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Yeah I was thinking more for wilderness sandboxes, not so much dungeon diving (where it really doesn't matter). We just started a few months ago, but I can already tell I'm going to like sandbox adventures much more than dungeons (though a mix of both is probably ideal). I'm an open-world gamer, through and through. And since the whole point of TTRPGs is the feeling of being in a holodeck from Star Trek, yeah.

I get what you're saying, but it's about immersion. Having a visual representation helps establish the mood of whatever is going on. As I alluded to, this kind of thing has been in video games for decades now. There's a reason for that. It was even in the Pathfinder PC games.

Okay I found it, but someone just made it themselves and I don't think I can buy it :p ayers_what_hour_of/

I guess I'm just looking for a dial kind of like the one in Elden Ring, where it has half day, half night and then just numbers for each hour (anything more specific isn't needed). Maybe I'll just try to screenshot and print something out like that. Bottom right hand corner, for reference:

I'm actually kind of surprised this isn't a commonly requested thing for TTRPGs. It would be very useful to keep everyone on the same page in their heads about the time of day and resting and such.

Ah yeah, thanks I'll bookmark that. But I meant like a literal visual clock that can be changed during play as the days and nights pass. Preferably not on a phone but something tangible.

Does anyone have a simple method to keep track of time in-game? I'm sure I could find like a "teach your child how to tell time on a clock" type thing but I'm curious if there are ones made specifically for TTRPGs.

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Just played with the 4x4 one last night. Works great for me.

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Okay everyone, I'm unveiling this masterpiece!

Single Player Sheet

2x2 Sheet for a 4 Person Party

If there's a better way to upload these image files somewhere (maybe for better resolution), I'm all ears. Both images are scaled to fit 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Captain Morgan wrote:
Path builder 2e has option to export your character sheet as a NPC style stat block which seems to check all the boxes here.

Damn I wish I had thought of that before I just went and made it.

Well I'm trying to keep this all on paper as much as possible. And yeah I could write it all down manually, but my handwriting sucks and it would just be cool to have a mini-character sheet just for GMs. That's all I'm saying. Like a PC stat tracker.

Has anyone created a pdf or image that the GM can print off that shows the stats of the PCs in his campaign? I'm talking about a shortened character sheet that only shows the stuff the GM would want to access behind the screen without asking the players. I'm think the main things would be abilities, skills, perception, DCs. I could try making something myself in some image editing program but I'm guessing I'm not the first person to think of this.

Castilliano wrote:

Note that the Archer Dedication has a 6th level feat for ranged flat-footed attacks, though it doesn't help w/ casting spells (which yes, requires teamwork so likely shouldn't be built into a PFS PC unless playing with a regular team).

I'm also reminded of many early laments where a player would dislike their PC (often a Fighter) because they were inflicting conditions that lasted only until the beginning of their next turn. "I can't use these!"
When, of course, they weren't meant to; the feat would set up their allies. As a rule of thumb, it's generally much easier for PCs to set up circumstances for each other than for themselves. And feats that are charitable to one's allies are often strong, which is one reason the Bard's considered so strong for empowering Strikers.

Good to keep in mind, thanks.

HammerJack wrote:
breithauptclan wrote:
bmardiney wrote:
Buddy, we are all totally new to this, still running the beginner's box adventure. And I went from never having played a TTRPG before to GMing this one. I think we're doing pretty well, how about cutting us some slack.
I seriously doubt HammerJack is intending any disrespect. He is just trying to warn you away from a very common problem new players have (and come on these forums complaining about when it doesn't work): expecting the same tactics or tricks to work in every encounter and situation.

Yes, please don't take this as a "you need to learn to play!" kind of thing. It was not intended to be one.

Rattling off a whole litany of things that can result in a flat-footed target has become a kind of a kind of a habit because questions of "but how do ranged rogues get sneak attack off?" come up A LOT. And because I have seen even players that are not new trap themselves into a really unsatisfying character by making two major mistakes:
1. Treating it as "the rogue must achieve their own flat-footed target" instead of as a team goal.
2. Trying to say "X is my routine for getting a flat-footed target" instead of saying "this is the entire toolbox of options I need to be ready to dig through".

I think my tone in how I said it wasn't the best, though. And that's entirely my fault. I've run into the question a lot of times where it starts getting presented to people as "ranged rogues can't flank, therefore there is no good way to get sneak attack" or "stealth is the only option", which is not true, and I think I've gotten to the point of having kind of a kneejerk response to start rattling things off and reminding people that tunnelvision is a trap because I really hate seeing that kind of statement go up where new players will see it and be misinformed if there isn't a response.

All good, yeah I was responding to your tone. But much gets lost over pure text. No harm no foul, thanks for the list.

Taja the Barbarian wrote:
bmardiney wrote:
Alright, a shame there's no way to do it, but I guess it is what it is. So for a rogue sniper, the only way to get the sneak attack is if she's hidden?
Even this doesn't necessarily work with spellcasting as you don't actually make a Strike with spells:
Sneak wrote:

Move, Secret

Source Core Rulebook pg. 252 2.0
You become observed as soon as you do anything other than Hide, Sneak, or Step. If you attempt to Strike a creature, the creature remains flat-footed against that attack, and you then become observed. If you do anything else, you become observed just before you act unless the GM determines otherwise. The GM might allow you to perform a particularly unobtrusive action without being noticed, possibly requiring another Stealth check. If you speak or make a deliberate loud noise, you become hidden instead of undetected.
While Rogues are generally in a good place in PF2e, the Eldritch Trickster is kinda hard to make work...

We ran into this with Produce Flame.

NielsenE wrote:
My recollection was yes they gave a statement that they probably didn't intend to allow it, but that fixing it now was a can of worms and having to research how various wording choices chained through other rules, etc. Produce Flame was mentioned explicitly as needing special attention, etc

Hah, that's exactly the spell that started me down this question path.

HammerJack wrote:


Hit by bottles lightning.
Hit with a sword crit.
Frightened, if the rogue takes Dread Striker.
Affected by some spells.
Affected by various feats, like Shared Stratagem or Snagging Strike.
There are lots of ways that a target might become flat-footed for this rogue. You just can't pick a single one of them and say "I'll always do that, with only minimal teamwork needed" so easily as flanking.

Buddy, we are all totally new to this, still running the beginner's box adventure. And I went from never having played a TTRPG before to GMing this one. I think we're doing pretty well, how about cutting us some slack.

Ah prone. That's pretty easy to do. Thanks for the idea.

Alright, a shame there's no way to do it, but I guess it is what it is. So for a rogue sniper, the only way to get the sneak attack is if she's hidden?

Nefreet wrote:
bmardiney wrote:
Is flanking JUST for melee?

Flanking makes your target flat-footed to you (and your flank partner).

In PF1, the attack itself had to qualify for flanking. That is no longer the case with PF2.

So if your target is flanked, they are now flat-footed for any attack you make; could be a melee attack, a ranged attack, or even a spell attack.

You mean if your target is flanked BY YOU then they are flatfooted to you, right? If 2 fighters are sandwiching an enemy, that doesn't allow some rogue off to the side to hit sneak attacks, right?

In our game, we are trying to figure out if the eldritch trickster can somehow flank enemies at range (or otherwise get the enemy flat-footed by sheer positioning) so that she can launch a ranged spell attack and hit with sneak attack damage. Is flanking JUST for melee?