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There are archetype in the 3pp letter from the flaming crab culinary magic book that can give the flavor you are looking

AlanM wrote:

The only thing that jumps out at me as problematic is this:

Sowde Da'aro wrote:

Fiery Ki Fist (Su):
By channeling your Ki energy, you sheathe your limbs in magical fire. At 3rd level. As a swift action, by spending 1 point from your ki pool, to surround your fists and feet in flame. For the rest of the round, you gain an extra 1d6 points of fire damage on your unarmed strikes.
This ability replaces Stunning Fist.
In every other monk archetype if you replace Stunning Fist, you get another feat that operates on a once per day per monk level and that improves as you gain levels. This does not. That is not good. I'd either leave Stunning Fist, give them Elemental Fist, or give them some homebrew feat that works like all the other feats (Stunning Fist, Perfect Strike, Elemental Fist, etc) that fits.

Instead of giving fire damage I think it better that your fist damage it considered 1 rank higher and Whit a duration of 1 min/level

Why don't you get the d20 past book of the series of d20 modern and give some conversion so you can adjust to the Pathfinder in that book you will get information of WW1 and WW2 weapons, armor and vehicle

If I am an arcanist with the bloodline development can I take the the archimage path bloodline intensity and bloodline immunity?

Claxon wrote:
Zepheri wrote:
In my part when I think use a polymorph I use the evolution system to create a creature I don't know or a new one of course my evolution points are equal to a summoner of my lv
I'm not sure I understand what you've written here exactly, but if you're giving yourself evolution points to turn into a creature you're giving yourself a way stronger option than what you could otherwise get.

I'm not giving myself evolution points it only to have a list of options to polymorph spell to experiment the change, example if I change to a tielfing and never see one in my all life I use it use the evolution to change each part of my body to assume claw, horn, tail, wing or whatever my imagination said until I get a form that I assume it a tielfing

Like 1 time my party tell me that we are going to fight a minotaur and I never see 1 but they tell how he was in the en before we enter in the cave to attack I use the spell and my minotaur was a satyr in the eyes of our ranger

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
I never really thought about this before, but the Plutonium Dragon must be Lawful Good: Plutonium is a metal, after all.

Chaotic good and his name is hulk if he is a green dragon base

Dodge + mobility + spring attack+ canny tumble + confounding tumble deed
Dodge: give u a +1 to ac
Mobility: +4 ac against attack of opportunities
Spring attack: can attack during your movement without provoke an attack of opportunities
Canny tumble: when you move through an opponent area without provoking an attack of opportunity you gain +2 to attack vs that opponent
Confounding tumble deed; when you don't give an attack of opportunity you can spend 1 panache to rent the dex bonus in the ac do 1 round

In my part when I think use a polymorph I use the evolution system to create a creature I don't know or a new one of course my evolution points are equal to a summoner of my lv

If we go to d&d 3.5 most of the gods are lv 40 whit 20 outsider and grater god have 60 lv whit 20 outsider plus all they divine power.
But a real god it's based in their divinity tier rank
If I pass a conversion of iomedae using the deities and demigod book she will be a paladin 20/ cleric 20/ champion 10(dual path hierophant) divinity rank 16

Quixote wrote:
Zepheri wrote:
I think you need to increase the caster level and to recalculate the price of the spell in the new staff because you are trying to fuse a rod into a staff
No. If you were adding spells to the staff, that would be one thing. But this is literally the abilities of two items in one. The cost of the smaller item ×1.5 works just fine.

Ok but rod and staff operate in different ways of crafting and I don't think that only 1.5 must apply

I think you need to increase the caster level and to recalculate the price of the spell in the new staff because you are trying to fuse a rod into a staff

Why should ppl want to sacrifice 1 level to get -1 to attack, save, skill and half of life and if you are spell caster less spell.
It better I in the time I u cast the spell all sacrifice 1d6 of up and create a pool of power. Every ppl can take 5 point from the pool to get a +2 to the next attack, save, skill, spell DC, or armor in this way all can get what they want or need for they class in the moment. Additionally change the duration from instantaneous to 1 round per 2 caster level or until no more points are in the pool.
For every 2 caster lv beyond this spell increase+1d6 to a max 5d6 for each character

This phase that paizo is applying for pf1 to pf2 is like world of Warcraft and classic in time when they don't sell to much from pf2 they will return to create more stuff of pf1 well that's what I think.

