Syrinx is a playable race as indicated in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Bestiary with RP of 16.

Yet I am unable to locate stats related to height and weight, starting ages, and the age categories for the Syrinx. Also the typical classes the Syrinx take, considering they created the Strix to be their warriors defending their territories.

There is little lore available, considering the Syrinx is from the Arcadia continent, which there is very few products that cover this continent.

Could any of the creators of Syrinx please help out with the envisage stats and lore for the Syrinx.

Of course this information would also be usable for PF2 too, as it these stats are fairly system rules agnostic.

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All I can find is the blurb on the wiki


Found this by doing a google search.

Seen that one already, thus I came here to ask for the missing physical stats.

That race was posted in 2 books the 1 you use is a reference, and in the inner sea race handbook you will find what you are looking for

Looked through both Inner Sea Bestiary and Inner Sea Races books, none of them contain the missing information of height, weight, starting ages, and age category.

I have all PDFs published by Paizo on the Syrinx.

Though the Races book, does have another racial ability/feat that is not on the online resources.

Well i remember that in the advanced race guide almost in the end pages there are appendix that show all the races of that book including the strix

Yes for Strix, the physical stats are present, I have made Strix characters a few times already.

What I need is the physical stats for Syrinx.

Strix and Syrinx have rather different appearances, especial description of the head. Strix has more details on appearances.

I find this i don't know if will help you in what you are looking

Thanks for the link. I have not visited World Anvil. I must admit I completely forgot about World Anvil as a lore resource, that can be used for multiple game systems.

I see the page was created by a community member Endrise, to what it believes are suitable physical stats for the Syrinx as there is no official reference to an official Paizo product or Paizo blog post. I see it also added more lore for the Syrinx, including maturity to produce the next generation.

It is something definitely useable, but not official canon by Paizo.

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