken?

Amor is Indonesian from what I found

Funken is... um... alias for "Characters who appeared in Friday Night Funkin or its Mod" i don't know

keftiu wrote:
I described them as Javanese; Java is an island in Indonesia.

If so, don't put the word "Amor" in Wayangs.

I'm currently making my version of funken in PF2e style and the word "Indonesia" reminded "Amor".

PS: Minata too

I'm allowing you to use my fanfic's characters.

But one problem: There is no ranged attacker.

While casster can be ally position.

And Dualborn's defense which uses trait as reference.

You should look at Pathfinder Infinity for that purpose.

PFS quests/bounties can be replacement.

aobst128 wrote:
Since it doesn't do damage, I'd say it's a sperate effect that just happens to have the fire trait because of its flavor text. Although, if you wanted to flavor it as defibrillators or something and give it the electric trait to match your variable core, that's a reasonable ask for a gm.

Don't forget Explosion class feature too. Sentence after "Although" is fine.

I think Searing Restoration's fire trait came from explosion damage type.

But Variable Core, which replaces explosion damage type, doesn't mention about replacing trait.

This could be in need for errata or crafication.

Sheath that is also works as instrument.

This must be level 0 common or 0gp.

VerBeeker wrote:
Leon Aquilla wrote:
Since we seem to be playing "Who's that Bestiary entry" -- what's the creature on the cover?
A Sphinx and several Maftets

Maftets are not mentioned in official twitter's description while a large winged one was.

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Grankless, I didn't use machine translation for that. Sorry.

I'll leave a wiki page about Honey here.

Unicore wrote:

I am pretty confident that the "painted" honey and sugar being referenced here is the coloring of the honey. Natural pollen honey is typically yellow/gold because the pollen used to make it is predominantly yellow, but honey can naturally shift in to many different colors.

So I think the question is whether the bees of Geb are living or undead and whether that would affect the color of the honey, just like if the bees in next are collecting pollen primarily from Ghorans, would their honey be unusual colors?

I am sure this stems from the blog post about the honey couscous, and trying to get a sense of whether the foods of the Impossible lands might have strange colors and scents to them as a result of the unusual food production methods.

These are very interesting questions to consider Lac, and I think the right answer is, "what will be most fun at your table?"


Giving flavor to the visual descriptions of honey that is uniquely harvested sounds like a great idea to me.

Thanks for answer! (I edited a bit)

Nex is stoned and Geb is undead... if bees can't correct from Ghorans, where Nexian's honey came from?

Looking wikipedia found one thing: Honey can be made of trashed sugar, no matter painted or not.

Will this scenario reused or have remake for "First seeker candidate" era voting?

Since this scenario was for "Rising Star" era voting.

Geb is returned from BotD, another Geb sidebar?

Aha, then two set of twin! If each twin are equipped by ally, both can use reciprocal field from each other!

But if used in this way, what reciprocal field's DC will be used?

If same grade object of dusk sisterstone and scarlet sisterstone are within 15 feet, they'll make reciprocal field.

And twin weapon, due to hit within same turn, needs to be in same distance(For most of them).

Then... oops what I suppose to say

Back Cover Text wrote:


Give your character the perfect tool for the job with signature weapons, customizable relics, and wondrous items to fit your every need while preparing for any eventuality with potions, elixirs, wands, and more!

Ooh, new definition for wondrous items?

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Gamer's sense: Just limited version of Melodious spell for level 2, so no need to put here.

Aeon wyrds are wily constructs made of small gemstones, lodestones, granite, and alchemical materials... this text resembles appearance of Paracletus.

Oops. I meant trustworthy round without magical trait.

I hope scrounger/Inventor will have feat that negates material level restriction/Magical trait restriction for 10-min made item.

I hope Norn will be in actual cover.

So you say material's level are also included to determine level.

Seeing this, High quality scrounger text doesn't have "common, non-magical" in (). Still applied?(Perhaps it will be changed in Treasure Vault)

I hope for some errata'd AP items e.g. Gyro stabilizer...

What if scrounger crafts temporal item from precious material, which are applied for determining level and required prof of it.

SkyGremlin9255 wrote:
Who is the sphinx on the cover?

Large winged one? Four dark skinned, winged, guards are hard to identify.

Please update cover image.

If resizing runes were there.

This could be reason for manifoldium: material capable of growing and shrinking.

What if starfinder 2e was part of pathfinder 2e?

I think they are talking about "Getting caster dedication after Eldrich Archer".

HammerJack, I'm bad to explain my ask. Any thoughts for these 4 actions if you can't answer this?

I wrote:

Then... You don't care you (and scenario you are playing) or your player broke 4th wall unintentionally?

Or you want to avoid "breaking 4th wall" at all costs?

You can say "No idea" as answer at all.

HammerJack wrote:
I know what breaking the 4th wall is. But I don't know what you are asking.

Then... You don't care you (and scenario you are playing) or your player broke 4th wall unintentionally?

Or you want to avoid "breaking 4th wall" at all costs?

HammerJack wrote:
It's still very unclear what you're actually asking.

I meant this one.

Then, what's Strix and Celestial language's category?

(Through this is mostly for GM ofcourse.)

Yeah, most of scenario are not about to break 4th wall.

Just like puzzle, metafiction needs to break 4th wall in some way.

For example: Your GM asks you to break 4th wall but you don't know what exactly.

  • 1: Lie action if you need to mention someone you don't know
  • 2: Automatic writing feat doesn't need you to know that entity, and so Occultism could break 4th wall in some way
  • 3: That 4th wall breaking part was slipped in Lore and you just recalled it
  • 4: Intelligent item can be 4th wall breaking character

Any deeper for 2 and any other?

Unless web part is broken.

What will happen when deactivate Shadow Manse with anyone inside?

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