I'm trying to recreate sanosuke from samurai x
I think he started as a fighter brawler archetype so he can use the zampakto, and later he passed to create unchained monk to use the futae no Kiwani.
So my question is do I go all monk or brawler archetype up to lv 3 and then pass to monk
And the futae no Kiwani is a double hit I 1 hit how can I emulate this with the feat and special ability?

Wish spell can do the work, this spell do the impossible possible (you just need to ask gm approval)

I think he wants to create his evil character since he is playing a dual adventure

I forgot the max level for all cohort are level 20

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For the last 2 year and 7 months we play in the azlanti era before the earthfall and I was the only one who survive (I create a space time spell but I casted just wen the earthfall hit and change the location and time of the spell transport me 10000 year in the future an to varisia rather than taldane 100 year in the future where I sent my family and most beloved friend) we play epic campaign and I'm lv 29 (arcanist 9/ spellforger 10/ spellwarrior 10/ magic artificer 10)(spellforger, spellwarrior and magic artificer are my Homebrew prestige classes and following the learning of amaznen I never shared this knowledge) additionally the impact of the earthfall filled me whit mythic power so I'm archimage tier 1.

Well to the case my gm what me to create my new cohort so my friend play them until they decided what to play (since they can't play azlanti and they lv going to be 21+1d8) my gm tell me the rules:

1 all must be women's (since my character is a person who loves women's you know what I mean and I don't know if I can use that word here)
2 all most have the half human (1 of them must be half succubus) or human descended
3 I can only do use classes from core book, ultimate book, ultimate psionic, advance played and advance class (non can't be share a class and can't be 2 or more from the same class and arcanist is forbidden since I have the class shared whit blood line development so sorcerer is forbidden don't ask me why it's he's rule)
4 must be from the next alignment: legal good, chaotic good, legal evil and chaotic evil; or neutral good, neutral evil, legal neutral and chaotic neutral (like classes can't repeat the alignment, my is true neutral)
I have an idea for 1 ( soulknife 5/ninja 6/telepath 9) psylock tiefling
I need help to create 4 character and have only 3 week for the next session any idea that help me are welcome

It mean that u need a slot of lv 2 (for spell lv 0) and a slot of lv 3 for a spell lv 1 and since he is at lv 1 he can't use the metamagic because he don't have the required spell slot

Iron warhorse golem

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Since I don't know if you have any healer in your party I recommend ancestry and healing for patrons from the ultimate magic, as for hexes healing give an extra healing spell per day per character, slumber is great for offensive effect is like sleep spell but Whit out the hd limit, ward help to improve the ac of party members.

Arg this is why I don't like pfs let me think, racial human feat fast learner it will give you 1 extra point in hp and in skill per lv or cosmopolitan you get 2 language for free and get 2 skill as class skill which 1 can be perception and the other can be a social like diplomacy

If the gm said to you that the max of your life will be 97 year old it's don't care the natural circumstances in which you die

Well in that case Noble Scion of ustalav, and scribe scroll

Since you don't gain exploit I will get 2 extra exploit feat( potent magic: to increase the caster lv or the DC of the spell by 2; and quick study: to change the magic spell slot in time of need like changing a identify spell for a magic missile)
For the spell I suggest: vanish, shield, mage armor, detect secret door, magic missile, color spray, flare burst

Well why don't he plays an animated full plate armor like alfon of full metal alchemist and the weapons can control that armor

Well back to 3.5 I played a bard/ Chameleon it was very fun because I could be a fighter, a cleric, rogue, wizard, paladin, in the end all the classes except for psionic classes, the bad things is I need a lot of bag of holding to get all the equipment to the adventure

What was or is the best PC you ever play and wish to play in epic mode
I played 3 campaigns in forgotten realm and rokugan an now I'm going to play my first Pathfinder epic campaign whit an arcanist lv 20, but I want to know from you guys what was or is your best PC

gnoams wrote:
The ring of resistance costs 50% more for a cloak of resistance on a different slot. So it follows that +50% for a headband of charisma changed to a different slot.

that because you pass from craft wondrous item to craft ring it's a use a different system of enchantment

SorrySleeping wrote:

http://legacy.aonprd.com/ultimateCampaign/campaignSystems/magicItemCreation .html

Something from the book Ultimate Campaign. It doesn't actually say much about cost, just for GMs to be careful due to balance.

There are rules for adding stuff at 50% increased cost, but that requires same slot.

That only apply if you wanted to add an additional ability like +6cha, +4 con since+6 is superior it cost 50% more

He what to change the location not to add additional ability

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33) the druid create a ritual to transform all the metal in a city into wood.

A blood rage halfing raised by shoanti tribe

I suggest piercing spell as 1 of the metamagic it will help to reduce the sr of the target by 5 and since your caster lv is 14 it will help a lot vs powerful enemies

SorrySleeping wrote:
Zepheri wrote:
Headband is only a example you can changed to a cape, ring, amulet, etc

Optional magic rules let you craft something in another slot for 50% increased cost.

Pink and Green Sphere Ioun Stone gives +2 to Charisma, costs double that of a headband.

There are more expensive Ioun Stones that give +2 to Int/Con, but those cost 24k gold each, 72k gold total, which is again double the price of a Headband or Belt of +6 to one stat. There is no stacking Ioun Stone for Str/Dex/Wis/Cha.

I should ask, why do you want your Headband slot open? Headband and belt slots and very dull most of the time, since they are in direct competition with two of the biggest items in the game for every character.

What optional rule? Page 549 don't show me that optional rule

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Lesser restore ability damage, normal restore ability drain, grater restore negative level

Headband is only a example you can changed to a cape, ring, amulet, etc

Well she is chaotic neutral whit the family tied drawback

I really don't understand this build is a life magic build or a familiar build, for familiar build I will go better whit the brown fur archetype this way in lv 9 you can use beast form in your familiar

The first time u take the ability you have a spike armor if you take a second time it a ranged attack and use the same attack of a claw attack this mean you replace the claw attack for the thorns attack


Shapeshifting mastery giving you BAB=caster level is broken even as mythic stuff goes. Like I said I don't think you could use normal shapechange to access mythic form of the dragon, but even so that's a lot of BAB you're looking at.

BTW those misspellings hurt...

Even if I did use form of the dragon 3 I only remove 7 lv from arcane endurance, gifted adept and spell specialization and still have 29 bab

The 1,5 apply 1 round later because I can't use potent magic and spell tinker in the same round

Sry English is not my mother language it Spanish I enter in this forums to practice

Ok I just calculate the duration of the polimorf spell and I what to know if my calculations are correct and if I'm missing something
Talent: gifted adept (shapechange), magical lineage (shapechange), enduring spellcraft (azlanti)
Item: orange ion stone
Arcanist: potent magic, spell thinker
Feat: extend spell (if not playing brown fur archetype) spell specialization (shapechange)
Mythic ability archimage: arcane endurance, channel power, shapechange mastery
Mythic feat; mythic paragon

Calculations; casterlv 20+1(gifted adept)+1 endurance spellcraft+1 ion stone
+2 potent magic+2 spell specialization+4 arcane endurance+6 shapes shifting mastery=37x2 extend spell X2 channel power x1.5 from spell thinker=222x10 min (the duration of shapechange= 2220/60 minutes (to pass to hour) 37 hour
Other polimorf spell will last for 3,4 hour.

Str buff whit brown fur archetype lv20 (+4) str+ improve Eldritch heritage abissal (strength of the abiss) (+6) + mythic spell augment +(4) so u get a form of the dragon who str +24 con+12 and a base attack +36

I wanna know if Eldritch heritage and blood line development of the arcanist can work fine or the penalty of Eldritch heritage affect the blood line development

Giant skunk will put the enemy running before the combat start

U look like a skeleton

U gain the negatives energy affinity

Siht ekil klat ouy (read like Japanese)

Oh sorry then how about monk Zen archery

In the advance face guide there are all the rules of the damphyr

Leo.ni.das wrote:

So i made 2 characters that im playing in basically an evil campaign, 1 is a chaotic evil and is basically the one that likes to torture people that she captures and the other is her younger sister who im trying to figure out what alignment they would fall under. she's sorta the "innocent" one of the two who cares for her sister a lot (not in a sexual way) and does basically whatever her sister tells her to do, to an extent, and if her sister is threatened she'll get mad and try to protect her. im having trouble telling whether this would be Neutral good or Neutral evil but im assuming Neutral evil because she's helping an evil person

Edit: sorry i saw i posted it multiple times but the site wont load so i clicked the button multiple times. also sorry i posted this in the wrong place

I will say that she is true neutral or legal evil

Neutral because she doesn't care for nothing except for the sister
Legal evil or legal neutral, most of the legal have a weakness like don't kill women's, or children, or a dog etc in this case it to protect her sister and help her in any way she can
Not all the people who help evil character are evil she may help her because an oath to they dead mother to always help each other, or to try to help her to find a way to leave the way she is going and redemptions of her actions

If it's u see like 30 cockroach how many of u can kill if you run over them? That answer is the same whit the swarm like 2 to 5 in 1 run because whet to u are near they disperse

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